The Writings of Revilo P Oliver 1908-1994


by Professor Revilo P. Oliver (Liberty Bell, August 1988)

AMERICANS WERE GIVEN two crucial lessons at about the time of the Summer Solstice in 1988. The few who are still willing to think about the real world must ponder them now and understand what has happened to them. Tomorrow will be too late.

By the time this appears in print, the Jews may have become tired of torturing the Aryan named John Demjanjuk and may have put him out of his misery by joyously murdering him and preparing to have fun with the next victim.

That Demjanjuk would be murdered was a foregone conclusion at the time that the Zionist government of the United States sent him to the future capital of the world for a show trial to bolster the gigantic hoax called a "Holocaust." The only reasonable doubt turned upon the possibility that it would be thought good propaganda to acquit and release him and thus prevent the American booboisie from feeling even the faintest shadow of uneasiness when other victims of this form of ritual murder are sacrificed on the altars to God's worshipful race.

Even the reports in the press in this country gave some indication of the flimsiness of the evidence produced at the "trial," which was, of course, prolonged to increase the hardships of the victim's family and friends, who spent -- and wasted -- large sums of money on the supposition that it was possible to save him by participating in a staged simulation of a trial in a court in which evidence does not matter.

There is a fine analysis of the evidence presented at the big show in Jerusalem in the June issue of Instauration. The analysis shows that the evidence against Demjanjuk was so flimsy that the case would have been incontinently thrown out of court in a trial in the United States when it was still an independent country. All this is totally irrelevant.

The producers of the show did bring on the stage witnesses who failed to identify Demjanjuk as a probably mythical character called Ivan (with a name taken from early Russian history), but that was to lend verisemblance to the play. What is significant is that scenario did not include in the cast a score or a hundred or a thousand witnesses who would have sworn they stood just behind Demjanjuk while he shoveled 850,000 Sweet Sheenies into an incinerator or flayed them to make lederhosen for Alpine yodelers. That would have obscured the play's social message.

The weakness of the evidence was intended to show that evidence does not really matter. The function of the show trial was:

1. To parade the Jews' American serfs in their shackles before the world. When the Jews kidnapped Eichmann in Argentina for the first ritual murder in Jerusalem, their thugs had to sneak into Argentina to seize their victim and immediately smuggle him while helpless out of the country. Thus the criminals and their victim escaped from Argentine territory before the crime was discovered, and Argentina could only protest the gross violation of international law; and since the leading powers of the Western world, Great Britain and the United States, had repudiated the very concept of international law when they reverted to barbarism, Argentina was powerless. (1) In contrast, the Americans openly did the Jews' dirty work for them. They violated their own laws and suppressed evidence to help in murdering the victim. (2) That made it clear to the world that American citizenship is meaningless and that the cringing Aryan curs in the new Promised Land will do whatever their masters order them to do, and will eventually hand over their own parents or children for sacrifice in Jerusalem, if the lowly creatures are suspected of thinking thoughts that are not kosher.

(1. On the murder of Eichmann, see the excellent work by the late Paul Rassinier (Paris, 1962), of which an English translation, published under the title, The Real Eichmann Trial, or The Incorrigible Victors, by Earl W. Thomas, Jr., in Maryland in 1979, and reprinted in England by the Historical Review Press, is now available from Liberty Bell Publications, $5.00 + postage.)

(2. The details really do not matter, but you will find them summarized in an article by a Jew in the Phoenix [Arizona] Gazette, 21 June 1988, which was reprinted in the Ukrainian Weekly, 17 July, from which it was reproduced in the Christian News, 25 July. The Jewish writer, who rushes in where Aryans fear to tread, tries to shift the responsibility from his race to Soviet Russsia. Ponder that fact.)


2. It has perverted the term "War Crimes." Now as everyone capable of reason knows without being told, there can be no war crimes against an enemy -- that is sheer nonsense, for if it were not, every soldier in every army who does not desert is a "war criminal." (3) A soldier, it is true, may commit what are called "atrocities" against the enemy's troops or civilians, i.e., treat them in a way that his own nation disapproves. If he does so, he is then guilty of either (a) disobeying orders, in which case he is subject to the usual military penalties, or (b) has been imprudent or shown poor judgement, which will blemish his record and make him ineligible for promotion or result in his being cashiered or even, in gross misconduct, punished for having disgraced his nation. The only way in which a soldier can be thought of as criminal in action against the enemy is by treachery that goes beyond the deception that is a legitimate ruse de guerre, and this again is covered by either (a) or (b) above.

(3. What the Jews are trying to teach the lower races is that worship of God's Holy Race must supersede every loyalty and every sense of honor and justice the despised goyim may have retained in their brutish minds. The only real crime is failure to betray one's nation or to murder one's father, if doing so would please Yahweh's Master Race.)


