The Writings of Revilo P Oliver 1908-1994


by Professor Revilo P. Oliver

(Liberty Bell, June 1992)

My article on Nigger Superiority in the May issue of Liberty Bell was in print before events in Los Angeles gave it an emphatic confirmation.

Consider what happened. If, let us say, an Italian had led the police on a breakneck chase at a hundred miles an hour, been stopped by a roadblock, and beaten while resisting arrest, there would have been no cameraman waiting, and the incident, if reported at all, would have been given five lines on an inner page of the local newspaper. The man arrested would have been only a White man and no one would have been interested.

The criminal who tried to escape belonged to the race which is recognized as superior because the White slaves have to work hard to support it, encourage its guinea-pig style breeding, and provide it with Cadillacs and other necessities of life. He was a black gorilla, so huge that his wrists were too big for handcuffs, and his hundred-mile an hour attempt to escape was halted by a roadblock that was set by directions over short-wave radio that anyone could hear. The camera-man was waiting, shot his 'footage,' and the poison-pen press and our enemies' boob-tubes made the incident a national agitation, at the time and for a year thereafter while the courts were troubled with litigation about the incident.

The mayor of the rotting city--a nigger!--was given what he had long sought, a pretext to force from office the chief of police in Los Angeles, whose department was one of the most efficient and relatively honest in the United States, and to replace him with a nigger, who, you may be sure, will teach his White subordinates not to interfere with savages exercising their Civil Rights to hunt White rabbits. The policemen who had done their duty were persecuted in the courts and finally acquitted by a jury of White Americans, so bigoted that they did not know that the savage pets of the Master Race can do no wrong.

The incident has not been fully explained. It is possible, of course, that the gorilla, a former convict with a criminal record, was trying to escape from some exercise of his Civil Rights, such as robbing a store or raping a White bitch, but we must suspect that on this occasion he had not committed a crime, but instead performed for the waiting cameraman, and then collected his fee.

The acquittal of the persecuted policemen is said to have set the niggers to looting and destroying property, not only in Los Angeles but in dirty cities throughout the country. As exploited by our domestic enemies, it doubtless did provide an occasion for outbreaks by the savages, just as a failure of electric power in the center of New York City did some years ago. Niggers naturally loot and destroy when they see a good opportunity or have a suitable pretext for tribal festivities. It was not at all remarkable that in Los Angeles big niggers drove up in the Cadillacs they had been given, directly or indirectly, by White idiots, and looted stores right in front of cameras. Their contempt for the tax-paying animals that work for them is almost infinite and certainly justified.

The only aspect of the affair in Los Angeles that was not commonplace was the fact that the significant word 'revolution' was used for the first time, so far as I know.

According to the statistics available to me as I write, the festivities in Los Angeles produced 58 corpses, 158 persons critically injured and perhaps maimed, and 2000+ injured but not fatally. The statistics do not show how many of these casualties were really regrettable, i.e., of White Americans, possibly including even White men who were fit to survive.

The full extent of the "demonstrations" will never be stated in a comprehensive report. In the larger cities, the true extent of the outbreak was reported only locally and probably minimized at that. In smaller cities that have, as yet, only relatively small contingents of the superior race, White men had long since learned not to go out alone late at night and had taken to going in pairs. So the resourceful savages formed gangs of six to ten and when they caught two or three men alone, joyously clubbed them to insensibility and left them lying in pools of their own blood. The local liepaper reported, often days later, that the victims were in the hospital after an "altercation" with unidentified "youths," or, if the color of the assailants had to be admitted, assured their stupid readers that the incident "had no racial overtones."

In one town, at least, a White man was found with his skull crushed with a baseball bat or similar weapon, and the local police, frightened lest they be treated as were the Los Angeles police, professed to be mystified and even suggested that the victim might have committed suicide by crawling into some machine that crushed his skull.

In some cities, trembling judges or juries hastily acquitted niggers on trial for various crimes so that the savages would not devastate their defenseless cities. In those cities it will henceforth be a waste of time to try to arrest and try niggers for their crimes. The precedent has been established and the savages will not forget it.

In one city, a playful nigger had just been convicted of murdering three employees of stores that he robbed, but, when I last heard, the pavid judge was putting off pronouncing sentence, lest the local niggers resent infringement of their right to prey on the race that enslaved itself for their benefit.

