The Writings of Revilo P Oliver 1908-1994


by Professor Revilo P. Oliver

(Liberty Bell, January 1993)

In Liberty Bell, October 1989, I reported a zoölogist's observation of a coyote, who approached a well-baited trap and, instead of entering it, sat down, studied it, and disdainfully walked away, thus proving that he was more intelligent than Americans, who thoughtlessly jumped into the Marxist trap of the Income Tax in 1913 and have gaily rushed into every trap set for them since that time, so that they now find themselves entirely helpless and in the possession of their implacable captors. It now appears that intellectual superiority is also found in cats, at least in cats that have not been domesticated.

A British engineer reports to the New Scientist, 29 August 1992, p. 53, that he wanted to trap a "feral cat," meaning, I suppose, the kind of animal that in this country is usually called a "stray cat" or "alley cat." He obtained a mechanical trap, baited it, and watched from a concealed position:

  'The cat duly arrived, studied the trap suspiciously from different angles, returned, sat and contemplated. Then...she entered the trap purposefully, placed her paws underneath the trip plate, took the food, and backed out.'
  Americans, of course, never sit down to contemplate; they sit down to stare in an hypnotic trance at the Jews' boob-tube. Unlike alley cats, they do not belong to a viable species of mammalian life.

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