The Writings of Revilo P Oliver 1908-1994


by Professor Revilo P. Oliver (Liberty Bell, January 1991)

The great catastrophe of 1945, which may have doomed our race to extinction, is generally explained as the ineluctable result of the overwhelming force of crazed Aryans whom the Jews had mobilized against Germany and the great man whom Francis Parker Yockey perceptively styled the Hero of the Second World War. (1) But there are doubts. For one thing, there is the question of timing and the probable consequences of the accidental or contrived malady that immobilized Hitler at the most critical juncture of that War. (2)

(1. In the dedication of his Imperium. Some believe that Yockey, who had foolishly trusted a Jew, did not commit suicide, but was suicided by technicians from the C.I.A.)

(2. See my article "Physician Extraordinary," in Liberty Bell, January 1991.)

Now undoubtedly the major immediate cause of Germany's defeat was her loss of superiority in the air, which exposed her cities and factories to destruction by the Anglo-Americans who had repudiated treaties and the concept of civilized warfare in their frantic advance to Judaic barbarism. It is not by any means clear the Germany's fatal loss of command of the air was necessarily due to the quantity of airplanes produced by the Judaeo-Communists' factories in Britain and the United States. The fatal loss of superiority in air power must to some extent have been the responsibility of Hitler's second in command, Hermann Göring, who was the Minister in charge of the German Air Force, and whose strangely excessive devotion to dive bombers, which seemed to him to be a romantic revival of knighthood, is well known.

In Liberty Bell, February 1989, I noted that Göring's biographer, Charles Bewley, admitted that an unnamed "technician among the [German] generals" prevented the new Heinkel bombers from being ready in time for use against Russia by insisting on militarily nugatory but aeronautically drastic modifications of their design. Bewley did not see that this was almost certainly an act of sabotage, and that the "technician" was probably one of the covert traitors who contrived disasters to Germany. (3)

(3. The terrible prevalence of treason by mad or suborned Germans in 1939-1945 is catalogued (incompletely) in the book by General Otto Ernst Remer which was reviewed by Dr. Charles E. Weber in Liberty Bell, June 1987, and which is mentioned at the opening of my article in February 1989.)

The sabotage consisted in requiring that the Heinkel plane be redesigned to permit its use as both a high-level bomber and a dive bomber. This was equivalent to demanding a horse that was both a Percheron and a Hunter. The aircraft thus produced, after a long and perhaps fatal delay, were less efficient as high-level bombers and I think it likely that no one was ever mad enough to use them for dive bombing.

For that sabotage Göring must bear the responsibility, since he obviously could have overruled the "technician." but we are inclined to attribute his acquiescence to his romantic notions about dive bombing, which, of course, is feasible only with such smaller and lighter planes.

Göring, furthermore, was incompetent. General Hans Bauer, who was the pilot whom Hitler trusted, in the book reviewed in my article, reports that German aviators were well aware of the incapacity and slothful blundering of the man who was chief of the Air Force, and that Göring himself was aware of his own disqualification for the post he held. He once said to Bauer, "I must honestly confess that I have little notion of contemporary aircraft and their capabilities. The newer developments are way over my head." But he did not resign, and continued to impose on Hitler's loyalty to an old comrade, probably telling himself that his own incompetence was not important, since he relied on experts who gave him advice he could not comprehend!

Bauer further reports that when the Jew-driven British and Americans, repudiating Western civilization, became savages and made war against German civilians, women, and children with disastrous effect, Hitler gave categorical orders that the great German aeronautical engineer, Messerschmidt be supplied with the material requisite for the manufacture of planes that could successfully defend Germany, but the order was not obeyed, although Bauer is certain the materials were available and in the possession of the Air Ministry. By implication, Bauer suspects that Field Marshal Erhard Milch, who had been Göring's friend in the First World War and who thus became Göring second in command and the expert on whom Göring relied, was responsible for blocking Hitler's order. On the other hand, General Remer, who notes that there were many traitors ensconced in the Air Ministry, seems not to number Milch among them--possibly because Milch echoed Hitler's denunciation of the shocking inferiority of the German Air Force when the Anglo-Americans' savage bombing raids began, and openly accused Göring of being responsible. (4)

(4. See Goebbels' Diaries, translated by Lewis Lochner (New York, Doubleday, 1948), especially the entry for 9 April 1943. Part of the responsibility for the technical incompetence was unjustly placed upon General Ernst Udet, who was in charge of the technological part of the Air Ministry, and who committed suicide or was suicided early in 1941.)