In many slums that once were universities, the gangs of niggers roamed the campus, intimidating White people, threatening to burn down buildings, or occupying administrative offices, and demanding whatever "rights" took their fancy of the moment. Some of the responsible administrators claimed to be feeble-minded--that, at least, is the only possible interpretation of their plea that they were surprised by the conduct of the niggers they had imported to take the place of White students and had coddled with lavish "scholarships" and special privileges at the expense of the taxpaying animals or the fools who devise by will large bequests to what was a university in their youth.

In southern California after the jury's verdict, the thugs of journalism published the names and addresses of the offending jurors in the hope they would be murdered or, at least, driven from burning homes.

Throughout the country the holy men started yapping in a deafening chorus, like a pack of fox terriers in a large kennel, denouncing the jurors who had dared to consider the evidence before them, about which the dervishes knew nothing. Of course, as we all know, the dervishes yap at every opportunity to advertise their righteousness, and never need to know relevant facts, since they are professional vendors of a delusive superstition. But in this case they were using a poisonous superstition which, at best, denied the facts of race, and, since the Marxian Reformation, became a calculated offensive against our race and the civilization it created.

The slime machine went into action throughout the nation, displaying, as it had done continually throughout the past year, a carefully edited excerpt from the film and yelling about Civil Rites of obeisance to the superior race. And White half-wits, who knew nothing of the evidence the jury had heard, promptly declared that the jury had sinned--obviously because it had not recognized the vast superiority of the race for which the idiots work.

Most ominous of all, our War Lord, whose sense of power over his serfs has become megalomania, and who had illegally meddled with an election in Louisiana some months ago, let out a yell and rushed from his lair in Washington to Los Angeles to strut, orate, and proclaim the end of law in the United States. Having recently commanded his vast herd of tax-paying sheep to pay seventy or a hundred billion dollars for his fun in Iraq, he naturally looked for pretexts to impose another heavy burden on the dumb brutes for "welfare" to subsidize more abundantly the niggers in Los Angeles and ensure bigger and better riots in the near future.

The Most Puissant Lord Bushy, Viceroy of the Jews' New World Ordure, not content with ordering the hundred million tax-payers he owns to pay for fresh incentives to further outbreaks of savagery in Los Angeles, proclaimed that the four policemen were guilty of displeasing him and would be tried in his Federal courts and (of course) condignly punished. Although he mouthed some pseudo-legal claptrap, what our Lord did was abolish the provision against double jeopardy, one of the bits of Anglo-Saxon law that the Warren Gang and its successors had not yet canceled.

What our Sovereign Lord intends to do and probably will do is so to terrorize police departments throughout the country that will never again dare to arrest niggers or interfere with them when they are having fun robbing, raping, and killing White boobs.


The incidents in Los Angeles have proved three things. The least and most obvious one is that the savages are, de facto (as diplomats say) racially superior to the White slaves who work for them and who are even so humble and degraded that they do so without objection. The degenerate Whites, furthermore, frankly acknowledge their racial inferiority by electing or tolerating nigger mayors, nigger legislators and Congressmen, nigger governors, nigger judges, and nigger commanders of the armed forces.

The second lesson is that our enemies' plans for the final enslavement and extermination of Aryans in the United States have not changed. For decades it has required no wit to see that, as I have often pointed out in these pages, the intensive and highly successful campaign in the boob-hatcheries, the Jesus shops, the press, and the boob-tubes to make Aryans feel guilty for existing, presupposed plans for a eventual insurrection by the niggers and a consequent race war in which we would be decisively defeated.

Whether the pursuit and arrest of the nigger criminal in Los Angeles was carefully planned in advance or, as is hardly likely, was an unscheduled incident, it was immediately and intensively used by the electronic sewers that most Americans maintain in their living rooms to deliver the Jewish sewage the thoughtless and uncomprehending boobs eagerly lap up. That outpouring of excrement to incite in Whites hatred of their own race and to stimulate the niggers' innate hatred of it was obviously planned in preparation for the outbreak in Los Angeles that took place a year or more after the arrest. It was doubtless planned with the foreknowledge that no honest jury could do other than acquit the four policemen who were being persecuted for having done their duty.