War Crimes can be committed only against one's own nation, i.e., by treason, either as a hireling of the enemy or for personal aggrandizement. The great War Criminals of our time are, of course, Franklin Roosevelt and his stooge, Winston Churchill.

What is now meant by the term is, as the circus in Jerusalem made clear, "genocide," (4) i.e., the crime of displeasing Yahweh's Master Race, the legitimate owners of the planet and all the livestock in it.

(4. On this snide word and the Sheeny who invented it as a weapon against our race, see Professor James Martin's The Man Who Invented 'Genocide': the Public Career and Consequences of Raphael Lemkin (Torrance, California; Institute for Historical Review, 1984). After the Jews burned down the offices in Torrance, the Institute moved to Costa Mesa, California. Professor Martin's exemplary book is a model of minutely accurate research, and represents an enormous expenditure of arduous intellectual labor on behalf of our race -- labor that would be unnecessary, if our race were not now so drugged with hallucinatory superstitions.)


Demjanjuk is, of course, only the first in a long train of sacrificial victims, and the Jews who danced joyously in the street when it was announced he would be murdered were, of course, exhilarated by the expectation of a perpetual carnival henceforth. Their terrorist gang in the United States, financed by American tax-paying boobs, has a set of 250 victims ready, and will produce as many more as are needed to keep the rebuilt Temple supplied with animals for sacrifice. The Jews in Britain are advertising for stool pigeons to denounce victims who can be accused of having been loyal to their nation and race in Germany.

Most significant of all, the Revolutionary Tribunal (still called "Supreme Court") in Washington has just "revoked the citizenship" of Professor Vladimer Sokolov of Yale University, by affirming a decision that found him guilty of blasphemy against God's Own. According to the press, Professor Sokolov was convicted of having written for a newspaper published in Russian in 1943 an article which disparaged Jews, and that, of course, was blasphemy against the Holy Ones, whom all lower animals must humbly revere.

Whether the Jews will decide to murder the professor in Jerusalem is not clear at the moment, but you cannot miss the terrible significance of the verdict. The Tribunal has not yet authorized the deportation of Americans who are citizens by birth when they are convicted of having blasphemed against God's Children, but perhaps Reagan's successor, who it seems, will be a half-Jew directed by a Jewess, can inspire the Tribunal to a fuller understanding of the Justice ordained by Yahweh.

*  *  *

The second lesson was taught in Toronto, where the Jews' shabbatgoyim staged a pseudo-legal travesty that resulted in the conviction of Ernst Zündel for having published books that told historical truth and thus annoyed God's Race.

The details of the trial are not clear. A verdict of "guilty" was returned by a jury of eleven. (The twelfth juror had been expelled by the shabbatgoy who was acting as the judge when the juror was seen to have approved something that was said by Zündel's attorney.) So far as I have learned, the jurors appeared to be White and there is no evidence that any of them were Jews masquerading under Aryan names. It is quite possible, of course, that the official persecutors used the resources of the Canadian Government, including the once honored Royal Mounted Police, to send covert agents to interview the entire panel of persons likely to serve on the jury, and ascertain which could be trusted to convict the accused man, regardless of the evidence; but no indication that this was done has thus far transpired.

The eleven jurors, therefore, were either nitwits or pusillanimous little witlings afraid to displease the Jews and their hatchet man, who was presiding over the courtroom.

The conviction has been appealed, and it remains to be seen whether the majority of members of the higher court are Aryan men.

The evidence presented at the trial clearly and indubitably proved that the Jews' Holohoax is not only a gigantic lie, but a preposterous lie, presupposing what is physically and chemically impossible. One item of evidence was especially important. The impudent pretense that God's Precious Darlings were killed in gas chambers at Auschwitz, Birkenau, and Majdanek was conclusively proved to be just a typical Jewish lie; an impartial scientific examination, conducted by an engineering team sent to those camps, proved by chemical analysis that the supposed "gas chambers" could never have been used for such a purpose. (5)

(5. See the summary of the scientific investigation, The Leuchter Report, with a foreword by the heroic Dr. Robert Faurisson. I have read the complete 196-page report, copies of which may at some future date be made available. Presently, only a condensed version is available at $10. plus $2. for postage, of which copies are available from Mr. David Clark, Postoffice Box 726, Decatur AL 35602. Donations to cover the enormous expenses of this report and the trial and appeal in general are most welcome and may be sent, via Certified Mail in a well-sealed envelope, to 206 Carlton Street, Toronto, Ontario M5A 2L1 Canada.)


It is generally said that, despite the actions of the scoff-law judge and corrupt jury, the trial in Toronto was a victory for our race and the rational mentality possessed by some members of it. And so it was, in the sense that there was put on record evidence that conclusively and irrefragably proved that the "Holocaust" is just the Holohoax, perhaps the most audacious swindle ever attempted. If the Court of Appeal acts honorably, the predatory race will be vexed, but I doubt that they will even then be greatly worried, much less dismayed.

