The Writings of Revilo P Oliver 1908-1994


by Professor Revilo P. Oliver (Liberty Bell, June 1987)

No Federal judge, unknown outside his district, attained national fame overnight before Brevard Hand of the District Court in Mobile handed down a decision forbidding the use of some fifty textbooks in the public schools because they, in violation of the First Amendment, taught "secular humanism," which the judge identified as a religion. The Jesus-boys are singing hosannahs to him, and "Liberals" are behaving like Jews when they mention Hitler at their Wailing Wall.

I do not know when Mr. Hand was raised to his bench, and so I cannot say whether or not he may be one of the judges whose appointment was secured, according to Mr. Sutphen, through clandestine intrigue by the gang of shamans and their dupes called the "Moral Majority." (See Liberty Bell, September 1986, p. 13.) It doesn't matter, anyway.

From Mr. Hand's decision it is obvious that he was high on Jesus-juice. He was really working off his resentment of the superior court's reversal of his earlier decision that moppets in the public schools should be taught that "God is great; God is good; we thank Him for our daily food." It is not clear, however, precisely what the sapient judge meant by those three phrases.

The first of those phrases is a translation of the Moslem cry, Allahu akbar, but Mr. Hand probably meant it to apply to some Christian rifacimento of Yahweh. `God,'(1) except in the Christians' verbal trickery, is a common noun denoting one of a class of real or imaginary beings, i.e., a god, but even so the phrase is a tautology, since a god, if one exists, is by definition great in comparison with human beings, just as the giant Ymir, if he existed, must have been very great indeed.

(1. Norse, goth; Latin, deus; Greek, theos; Sanskrit, deva; Old Persian, baga; Sumerian, en; Babylonian, el; Hebrew, 'el; Arabic, ilah; etc.)

The statement that the unnamed god "is good" should have given pause to Mr. Hand, since it certainly cannot apply to the vicious deity whose petty spite, insane caprices, and bloody crimes are narrated in the "Old Testament." But what god can he have had in mind?

As for a deity who "gives us our daily bread," Mr. Hand's phrase has the gender wrong. It must be a goddess. Gaia (Ge), the earth, is always female; so is Demeter, the fructifying force in vegetation; so is Cybele (Kybebe), who presides over fertility and hence over the animals whose flesh we eat. No, if we are to imagine supernatural beings who provide us with our meals, we should remember that that is always woman's work.

The three phrases together affirm the existence of superhuman beings for which there is no factual evidence, since nothing can be created out of verbiage and hot air. And it is obvious that Mr. Hand wishes there were some legal way to have children's minds filled with Jesus-jargon. But that does not mean that his decision was wrong.

The farraginous doctrine inculcated upon the minds of helpless children in the public schools does give lip service to the theory of biological evolution, which is the only rational explanation of the existence of the innumerable species of organic life on earth, but only lip service, after which the schools irrationally deny its implications. But nevertheless Hand and the rest of the godly folk want to run in the irrational hokum called "creation science" and to make moppets' eyes grow round as they hear the wondrous tale of how the lazy old Jew-God ribbed his Adam instead of mixing up another mud pie to create a female.

What they also want is "prayer in the schools," in which, they say with a great and hypocritical show of legality, they intend to leave every brat free to address the spook of his choice. They should take warning from what happened in British Columbia, according to the Peninsula Daily News, 3 April 1987.

It seems that the legislature of the province wasted some of the taxpayers' money by fitting up a room in their building for anyone who felt an itch to pray in public. The room filled up with many varieties of neurotics and crack-pots. There were people who staged fits of lalomania and uttered "charismatic" animal cries. Others howled out what they thought were holy chanties. Feminists addressed in shrill and probably scolding tones a Big Mom up in the clouds, to the pointed exclusion of a Big Daddy, so the patriarchically-minded tried to outpray them, insisting that the Big Spook was male. (How else could he have `knocked up' a virgin?) Imitation Hindus intoned mantras they probably couldn't pronounce. And there was even a genuine witch with an historic Irish name, who invoked some god, perhaps Mannanan or his son, Lugh.(2)

(2. Readers who are not familiar with the Celtic mythology of Ireland may wish to know that Lugh was one of the very many gods throughout the world who became incarnate as a mortal for a time. He, however, did not traipse around the back country to stir up the peasantry and end by being crucified. Accomplished in all the arts, he was also a great warrior and the hero of the Tuatha De Danann, whom he led to many victories before he shed his mortal rainment and returned to his divine father in the sea. He had no morbid aversion from women and so left a son to carry on his work.)

