The Writings of Revilo P Oliver 1908-1994


by Professor Revilo P. Oliver

(Liberty Bell, June 1992)

There are indications that our War Lord is becoming restive. A whole year has elapsed since he smashed up a nation and caused the death of several hundred thousand human beings, and he shows signs of wanting to refresh the blood on his hands by sending his mongrel myrmidons with their irresistible weapons (1) on another spree of carnage, while ordering his tax-paying animals to pay another hundred billion dollars for his pleasure. His current gabble suggests that the next victim of the high moral purposes which he is now advertising will be Libya, now ruled by Qaddafi, a wicked heretic who denies the divinity of Sheenies, and who has just completed a grandiose feat of engineering to make part of the desert bloom and thus make his nation more than self-sufficient in food, to the detriment of international usurers.

(footnote 1. Assuming we have been able to replace what was so lavishly and wastefully expended last year. The calculated destruction of the United States, in progress since 1945, has made our vaunted "high technology" dependent on the favor of the nations and countries that have not sabotaged their own industrial capacity. The Aerospace Educational Foundation (1501 Lee Highway, Arlington, Virginia; 22209) has just published a booklet, Lifeline Adrift: the Defense Industrial Base in the 1990s, which exhibits the rapid erosion of our ability to produce weapons. As one example, in 1972 there were ten American companies which manufactured militarily requisite electronic equipment, headed by Texas Instruments, which by 1987 was the only American survivor and almost at the bottom of the list, all other manufacturers being Japanese. Even such statistics usually fail to show the full extent of the Americans' loss of control of vital industries; for example, the Moore Tool Company, the only domestic manufacturer of materials needed for nuclear warfare, is counted as American, but it is now owned by Japanese. For a somewhat different example, note that the American manufacturer of devices essential for communication in the field could not have met the demand of the armed forces in the Persian Gulf, had a Japanese firm refused to supply the necessary batteries.

Well, Jackanapes Kennedy, when President, loudly proclaimed "interdependence" and was not impeached for high treason; instead, the boobs applauded the announced end of their independence. And, as everyone who can perceive the obvious knows, the United States must be made defenseless in preparation for Bushy's New World Ordure, in which all major weapons will be the exclusive possession of God's Children, who will, as predicted in "Bible Prophecy," rule their global plantation and herd its livestock from their capital in Jerusalem.)

A correspondent suggests shrewdly that the scenario for performances in Washington may call for Lord Bushy's high principles to boil over in the late summer with a sudden and treacherous attack on Libya, so that he can be saluted as a Conquering Hero in time for the election in November. That depends, of course, on whether our real masters decide to reappoint Bushy as straw-boss of their Americans.

I have sufficiently accounted for Bushy's attack on Iraq in earlier issues of this periodical, but in October 1991, p. 9 n. 1, I mentioned a book that was then in press, and indicated its probable contents on the basis of such information as was available to me when I wrote. Now that the book has been published, I should remind readers that it is available and its contents correspond to that information.

Martin Yant was, until recently, a journalist and columnist on the staff of the Columbus [Ohio] Dispatch. (2) From information that was available in this country (if one knew where to look for it), he compiled Desert Mirage, the True Story of the Gulf War (Buffalo, New York; Prometheus Books, 1991; $19.95 + $3.00 postage).

(footnote 2. Mr. Yant's connection with the newspaper appears to have terminated about the time this book was published. I do not know why. The Dispatch attracted some unfavorable notice from intelligent Americans a few years ago, when it, obeying the journalistic rule that wowing the suckers is the best tonic for circulation, not only cynically exploited a patently fake outbreak of "psychokinesis" by a Poltergeist, but did all in its power to avert or impede exposure of the hoax, which was doubly childish, since it, like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famous fairies, was the work of an adolescent girl. See the article by the eminent James Randi in the Skeptical Inquirer, Spring 1985, pp. 221-235.)

This is a valuable book, since there still are many literate Americans who do not fully understand that any correspondence between what they are told by their rulers and truth is purely coincidental. Mr. Yant surveys the way in which Bushy trapped Saddam, who was so gullible that he believed an American diplomat, and describes in detail how our War Lord tried to make his wanton attack on Iraq seem respectable by forcing the dissemination of utterly mendacious reports about Saddam's power and purposes. As I remarked in an early article, Bushy's "only regard for his American subjects was shown by the routine use of the national lie machine to spray slime in their stupid faces." He didn't even have the vaudeville show called the United Nations entertain them with its usual song-and-dance act.

After the glorious victory of the United States and its hired allies over a small nation of 14,000,000 (18,000,000 minus domestic enemies) poor people, which was comparable to a victory by a team of tough professional athletes over boys from the sixth grade, the lie machine has been kept at work trying to make the vanquished victim seem to have been sufficiently formidable to make the Bushy's glory as a great Conqueror a little less obscene.

