The Writings of Revilo P Oliver 1908-1994


by Professor Revilo P. Oliver (Liberty Bell, November 1988)

I HAVE LEARNED that in many towns of the Middle West, and doubtless elsewhere in this benighted country, when the school day is over at two or two thirty in the afternoon, the nigger boys and girls are sent home in taxicabs to prevent them from stealing or otherwise causing trouble on the way. In some towns, all the available taxicabs are mobilized to carry the little and big pickaninnies homeward in state.

The White boobs tax themselves not only to pay for the schools the pests disrupt and defile, but for taxicabs that many of the boobs cannot afford for themselves.

Can you doubt but that kuru, a disease caused by a virus that literally eats away the brain, has become epidemic in the United States?

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