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1967 AAPA Award

Click on the images above to view the commendations received by Dr. Oliver for his secret work during the Second World War, and his Award of Merit from the American Academy of Public Affairs.


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    Now available from Cosmotheist Books: Revilo Oliver's The Jewish Strategy

    The Works of Revilo Pendleton Oliver


    The Meaning of Americanism -- Radio broadcast; 18th March, 1960: A radio address on the history and threat of international Communism, made on behalf of the "Christian Crusade Talkathon." 15 minutes, 22 kHz, 2613 kb. listen now or download.


    They Shall Not Go Unpunished -- Speech before the Dallas Indignation Committee; 1961: Dr. Oliver's favorite of his own speeches (mentioned here in 1993), given before a very enthusiastic audience of over 5,000. A powerful call to evict the traitors from Washington. Includes detailed discussion of the betrayal of the anti-Communist Cubans during the Bay of Pigs invasion and the mysterious CIA radio station Radio Swan on Swan Island.  62 minutes, 11 kHz, 7321 kb. listen now or download.

    Informal talk about Communism -- Extemporaneous discussion at Kenneth Goff's school;  June 1961, Englewood, Colorado: An unscripted talk on the history and nature of Communism at the patriotic school operated by Kenneth Goff (whose Soldiers of the Cross later published The Anti-Humans by D. Bacu.). Discusses intelligence work, propaganda, front groups, psychology of Communists and fellow travellers. Kenneth Goff himself (defector from American Communism) also contributes to the discussion.  92 minutes, 22 kHz, 16192 kb. listen now or download.

    On Communism -- Speech given at Kenneth Goff's school;  June 1961, Englewood, Colorado: The fantastic misconceptions about Communism which allowed it, and the forces behind it, to take power in both the East and West; Marcus Isaac Goldman; the Alfred K. Stern Case; the incredible gullibility of Americans.  62 minutes, 22 kHz, 10863 kb. listen now or download.


  • Introduction to Imperium -- The Truth Seeker Company, New York City: 

  • Francis Parker Yockey's monumental philosophy of history.

    The Ends of Socialism -- Speech given at Freedom Forum; 23d April, 1963, Searcy, Arkansas: Socialism as distinct from -- and as an aspect of -- Communism; the idea of self-government as recent and unique to Western Man; historic socialism from ancient Egypt and Peru to modern Europe.  62 minutes, 11 kHz, 7316 kb. listen now or download.

  • History and Biology -- American Opinion, December:

  • Genetic determinism; Elmer Pendell versus Roderick Seidenberg; a frightening vision of the future of man.


  • Marxmanship in Dallas (part 1) -- American Opinion, February:

  • This is the uncensored version of RPO's initial article on the murder of John F. Kennedy.
  • The Aftermath of the Assassination -- Community Lecture Series Bulletin, March: 

  • The JFK assassination and subsequent cover-up.
    The Mad Marxmen -- Speech given to the Congress of Freedom; April 1964, Birmingham, Alabama: The vicious press campaign against Dr. Oliver after the publication of his articles on the Kennedy assassination, and other such smear campaigns in the 20th century. 63 minutes, 11 kHz, 7347 kb. listen now or download.  
  • Warren Commission Testimony -- Report of the Warren Commission, September:

  • The testimony of Revilo Oliver before the Warren Commission.


    Can 'Liberals' be Educated? -- Speech given for the John Birch Society; 10th September, 1965, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Provides penetrating insights into the pathology of "liberalism." Oliver's hilarious analysis of "liberal intellectual" charlatans and suckers is still applicable today. This speech was also made before a Citizens' Council gathering in January 1966. 63 minutes, 11 kHz, 7299 kb. listen now or download.


    Self Preservation -- Speech given to the Congress of Freedom; 1966, Shreveport, Louisiana: In this ground-breaking speech, Dr. Oliver urges anti-Communist groups to face the biological reality of race; he also discusses the history of, and infighting among and within, patriotic resistance groups in the United States; the Paul Reveres, Elizabeth Dilling, Colonel Edwin Hadley; Transcendentalism; Abolitionism; the insane sentimentalism and "do-gooding" of our people. 61 minutes, 11 kHz, 7144 kb. listen now or download

    Conspiracy or Degeneracy?-- Speech given before the New England Rally for God, Family, and Country; 2d July, 1966, Boston, Massachusetts: Is the decline of the West the result of a conspiracy? -- or of a cultural and biological degeneration? This speech has been often misquoted in an attempt to attack Dr. Oliver; now you can hear his actual words for yourself. 58 minutes, 11 kHz, 6770 kb. listen now or download.