The chief shaman of the holy crew called "Prayer Canada," who had lobbied for the foolishness, tried to close the joint, but the godly exhibitionists told him to shut up: a god had taken charge; the god was named Jesus according to some, while others wanted to find "Jesus's baby sister." When he was howled down by the more pious folk, the man from "Prayer Canada" called the cops, but, if I understand rightly the ambiguous news item, the people talking to or yelling at their respective super-ghosts refused to be intimidated, and the cops refused to throw them out bodily. So the man of prayer had to put his hands over his ears and cower in a corner of his disorderely house until the religious fervor was exhausted and the votaries staggered away to count their blessings when they got home--or perhaps black eyes when they got out in the street. The promoter of prayer seems to have locked up the dive when it was empty, and told the press he didn't know what he was going to do--he evidently didn't think of praying for help himself. As a group called "Militant for Christ" observe in their current bulletin, professional holy men, like the vendors of snake oil, never think of using themselves the nostrum they peddle to others.

The "Moral Majority" should take to heart the lesson of the Canadian attempt to sneak in a dose of non-sectarian religion at the taxpayers' expense. God-fearing or god-loving folk are apt to become (literally) enthusiastic about their divergent cults, and starting them on prayers is a good way to start a riot.

The vagaries of the heavenly-minded are faintly amusing, but do not alter the fact that Judge Hand was right in the essentials of his decision. What is taught in the public schools is a religion. That "educators'" claim to impart scientific knowledge is deceptive propaganda. They pretend to teach biological evolution, but they strenuously deny its necessary consequences, and they do so on religious grounds.

The schools trample on the malleable minds of children to inculcate superstitions about "all mankind" (a term like "all ungulates" or "all Felidae," but one to which they give a mystical meaning, charging it with a praeternatural significance), "One World" (distorting the obvious fact there is only one globe to make it seem a moral imperative ordained by some supernatural power), "human rights" (which, of course, do not exist in nature and so presumably were bestowed by some god), pacifism (which is suicidal unless there is some celestial power that defends nations too cowardly to defend themselves), and, above all, the poisonous hallucination about the equality of all anthropoids (which necessarily implies that some god stopped biological evolution a hundred thousand years ago).

The mere failure to name specifically the god who is supposed to have wrought all those marvellous cancellations of natural law does not prevent the cult which teaches such superstitions from being a religion like all others. It affirms the truth of myths for which there is no sanction or evidence in the world of reality. And the sheer impudence of the fraudulent pretense that the myths are facts ascertained by objective science makes the "Liberal" religion the most pernicious of all.

Judge Hand, whatever his motives, was certainly right in ruling that the inculcation of such a religion is an open violation of the First Amendment, a part of the Constitution that has not yet been officially abrogated.

The source of the "Liberal" superstitions is obvious to anyone who will think about them for a moment. "Rights" must be the rights which Yahweh, according to the "Old Testament," bestowed on his little tribe of predators, to the exclusion, of course, of all the races which he ordained to be their prey; Christians who neglected to read their Bible are often astonished when they learn that the Babylonian Talmud specifically states that only Jews are human, while all other races are mere animal-like pigs and dogs. "All mankind" is patently the absurd notion that theologians fabricated from scattered passages in the "New Testament" from which they argued that when Yahweh lost his temper because his Chosen had crucified his son, he extended the privileges he had theretofore bestowed only on the Jews to every anthropoid, regardless of race, that was able to believe the tall tales about the christ who was soused in holy water. "One World" is the world which Yahweh gave to the Jews to exploit.(3) Pacifism is obviously the doctrine that theologians concocted from talk by the itinerant rabble-rouser they call the "Prince of Peace," although, according to their selected gospels, he specifically declared that he brought "not peace, but a sword," and according to their favorite Apocalypse is going to drench the earth in blood and atrociously slaughter the entire population of the world, except his chosen coterie of 144,000 homosexual Jews. And "Equality" is merely that agitator's appeal to proletarian malice by promising tht the rich and the learned will be tortured forever post mortem, and, according to his own Apocalypse, that when his pets pop out their graves, they will all be of the same sex, the same age, and the same physique, as alike as the bees from a hive.