The question is now solved in the December 1990 issue of Hans Schmidt's GANPAC Brief, which reproduces photographically an article printed in the Saturday Evening Post, 8 April 1950, when the Yids' scaly claws had not yet entirely strangled American journalism and it was still possible for a prominent magazine to print articles that they had not censored. James P. O'Donnell reported an interview with Willy Messerschmidt, perhaps the world's foremost aeronautical engineer. The historical consequences of the revelations almost incidentally included in that article are drastic.

Americans are so proud of the jet aircraft they were able to build after the War, when they had access to German plans and German models, jet airplanes that had been manufactured in 1944 and 1945 and had survived the war, in which they, though few in number, admittedly achieved such success and evinced such great superiority over the British and Americans' propeller-driven planes that they terrified the barbarians' commanders, and the Anglo-American bombers were given as their important mission the destruction of the factory in which the revolutionary German planes were produced.

Messerschmidt revealed to the reporter the crucial fact that his jet planes were not developed late in the war, but were ready for production in 1930-1941. According to Messerschmidt, who certainly knew, Germany was denied planes that would have maintained and guaranteed her superiority in the air by Marshall Milch, who, even as late as the beginning of the German preëmptive attack on Russia in 1941, furiously denounced Messerschmidt's jet airplanes, declaring that the war had already been won (!), that too many planes were being produced (!), and categorically forbidding Messerschmidt to plan "radical" new types of aircraft, accusing him of "profiteering motives." General Udet, who was present, supported Messerschmidt, predicting that if Germany did not get the superior planes into production at once, the war that Milch thought won in 1941 would be lost in 1943. Milch even forbade Udet to talk to their superior, Göring! This was about two months before Udet committed suicide or was suicided.

Milch continued to prevent the production of jet and rocket aircraft through 1942, even threatening to have Messerschmidt arrested, if he criticized the Air Ministry's insistence on a limited production of planes already obsolete. And he successfully prevented production of planes vastly superior to anything the Anglo-Americans had or could learn how to build--prevented Germany from defending herself effectively against aerial assault until it was too late and the barbarians' destruction of Germany from the air was already proof that the war had been lost.

It is impossible to avoid the conclusion that Milch was almost certainly a traitor and, with Admiral Canaris, one of the principal architects of Germany's defeat and our race's disaster.

Milch was a Mischling, a hybrid, son of a Jew and a White mother, but his old comrade and good friend, Hermann Göring, had the records falsified to make Milch his mother's bastard son. And it is highly significant that Milch, who owed his position and high rank to Göring, constantly worked to undermine his dear friend and patron by devious intrigues.

Milch was ostensibly a "fanatical Nazi" and Göring, who had become a vain bon vivant, was confident of his loyalty. One suspects that Milch had inherited a racial talent for duplicity and treachery.

One wonders how many other traitors in Germany were really Mischlinge, perhaps even fractionally so, through a grandparent or great-grandparent. And one is reminded again of the most urgent of all problems in genetics, that of testing the terrible certainly of an eminent Jewish scientist, Dr. Alftred Nossig, that even a drop of Jewish blood will poison and deform the mentality of an Aryan family through many generations, enabling the Jews to use the members of the family to help them impose judische Weltbewegung on all mankind. (5)

(5. Integrales Judentum (Vienna, Berlin, New York, 1922), p. 76: Ein einziges jdisches Bluttr"pfchen beeinfluát die geistige Physionomie ganzer Familein noch durch eine lange Reihe von Generationen. Es bewirkt die Befeuerung ihrer Gehirnganglien und impregniert diesen Geschlechtern vielfach den judischen Drang zur Erwicklung, zur sozialen Gerechtigkeit, zur Völkeranneherung.")

Needless to say, the facts disclosed by Messerschmidt do not mean that, but for Milch, Germany would have won the War for our race and civilization, but they do indicate the distinct possibility that if Germany had achieved an irresistible superiority in the air in 1939-1941, she might have won the war before the great War Criminal in Washington was able to use hordes of American cattle against her. And it certainly reinforces the dismal conclusion that the principal authors of Germany's defeat were Germans.

Milch is an illustration of tragedy in the full and proper sense of that word. Hitler's heroic undertaking failed because he was an Aryan and had our race's instinctive morality, which means that a man should be loyal to men who (he believes) were loyal to him. Hitler could not forget that Göring, however incompetent he had become, had been his loyal supporter in the early days of his adversity. (Hitler made the same mistake about the cunning Admiral Canaris, who was almost certainly a disguised Jew or, at least, a Mischling, and attached himself to Hitler to betray him.).

We also wonder about the genealogy of the many presumably German traitors who contrived the great catastrophe, and we will have waking nightmares, if we remember the terrible possibility: "Even a drop of Jewish blood...."

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