The point of the jury's verdict is that facts do not matter. The Aryan swine must be taught to believe whatever their divinely-ordained masters tell them -- or else. (6)

(6. A real, but probably temporary, victory, was achieved in Alberta where the Superior Court held unconstitutional the tyrannical law under which James Keegstra was convicted. On the pseudo-legal persecution of Mr. Keegstra for disbelieving Jewish lies, see the article by the distinguished head of the British National Party, John Tyndall, in Liberty Bell, July 1984.)


The point of the original persecution of Mr. Zündel, by reviving and distorting an obsolete law that, by a nice irony, was originally enacted to punish typically Jewish swindles, (7) was that law no longer matters.

(7. The law against the dissemination of news known to be false was enacted in view of such great Jewish coups as the false reports circulated in England that Napoleon had been victorious at Waterloo, which caused a precipitate fall in the price of stocks and other securities, which the Rothschilds then purchased for a fraction of their real value. It is admitted that the Rothschilds' agents in Belgium had informed them by carrier pigeon of the British victory, and that they used this secret knowledge to make an enormous 'killing' on the market, at the expense of the goyim, whose property, as God says in the Holy Talmud, rightfully belonged to them anyway. There appears to be no documentary proof that the Rothschilds also had agents who brought to England and spread the false tidings, but objective historians will apply the rule, cui bono?)


Few victims of similarly illegal persecutions will be able to meet the enormous expense of Mr. Zündel's defense. For example, as I write, the press reports that Giovanni Pinto, a veteran and tenured teacher in the high school of Montville, New Jersey, was suspended without pay and faces "very serious charges" that may result in his dismissal, because spies discovered that he had told some of his pupils that he did not believe the Holohoax. The State Board of Education and the local school board were shocked that a humble American dog should presume to doubt what he was told by God's People. He could, with impunity, have doubted that the earth is a spheroid, he could have denied that it revolves about the sun, he could have refused to believe that 2 x 2 = 4, but if he doubts the Holohoax he is probably so hardened a criminal that if a Jew told him he was a dog, he would not drop to his knees and start barking. Justice obviously requires that he be hounded from what is probably his only means of livelihood.

The real point is that Mr. Pinto does not have in his savings account a half million dollars to challenge his tyrannical oppressors in the courts -- and if he had, the chances are that he would appeal to the judaized courts in vain.

*  *  *

The development of the Holohoax in recent decades is phenomenal and literally awful. In November 1964, when, in an article on "Brainwashing" in American Opinion, the official publication of the Birch Society, I casually mentioned the Jews' "Holocaust" as just an example of the preposterous lies that are concocted and told to pep up cannon fodder in "democratic" holy wars, it did not occur to me, and evidently did not occur to the timorous publisher, that the Jews would not be content with their gigantic swindle of the German people and their atrocious murders of some of the finest members of our race. I certainly, and the publisher presumably, did not foresee that the international race was even then planning to ram their impudent fiction into the minds of their destined victims with ever increasing intensity until they attain the undisputed ownership of the whole planet, which Yahweh promised them.

Their phenomenal success since 1964 is just another proof that the Aryan race has become mentally incapable of surviving in the real world.

*  *  *

When the Jews captured the Russian Empire in 1917-18, one of the first laws they enacted provided the death penalty for criticism of their race. Communists were told not to believe in God, but to believe in the sacredness of God's Children. The law, so far as is known, was never repealed, although recently Americans heard of Russians who did not venerate God's Own. One such critic was imprisoned in a sanatorium, where expert psychiatrists doubtless did succeed in making him insane. There have been a few publications critical of Jews (as distinct from Zionists, who are officially opposed by the Communists because they tempt Jews to leave Soviet territory), but it has never been clear whether these were actually distributed in Russia in violation of law, or merely printed to make thinking Americans more receptive to the Soviet régime. (8)

(8. On aunt-eye-see-met-ism in Russia, see TheEnemy of Our Enemies (Liberty Bell Publications, 1981; reprinted, 1985; $8.00 + postage), pp. 70-112.)


What you need to understand now is that when the organization of society that is called Communism in Russia and 'Democracy' in the United States is fully operative, it, by its very nature, requires Thought Police, vigilant to detect and suppress symptoms of rationality among the herds of livestock in the Jews' One World. And if you wish to speculate, estimate how long it will be before failure to kowtow before the Sheenies will automatically entail death by torture in the United States.

This article originally appeared in Liberty Bell magazine, published monthly by George P. Dietz from September 1973 to February 1999. For reprint information please write to Liberty Bell Publications, Post Office Box 21, Reedy WV 25270 USA.

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