(3. The injunction that "the gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world" probably comes from some christ who wanted to inform all the colonies of Jews, scattered throughout the world wherever parasites could purr, that Yahweh said the time had come put the accursed Aryans in their place. Such preaching of the gospel must have preceded the great Jewish attempt to destroy civilization in A.D. 117, which, as the eminent Jewish historian, Heinrich Graetz, boasted, must have been the work of a carefully planned and directed conspiracy (see his Geschichte der Juden, 4. Auflage, Leipzig, 1908, Vol. IV, p. 113: "Die Juden...verbreiteten den Aufstand uber einen grosen Teil des roemischen Reiches.... Eine solche Einmuetigkeit setzt einenohlberechneten Plan und kraftigen Fuhrer voraus.") The Jews struck at the strategic moment, when Roman resources were stretched to the limit, and their world strategy was obviously directed by commanders far more important than the itinerant plebeian who wanted to become a christ by rousing the rabble without the sanction and indispensable support of the prudent Prince (Resch Golah, 'exilarch') Babylon, who, according to Graetz, had authority over all the Jews in the Empire.)

The development of the "Liberal" cult is historically certain. When the sanglants abrutis of the French Revolution, as Leon Daudet so aptly termed them, wanted to destroy the churches, which at that time had been made compatible with European civilization, they naturally pretended to alter the religion only by eliminating the Biblical nonsense and promising to carry out the more fantastic parts of its program. They would give the world real equality (which old Jesus had promised) to replace the hierarchical structure of contemporary society, etc., carrying out all the Christian doctrines while denying the myths from which those doctrines had been derived. How much of the revolutionary propaganda was concocted to win converts and how much was sincerely believed are questions that must be asked each individual revolutionary. It is possible for ideologues to overheat their brains and actually believe in a Christianity deprived of its supernatural foundations.

The belief of most educated men at this time, when many natural processes remained unelucidated, was a deism which was based on Graeco-Roman Stoicism (from which, incidentally, the Jews got the idea of making their religion a monotheism), but in the ambience of a culture saturated with Christian 'ideals,' the Stoicism was contaminated with a residue of the superstition it was to supersede. As I noted in `Populism' and `Elitism', even Thomas Jefferson, when he assembled edifying excerpts from the "New Testament," included the Drivel on the Mount, with its injunction to stop thinking and have bird-brains, taking no thought for the morrow!

The christless Christianity was systematized by a cunning Jew, Mordecai, alias Karl Marx, whose Reformation has, for all practical purposes, superseded the earlier reformations by Luther, Calvin, et al. It comes in three superficially different packages, videlicet: (1) orthodox Communism, (2) the cult of "Liberals," who shrink from identifying themselves with the mass-massacres and blood-thirsty sadism of the Bolsheviks in Russia, which John Maynard Keynes attributed to the "beastliness of the Jewish and Slavic nature," (3) the great majority of Christian churches today, from Catholic to Methodist, in which the shamans decorate their Marxism by shaking streamlined fetishes and making their modernized Jesus a merely human precursor of Marx. Only the "fundmentalists" and the Mormons have retained anything of the Christianity of the Nineteenth Century.

It is a nice irony that the rampant Christers' complaints about the schools are merely sectarian squabbles within their own religion. To "fundamentalists" the doctrines of the Marxian Reformation understandably seem as un-Christian as animism seemed to Roman Catholics or the Mormon sect seemed to Calvinists. I have received swatches of cuttings from the religious press about Hand's decision, but the simple truth was simply stated by the St. Louis Review, 13 March 1987, which pointed out that the school could not "adequately teach the cherished American doctrine of the equality of all people" without "reference to God who created us in His image and likeness."

Of course, they can't! The notion is contrary to all human experience and observed reality; it is intellectually on a par with a delusion that a sliver of stale bread and a mouthful of cheap wine are the flesh and blood of a god and pregnated with mana that can be absorbed by the cannibals who devour them.(4) One can believe in the equality of men and races only on the basis of Tertullian's certum est quia absurdum est; credo quia impossible est. And that is madness. It is an attempt at denial of reason and reality; it is the insane fanaticism of a mind diseased with hatred of civilization. It is the faith of a nation bent on suicide; it is the death-wish of a race that has lost the will to live.

(4. One major motive of cannibals in many tribes is a determination to absorb the admired qualities of victims. One remembers the example set some years ago by the chieftains of one of the nigger "emerging nations" in Africa: they so admired the intelligence of their "ambassador" to the "United Nations" (probably a half-breed) that they sewed and ate him, hoping thus to absorb his brain-power.)

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