    The Road Ahead -- Speech given to the Congress of Freedom; 14th April, 1967: The successes and failures of patriotic efforts in the United States; the assassination of John F. Kennedy by the enemies of America; and a frank account of the only possible way to a new American consensus -- an honest use of the issue of race. 59 minutes, 11 kHz, 6946 kb. listen now or download.


  • What We Owe Our Parasites -- speech, June:

  • What it is about our race that has made us such willing dupes of our enemies; Oliver's most comprehensive historical synopsis of our current plight.
    What We Owe Our Parasites -- Speech given to the Lorelei Club; 9th June, 1968, Hamburg, New York: Dr. Oliver's brilliant exposition of the present plight of our race and what it is about us that has made us such easy dupes of our enemies. His best and most comprehensive short work and a necessary part of every patriot's education. 76 minutes, 22 kHz, 13294 kb. listen now or download.

    Race and Revolution -- Speech given to the Canadian League of Rights; 10th August, 1968, Toronto, Ontario, Canada: The common destiny of Canada and the United States is based more on race than on geography; the racial war being waged on White people. Similar, in parts, to the previous speech. 61 minutes, 11 kHz, 7148 kb. listen now or download.

  • Introduction to The Anti-Humans -- Soldiers of the Cross (Englewood, Colorado 80110):

  • The plight of Romanian patriots after the Communist takeover; brainwashing.


  • The Enemy of Our Enemies, part 1 -- published in one volume with Francis Parker Yockey's The Enemy of Europe, Liberty Bell Publications, November:

  • A book-length critique of Yockey's The Enemy of Europe, in which Yockey's philosophy of history, expounded in his Imperium, is applied to the realities of Cold War Europe.
    part 2 -- part 3 -- part 4 -- part 5 -- part 6


  • Who's For Democracy? -- book excerpt, Populism and Elitism, Liberty Bell Publications:

  • The racial prerequisites of self-government; Jeffersonian democracy.
  • The Businessmen of God -- Liberty Bell, November:

  • Cynical Christians acknowledge Jewish origins; forgotten Gospels, hermaphrodism.


  • Contemporary Journalists -- Liberty Bell, February: 

  • Liars for hire; out-of-context quotes of RPO's speech Conspiracy or Degeneracy? at the Rally for God, Family, and Country in 1966.
  • Aborting Minds -- Liberty Bell, April: 

  • Abortion, superstition, and racial suicide.
  • Another Jewish Problem -- Liberty Bell, May: 

  • The Khazars, Arthur Koestler; Jewish origins and language.
  • A Theory About Rudolf Hess -- Liberty Bell, June:

  • Further speculations about the prisoner of peace in Spandau.
  • By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them -- Liberty Bell, August:

  • Dead Sea Scrolls fraud, Christian origins and consequences, U.S. Civil War.
  • Academic Prostitution -- Liberty Bell, September: 

  • Systematic lying in academia.
  • Double-Think -- Liberty Bell, September:

  • The "miracles" of Our Lady of Guadalupe and Orwell's 1984.
  • High Ideals -- Liberty Bell, November:

  • Pat Robertson; Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.
  • New Hoaxes for Old -- Liberty Bell, November:

  • Theology of the Trinity, Unitarianism, the "Holocaust."
  • The Jewish Psyche -- Liberty Bell, November:

  • The impudence of Jewish hoaxes; an absurd theory of Christian origins.
  • The Exemplary Jews -- Liberty Bell, November:

  • The racial cohesiveness of Jews like Kahane is not to be deplored but rather emulated.

  • Our Vanishing Cousins -- Liberty Bell, December:
    Details the racial analogies and implications for humans (in Dian Fossey's Gorillas in the Mist) of the impending extinction of the mountain gorillas.

