The Writings of Revilo P Oliver 1908-1994


by Professor Revilo P. Oliver (Liberty Bell, March 1988)

EVERYONE NOW KNOWS of the death of the man, ninety-three years old, infirm, and almost blind, who had been held in solitary confinement in the elaborate prison of Spandau Fortress for more than forty years to demonstrate to the world what happens to Aryan swine who offend the Masters of Deceit, the slimy creatures to whom Yahweh gave the universe. Almost every "right-wing" publication that reported his death commented on the extreme implausibility of the official story that the feeble old man had committed suicide by strangling himself with an electric cord while he was perpetually under observation by one or another of his hundred and fifty jailers. The most probable explanation is that he was not permitted to die without being murdered, for the information of alert observers, by the rite of strangulation ordained in the Master Race's principal Talmud. See the authentic text of Prince Sturdza's The Suicide of Europe quoted by Warren B. Heath in his introduction to D. Bacu's The Anti-Humans, pp. xxxiii-xxxiv. (1)

(1. The Anti-Humans published in Colorado in 1971, is available from Liberty Bell Publications, $7.00 + $1.00. The passage cited by Mr. Heath was omitted (naturally!) in the bowderlized and often distorted English translation of Prince Sturdza's book, published in 1968 by the Birch Society, which thus betrayed the confidence of the wealthy lady who had paid for the translation and publication.)


The unspeakably inhuman and sub-bestial creatures -- American, British, and Soviet, though all servants of the same ubiquitous power -- who imprisoned him had ordained that when the prisoner died, his body was to be cremated before his death was made public. For some reason, this was not done, and the body was given to Hess's family, who gave it a decent burial. The most plausible reason for the change in procedure was a wish to advertise to the world the death by strangulation.

The enemies of mankind have now successfully prevented disclosure of the vital secret that was known only to the martyred prisoner among living men. (I use the word 'martyred' with its exact meaning.) There is, perhaps, a remote chance that among the jailers there was some person sufficiently human or sufficiently avaricious to preserve secretly copies of the memoirs that the prisoner wrote and of which the agents of the Yiddish Inquisition, with habitual deception, burned the pages as soon as he turned them over "for safe-keeping."

In an article in Liberty Bell, April 1985, I called attention to our moral obligation to History, the obligation to avert, while there was yet time, one of the dilemmas that so complicate historiography. A responsible and respected British physician, who had given the prisoner a thorough physical examination, using all of the usual medical techniques, including roentgenographs, positively affirmed that the prisoner could not be the Rudolf Hess who was the trusted companion and adviser of Adolf Hitler. So far as is known, the corpse was not subjected to an examination to determine the truth or falsity of that statement.

So now we are left with another Man in the Iron Mask to puzzle the historians of the future and inspire endless hypotheses and debates. I hesitate to estimate the area of forest that was sacrificed to print the innumerable volumes and articles that have been devoted to the "Iron Mask," because no one at the time preserved a record of the identity of the masked prisoner who was, like the prisoner in Spandau, held incommunicado until his death and burial. Literature may have profited, since the mystery inspired some romantic works of fiction, but history suffered, since a secret so jealously guarded must have been of some importance, and none of the hypotheses thus far advanced has been convincing. Now history will have to cope with another insoluble mystery.

But perhaps it doesn't matter. Our race seems to have elected to perish from the earth, and with it will perish history as we know it. History is an Aryan invention. Oriental monarchs set up monuments and inscriptions to commemorate their real or fictitious exploits for their own glory, but history as a judicious and impartial effort to determine objectively what actually happened was created by the Greeks. Herodotus was the first historian now generally known, and he was soon followed by Thucydides, one of the greatest of historical minds. When the Roman Empire was mongrelized and fell, there remained the great reservoir of Aryan blood in the Germanic peoples. When we go, there will be no Aryans to continue our civilization after the new Dark Ages.

If the Jews succeed in enslaving the whole world, there will be no history, no record at all of what actually happened. There will be only sleazy and preposterous tales, such as fill the Christians' holy Jew-Book and its most recent appendix, the Holohoax. It is possible, of course, that the Mongolians, headed by the Japanese, will not succumb to Jewry and will attain hegemony over the planet. They will probably preserve a record of their own achievements and triumphs, but have little interest in a race so inferior that it idiotically threw away the power that it once had -- a race so cruel that even while bent on suicide it engendered children to suffer in the Hell on earth it was making for them.

The Courrier du Continent, October 1987, reports the publication of what may have been the last writing by Céline (L.-F. Destouches) before his death. The famous author of Voyage au bout de la nuit imagined a history textbook used in the schools in the year 3000, when the planet is inhabited and ruled by Mongolians, who have wisely permitted the niggers to exterminate themselves. We are remembered in a brief note: "White men invented the atomic bomb and soon thereafter they became extinct. They did not resist mongrelization."

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