The Writings of Revilo P Oliver 1908-1994


by Professor Revilo P. Oliver (Liberty Bell, July 1989)

THE Bulletin of the Committee to Restore the Constitution for May 1989 reprints an article from the newsletter of Hilaire du Berrier, which has the subtitle, "America in [the] Grip of New Japanese Co-Prosperity Sphere." M. du Berrier, who was in 1941 (and may still be) an agent of the French Intelligence Service, was captured by the Japanese but did not break under ingenious torture. He naturally remarks on the ruthlessness of the Japanese during the war--all of which proves only that the Japanese are not Aryans and were not what Aryans were in the Nineteenth Century. (1) His real point is that the Japanese, whom we prevented from imposing their "Co-Prosperity Sphere" on part of Asia militarily, have now imposed it on the United States economically.

(1. What is interesting in this part of the article is M. du Berrier's implication that if Admiral Tojo, whom the Americans murdered after the surrender of Japan, had not begrudged the expense, Japan might have had an atomic bomb in time to forestall the Americans and win the war. Hitler had refused to consider the possibility of using such a weapon against members of our race, but the Japanese, naturally, would have had no compunction about using it on White Devils.)


He observes that, contrary to the predictions of American "experts," the death of the Emperor Hirohito did not cause Japanese economic activity and expansion to falter for even a moment. He does not comment on the current scandals in Japan, following the disclosure that members of the government had behaved like Judaized Americans. An observer who recently returned from Japan thinks that the scandals will strengthen the Japanese parties that intend to restore, so far as possible, the conditions that prevailed before the defeat of Japan in 1945. Much will depend on the ceremony that will take place in coming months after the new Emperor, Akihito, has united with his ancestress, Amaterasu, and thus become divine.(2)

(2. Amaterasu, who, needless to say, was born of a Virgin, is the goddess of the sun. Her great-grandson, Jimmu, became the first Emperor of Japan in 660 B.C., which is the date at which the Japanese calendar begins. For the details, see the Kojiki, the official collection of myths, comparable to the Christian Bible; there is a learned English translation by Professor B.H. Chamberlain. While Akihito was growing up, he, at the demand of the Americans, was exposed to large doses of Christian hokum, but it is likely that he was immune to the infection. (Cf. "The Yellow Peril," pp. 18-25.) His first official statement, on the death of his father, was in terms of orthodox Shinto.)


M. du Berrier's article served to introduce an item of news you will not have read in your local bundle of daily propaganda. In Montana, a state senator named Al Bishop has introduced a bill that prohibits aliens from owning land in Montana for more than one year. (3) Mr. Bishop is alarmed by the speed with which the Japanese are buying up the United States. He noted that they already own about 30% of downtown Los Angeles, and that in the District of Corruption, Japanese own the three major hotels and dozens of office buildings, including, ironically, even the building that the Federal government rents to house the Justice Department.

(3. There was a similar provision in Illinois until 1970, when the nitwits replaced their state constitution with one designed to facilitate kicking them into their place in "One World." For years before 1970, an attorney whom I knew tried very hard to persuade various State's Attorneys to do their duty and enforce the law, but all of them, their eyes on the two gangs that entertained the boobs with political games every two years, refused. The attorney thought of applying to the courts for a writ of mandamus, but then realized that the courts were too corrupt to be interested in upholding the laws.)


The Japanese are naturally eager to invest in property the profits they made after the Americans destroyed their own industry to have lots of "Social Justice" and crime. They hold a vast quantity of the trading stamps the Americans use in place of money, and must convert it into things of value before the Federal Reserve reduces the value of its stamps to zero. In Montana, the Japanese are buying land on so large a scale that Mr. Bishop foresees the time when they will own all the productive land in the state.

Mr. Bishop also foresees that within a few decades the Oriental owners of the United States will herd the surviving Americans into reservations on waste lands, much as the Americans, before they succumbed to cerebral paresis, put the Indians on reservations. I wonder, however, whether the Japanese, who will never forget their defeat in 1945, will want to preserve White Devils, even as curiosities.

Mr. Bishop must be an highly intelligent man, for he perceives that the real problem is not the piecemeal sale of the United States to foreigners, but the suicidal destruction of the productive capacity that American industry once had, which makes selling off the country the last resort before the total collapse that is ahead of us. He also foresees that his attempt at legislative protest will fail and his bill will probably "die in committee."

Even the introduction of Mr. Bishop's legislative proposal set off a storm of protests from Americans eager to get rid of what is left of the country that once was theirs. There were cries that such a nasty proposal would deny them the right to sell to the highest bidder, would violate what the Jews call "basic human rights," would be counter to Ronnie Reagan's noble devotion to "liberal trade policies" and "free enterprise" [sic], and, oh horrors! might even encourage "racism" and the bigots who still believe that Aryan cattle are worth preservation.

One can see the point of the objections. The Americans obviously have no use for the country they threw away, and do not want it back.

They aren't even interested in trying to guess whether the crafty Jews will be able to destroy the Japanese, as they have destroyed us. (4)

(4. Itsvan Bakony, in his little booklet, Jewish Fifth Column in Japan, which I cited and discussed in "The Yellow Peril," believed that Japan has a good chance to survive, since it was, when he wrote, "less infiltrated by Judaism than any of the other world powers." The Japanese have recently become aware of the nature and designs of old Yahweh's Chosen; cf. Liberty Bell, November 1987, 99. 7-9.)


The Bulletin concludes with a fairly long excerpt from my Christianity and the Survival of the West. I permit myself to quote a few lines from that excerpt:

"Six years ago [in 1966] in my Conspiracy or Degeneracy? I asked the one crucial question: Have we, the men of the West, lost the will to live?

"Nothing, certainly, has happened since then to suggest a negative answer... Nowhere can one discern the slightest indication that in the great majority of our people the racial instinct of self-preservation has not been lost."

I wrote that in 1972. Today, seventeen years later, although one still hears a few feeble voices of protest that have not yet been silenced by governmental terrorism, the question that I asked in 1966 appears to have been definitively answered.

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