The Writings of Revilo P Oliver 1908-1994


by Revilo P. Oliver

(Liberty Bell, October 1986)

A special report on Acquired Immunity Deficiency has been compiled by Drs. David A. Noebel, Wayne C. Lutton, and Paul Cameron, and published by Summit Ministries, P.O. Box 207, Manitou Springs, Colorado ($3.95 + $1.25).

The booklet is essentially some 130 pages of classified quotations from many sources, including a large number of men of known scientific accomplishment, on the physiological and social effects of the ever growing epidemic, with notices of the propaganda that is being used to defer public recognition of the imminent peril until it is too late to avert a total collapse of American society into chaos. The scientific opinion cited all confirms the gravity of the epidemic as I have reported it several times in the pages of this periodical.

The quotations that are authoritative make this a very useful book. Some of the editors' recommendations are sound common sense. And one finds here and there a rather astonishing bit of information, e.g., that the Public Health Service in the District of Corruption has not classified the now epidemic infection as a "communicable disease." That is surprising, not because one supposes that the bureaucracy that promotes the poisoning of water supplies with fluorides would show any compassion for the American people, but because it has thus gratuitously shown how viciously corrupt it is.

Unfortunately, the text begins with quotations from the Jew-Book to prove that male homosexuality should be forbidden because old Jesus said, "Mustn't do or Papa spank." And we are told that we gotter "reaffirm" the "Biblical creative order"--a phrase that will remind everyone of the shysters and hallucines who are manufacturing "creation science" and prating about "Holy Shrouds" to shore up a grotesque superstition that is now, in its latest reformations, proving its virulence as the poison that destroyed the spiritual immune system of our race.

Many readers will junk the booklet when they come to "Leviticus" on p. 9, if they did not do so when they saw on p. 7 the opening quotation from "Mark" (i.e. a god's spiel attributed to a certain Marcus and so really anonymous, just as it would be if it were attributed to an otherwise unidentified Bob). Readers who are understandably repelled by this nonsense may never go on to the useful parts of the booklet.

The utter absurdity of this appeal to Yahweh & Son, Inc., and the "Judaeo-Christian ethic" is shown by the fact that since the Fathers of the Church first put over their great promotion, the Christian clergy have always been the principal practitioners of male homosexuality, and this fact was so notorious that the learned Jesuit scholar, Jean Hardouin, came to the conclusion that homosexuality had been invented by the Christians to foster monasticism and encourage priests to celibacy, and that all earlier records of the perversion had been forged by Christians to provide precedents for their innovation in sexual morality.

Some of the early Christian sects, notably the Carpocratians, made male homosexuality a condition of spiritual perfection, and so, in all probability, did the precursors of the Christians, the Essenes. By a nice irony, this booklet takes off from a quotation from the gospel of "Mark," which in an earlier version, to which I have frequently referred in these pages, unmistakably implies homosexual conduct in the Jesus it describes as showing practically naked young men the way to Salvation in the dark. Although that tale was censored by the Fathers of the Church even before it was selected for inclusion in the collection called a "New Testament," some of its homosexual flavor survives in the contempt for women expressed by its Jesus. And one could fill a volume with evidence of the close connection between the Jewish cult for goyim and sexual perversion.

Fortunately, it would be a work of supererogation to cite historical evidence at a time when every week there transpires news of large sums of money paid out by various Christian churches to halt prosecution of their salvation-salesmen, who have been bringing children to Jesus in bed. The holy men's fancy turns mostly to boys near the age of puberty, but some have been convicted of raping children of four and five without committing the sin of sexual discrimination. (On Talmudic authority for this sport, see the late Elizabeth Dilling's The Plot Against Christianity, which has been reprinted, with some editorial changes, under the title, The Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today, by the Noontide Press in Torrance, California.)

The cream of the jest, however, is that Summit Ministries, the publishers of this booklet, are a branch of a college founded by a fat hokum-peddler, commonly called Silly James Hoggis, whom many of my readers will recall from the time when he practiced patriotism as a lucrative adjunct of his soul-saving business. The Man of God evangelized with sodomy the young men sent to his Bible college by their gullible Christian parents, occasionally including females for variety in his holy ministrations, until a particularly crude indiscretion precipitated a public scandal, and he was expelled from his college by its trustees. One sympathizes, of course, with an institution that is trying to live down its scabrous past, but the fact is a sufficient commentary on its claim that the tall tales in the Bible in some way inhibit sexual perversion.

Homosexuality has been made so fashionable by the public schools and "educators" whose principal concern is to incite children to copulate early, often, and indiscriminately, thus inculcating the Christian ideals of "Equality" (in proletarian degradation), "All Mankind" (of ovine anthropoids), "One World" (of mindless mongrels), and the evil of recognizing the biological fact of race (which would annoy God's Master Race). The "Liberals'" superstition, it is true, dispenses with the spooks of Christian mythology, but that is merely because such supernaturalism would make ridiculous their pretense that they have a scientific basis for their cult. Intellectually, they are on a par with the "creation scientists," with whom they will join forces, if that should seem expedient.

If there is to be any effective opposition to homosexual degeneracy, it must be based, not on the unbelievable mythology which so impaired the Aryan mind as to make the clergy's favorite vice fashionable, but on the rational basis of biological facts joined with the emotional appeal of loyalty to our endangered race. There is, however, a strong probability that reasoned opposition will soon be made unnecessary when the epidemic consequences of the combination of male homosexuality with the basic Christian doctrine of racial equality are made manifest by fifty thousand or a hundred thousand corpses. Perhaps it would be more practical for us to decide what the intelligent remnant of our once dominant race can and should do when all Hell breaks loose.

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