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by Professor Revilo P. Oliver (Liberty Bell, August 1987)

IN Liberty Bell, June 1986, pp. 12, 49-52, I gave a summary account of an incident in Bhopal, India, and wrote the chemical formula that was the only possible explanation of the emission of lethal gases from a plant that the Union Carbide Corporation had mistakenly built in India. The only question was whether the sabotage had been incited by the fianancial pirates in the United States who were trying to capture and loot Union Carbide or by the government of India to divert attention from an illegal transfer of power to the son of the defunct female who had been the Indian counterpart of Britain's less adroit Maggie Thatcher.

The simple facts of chemistry made it obvious that the incident in Bhopal was deliberate sabotage by one or more of the Hindus that the American company was compelled to employ in the Indian subsidiary it had so mistakenly built to benefit a mongrel people who are, by the unalterable facts of genetics and international politics, our enemies. Those facts were recognized by Jean Raspail, who based on them his brilliantly prophetic Camp of the Saints.

For the benefit of persons who have little knowledge of chemistry and require ocular demonstrations, Union Carbide has prepared a videotape that shows how the sabotage must have been carried out by Hindus employed at Bhopal. I derive this information from Chemical and Engineering News, LXV,20 (18 May 1987), pp. 5-6. What makes this article interesting, however, is its report of the Indian government's attempt to shakedown Union Carbide by extortion worthy of the worst elements in the Mafia.

India has been passing legislation to fleece Union Carbide, no matter how the incident occurrred or who is responsible for it. One jolly bit of pseudo-legal legerdemain, for example, makes penalties assessed against a corporation proportional, not to the actual damage, but to the total resources of the defendants. And the Hindu pirates are adopting the argument of the legal thugs employed by the anti-American government in Washington, who blatantly tell Americans whom they are persecuting, "Don't talk about your legal rights. Knuckle under or we, who have all the incomes of American taxpayers at our disposal, will make litigation so expensive for you that you will be bankrupt and then convicted because you no longer have money to defend yourself." (See the exposé in Penthouse, January 1980, especially p. 144.) India is telling Union Carbide that if it does not hand over $3,100,000,000 to the robbers, they will make the litigation so expensive that "Carbide will be unable to survive as a company."

If there were an American government in Washington, it would act decisively to protect an American corporation from such flagrant piracy -- but if there were an American government, it would never in the first place have exerted pressure on the corporation to export its technology and capital to please imbecile or malicious "do-gooders" and to hasten consummation of the Jewish plan for "One World" and liquidation of the United States and the Aryans in it.

As things now are, however, Union Carbide can expect only hostility from the government in Washington because it is still an American company. When the wreckers began work in 1933 to dismantle American industry, they worked by calculatedly gradual stages, but the process is now nearing completion. The wrecking crew, under the protection of the unspeakably foul creature called Franklin Roosevelt, began with a Communist attack on the automotive industry, but it took time to destroy it. As late as 1937, what was, by universal consent, mechanically the finest automobile in the world was manufactured in Indianapolis, Indiana.(1) The other day, an official of General Motors predicted that, as things are now going, within five years no automobiles will or can be built in the United States.

(1. The last Duesenberg was made in 1937 for export to Germany; it may have been the only one manuufactured after 1936.)

Noteworthy recently was the shattering of American Telephone and Telegraph at the expense of American taxpayers, who, I am told, kept three hundred legal lice on Federal payrolls fat for years so that in the end subscribers to telephones could be gloriously ripped off by local companies and communication at long distance could become a shambles as wildcat companies compete for customers. The established company was broken up because it was an American company, not owned by aliens. Persons as old as I will remember that when the Americans still had a country of their own, stock in A. T. & T. was regarded as the perfect investment for men of the middle-class who wanted to leave estates that would provide stable incomes for their widows or children. But it will soon be a recognized rule that if Americans wish to lay up treasures, they must do so in account with Yahweh & Son's Trust Company, said to have offices somewhere in the empyrean, perhaps in the stratosphere. The ownership of productive property will be the recognized perquisite of superior races.

One may predict, therefore, that if Union Carbide simply abandons the subsidiary it so stupidly set up in India, the looting of the company by Hindu pirates will proceed in the courts of the United States, which by this time have been made as unprejudiced and independent of the central government as are the courts in the Soviet Union.

I will mention a neat irony in the hope that it will amuse you.

Whatever the origin of the White race, perhaps akin to the Sumerians, who established an ancient civilization in the Indus Valley, historical India was the result of the Aryan invasion and conquest. One of the great characteristics of our race is a mentality that observes systematically and reasons logically from its observations, thus elaborating a scientific method in its treatment of any subject that attracts its serious attention. (2)

(2. The Aryan need to reason logically even about figments of the imagination accounts for the unparalleled elaboration in our civilization of such subjects as theology and its subsidiaries, soteriology, demonology, angelology, etc. What distinguishes much of the theology of the Christian West is the application of logic to religious problems, instead of the supposed revelations that produce doctrinal differences in Oriental cults. Mediaeval Scholasticism was a great intellectual effort and we must respect it highly, although we may regret that so much of it was used to bolster an alien superstition.)

That explains why India eventually became, so far as I know, the only civilized state in which there was a recognized science of theft, kleptology (cauravidya), set forth in elaborate treatises, such as one finds in our "social sciences," of which the most authoritative was the Cauradarsana by an eminent professor of that art, Karnisuta. There are others, which I forbear to mention and of which I know only the titles.

In the Indian society for which the famous political treatise, the Arthasastra, was written, there was still some understanding of genetics, and the king was charged with the duty of preventing crime by suppressing potential criminals. One suggestion in the treatise is that royal police forces should have agents who would pose as professors of kleptology and thus attract pupils whom they could identify as potential criminals, who were to be quietly eliminated in the interests of law and order.

In the "democratic" India of today, in which the major languages are Indo-European and there is still a minority that has predominantly Aryan blood, kleptology in a more sophisticated and pseudo-legal form has become part of government, even more blatantly than in the United States, where kleptology as applied to the tax-paying serfs is called "social justice" and is dumbly accepted by a population befuddled and drugged with Judaeo-Christian hashish.

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