As I noted above, in Los Angeles, where the niggers had such fun in hauling Aryans from their automobiles and killing or maiming them, the word 'revolution' was openly mentioned for the first time. If you wish, you may classify that event as the first preliminary opening of guerrilla warfare that will be conducted intermittently but on a progressively increasing scale henceforth. Most of the victims, needless to say, have been made so imbecile by their schools and churches that they will not have the slightest comprehension that what happens to them is what they themselves ordained.

The most important lesson, for those who have wit enough to learn it, is that niggers are by nature savages, and that nature cannot be changed by window-dressing or persiflage. No one doubts the unalterability of inherent instincts in other animals. Chimpanzees, for example, may be taught to wear clothing, understand commands, ride bicycles, smoke cigarettes, and even to act as nursemaids to children (if well paid for their services in bananas). They recognize that they must be obedient to their masters, but everyone knows that if bands of chimpanzees were free from control, they would behave with the ferocity you may have glimpsed for a moment or two if you watched the National Geographic's video-tape about them, filmed by Jane Goodall. (1)

(footnote 1. Note also, a little later on in the film, the behavior of the chimpanzees' loose-limbed cousins in the clothes that meddling missionaries forced on them and that they are now accustomed to wear as status-symbols.)

The simple fact is that all pure-blooded Congoids and most other niggers are innately savages and can never be anything else. First-generation mulattos, the result of miscegenation, a crime that would be stringently prohibited if tender-hearted humanitarians had any sense of pity, are almost invariably savages, (2) but may inherit some White instincts and thus be condemned to suffer an incurable schizophrenia throughout their wretched lives. In quadroons occasionally and octoroons frequently the White elements may dominate and produce individuals capable of civilization instead of mimicking it when expedient. A few, indeed, are highly intelligent, as witness Lawrence Dennis, who was one of the victims of Franklin Roosevelt's premature attempt to begin ruling by terror in imitation of his model, Lenin, and his fellow conspirator, Stalin. A rational and compassionate American, however, would have thought it pathetic that so intelligent and courageous a man as Dennis had to be almost childishly proud that he could entertain acquaintances in the Harvard Club, aware, of course, of the indelible genetic blot on his being.

(footnote 2. There is evidence that in such combinations, Nordic and perhaps all White genes are recessive (cf. Richard McCulloch's Destiny of Angels, which is concerned chiefly with physical beauty), but the facts will never be ascertained with certainty so long as God's Race enforces its prohibition of racial research.)

With the stated exceptions, niggers are savages and you should understand that you can never understand them, except as you understand cheetahs or cuttlefish, by observing their behavior. All missionaries and other gospel-venders pretend, and simple-minded ones actually believe, that niggers can be transformed by dousing them in holy water and giving them sips of Jesus-juice, but that is sheer nonsense, as Noël Hunt puts succinctly, "A white man can no more think like a black than he can think like a bee."

Like all anthropoids, the savages can be taught patterns of behavior by persons who have authority over them, and, since they are capable of speech, they are more adaptable than chimpanzees. They can be taught to speak a recognizable English, wear currently fashionable clothes, drive automobiles, and perform almost any simple act that will win them a reward--even one that is deferred for some little time--and to avoid performing acts that will certainly be punished, sooner or later. (This is a marked difference from, e.g., dogs, who, as you know, must be rewarded or punished at the time of the act, for there is no way of communicating to them the meaning of a deferred reward or punishment. The same is true of chimpanzees.) Under competent supervision, niggers can perform useful work, and many can be taught to perform tasks that require some continuous attention and a fairly high degree of skill. Many, like all domesticated animals (especially dogs and horses), can become attached to their masters and take pride in serving them. And our enemies can teach them to yell for unearned rewards and privileges that White nitwits think themselves obliged to bestow on what they imagine the savages to be. And it is likely that, as has been verified by observation of American Indians, the Congoids' nervous systems perceive pain and pleasure in ways that differ greatly from the comparable reactions of Aryans.

Savages are incapable of civilization, for the same reason that tigers are incapable of becoming vegetarians. Savages, however, being innately treacherous, have a well developed capacity for simulation when it is to their advantage to employ it. Some anthropologists believe that the savages could, if left alone, evolve biologically and become capable of founding or inwardly appreciating a civilization in ten thousand years or so. Under coercion, they might develop a sense of civilization more quickly, perhaps in two or three thousand years.

