The Writings of Revilo P Oliver 1908-1994


by Professor Revilo P. Oliver (Liberty Bell, July 1987)

"BABYLON REVISITED" is the title of four pages, reproduced from typewritten copy, which appear to be one of the monthly issues of a newsletter circulated, for twenty dollars a year, by an outfit called "Cultbusters," 12440 Moorpark #193, Studio City, California, with a warning that the article may not be reproduced without permission.

The article deals with the epidemic of male homosexuals whose arrogantly overweening display of their moral leprosy may be the most disgusting of all the aspects of contemporary society. It is accompanied by a page of montage of advertisements by which the ambitiously organized degenerates seek to spread their gospel.

The impudence of these creatures is, as the article says, "chilling." One of them is quoted as admitting that the  organized homosexuals are a revolutionary conspiracy, and proposing that its members "fan out like viruses [sic] and, when the time comes, strike without warning at the ruling institutions, politicians, warlords." It is always hard to estimate what significance should be given to the utterances of diseased minds.

For those who are curious and need instruction in such matters, the article describes in some detail the forms of sexual intercourse practiced by degenerates. Most of my readers will probably find it difficult to believe that some forms of the creatures' disgusting delights are anatomically possible.

There is an accurate estimate of the political power of organized perverts today, although nothing mentioned is quite as appalling as the action of the Federal Government in kidnapping a veteran newspaper reporter, Fred Seelig, when he tried to recover his young children, who had been put into the custody of known perverts. He was waylaid on a highway by Federal marshals and hustled to Springfield, Missouri, where Federal experts tortured him with sadistic ingenuity and released him only when they had medical assurance they had so damaged his heart that he would die a "natural death" within a few weeks. Fred Seelig lived long enough to write and publish an account of his experience: Destroy the Accuser (Miami, Florida, Freedom Press, 1967), which, unfortunately, is now out-of-print and has become rare.(1)

(1. I was unable to ascertain what happened to the four thousand copies of the augmented second printing which the publisher claimed to have on hand when he was forced into brankruptcy. Seelig did not live to complete the study of the perverts' political power on which he was working; he died of heart failure (as predicted by the physicians in the torture-house, but much later than they planned) on 26 September 1967 at Valparaiso, Indiana.)


 Even Seelig's book leaves a crucial question unanswered. Most of the Federal judges and other officials who sanctioned or ordered the kidnapping and denied him a hearing in the courts were Jews residing in the United States. Is the great and even dominating political power of the perverts one that they have attained by organization, numbers, and the position of fellow degenerates in places of political authority, or is it a power exerted on their behalf by the Jews who have occupied the United States?

The "Cultbusters" article contains some sound observations: "What is happening today is that men are becoming women and women are becoming men. The result of this perversion of the natural order of things is disease -- both mental and physical.... AIDS is the symptom of a spiritual disease." (Their emphasis.)

So far so good, but unfortunately the author of the article has discredited himself. He evidently listened to the salestalk of the salvation-hucksters and believed it. He thus exposed himself to ridicule by writing: "Homosexuality is firmly rooted in the occultic worship of the goddess (Semiramis) which originated in ancient Babylon." Even if you don't notice how preposterous that statement is historically, you will be warned in the next sentence in which the word 'pagan' is used with the meaning given it by howling dervishes ever since the Fathers of the Church devised the verbal trick to trap customers. The word is made to mean 'not Jewish or Christian,' and so lumps together as abominable all of the many hundreds of other religions practiced throughout the world by peoples ranging from the foulest savages to nations of very high culture, and the term is even made to include men too rational to entertain childish superstitions about imaginary superbeings.

Now Semiramis is the Greek form of the name of Queen Sammu-ramat, who, late in the history of the Near and Middle East, ruled the Assyrian Empire for some years before and perhaps some years after 810 B.C. -- the date at which the reign of her son, Adad-nirari III, who may or may not have been still a child, officially began. Semiramis was one of the great women, like the celebrated Hat-shepsut of Egypt, who attained monarchical power that was normally reserved for men and exercised it with genius. So great were her achievements that she, like Alexander, became the subject of a whole cycle of legends in the Orient (where, it is true, she was eventually associated with the goddess Atargatis), and she was celebrated in Greek tradition and myth. As an historical figure, she was credited with the achievements of other rulers, and she even became the heroine of one of the earliest Greek romances. American readers may also remember her from the best poem of Edwin Markham.(2) So much for the "Cultbusters'" ignorance about a great figure of both history and literature.

(2. Since this one of Markham's poems, "A Look into the Gulf," is not easily found today, I shall quote the substance of it:

 I looked one night, and there Semiramis,
 With all her mourning doves about her head,
 Sat rocking on an ancient road of Hell,
 Withered and eyeless, chanting to the moon
 Snatches of song they sang to her of old
 Upon the lighted roofs of Nineveh.
 And then her voice rang out with rattling laugh:
 "The bugles! they are crying back again --
 Bugles that broke the nights of Babylon,
 And then went crying on through Nineveh.
 Stand back, ye trembling messengers of ill!
 Women, let go my hair! I am the Queen,
 A whirlwind and a blaze of swords to quell
 Insurgent cities. Let the iron tread
 Of armies shake the earth! Look, lofty towers:
 Assyria goes by upon the wind!"
 And so she babbles by the ancient road,
 While cities turned to dust upon the Earth
 Rise through her whirling brain to live again --
 Babbles all night, and when her voice is dead
 Her weary lips beat on without a sound.)


Even more perverse is their dissemination of some of the stock drivel of the fakirs. They attribute the epidemic of perversion to "hatred of the Judaeo-Christian religion" on the specious grounds that "it is important to note that it is only the Judaeo-Christian religion (both in the Torah and the Bible) which specifically forbids homosexuality and condemns it as a sin." Holy men will say anything to entice customers! I shall not repeat here what I have said elsewhere about the odd tastes of old Yahweh, as stated in the Jew-Book, or the various Christian gospels and sects that equated male sexual perversion with holiness, or the intensive practice of such perversion by the shamans of the principal Christian sects in the past and today.

I shall note only the common lie that homosexuality was first condemned by Christians and the deceitful implication that there was no such condemnation by "pagans." I could write pages, but a few lines will suffice. I shall cite only the cuneiform tablets found at Ashur, the ancient capital of Assyria, which set forth a code of laws that was promulgated in the fourteenth or early thirteenth century B.C. You will find an authoritative translation of these texts in The Assyrian Laws, by G. R. Driver and S. J. Miles (Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1935). One of these laws provides that if a man is tried and convicted of sexual copulation with another male, "he shall be made a eunuch." Now let our holy shysters match that.

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