The Writings of Revilo P Oliver 1908-1994


by Professor Revilo P. Oliver (Liberty Bell, March 1988)

PERSONS WHO expect the Jews' government in Washington to show some consistency in its operations, just to keep the boobs from thinking, were astonished when, within the space of a week, the righteous Iranians, whom we were supplying with weapons so that they could destroy the people of Iraq, who are so wicked they want to retain property the Jews want, were suddenly transformed into the wicked Iranians, who are outlaws because, in their war against Iraq, they try to control shipping in the Persian Gulf. That was a transformation so sudden as to be almost miraculous, but, of course, American naval vessels and a large expeditionary force of troops were rushed to the Persian Gulf to create a plausible preliminary for a war in which many Americans can be killed and the remaining resources of our ruined nation squandered to make the United States even more contemptible than it was made by our shameful and skillfully engineered defeats in Korea and Vietnam.

It now appears that the United States continues to supply weapons to Iran to facilitate its attacks on our ships. That it does is alleged by Mansur Raftzadeh, former Chief of the Iranian Secret Service, who says that he maintains contacts within the present government. (See Spotlight, 12 October 1987.) It would be only logical for Washington to provide Iran with weapons for use against our sitting ducks in the Persian Gulf -- what better way of creating pretexts for the desired war? -- and the supply could be arranged in the usual way, i.e., Washington gives the weapons to the Israelites, who sell them to the Iranians at a handsome profit and doubtless find opportunities to swindle the Iranians besides. And Raftzadeh's story is now corroborated by Jim Taylor's sources, reported in his article in the January 1988 issue of Liberty Bell.

As we all know, Iran is now governed by a high-powered holy man, who has excited religious fanaticism in the Moslems of that country. The featured article in the September issue of Instauration drew a vivid contrast between Iran, "a nation militarily weak, but informed by an all-encompasing Idea, expressed through the personality of a leader with enormous spiritual resources and strength," and the United States, a territory of rootless individuals, governed by the rabble of "Liberal intellectuals" who cluster around a third-rate cinema actor, a man who is "vacuous, other-directed, a public-relations masterpiece shaped by the expertise of the morally syphilitic film industry, a soul that reacts only to the applause or catcalls of the mob, blathering sanctimoniously -- as did his predecessor -- about 'humanity,' 'rights,' 'happiness,' 'freedom,' and other shibboleths,...with not the slightest idea of who he is or with any sense of a real purpose for the country he leads."

The spiritual strength of Iran is shown by the willingness of the Iranians to fight and die for their Ideal, and the rottenness of the Judaized United States is shown by the reluctance of even its most thoughtless tares to risk abrasion of their hides for any purpose, except perhaps for rioting and crimes of violence against the minority of civilized Americans. The article, which is signed by Vic Olvir, augurs an eventual renaissance of our race when it at last rejects the filth and squalor of the "Liberal"-Communist "intellectuals" and is inspired by a spiritual ideal, which need not involve superstitions about the supernatural.

The contrast is significant, but for our immediate purposes it is well to remember that the population of Iran still contains a considerable amount of Aryan blood -- in some proportion which we now have no means of measuring. (The national name Iran, which they prefer to 'Persia,' means 'land of the Aryans.') Their language, modern Persian, is an Indo-European tongue, which has descended (a long way!) from the Old Persian spoken by Cyrus the Great and the Aryans whom he led to conquest of a large part of Asia. Their Mohammedan religion is not that of the Semitic nations of Islam: it is the religion of the Shi'a, which, although it had its origin in the activity of a Jew who was just making trouble, in conformity with his racial instincts (see Liberty Bell, April 1987, pp. 11-15), evolved into a religion which is distinctively non-Semitic in its preoccupations and in which an historian and ethnologist can discern a residue of the Magian religion of Zoroaster. And although Khomeini speaks of a Holy War in the Moslem tradition, I am sure that the spiritual force he has excited differs greatly from what would appear in a jihad by Arabs and the Arabic-speaking Semites of the Near East.

Now I do not mean to suggest that old Ronnie's sudden volte-face vis-à-vis Iran had any motive other than a purpose to contrive a war in which American lives could be spent uselessly and the resources of our bankrupt nation squandered even more lavishly than in "Foreign Aid," but I note an interesting form of Iranian wickedness that Ronnie never mentions.

I do not know the political affiliations of the editors and owners of the Tehran Times, a newspaper published in English in the capital city, but you may be sure that the newspaper is not hostile to Khomeini's régime. In its issue dated Rajab 14, 1407 = March 15, 1987, the Tehran Times featured an article that took its departure from the revocation of the doctorate rightly bestowed on the honest historian, Henri Roques, by the University of Nantes -- a revocation ordered by the scabrous thugs who rule France for the Jews. The article noted the parallel with the "revocation" of the doctorate of Dr. Stäglich and other punishment inflicted on him for having written a truthful book, Der Auschwitz-Mythos, by the loathsome traitors who rule Germany for the world-destroyers. And the article reached the inescapable conclusion:

"Such measures, taken in defiance of all legal norms, show that postwar Europe is a dictatorship, with the Jew as dictator. Nothing else can account for how, in two of the most civilized countries in the world, the basic provisions of the country's legal code can be set aside: tenured staff dismissed, students stripped of their doctorates, judges fined 10 percent of their salaries with retrospective effect -- all goes to show we are living in the nightmare reality of Orwell's 1984."

The little that I know about the Tehran Times indicates that this article is not exceptional, that it is the newspaper's editorial policy, necessarily approved by Khomeini, to discuss the Jewish problem honestly and frankly. Now surely old Ronnie could work up more enthusiasm for his projected war by reminding his American subjects of their moral duty to exterminate a nation so wicked that it does not revere the Supermen whom Yahweh specially created to rule the earth.

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