  • 1986

  • A Jesus Who Was a Christ -- Liberty Bell, February: 

  • The story of Jesus ben Pandera; how myths are altered over time.
  • Aiding Aids -- Liberty Bell, May: 

  • A "morality" that protects the HIV-infected from inconvenience endangers us with infection.

  • Different Spooks -- Liberty Bell, May:
    Discusses the innate differences in racial mentality between Europeans and Africans, particularly as these are evidenced by things "spiritual."

  • The End of the Trail -- Liberty Bell, July:
    Amplifies Dr. Oliver's thoughts on Dian Fossey's work with mountain gorillas and discusses her murder at her observation station in Africa.


  • To Honor Darwin -- Liberty Bell, September:

  • Biological evolution versus "creation science," the Smithsonian's dilemma.
  • Acquired Intelligence Deficiency -- Liberty Bell, October: 

  • Homosexuality, the Christian clergy, and the AIDS epidemic.
  • A Religion for Aryans -- Liberty Bell, December: 

  • Reincarnation, Indo-European religion, and fleecing the gullible with "New Age" hoaxes.


  • Right Because He's Wrong -- Liberty Bell, June:

  • Judge Brevard Hand, prayer in the schools, Secular Humanism as a religion.
  • Righteous Racism -- Liberty Bell, July:

  • A succinct synopsis of Dr. Oliver's position on the Jews, with references for further study.
  • Social Dynamics -- Liberty Bell, July:

  • Drug use and addiction; the Aryan ethos.
  • 2 x 0 = 0 -- Liberty Bell, July:

  • The Christian reinterpretation of Beowulf.
  • Treason Is Where You Find It -- Liberty Bell, July:

  • Arnold Toynbee, author of A Study of History, and his treason and involvement in "One World" conspiracies.
  • Statistical Quagmire -- Liberty Bell, July:

  • Lester Thurow and America's economic decline; education; venereal disease.
  • Rampant Perverts -- Liberty Bell, July:

  • Homosexuality and Christian responses to it; Fred Seelig.
  • A Voice from Japan -- Liberty Bell, August:

  • An English-language Japanese "conservative" publication reprints Joseph Sobran.
  • Kleptology -- Liberty Bell, August:

  • The Bhopal disaster; Union Carbide; the Indian "science of theft."
  • Aftermath -- Liberty Bell, August:

  • Rwandan ethnic conflicts; the murder of Dr. Dian Fossey, author of Gorillas in the Mist.
  • Whose Treason? -- Liberty Bell, August:

  • CIA spies in the USSR; Can members of other races be guilty of "treason" against ours?
  • Protecting Our Freedoms -- Liberty Bell, September:

  • The end of freedom in the United States of America.
  • Poor Old Ronnie! -- Liberty Bell, September:

  • The gullible actor takes Jewish direction, first in Hollywood, later in Washington; plus a chilling admission of Jewish power by Rabbi Gruenewald.

  • The Last Stand -- Liberty Bell, November:
    Was the Jesus of the "New Testament" racially a Jew? Dr. Oliver looks into this question and the role of the Jew in the ancient world in this review.

  • From a Lost World -- Liberty Bell, December:

  • The hidden cruelty in "humanitarian liberalism"; the death of South Africa.
  • The Rot and the Stench -- Liberty Bell, December:

  • Accuracy in Academia fights liars on campus.
  • The Evils of Fascism -- Liberty Bell, December:

  • How evil of Spain's Falange to suppress crime, drug abuse, sexual perversion, and Communist murderers.
  • Night Must Fall -- Liberty Bell, December:

  • The tragic end of freedom in Britain.
  • Poor Little Eve! -- Liberty Bell, December:

  • The status of women in Judaism, Islam, and Christianity; a strange book called America in Prophecy.
  • On the Roof of the World -- Liberty Bell, December:

  • Tibetan Lamaism; Buddhism; the novel Mipam; the amelioration of suffering.