If our race finds it profitable or otherwise worthwhile to impose a measure of civilization on savages, it can bestow on them great benefits, according to our scale of values. But you must always remember what Dr. Albert Schweitzer, who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1952 for his efforts to improve conditions in Africa, learned by bitter experience and stated clearly in a memorable passage of which an American newspaper, if we had any instead of the Jews' liepapers, would continually remind its readers:

'I have given my life to try to alleviate suffering among Africans. There is something that white men who have lived there, as I have, must have learned and know: that those people are a sub-race.' (3)
(footnote 3. He means an inferior race, not a 'sub-race' in the sense in which that word is used in biological taxonomy. I have corrected the tense of 'learned' and the syntax of 'have,' and other errors that were probably made in translation from the French. I also correct the English, without in any way altering the meaning, in several places in what follows.)
'They have neither the intellectual and mental nor the emotional abilities to equate themselves or share equally with white men in any of the functions of our civilization.

I have given my life to try to bring to them the advantages which our civilization must offer, but I have become well aware that we must preserve our status: whites are the superior, and they the inferior race. For whenever a white man seeks to live among them as their equal, they will destroy him and all his work.

And so for any lasting relationship or any benefit to this people, let white men from anywhere in the world who would come to help Africans remember that they must continually maintain this status: you are the master and they the inferiors, like children that you would help or teach.

Never fraternize with them or accept them as your social equals, or they will devour you, they will destroy you.'

The indisputable facts that Dr. Schweitzer courageously stated, sacrificing the favor he had enjoyed from our enemies and their dupes, were, of course, known to the World Destroyers when they began their gradual and cleverly accelerated work to stir up the savages by telling them they had "rights" they must assert, while at the same time paralyzing the minds of the American boobs by convincing them they had a Christian duty to deny themselves something they wanted in order to subsidize and pamper the "underprivileged" savages. In a nation that was already suffering from the egalitarian psychosis and had given the savages the "right" to vote, the work of calculated subversion was easily carried out and not even noticed by the boobs who are to be herded to extinction.

The facts about savagery are also known to the infamous hirelings who do the Yid's work in the press and over the device that is properly called the electronic Jew in your living room. But they are paid for their treason to their own race and, if they have vestigial consciences, doubtless comfort themselves by not thinking about the consequences.

The situation, soon to become desperate, in the United States differs from that prevalent elsewhere only because there are so many mulattos among the savages. The percentage of White blood among niggers in the United States has been estimated as 40%, but there are no valid statistics. This consequence of miscegenation is only partly the result of the inexpiable crime that the boobs have been taught to call a Civil War. The deadly process began in the barracoons. It may have been initiated by the merchants, chiefly Arabs, who purchased slaves from their relatives or captors (thus often saving their lives) and sold them to trading posts, operated chiefly by Portuguese (some of them already mongrelized) and Spaniards, located on the estuaries of the major rivers of Africa, whence they were shipped to associated traders in the Western Hemisphere, on ships commonly owned by Jews but usually with White captains and officers. The capitalists who controlled the business and reaped the largest share of the profits were mostly Jews, who operated from their luxurious offices and did none of the dirty work, but some inferior members of the international tribe took part in the actual work of purchase, transport, and marketing. They have left even linguistic traces of their activity. (4)

(footnote 4. Linguists who have studied the dialects of the niggers in Jamaica affirm that they find clear evidence of the derivation of some words and terms from Hebrew. That is puzzling. The Jews of the time did not use Hebrew, a dead language which few of them knew, and while Hebrew words entered the Jews' dialects of Aramaic and so may have survived in Ladino or Yiddish, I do not myself see how such elements can be securely distinguished from derivatives that are merely Semitic.)

In the South before the Northern invasion, there were male slaves who had a perceptible moustache or beard, a clear indication that their Congoid blood had been diluted with White (Semitic or Aryan) genes, and as everyone knows, 'high yellow girls,' attractive female quadroons or octoroons, commanded fantastically high prices. The emancipation of the niggers merely continued, and perhaps accelerated, a mongrelization that was already well under way in this country. So long as the hybrids remained slaves, the potentially disastrous consequences of miscegenation could be overlooked, and after their emancipation our people's obtuseness to racial realities was fostered by a hallucinogenic religion that is a denial of reality and a violation of Nature.