For the disgusting details, I refer you to Mr. Yant's book. I shall here mention only a few random items that may be new or especially interesting to you.

I note evidence that while the press is hopelessly corrupt, it is evidently not as corrupt as our masters wish, for newspaper reporters sent to the war zone were held in custody by the Army to prevent them from seeing or hearing something that Bushy's serfs should not be told. And even then, everything they wrote was subject to drastic censorship in the name of "national security." Bushy's janissaries saw to it that no report that was both true and significant got out of the "war zone."

The irrationality of Bushy's boobs constantly amazes sane men. There was one reporter, Peter Arnett, (3) who was stationed in Baghdad and accurately reported what he saw to the Cable Network News, which, in turn, broadcast many of his reports and pictures, including some that disclosed the facts of the bombing of the city by the Americans in keeping with their policy of Schrecklichkeit, of which they falsely accused the Germans in two wars.

(footnote 3. An honest man, but do not make him a hero; he has a Vietnamese wife.)

Arnett reported the facts in vain. The boobs did not want to hear the truth. There is in Washington an outfit that is speciously called Accuracy in Media, solicits funds from conservatives, and is headed by a man called Reed Irvine, of whose genealogy I have no documentation. The conservatives' money was used to send out a hundred thousand official communications, urging everyone to write letters demanding that Arnett be silenced, because he was broadcasting "propaganda for Saddam undermine our morale." Irvine said the propaganda campaign by Accuracy [!] in Media was necessary because Arnett's broadcasts were "a betrayal of the troops" who were valiantly slaughtering defenceless Semites. And the boobs agreed. According to a columnist cited by Mr. Yant, a poll disclosed that 63% of Americans thought that the Army should destroy with its infallible bombs the hotel in Baghdad in which Peter Arnett was staying, doubtless at a time when they could be sure of killing him. And there are people who think chickens stupid!

It may be interesting that among the "Allies" Bushy forced his taxpaying animals to buy with multibillion dollar bribes was the dictator of Turkey, who was a man after Bushy's heart. He had just driven 50,000 Kurds (4) who had always resided in territory that is now in Turkey, from their homes in three hundred villages, which were then burned to the ground. Bushy knew, of course, that this was not a violation of his much-touted "human rights," because, as is expressly stated in the Holy Talmud, only Sheenies are human. The Kurds, being, like the Americans, largely Aryan, are, of course, animals with no claim to consideration from anyone. With the exception of unwanted refugees in Iran, most of the Kurds will probably be exterminated by the Semitic Iraqis and the Turanian (Mongoloid) Turks later this year. Americans will have to await their turn, perhaps for a decade or more.

(footnote 4. On the Kurds, see Liberty Bell, July 1991, pp. 3-12. The Reader's Digest for May 1992 contains an article on the present plight of the Kurds in Iraq. It is amusing to notice that the writer ventures to affirm that the Kurds "are not Arabs." He knows that they are not even Semites, but he also knows that the boobs must not be reminded that there are races other than God's Sheenies and the sacrosanct "minorities." As for the Kurds' not being Arabs, that is true of almost all the Semites in Iraq, few of whom can claim Arabian ancestors. If Saddam is entitled to the name he bears, Hussein, he is at least partly an Arab; that may bolster the prestige that has saved him from the usual fate of leaders of defeated nations.)

Another of Bushy's hired pals is Hafez Assad, the dictator of Syria, who accepted five billion dollars and extensive commercial concessions and also used Bushy's war to invade and annex Lebanon, evidently by agreement with God's Chosen, who have been murderously invading and terrorizing Lebanon for a decade but evidently hesitated to annex it themselves at this time, as I expected them to do. For the nonce, God's People were content to gloat over the Syrian slaughter of Lebanese. Mr. Yant quotes the Prime Minister of Israel, the celebrated terrorist and murderer now known under his assumed name as Shamir, as having rapturously exclaimed, "We live in great days in Israel, ...days in which air force jets strike and leave dead...the terrorists in Lebanon." So Lebanon has now ceased to exist and the Americans' aid to that hapless land has attained its goal. (5)

(footnote 5. An independent Lebanon, created in 1943, was from the first a racial and religious nightmare, but it somehow survived and even enjoyed a relative prosperity until the Communists and the Egyptians, in an ad hoc alliance, incited a revolt against the legally elected President, a man named Camille Chamoun, who was so gullible that he trusted Americans and accepted their proffered aid. Our Marines marched in under the command of "our" State Department, overthrew Chamoun who barely escaped with his life, and installed his adversaries, the revolutionists, in power. That was in 1958, before the Kikes were ready to begin raids on Lebanon, which belongs to them because it was part of the Canaan they took from its inhabitants long ago--by conquest according to the story in the Jew-Book, but more probably by their usual techniques for destroying nations.)

It is quite possible the Jews are content to postpone grabbing Lebanon until after they have gobbled up Jordan, in which Bushy and his allies have now induced an almost catastrophic economic crisis. Watch what happens there.

