The Writings of Revilo P Oliver 1908-1994


by Professor Revilo P. Oliver (Liberty Bell, December 1987)

IN 1936 the Judaeo-Communist apparatus in Spain, having obtained control of the government in corrupt elections, began a great 'modernization' of the country, celebrating it with massacres of Spaniards of cultivation and refinement, although the atrocities that were given publicity in the United States were almost confined to the burning of churches, the torture and murder of priests, and the rape, mutilation, and murder of nuns (1)

The sweet smell of fresh blood always quickens the ideals of "Liberal intellectuals," who rejoiced in the expectation that all the glories of the Jewish capture of the Russian Empire in 1917-1918 were about to be repeated. They howled and gnashed their teeth when the Spanish Army began what was technically a revolt against the Communist government, and in American universities they incited hot-headed young dolts to rush to Spain and enlist in the dispensable shock-troops that were called the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, having been given, not inappropriately, the name of the backwoods politican who precipitated the great catastrophe that rescinded the Constitution and ended the American Republic.

(1. Of course, Judaeo-Communist revolutions always murder old-style Liberals and Socialists. A friend of mine, who was a journalist in Madrid, knew an "old-line" Spanish Socialist. The man, by extraordinary good luck, succeeded in escaping from Madrid in disguise and with forged credentials and in making his way to the French border. His wife had to take refuge in a brothel, and, when opportunities offered, she was transferred from one brothel to another until she could be smuggled across the border. "Liberalism" always eats its own -- except when it is a convenient disguise for high-ranking agents of the Judaeo-Communist attack on civilization.)


After the death of three senior generals, command of the Spanish Army devolved on General Francesco Franco, who in the civil war, suppressed the Judaeo-Communist rabble, and, with the help of the sane political organization in Spain, the Falange, gave the nation a stable and civilized government.

Franco was only forty-seven when he established his "Fascist" régime in Spain. He was a competent general, but he lacked political genius. There are some uncertainties about his genealogy, and it is said that he was sincerely a practicing Catholic. His first concordat with the Vatican gave him control over the appointment of bishops in Spain, but the Church -- strange as it may seem after the atrocities of the Judaeo-Communists -- set out covertly to undermine the government that had saved it from liquidation. Christianity is a lethal disease of nations, become most virulent in this century.

The members of the Falange were rational men who did not wear out the knees of their trousers in genuflection before the shrines of mythical gods, and professional salvation-hucksters were naturally hostile to beliefs that limited their racket. They were soon helped by the C.I.A., which has unlimited access to the pockets of American taxpayers, and which financed a stridently religious pack of superstitious hallucinés and nitwits called Opus Dei, to do Yahweh's dirty work. (2) The godly folk, with the capacity for dissimulation and tortuous intrigue that goes with their faith, prevailed upon Franco steadily to reduce the influence of the Falange and replace it with pious shysters and traitors. In the end, the old man seems to have permitted, if he did not sanction, a surreptitous persecution of the Falange. By a typically sleazy and clandestine conspiracy, Professor Antonio Tovar, who probably was the most distinguished scholar in Spain, was driven from the University of Salamanca, in which he had long been catedrático with imprescriptible tenure, and of which he was at that time the rector, in keeping with European academic organization. After lending distinction to universities in Argentina and the United States, he accepted a professorship at Tübingen, where he died a few years ago.

(2. The directors of Opus Dei were on the payroll of the C.I.A., as was accidentally revealed when one of them came to the United States to fish for suckers. What proportion of the members knew what they were doing, and what proportion had Christian hallucinations, cannot be determined. I hope to examine "God's Work" in some detail in a future issue of this magazine. The most astonishing thing about the secret revolutionary conspiracy is the insanity it excited in persons who seemed to be adult Anglo-Saxons. The Sunday Times (London), 18 January 1981, devoted a page to two Englishmen who had recovered their sanity, but "felt withdrawal symptoms" when they left Opus Dei. One was John Roche, an Historian of Science [!] at Oxford [!]; the other was Denys Taylor, Lecturer in Philosophy [!] at Bristol. Both came from Catholic families and were doubtless infected with superstition in infancy; both took the bait that as members of Opus Dei they were assured of specially luxurious residences in an exclusive quarter of Jesus's famous fun city in the clouds. Both earned their preferred status in Heaven by demented masochism, wearing barbed chains around the top of their thighs to ulcerate the flesh, lashing themselves with a small, spiny cat-o'-nine-tails to make the blood flow, and indulging in other rites of what the pious call "self-mortification," which is said especially to please the malevolent sadism of their Jesus.)


In 1947 Franco, despite the misgivings of the Falange, declared Spain a monarchy, which a yet unnamed king was to rule after his death, and in 1966 Franco sponsored an "organic law" that was designed to reduce the Falange to political impotence and introduced a whole panoply of essentially "Liberal" innovations in preparation for a "Constitutional Monarchy." He selected as his heir the Bourbon who became King of Spain in 1975 as Juan Carlos I, a weak young man who lacked the will, and probably the wish, to resist further "liberalization" of the nation of which he was content to be a decorative figurehead.

Conditions in Spain deteriorated in Franco's old age and pietism, but only slowly and gradually, for the forces of destruction were held in check by a salutary memory of the power of Spanish Fascism in its prime. At his death, the dyke broke. Under the playboy king, "democratic" elections were held in 1976, and Spain began to race down the road to Hell that the Jews paved to lead the nations of Western civilization to the abyss.

The September issue of Spearhead gives a few statistics that prove how rapidly the evils of Fascism are being overcome in Spain. In the year preceding the elections in 1976, there were 3,660 reported robberies in Spain. In 1986, there were 49,423. And you may feel assured that further progress toward "social justice" will henceforth be made every year.

In Madrid alone, there are 40,000 known addicts to heroin, and the educational system is functioning with American efficiency. A typical Spanish boy started sniffing glue for "kicks" at school when he was ten; he graduated to marijuana when he was twelve or thirteen; and by the time he was seventeen, he was giving himself hypodermics of heroin. There is no estimate of the number of Spaniards addicted to cocaine, which is by far the most popular narcotic in Mediterranean countries because it acts as an aphrodisiac.

The newspapers, most of them controlled by God's Race, regularly carry advertisements by homosexuals seeking "dates" with fellow perverts. A British lecturer noted that at one class dinner, there were present eighty young Spanish women, all twenty-three years of age. Not one was married. He had no means of knowing how many had had abortions or borne bastards.

Crimes of violence by both individuals and gangs are rapidly increasing, and tourists, on whom the country depends for a substantial part of its revenue, now have as good a chance of being mugged and robbed or abused as they would have in Chicago or London, model cities of the ochlocracy that is called "democracy."

What Spearhead did not mention is that Spaniards are fulfilling their Christian duty to fill their country with niggers and the several varieties of biological refuse from the Near and Middle East that are collectively called 'wogs.' Diseased mongrels are being bred to replace Spaniards. And the invaders are bringing with them the African Plague, commonly called "AIDS," which will give White Spaniards an opportunity to prove pathologically that they are too high-minded and imbecile to discriminate.

English and American tourists should feel at home in Spain now: they will no longer miss the stench of their own countries. Nasty Fascism is a thing of the past and "democratic" progress is being made everywhere.

If you are what the Kikes call a 'Neo-Nazi' and do not rejoice in an ochlocracy, you may reflect that there is one good thing about all democracies, even less depraved ones. The case for optimism about democracy was well stated by John Adams, who succeeded George Washington as President of the American Republic: "Democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes itself, exhausts and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide."

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