Even if the estimate of 40% of White blood in the nigger population as a whole is an exaggeration, it is indubitable that we are afflicted with a large number of mulattos, most of whom are mentally superior to pure Congoids and naturally become their leaders, and some of whom have the ability to become agitators on a large scale, adding to concealed but innate savagery a bitter and largely justified hatred of the once dominant race that fecklessly created them and condemned them to life in a kind of interracial limbo, since they spiritually belong to neither race and may be intelligent enough to be aware of a consequent schizophrenia. It is the mulattos who direct against our once proud and now debased and enslaved race the savages, who, if left to themselves, would direct their destructive and homicidal urges against their fellows, the most available objects. In South Africa thus far the festive niggers have, almost without exception, killed with horrible torture other niggers, although, of course, our do-gooders can with assurance look forward to better things in the future of that hapless country, where a majority of the White population, led by foul traitors, has elected to go the way of Rhodesia.

Zimbabwean "students"riot after attacking police

In the ruins of Rhodesia, now a fetid jungle called Zimbabwe, the niggers, having now deprived of their property the Whites who foolishly remained in the territory after the Americans and British, with the aid of South African traitors, (5) degraded their race and destroyed civilization in that hapless land, are now supreme and unfettered by civilization, except as necessary to ensure the profits of the Sheenies who exploit it. The photograph herewith, reproduced from the Chicago Tribune, 7 May, shows a passel of savages in a nigger "university" behaving normally after they have beaten the riot squads of nigger police sent to control them and seized the black constabulary's equipment. The "political and economic issues" mentioned in the caption under the picture may have served as a pretext, but any other pretext would have done as well, and no pretext was really needed. In the picture you can contemplate typical niggers behaving naturally, as naturally, for example, as chimpanzees climb trees and swing from branches. You can also contemplate in the picture a preview of what is now the Manifest Destiny that Americans have chosen for themselves and the country that once was theirs.

(footnote 5. The extent to which the traitors who governed South Africa actually forced the collapse of civilization in Rhodesia is the subject of a little article I hope to complete and publish someday.)

The outbreak in Los Angeles, the first, I believe, in which the word 'revolution' was a slogan, was an improvement on the many outbreaks that preceded it, and, needless to say, would not have occurred, had the Americans had sense enough to send into Watts in 1965 a regiment of the National Guard with instructions to shoot looters and rioters on sight--and shoot to kill. But evidently the boobs, to judge by their conduct, wanted more and better outbreaks and accordingly got them.

The incidents in Los Angeles will, of course, be repeated frequently, greatly improved and on a continually enhanced scale in the near future. Eventually, even the boobs in Dubuque, who were too backward to enjoy an echo of the recent festivities in their own city, will share in this country's progress toward the ideal status of what was Rhodesia and the Congo. It seems at present that the epidemic of Immune Deficiency is producing its effects too slowly to save either South Africa or the United States as a habitat for civilized peoples.

The massive deluge of sludge that gushed from the boob-tubes will probably prevent any considerable perception of the lesson that should have been taught by the events in and near Los Angeles. It now seems certain that the average Aryan boob, no longer capable of reading coherent discourse, has a consciousness, politely called a mind, that has been made permanently incapable of learning anything. But there is still a minority of literates, and one wonders what they will do. They fall into two distinct groups, between which communication is difficult, often impossible. You must belong to one or the other.

If you want to drug yourself with hashish, heroin, or Christianity to avoid seeing the real world in which you must live and die, that, like suicide, is your privilege, but please retain sufficient decency to refrain from imposing your hallucinations on sober men. And if you are capable of pity, refrain from engendering children whom your drugs will not save from the coming consequences of your moral cowardice.

If you are willing to think rationally about your plight in a crazed nation, remember the unalterable facts of life: dogs are dogs, elephants are elephants, and savages are savages. You cannot make an elephant out of a dog, or a civilized man out of a nigger.

Seventy years ago, when many American children were still given some education, any schoolboy and many schoolgirls would have cited the Horatian aphorism: Naturam expellas furco, tamen usque recurret: though you drive out Nature with a pitchfork, she will incessantly return. In this unlettered generation, you may quote the late Professor Feynman, who warned you at the time that the Space Agency's multi-racial show boat blew up, "Nature cannot be fooled."

This article originally appeared in Liberty Bell magazine, published monthly by George P. Dietz from September 1973 to February 1999. For reprint information please write to Liberty Bell Publications, Post Office Box 21, Reedy WV 25270 USA.

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