  • A World Grown Grey With Their Breath -- Liberty Bell, January:

  • Prescience and revision in John Buchan's novel The Thirty-Nine Steps; Jewish censorship in the academy.
  • The Millstone About His Neck -- Liberty Bell, January:

  • "Human rights"; John Stuart Mill; Auguste Comte; the residue of religion in those who claim to be freethinkers.
  • The Business of Deception -- Liberty Bell, January:

  • Military Intelligence; MI5; Soviet spies and moles; cryptanalysis; the book Spycatcher.
  • On The Germanic Peoples -- Liberty Bell, March:

  • The laws and language of the ancient Germanic tribes affect modern perceptions.
  • Now It Is Too Late -- Liberty Bell, March:

  • The death of Rudolf Hess; historical mysteries; ominous prophecy in the last work of Céline.
  • Philological Revelation -- Liberty Bell, March:

  • A brief note anout an hilarious letter received from a follower of Pat Robertson.
  • Having Fun -- Liberty Bell, March:

  • Sophie Tucker and the ancient pedigree of Hebraic "hate crime" hoaxes.
  • The Sins of the Iranians -- Liberty Bell, March:

  • The spiritual strength of Iran; honest journalism in Iran.
  • Lost and Last -- Liberty Bell, April:

  • Religion a factor in the death of South Africa.
  • The African Plague -- Liberty Bell, April:

  • A better name for AIDS / HIV; racial differences in AIDS infection.
  • Ihr Ländchen -- Liberty Bell, April:

  • The lost Germans of Gottschee.
  • Bypassing the Censorship -- Liberty Bell, May:

  • A short note on the suppression of the story of the conviction of CIA spies Néstor and Gladys García in a Cuban court.
  • The Christian Nazis -- Liberty Bell, May:

  • Romania's Corneliu Codreanu and his racial-nationalist and explicitly Christian Iron Guard; their betrayal by the Church.
  • A Whiff of Truth -- Liberty Bell, May:

  • A review of Billy F. Price's Adolf Hitler: The Unknown Artist.
  • Trailing Toynbee -- Liberty Bell, May:

  • The treason of Arnold Toynbee, author of A Study of History; "One World" government;  Ludwig von Mises defends Toynbee.
  • It May Not Be Too Late -- Liberty Bell, June:

  • Some new evidence in the case of the murder of Rudolf Hess; Dr. Thomas' "false hess" theory refuted; More on Peter Wright, Spycatcher, MI5, and MI6.
  • Relentless Rebecca -- Liberty Bell, July:

  • "Rebecca West" (Cicily Fairfield) writes anti-German propaganda; the incredible lies of Churchill.
  • A Training Manual for 'Racists' -- Liberty Bell, July:

  • Hilarious review of Is God a Racist? The Right-Wing in Canada by Stanley R. Barrett.
  • Women In The Christ Business -- Liberty Bell, July:

  • Hildegarde of Bingen; religious fits, epilepsy, repressed sexuality; women in Christianity; pseudo-morphosis.
  •  Two Lessons -- Liberty Bell, August:

  • The trials of John Demjanjuk and Ernst Zündel; eventual Soviet-style death penalty for "anti-Semitism"?
  •  The Beginning of the End -- Liberty Bell, August:

  • The Great Depression presaged and analyzed in the writings of Thomas Wolfe and Garet Garrett; the deindustrialization of America.
  •  Nothing New -- Liberty Bell, August:

  • Evangelical hucksterism today and in the "Age of Faith"; strange gaps in the records of the Order of Merced.
  •  Told You So! -- Liberty Bell, September:

  • Confirmation of Liberty Bell's thesis on India's Bhopal disaster; the future of India and Afghanistan.
  •  The Masses -- Liberty Bell, September:

  • The amazing nonexistent petition to "ban religious broadcasting"; Madalyn Murray O'Hair.
  •  Another American Triumph -- Liberty Bell, October:

  • Communist atrocities in Cambodia; complicity of the United States; French Indo-China.
  •  Nicaragua -- Liberty Bell, October:

  • Commodore Vanderbilt; William Walker and the attempt to make Nicaragua a White nation; the Somozas and Sandinistas.
  •  No Escape From Terrorism -- Liberty Bell, November:

  • The infamous Sedition Trials of 1944 and 1988.
  •  Horrid News From Russia -- Liberty Bell, November:

  • Pamyat ('memory') and the rise of Russian nationalism.
  •  Suicidal Blunder -- Liberty Bell, November:

  • The benefits and errors of British rule in India; "suttee" and suicide.
  •  South American Patriotism -- Liberty Bell, November:

  • The patriotic traditions of the White officer corps in South America; the Falklands War; the patriotic Peruvian publication Temple.
  •  Another Epidemic -- Liberty Bell, November:

  • The insanity of White Americans taxing themselves to pay to transport non-Whites into their children's schools (short note).
  • The New Eve -- Liberty Bell, December:

  • The "African Eve" theory, mitochondrial heredity, Pitcairn Island, Christian hoaxes.
  •  Those Marvellous Christians -- Liberty Bell, December:

  • Apparently Yahweh controls everything, including Margaret Thatcher.
  •  Viral Progress -- Liberty Bell, December:

  • Mad Cow Disease, scrapies, AIDS, and Kuru.
  •  The Mysterious Stranger -- Liberty Bell, December:

  • Forgery in posthumous editions of Mark Twain's last work, The Mysterious Stranger; the decline and revival of American Christianity.
  •  A Centennial You Should Notice -- Liberty Bell, December:

  • The 100th anniversary of the publication of The Original Mr. Jacobs and Looking Backwards.
  • Timing the Future -- Liberty Bell, February: 

  • A reflection on social predictions gone wrong, including RPO's own.
  • Identity -- Liberty Bell, June:

  • "British Israel" and Identity Christianity.
  • Death of A Man -- Liberty Bell, June:

  • The space shuttle Challenger disaster; the integrity of Richard Feynman.
  • An Intrepid Liar -- Liberty Bell, June:

  • The astounding case of Sir William Stephenson and A Man Called Intrepid.
  • The Japanese Again -- Liberty Bell, July:

  • Japan's prosperity, national ethos, and purchase of American land and assets.
  • Confession of Guilt -- Liberty Bell, July:

  • Christianity and racial survival.
  • The New Order Changeth, Too -- Liberty Bell, July:

  • William F. Buckley, National Review magazine, Conservatism's dead end.
  • Green Politicians -- Liberty Bell, August:

  • The Green Party in Germany.
  • Hearing About Jesus & Co. -- Liberty Bell, August:

  • The intoxicating publications of Ignatius Press.
  • American Heroine -- Liberty Bell, October: 

  • The story of Vivien Kellems and her battle against the Income Tax.
  • Barbarians and Greed -- Liberty Bell, October:

  • Circumcision, genital mutilation, religion, and Truth Seeker magazine.
  • The Beginning of the Present -- Liberty Bell, October:

  • A review of James J. Martin's An American Adventure in Bookburning.
  • Mammalian Psychology -- Liberty Bell, October:

  • The relative intelligence of coyotes, compared to another endangered species.
  • The Latest in Holohoaxing -- Liberty Bell, November:

  • The film "War and Remembrance"; bizarre theory of Hitler's "Virus Q" and AIDS.
  • Why the Germans Are Hated -- Liberty Bell, November:

  • The "liberation" of Rumania in 1944.
  • Great Failure -- Liberty Bell, December:

  • The Crusades, and religion as "spiritual AIDS."
  • Ungrateful Hero -- Liberty Bell, December:

  • Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, "New Age" hokum, concept of causation.

  • The Lost Ten Tribes -- private correspondence, December:
    The roots of "Christian Identity" in the "British Israel" doctrine.

  • 1990

  • Our Jewdicial System -- Liberty Bell, June:

  • Judicial tyranny; Lyndon LaRouche; destruction of American railroads.
  • When Abortion is a Crime -- Liberty Bell, June:

  • Stories of human-ape hybrids, if confirmed, have immense moral and scientific significance.
  • Europe's Future -- Liberty Bell, August:

  • German reunification, Pamyat, the fall of Communism.
  • The Bear in the Bush -- Liberty Bell, September:

  • The psychology of religion, and George Bush's hostility to atheists.
  • Maverick Linguist -- Liberty Bell, September:

  • Language, free speech, and MIT's Noam Chomsky.
  • Surprise! Surprise? -- Liberty Bell, October:

  • The war against Iraq, wartime powers of the government.
  • A Cringing Lord -- Liberty Bell, November: 

  • Lord Hailsham and White self-hatred.
  • Hero à la Mode -- Liberty Bell, November:

  • George Armstrong Custer, Crazy Horse, and crazy Americans.


