The Writings of Revilo P Oliver 1908-1994


by Professor Revilo P. Oliver (Liberty Bell, August 1987)

THE PRESS has somewhat reluctantly reported the arrest of two men, sergeants in the Marine Corps and also operatives of the C.I.A. stationed in the American Embassy in Moscow (and one of them later in the American Embassy in Vienna), who enabled the Soviets to install electronic surveillance in the American Embassy and also betrayed to the Soviet the names of the Russians who had been hired as secret informants by the C.I.A. The two men will be tried for treason, a crime of which they are not guilty.

The men's reported actions certainly make them guilty of treachery, of violating the orders of their military superiors, and of serving the enemies of the United States. When found guilty of those crimes, they should, of course, be shot -- or, if military etiquette is observed, hanged. One may add that they are also morally guilty of murder, since we may be quite sure that the Russian traitors whose names they betrayed were promptly "liquidated." But none of this is treason, properly speaking, of which they cannot even be suspected.

Treason is the act of betraying one's nation to its enemies. (This is sometimes called high treason to distinguish it from the now obsolete crime of petite treason, betrayal of a lesser unit to which one owes allegiance by birth or by a natural fiduciary relationship, e.g., a vassal's betrayal of his lord or a wife's participation in murder of her husband.) Now a nation is, by definition, a racially homogeneous people who belong by birth to the amalgamation of small, kindred tribes in which nati sunt. A nation, in other words, is a very large tribe, an ethnic unity, to which one belongs biologically by being born.(1)

(1. This fact has been somewhat obscured by the feudal use of territorial titles (e.g., Earl of Southampton, Graf von Thurn, Marquis de Lafayette, etc.), so that sovereigns, who theoretically are the incarnate consensus of the nation, were misleadingly given territorial titles in modern languages,e.g., King of England. The Latin equivalent is socially correct: Rex Anglorum.)


The United States were a nation, but ceased to be one more than a century ago, when its Aryan population, seeking to curry favor with an imaginary god, destroyed it by giving legal citizenship to large numbers of enemy aliens, thus beginning the evolution to what the United States is today, a multiracial swamp, a territory inhabited by incompatible races, one of which will, by biological necessity, eventually subjugate, expel, or massacre all the others, though, perhaps, one at a time. There can be no loyalty to a multiracial cesspool and hence no treason against it. Treason now can be only betrayal of one's own nation.

It is true that, for the comfort of boobs who might otherwise begin to think, there is still maintained officially the fiction that the United States is a country belonging to an Aryan majority and governed by the Constitution (which was nullified in 1861). But even by that fiction, the men under arrest cannot be justly accused of treason.

What the press tried to conceal from the public was the fact that one of the sergeants is an Indian, a member of the Navaho nation, who should have been on a reservation in Arizona, while the other is a nigger, who should have been shining shoes in your home town. The Indian belongs to a race that not only instinctively hates the Pale Faces, but justly hates the race that took from it the North American continent. The Negro belongs to a race that Aryans once used as domestic livestock, a race which justly despises the stupid and craven Aryans who now not only permit it to vote but degrade and tax themselves to toady to it. His race is now talking openly of what it will by instinct try to achieve, Black Supremacy, and degenerate Aryans, their minds rotted by viral superstitions, think that's just lovely.

Given the fiction that this is still an Aryan country, both sergeants in the service of the C.I.A. quite naturally obeyed their racial loyalties and gladly served the official enemies of the United States. That is the fundamental fact, although there is an attempt to conceal it by pretending that their urge to exploit, debauch, and degrade White women made them susceptible to solicitation by blonde Jewesses in the K.G.B's Whore Corps.

It is a truism that guilt falls on the person who causes a crime, not on the instruments he may use in carrying it out. If you put your children in a tiger's cage, you will be guilty of murdering them, not the tiger, who will merely have obeyed his biologically-determined instinct. If you hire a thug to kill them, you will be guilty of the murder, although the thug will also be executed to discourage others.

While the two sergeants are obviously and properly subject to the death penalty, the gravamen of treason falls on the Aryans who gave them the opportunity and power to obey their natural instincts. Who in the C.I.A. put them in the positions they occupied? Note that if that person is a Jew, he was loyal to his nation and so cannot be guilty of treason to ours. He is a member of a race we may heartily dislike and fear, but which we must also admire for its racial loyalty, which Aryans would emulate, if they were intelligent and fit to survive in the world they gave away.

If we wish to prosecute for treason in the correct meaning of that word, we must prosecute the member of our race who was responsible, directly or, if through alien subordinates, indirectly for enlisting an Indian and a Negro as trusted operatives of a supposedly American intelligence agency. He should be identified, but it does not necessarily follow that he should be executed. He could defend himself plausibly and even cogently in terms of either the official theory or grim reality. He could allege (1) that as an American he belongs to a nation so mortally diseased that it has elected, consciously or subconsciously, to become extinct, and there could be no harm in expediting its dissolution; or (2) that as an Aryan he was not convinced that the welfare of his race would not be further endangered by perpetuation of the foul swamp in which it has mired itself. He could argue that the sooner the artifical and obscene agglomeration called the United States is shattered, the greater the chance that his race could break the bonds of its present servitude.

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