The Speeches and Broadcasts of Revilo P. Oliver (and other selected speakers)



Dr.Oliver during the filming of After 50 YearsDURING THE 1950s and 1960s, Dr. Revilo Pendleton Oliver attended and spoke before numerous patriotic gatherings, including those of the John Birch Society, the Congress of Freedom, the Steuben Society, the Freedom Forum, the Citizens Council, and the Daughters of the American Revolution, among others. He also made several radio broadcasts and one film (After 50 Years, National Youth Alliance, 1969; available on VHS tape from National Vanguard Books).

It is my goal to provide as many of these speeches as possible here. Here they are presented in compressed mp3 format. (Coming soon -- CD recordings of every speech. Watch this space.)

The files here can be downloaded to your hard drive for later playback or played almost instantly using streaming mp3 technology. You will need a streaming-compatible mp3 player such as Winamp to use the latter feature.

If you have time for only one speech, I recommend What We Owe Our Parasites (in the audio index below, also available in text form) as his best and most comprehensive work.

These speeches are listed in chronological order, and you will note an increasing frankness on racial matters in the later work.

Immediately below you will see a collection of photographs taken during several of Dr. Oliver's speaking engagements. Following them you will find the index of his speeches and a short selection of other worthwhile speeches. -- Kevin Alfred Strom.


The Speeches and Broadcasts of Revilo P. Oliver

The Meaning of Americanism -- Radio broadcast; 18th March, 1960: A radio address on the history and threat of international Communism, made on behalf of the "Christian Crusade Talkathon." 15 minutes, 22 kHz, 2613 kb. listen now or download.

They Shall Not Go Unpunished -- Speech before the Dallas Indignation Committee; 1961: Dr. Oliver's favorite of his own speeches (mentioned here in 1993), given before a very enthusiastic audience of over 5,000. A powerful call to evict the traitors from Washington. Includes detailed discussion of the betrayal of the anti-Communist Cubans during the Bay of Pigs invasion and the mysterious CIA radio station Radio Swan on Swan Island.  62 minutes, 11 kHz, 7321 kb. listen now or download.

Informal talk about Communism -- Extemporaneous discussion at Kenneth Goff's school;  June 1961, Englewood, Colorado: An unscripted talk on the history and nature of Communism at the patriotic school operated by Kenneth Goff (whose Soldiers of the Cross later published The Anti-Humans by D. Bacu.). Discusses intelligence work, propaganda, front groups, psychology of Communists and fellow travellers. Kenneth Goff himself (defector from American Communism) also contributes to the discussion.  92 minutes, 22 kHz, 16192 kb. listen now or download.

On Communism -- Speech given at Kenneth Goff's school;  June 1961, Englewood, Colorado: The fantastic misconceptions about Communism which allowed it, and the forces behind it, to take power in both the East and West; Marcus Isaac Goldman; the Alfred K. Stern Case; the incredible gullibility of Americans.  62 minutes, 22 kHz, 10863 kb. listen now or download.

The Ends of Socialism -- Speech given at Freedom Forum; 23d April, 1963, Searcy, Arkansas: Socialism as distinct from -- and as an aspect of -- Communism; the idea of self-government as recent and unique to Western Man; historic socialism from ancient Egypt and Peru to modern Europe.  62 minutes, 11 kHz, 7316 kb. listen now or download.

The Mad Marxmen -- Speech given to the Congress of Freedom; April 1964, Birmingham, Alabama: The vicious press campaign against Dr. Oliver after the publication of his articles on the Kennedy assassination, and other such smear campaigns in the 20th century. 63 minutes, 11 kHz, 7347 kb. listen now or download.

Can 'Liberals' be Educated? -- Speech given for the John Birch Society; 10th September, 1965, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Provides penetrating insights into the pathology of "liberalism." Oliver's hilarious analysis of "liberal intellectual" charlatans and suckers is still applicable today. This speech was also made before a Citizens' Council gathering in January 1966. 63 minutes, 11 kHz, 7299 kb. listen now or download.

Self Preservation -- Speech given to the Congress of Freedom; 1966, Shreveport, Louisiana: In this ground-breaking speech, Dr. Oliver urges anti-Communist groups to face the biological reality of race; he also discusses the history of, and infighting among and within, patriotic resistance groups in the United States; the Paul Reveres, Elizabeth Dilling, Colonel Edwin Hadley; Transcendentalism; Abolitionism; the insane sentimentalism and "do-gooding" of our people. 61 minutes, 11 kHz, 7144 kb. listen now or download.

Conspiracy or Degeneracy? -- Speech given before the New England Rally for God, Family, and Country; 2d July, 1966, Boston, Massachusetts: Is the decline of the West the result of a conspiracy? -- or of a cultural and biological degeneration? This speech has been often misquoted in an attempt to attack Dr. Oliver; now you can hear his actual words for yourself. 58 minutes, 11 kHz, 6770 kb. listen now or download.

The Road Ahead -- Speech given to the Congress of Freedom; 14th April, 1967: The successes and failures of patriotic efforts in the United States; the assassination of John F. Kennedy by the enemies of America; and a frank account of the only possible way to a new American consensus -- an honest use of the issue of race. 59 minutes, 11 kHz, 6946 kb. listen now or download.

  What We Owe Our Parasites -- Speech given to the Lorelei Club; 9th June, 1968, Hamburg, New York: Dr. Oliver's brilliant exposition of the present plight of our race and what it is about us that has made us such easy dupes of our enemies. His best and most comprehensive short work and a necessary part of every patriot's education. (Also available in text form.) 76 minutes, 22 kHz, 13294 kb. listen now or download.

  Race and Revolution -- Speech given to the Canadian League of Rights; 10th August, 1968, Toronto, Ontario, Canada: The common destiny of Canada and the United States is based more on race than on geography; the racial war being waged on White people. Similar, in parts, to the previous speech. 61 minutes, 11 kHz, 7148 kb. listen now or download.

Other Speakers

  JEB Stuart and Ezra Pound -- by Jack Pershing, a speech given before the National Alliance convention; September 1983, Arlington, Virginia: A moving and philosophical essay on the virtues of two great White men -- Confederate hero JEB Stuart and brilliant poet Ezra Pound -- and their lessons for our future.  (available from National Vanguard Books) 44 minutes, 22 kHz, 7675 kb. listen now or download.

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