  • Tragedy and Terror -- Liberty Bell, January:

  • Deception and sabotage against Germany during WWII.
  • A Fatefully Failed Alliance? -- Liberty Bell, March: 

  • Negotiations on a proposed alliance between Zionists and Germany during WWII.
  • The Kosher Kings -- Liberty Bell, June: 

  • Prince Albert, Queen Victoria, and the strange practice of royal circumcision in England.
  • How They Stole the Church -- Liberty Bell, August:

  • The palace revolution in the "modernized" Roman Catholic Church.
  • Pons Asinorum -- Liberty Bell, August:

  • Is Communism inherently an enemy of religion?
  • A Babylonian Captivity -- Liberty Bell, September:

  • The resettlements of Jews, ancient and modern.
  • A Forgery of Our Own -- Liberty Bell, September:

  • Ancient document forgeries; Jewish survival strategies.
  • Failure in Louisiana -- Liberty Bell, December:

  • David Duke's campaign for governor, the Ku Klux Klan, "Reconstruction."


  • A Bit of Good News -- Liberty Bell, January:

  • Cryptanalysis, and conclusive proof of a deliberate Israeli attack on the U.S.S. Liberty.
  • What Hath Man Wrought? -- Liberty Bell, January:

  • Overpopulation, speculation on hybridization of humans with chimpanzees.
  • When We Were Sane part 1 -- part 2 -- Liberty Bell, January:

  • Alcoholism, drug addiction, and the law.
  • In Black and White -- Liberty Bell, February:

  • Clarence Thomas, his White wife, and miscegenation.
  • A Moral Problem -- Liberty Bell, February:

  • A brief note on the amatory practices of Jewesses and "liberated" females.
  • Making "Social Science" -- Liberty Bell, February:

  • Alfred Kinsey's fraudulent sex research and its consequences.
  • A Persistent Hoax -- Liberty Bell, April:

  • The myth of the Jewish "Diaspora."
  • Theological Ire -- Liberty Bell, April:

  • A controversy over Christian News; the uniqueness of Liberty Bell.
  • It's Game Time Again -- Liberty Bell, May:

  • James "Bo" Gritz and the patriot movement.
  • Whose Superiority? -- Liberty Bell, May:

  • Insane Black Muslim doctrines; Black superiority; Dubuque, Iowa needs more non-Whites.
  • Cui Bono? -- Liberty Bell, May:

  • Forgery, fraud, and the Kristallnacht.
  • Bushy's War -- Liberty Bell, June:

  • The "American" establishment's wars in the Middle East.
  • Prompt Confirmation -- Liberty Bell, June:

  • The Los Angeles riots, savages' innate behavior, White inferiority.
  • Cinematic Résumé -- Liberty Bell, July:

  • Oliver Stone's film JFK; the Kennedy assassination and the American Medical Association.
  • Killing Kennedy -- Liberty Bell, October:

  • Dr. Crenshaw's JFK: Conspiracy of Silence; possible political factors in the assassination; a debunking of one "right-wing" theory.
  • Want to Buy a Bible? -- Liberty Bell, November:

  • The Geneva Bible, other translations, religious misprints and absurdities.
  • Coming Home -- Liberty Bell, November:

  • Territoriality in humans, perception beyond the five senses in other species.
  • God Is Where You Find It -- Liberty Bell, November:

  • The mysterious career of British geneticist J. B. S. Haldane.
  • High Ideals -- Liberty Bell, November:

  • The apotheosis of enterprising Communist John Reed and his Ten Days That Shook the World.
  • The Atheist -- Liberty Bell, November:

  • James Keegstra's conviction for "hate" in Eckville, Alberta; the concept that "God is the Jewish people."


  • Unamerican Cat -- Liberty Bell, January:

  • An experiment proves cats more intelligent than TV-watching Americans.
  • Spiced Crambe -- Liberty Bell, March:

  • Fletcher Prouty, the CIA, the Jews, and the JFK assassination.
  • Clarification -- Liberty Bell, June:

  • RPO's and Liberty Bell's editorial policies.
  • The Origins of Christianity -- Historical Review Press, published posthumously:

  • A book-length treatise on the roots of the dominant religion of the West.
  •  Reflections on the Christ Myth -- Historical Review Press, published posthumously:

  • An important new booklet on the genesis of the Jesus story, available in printed form from Historical Review Press.


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