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by Professor Revilo P. Oliver (Liberty Bell, November 1988)

Temple, the little tabloid published by a singularly courageous man in Peru, Dr. Gastón Ortiz Acha (Unión 1087, Oficina 501, Lima), was noticed in Liberty Bell, December 1984. The issue for July 1988 is especially interesting.

The lead article, "Si yo fuera militar" ("If I were an officer in the Army") reminds one of a cardinal difference between the nations of South America and the United States. In South America, commissioned officers are traditionally white men of some culture, fairly well educated, drawn chiefly from the upper class, cognizant of Spanish standards of personal honor, and normally patriotic. When the stench of "democratic" corruption becomes utterly intolerable, they are willing to take action and they have the power to impose a responsible government on their polyphyletic country. That is why "Liberal intellectuals," with their Christian love of whatever is diseased and decadent, always squawk so loudly about "military governments." Dr. Ortiz exhorts the officers to live up to their responsibilities today and liberate their countries from Judaic crime and treason.

The next article outlines the success of one of the Jews' recent operations. The head of the military government of Argentina was cozened by cleverly planted suggestions that he revive Rosa's old claim to the Falkland Islands, and the traitors who staff the British Colonial Office encouraged him with quasi-official hints that the rulers of the ruins of once great Britain would be delighted by another step in the liquidation of the Empire, if Argentina would simply take possession of the islands. (1) He stepped into the trap, which Prime Ministress Maggie then closed by sending a British expedition that defeated the Argentinians.

(1. The "legal right" to possession of the Falkland Islands was variously argued, but the only pertinent consideration was that the Islands were inhabited by Englishmen, who were imprescriptibly entitled to protection by the mother country, assuming that Britain is still a civilized and viable nation. That, however, may be doubted, since the persons in the Colonial Office, who, on behalf of the Jews, enticed the military government of Argentina into the trap, thus squandering British lives and resources, have not been shot.)



That precipitated the fall of the military government, which had shown itself unappreciative of the honor of having the nation looted by its parasites. So Argentina now has a "democratic" government, with a shabbat goy as President and four plump Sheenies in the Cabinet to give him orders; and, what is really crucial, the Army has been subjected to venal and corrupt commanding officers of the calibre of Generals Marshall and Eisenhower, who naturally have no objection to treason.

Other articles give a proper estimate of the alien government of Canada's quasi-legal attempt to lynch Ernst Zündel; detail the current attempts of the world-destroyers, chiefly through Washington and the Vatican, to undermine responsible government in Chile and precipitate the bloody chaos that delights champions of "human rights"; recognize that the present Pope is simply an anti-Catholic Communist agent; and expose the childishness of simple-minded people who are again taken in by one of the periodic farces intended to convince them that the Soviet Union is becoming awash in humanitarian treacle.

Another article reports news that American liepapers are concealing from Americans, that Castro, whom the United States covertly installed in Cuba, has just shipped ten thousand anti-Communist Cubans to Siberia, where they will be worked to death for the convenience and glory of the Soviet branch of the Judaeo-Communist Empire.

Finally, a little article on Alan García Pérez, "el hipócrita," may interest my older readers, who will remember when our "intellectuals," who will believe anything, provided that it isn't true, were gabbling about the "Apristas" as a wonderful and genuinely Spanish-American form of "democracy," although anyone who read and understood the propaganda put out by the "Apra" movement could see that is was just the old Communist line disguised by a few superficial sophistries and the Spanish names borne or assumed by the promoters.

If you are seriously interested in South America and tired of the hogwash in our newspapers, Temple merits your attention.

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