Needless to say, the astonishing entente between Syria and the Jews is intended to last only until the latter are ready to stab the Syrians in the back and take Lebanon as part of "greater Israel." They can, of course, count on their American janissaries and tax-payers to do whatever they ordain, whether they appoint Bushy or another scoundrel to govern their North American colony this coming November. But you should watch relations between the Holy Land and Syria during the coming year or two. They will be interesting, as will be the story told the American boobs, when their War Lord treats Syria as he treated Iraq, which the American tax-payers subsidized so long as it was needed to carry on a war against Iran, but destroyed as soon as Bushy decided to cut the throat of his erstwhile friend, Saddam. Fools who become "allies" of the United States all suffer the same fate.

Whether the Arab-speaking nations will become restive and mutinous under the dominion of the Jews' American janissaries is uncertain, but some trouble is inevitable and perhaps Bushy or his successor will be able to enjoy a repetition of the "Gulf War," as it is now called. The mongrel who adorns the American Army as Chief of Staff to advertise the degradation of the American people issued a warning to the Semitic nations: "We have overwhelming power and have demonstrated a willingness to use it"--use it, that is, whenever a War Lord or his Yiddish masters tell their Aryan dogs to pay for another glorious butchery of an innocent people. Mr. Yant evidently expects more trouble in the Near and Middle East soon, and he is probably right.

He also notes that while the United States was hiring Islamic allies, it was paying a lavish added tribute to God's People to pay them for foregoing the pleasure of killing Semites themselves. Mr. Yant's mention of the Holy Race shows considerable courage, but, needless to say, neither he nor his publisher were so imprudent as to incur reprisals for speaking candidly about the world's parasites. We cannot blame them.

The chief error in his book, in my opinion, is his talk about "democracy" in Kuwait or elsewhere. He seems not to know that democracy, whether the real thing or the ochlocratic corruption so dear to Americans, is foreign to the mentality of the Semitic race. A real or simulated democratic régime in Kuwait or Iraq or Syria or Saudi Arabia would be as unnatural as clothes on a chimpanzee. This is not an adverse criticism of Semites: it is simply a statement of historical and biological fact.

You will be glad to know that our heroic War Lord has been recompensed for his vast idealism. His war enormously enriched the Bush family's Zapata Offshore Oil Co., (6) which is now drilling wells in the Persian Gulf off Kuwait (doubtless as payment for services rendered), while another Bush company obtained "the exclusive right to explore for, develop [sic] and produce petroleum throughout substantially all of Bahrain's offshore territory." And the United States has installed a major military base on Bahrain to protect the oil companies from foreign harassment--and from a change of mind in the governments that granted the monopolistic concessions. The first well was drilled in January 1992.

(footnote 6. I do not know why the Bush family's oil company was named in honor of a minor "hero" of the Mexican Revolution, a bandit, who, profiting from the virtual anarchy in Mexico after 1911, fomented by American do-gooders, made himself General Zapata and assembled an "army" of two or three hundred peones, mostly savages, who wanted to have fun with a gun. His most noteworthy exploit is worth mentioning here. As is now well-known, Woodrow "Wacky" Wilson, the Jews' well-trained poodle in the White House, operated behind the back of his State Department and secretly organized a corps of a dozen or more "special representatives," mostly sleazy missionaries and the like, to intrigue under his authority and stir up more trouble in Mexico. One of these was a H.L. Hall, an American who had resided for many years in Cuernavaca, where he peddled Jesus and milk from his dairy farm. Learning that Hall was an American agent, General Zapata kidnapped him and held him for a ransom of $20 (twenty dollars) in American money. Hall had so endeared himself to his well-bred neighbors in Cuernavaca that they refused to pay for his release, which was eventually effected by the Government of the United States. Zapata, an illiterate savage, was a thoroughgoing nihilist and hated White men: naturally, he was much admired by nitwits in the United States, who sniveled when he was treacherously assassinated by a fellow "liberator," the Carranza who was one of Wilson's favorite pets.)

Incidentally, the accepted description of American military might and its efficiency requires some modification. So far as I can learn, our "high-technology" (with the exception of the "Patriot" anti-missile missiles) functioned well in service, and we can indeed guide bombs infallibly onto targets as, for example, when we accurately pinpointed and penetrated the air shelter that was crowed with Iraqis, whom we roasted alive. But most of our terrorist bombing of Iraqi cities and towns was carried out with bombs dropped from airplanes as in the Jews' War, where our destruction of German cities and railroads attested a high degree of accuracy. Our airforce has evidently deteriorated enormously since that time, for, according to Mr. Yant, the Air Force had to admit that 70% (seventy percent) of such bombs had missed their targets. But then, of course, our planes were bombing miserable Semites, which is fun, but did not have the inspiration that evidently comes to Americans when they can slaughter their betters.

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