The Writings of Revilo P Oliver 1908-1994


by Professor Revilo P. Oliver

(Liberty Bell, May 1992)

Americans who do not read German readily will be glad to know that the fine historical study by Ingrid Weckert, Feuerzeichen, die "Reichskristallnacht" (Tübingen, 1981), which was reviewed in Liberty Bell by Dr. Charles E. Weber, January 1989, pp. 15-20, and mentioned in the issue for April-May 1991, pp. 95-96, 104-105, has been translated into English and published by the Institute for Historical Review (1822 1/2 Newport Boulevard, Costa Mesa, California; 92627; paperback, $17.55 postpaid.) [Current (1998) address is Post Office Box 2739, Newport Beach, California 92659 -- KAS.]

The learned author contents herself with presenting facts attested by the extant records concerning the incident that occurred in 1938. She does not draw conclusions from them, for that would have brought upon her and her publisher punishment from the Sheenies who own the government that American idiots impose on that hapless and long-suffering German people. (Why do you suppose that you are taxed to maintain an idle army, composed largely of niggers and females, in Germany?)

I have often remarked on the Jews' contempt for the stupid Aryan swine, (1) and the consequent carelessness with which they perpetrate their hoaxes, including their great Holohoax. There are some good examples of such nonchalance in this book.

(footnote 1. E.g., Liberty Bell, November 1985, pp. 17-19.)

When the Kikes forged a letter from Heydrich to Goering, gleefully attesting the destruction of 815 Jewish business establishments and the burning of 18 large department stores--secure in the confidence that Aryan boobs would not wonder how it happened that there were so many flourishing Jewish businesses in a country in which God's Race was so vilely persecuted--they forged the letter on a letterhead that had been obsolete for a year and a half, with a telephone number of a type that no longer existed, forged a signature in a form that Heydrich had never used and which Goering would have regarded as insolent, and got the address of Goering wrong! (Weckert, pp. 65-67.)

That was only typical of many clumsy Yiddish forgeries and faked evidence to support their yelping about the horrible night on which Germans broke the sacred glass windows of Jewish stores, including some of the large and prosperous department stores which, in Germany at that time, were almost all owned by Yahweh's godly parasites.

The Kristallnacht fitted perfectly into the Zionists' strenuous efforts to provoke the Germans into harming sacred Sheenies for the dual purpose of 1) inciting a migration of Jews to Palestine in preparation for the mass invasion of Arab territory and the foundation of the bandit state called Israel; and 2) creating a basis for propaganda in preparation for the attack on Germany that was to be launched by Roosevelt, Stalin, and their half-English stooge, Churchill.

The Zionists' scheme was described and documented with photographic excerpts from their own writings by what is almost a prodigy in our time, an honest and honorable Jew, (2) the late J.G. Burg (Ginsburg) in his Schuld oder Schicksal? (Munich, 1962), of which, so far as I known, there is no English translation.

(footnote 2. Mr. Burg thought of himself as a Jew and obviously had a Jewish father. I do not know the race of his mother, and hence cannot tell you whether or not he was considered a real Jew according to that race's definition. He testified on behalf of Ernst Zündel in the recent trial in Canada, where Zündel is being persecuted by the Jews' Canadian varlets for expressing disbelief in Jewish hoaxes that are used to intimidate and swindle Aryans in Germany and throughout the world.)

In the present book you now have in English a detailed description of one of the World Conquerors' numerous efforts to incite in Germany the "Holocaust" they had to invent after their victory over our race and civilization in 1945. And the fiction about the Kristallnacht, which they imposed on gullible Aryans by their ownership of politicians and the press, is itself a good and typical example of the forgeries and hoaxes by which the predatory race has flourished ever since it appeared in history, a misfortune to mankind.

Since the hullabaloo in the poison-press in the United States excited some indignation among American simpletons at the time, the Kristallnacht, by the way, points to two neat lessons:

1) If Americans did not suffer from their morbid itch to meddle in other people's business while neglecting their own, they would have responded to the accounts in the press, however exaggerated, with indifference, aware that what happened was none of their business, and that Germany had a right to manage her own affairs in her own interest.

2) Everyone who had a modicum of common sense and was willing to exercise it must have seen at once that the doctrine of cui bono? was applicable, because the reported outbreaks had occurred simultaneously in many parts of Germany, and therefore could not have been spontaneous expressions of local indignation against the despoilers, such as account for most of the so-called 'pogroms' in Czarist Russia. The outbreaks must therefore have been ordered by either a government or a formidable conspiracy against that government.

Since the small amount of damage and prompt governmental action to restore order prevented a substantial increase in the number of Jews persuaded to emigrate, the German government obviously derived no conceivable advantage from the window-breaking; it would have been ludicrous to imagine a conspiracy of glaziers; the incidents, therefore, were advantageous only to the race that was trying to excite animosity against a nation which was trying to recover full possession of its own country. Thus the double dative rule should have rendered further inquiry unnecessary, and a little rational thought in 1938 should have cautioned Americans to disregard thereafter all similar performances by the Masters of Deception.

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