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by Professor Revilo P. Oliver (Liberty Bell, August 1987)

YOU MAY be interested in a new periodical, Survival in the 21st Century, published monthly in English by the Jei-Ai Co., P.O. Box 31, Tokyo 180. What appears to be the first number is dated June 1987. A few articles are reprinted from American publications; the rest are written by Japanese in more or less idiomatic English, which often is made emphatic by printing in bold-face italics underlined. There are three really significant articles.

The Japanese editors report with alarm that Japan has no legislation against espionage, with the result that Soviet spies, chiefly Orientals from Red China, North Korea, and other Communist states in Asia, are filching the secrets of Japanese technology, which, it is implicitly and perhaps correctly assumed, is the most advanced in the world and much superior to what Western countries, such as the United States, now have. Furthermore, one large Japanese corporation, Toshiba, was so greedy and unpatriotic that, in defiance of existing laws, it sold to the Soviets the technical knowledge that will enable them to construct more effective and formidable submarines. What is worse, there are Japanese, including the publishers of the influential newspaper, Asahi, and others, who, whatever their motives, are in effect traitors and are trying to prevent the enactment of laws that will repress espionage in Japan and provide for criminal prosecution of venal Japanese businessmen, who, like their American counterparts, gladly betray their own nation for profit.

The editors summarize the present status of nuclear warfare, pointing out the obvious fact that the United States is now fearfully, and will soon be hopelessly, inferior to the Soviet in such weapons, and quoting with approval the conclusion of Dr. Jastrow that "the United States has only five years left before it must surrender to the Soviet Union." Dr. Jastow assumed, of course, that the necessity of surrender would be forced upon some government of the United States which, unlike the government now in power in Tel-Aviv-on-the-Potomac, would not be eager to liquidate the stupid Aryans in North America as soon as that can be done with a mimimum of fuss. In the meantime, the Jews' organ grinders, with the aid of their trained monkeys, "Liberal intellectuals" and others besotted with Christian hootch, play over and over again the silly tunes about "World Peace," which childish minds think can be magically produced by making marks on paper.

The most important article is an excerpt from an address delivered in May 1985 by Joseph Sobran, who is probably the writer for the popular press who comes nearest to intimating to his readers some of the elementary facts of life, covering his indiscretions with Jesus-Jargon on occasion. He is one of the editors of National Review, and it will be remembered that in 1986 he was roundly censured by the editor-in-chief and owner of that publication for having made a mild comment that was interpreted as blasphemy against God's Holy Race. In what I have seen of his writing since that time, he has been more discreet.

In the speech he gave in 1985, Mr. Sobran evinced sound common sense. Naturally, he did not name the Jews' great Holohoax, but he both alluded to it and exposed its real purpose when he said that "the diabolization of Hitler robs us of our critical faculites. It deprives us of the power to make the kind of comparison a healthy moral instinct would make almost automatically." (Needless to say, what he identifies as a "healthy moral instinct" is one found in Aryans, not in other races, although some of them have comparable tendencies.)

Mr. Sobran also forces his readers to remember the performance of the self-styled "Liberal intellectuals" when they shrieked and spat at Senator McCarthy, accusing him of accusing the innocent, whereas they were really alarmed because he was beginning to identify the guilty. And he rightly concludes, "The people I really want to blame are the conservatives, the anti-Communists. We are soft on communism by being soft on liberalism.... We have been content to call liberals naive and give them credit for good intentions." That silly sentimentality makes contemporary "conservatism" nugatory, because "By and large, today's liberalism is communistic. That's the operative meaning of 'liberal' now, though it isn't considered very nice to say so."

Mr. Sobran has thus given you Lesson One in contemporary realities. When you have mastered the elementary lessons, you will doubtless go on to inquire what covert and racially conspiratorial force cozened and deluded our people with the Communist-"Liberal" Reformation of Christianity.

The rest of the June issue of the new magazine is commonplace: description of the atrocities committed by the Soviets in Afghanistan; an article on the almost undisguised Communist government in the Philippine Islands that the United States installed in power by kidnapping President Marcos; the instigation of terrorism throughout the world by the Soviets (without mention of the Soviets' sponsors); and even an editorial by a Japanese who declares, apparently without tongue in cheek, and in a paroxysm of bold-face italics underscored, that "President Reagan is the most remarkable, greatest, and most prudent political leader I have ever seen."

So far as I can tell, the editors did not intend to excite derision when they printed an article by a Japanese crack-pot who calls himself Juntei Kirita and poses as a philologist as he turns somersaults. He argues that an assortment of Hebrew words meaning 'she,' 'he,' 'who,' etc. became the Japanese words for numbers one, two, three, etc. That ridiculous deduction from partial similarity of sounds, such as could be found easily in comparisons between any two languages,(1) proves that the Japanese are descendants of the Job mentioned in one of the tales in the Jew-Book, and that the Japanese were all educated in their mother tongue, Hebrew, until the wicked, wicked Prince Shotoku, in the Fourth or Fifth Century, gave orders to suppress knowledge of the Jews' dialect of Old Phoenician, for the diabolic purpose of severing the people of Japan from their ancestral culture and isolating them from the noble race of Sheenies, who are their true kinsmen.(2)

(1. If one may choose words of somewhat similar sound, regardless of their meaning, obviously the names of the numbers in Japanese could be traced to any spoken language. Such similarities are utterly meaningless unless there is a correspondence between the meanings of the phonetically similar words, and even such a correspondence must be regarded as merely coincidental, unless one can adduce a fairly large number of them. Perhaps the most famous example of such coincidence is the Nahuatl teo, 'god,' and Greek theos, especially when one remembers that the Greek theta was pronounced, not as th in English 'thin' or unemphatic 'the,' but like the t in 'top' when that word is uttered emphatically, as in 'top of the world' or 'top quality.' Given the difficulty of making that phonetic nuance clear to modern ears, most Classicists compromise by pronouncing the theta like the th in 'hothouse,' which is misleading, or simply give up when addressing a lay audience and pronounce theta as in 'thin.'

Now it is not absolutely inconceivable that the Aztecs and cognate Indians of Mexico learned the word for 'god' from some Greek-speaking White man who came to Central America in pre-Columbian times, but since Nahuatl and Greek are totally dissimilar languages, and no other clear correspondences of sound and meaning can be found, there is only an infinitesimal chance that the one correspondence of meaning between the phonetically similar words for 'god' is more than a random coincidence.)

(2. Needless to say, Juntei Kirita is peddling the old chewing gum in a redesigned wrapper. In The Yellow Peril, pp. 12-17, I give a concise notice of the principal sources of the "Japanese Israel" buncombe that was imitated from the "British Israel" hokum, which still attracts some ignorant and credulous Americans, unfortunately including some whose racial loyalty entitles them to respect.)


One simply gasps to see such poppycock printed in a periodical that has serious pretensions. The publication of such drivel will give you a characterization of the new magazine's editors, and, unless I greatly overestimate the general intelligence of the Japanese people, it is not likely that Survival in the 21st Century will survive to the next decade of the Twentieth.

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