The Writings of Revilo P Oliver 1908-1994


by Professor Revilo P. Oliver

(Liberty Bell, May 1992)

As the year 1991 drew to its close, the mayor of Dubuque, Iowa, was unhappy. Dubuque is a small city of about 63,000, on the west bank of the Mississippi River, facing the border between Wisconsin and Illinois. But it is provincial, stodgy, unprogressive, backward, even reactionary. During the entire year not a single one of the White boobs who elected the mayor had been killed by a nigger! No White woman had been raped to teach her about Civil Rights! So far as was known, all the White females were so full of prejudice and bigotry that none had recognized her duty to copulate with niggers and breed diseased mongrels to further the American ideal of Integration. And there hadn't even been a good mugging. What was worse, White boobs actually went out on the streets at night, sometimes alone, and returned safely to their homes without being taught the place they have made for themselves in the world.

In progressive communities, such as Jerusalem-on-the-Hudson and Tel Aviv-on-the-Potomac, there is a murder every few hours. (It is true that regrettably often niggers kill other niggers, but intensive education, financed by the taxpayers, can lead them to make better use of their homicidal urges.) In the District of Corruption, Civil Rights workers have become so zealous that they extend their good work as far as Fairfax County in Virginia, where they trap and rape White women at the rate of ninety-five per annum, and will doubtless do better in the future.

The mayor of Dubuque knew the reason for the deplorable situation in that city. The population of the little city is almost entirely Aryan and largely Germanic. There is a contingent of the ubiquitous Sheenies, of course, but only about a thousand other aliens, only a third of whom are niggers. (1)

(footnote 1. Niggers are aliens (alieni) in a White nation, no matter where they were born. 'Nigger' is a useful, almost indispensable, word. It is simply niger with the consonant doubled to keep the vowel short and the consonant hard, but in American usage it includes not only pure-blooded Congoids but also mulattos and sambos. It would be as incorrect to call a mulatto, for example, the offspring of an Aryan whore by a male Congoid, a Congoid as it would be to call the creature Aryan. Much the same objection applies to 'Negro,' used as a racial term. It was the standard term for Congoid slaves in Spanish, which was the international language of commerce and so used by the predominantly Jewish merchants who brought the livestock to the United States. In the ante-bellum South, 'negro man' or 'negro woman' was so understood, and it would have been a tautology to add the information that a slave was meant. In British usage, 'nigger' also includes Dravidians and other dark-skinned people. In Britain, incidentally, 'black man' would be highly misleading, since in British usage the term designated a white man with black hair (conspicuously uncommon in Nordic nations) and, usually, the dark eyes and somewhat swarthy complexion that go with such hair. The resulting ambiguity is much exploited by the bunkum-artists who concoct "Black History" for the suckers in universities that have become intellectual whore-houses.)

To the sapient mayor, the way to bring Progress to Dubuque was obvious: import niggers. And the proposal was well timed, almost coinciding with the planned invasion of Florida from Haiti, which Bushy's government for some reason called off at the last moment. A few thousand "refugees" from Haiti would not only have remedied the city's backwardness, but, with the help of the White witch doctors in the churches and schools, have raised the cultural level. They would have taught the stolid Aryans how to twist off the head of a white chicken and drink the blood that spurts from the severed neck. Practitioners of voodoo could have spread wisdom from the pulpits of churches eager to practice oecumenism, and, who knows? Dubuque might have attained honorable mention in the Chicago Tribune for the pious sacrifice of a "hornless goat," preferably white.

The mayor and, it seems, quite a few idiots in Dubuque were horrified when some Aryan "racists" professed a belief in "White superiority," a damnable doctrine that clearly contravenes the American resolve to become the most degraded and despised species of talking anthropoids.

But Black Superiority? Ah, that would have been another matter. With that doctrine, Dubuque could ride the Wave of the Future.

The Right Racism

Every observer knows, of course, that niggers justly despise a race so stupid that it lets them vote, elects them to political offices, taxes itself to provide them with comforts. and taxes itself some more to accelerate their breeding. Few, however, realize that this natural contempt has given rise to formal doctrines of Black Superiority.

The first such doctrine seriously formulated in the United States was the work of the Black Muslims, (2) a movement founded in Detroit by an itinerant mulatto whose name is thought to have been Wallace Fard, but who used at least six aliases in Detroit, including "Professor Ford," "Farrad Mohammed Ali," and "Supreme Ruler of the Universe."

(footnote 2. The standard form in English is 'Moslem'; the Arabic is muslim, plural muslimún, and the Arabic spelling is used by some writers, chiefly Orientalists, of whom Fard must have heard, although he knew of the religion of Islam less than was known by the average schoolboy years ago, when children were still given some education in the public schools.)

When the Ruler of the Universe was convicted of some crime, White bigots in Detroit sent him to jail for a year, and when released, he disappeared. It was rumored that while he was in the hoose-gow, one of his followers had an inspiration to take over the lucrative business for himself and accordingly, when the Supreme Ruler got out of jail, used him as the "hornless goat" in a ritual that the ruler had himself devised. (3)

(footnote 3. The Supreme Ruler of the Universe did use willing niggers as sacrificial victims in his most solemn rites in honor of himself, and his example was followed by some of the enthusiastic converts to his version of Islam, even in secular affairs. The police rudely interrupted one of them when he was about to cook his wife and daughter for supper. Perhaps this advanced cuisine could be made popular in Dubuque when the evils of bigotry and racial prejudice have been overcome.)

The exponential growth of the Black Muslims was the work of a talented mulatto named Elijah Poole, who gave himself half a dozen new names before 1930, when he settled on "Elijah Muhammed, Messenger of Allah, and Divine Leader of the Lost-Found Nation of Islam," and took over the cult. He moved his holy household, including his twenty servants and his assortment of Cadillacs, from Detroit to Chicago, and began to train tough young niggers in paramilitary tactics. Since he aped a few Mohammedan rites, he enabled statisticians to determine that Islam was the fastest growing religion in the United States.

How much of the cult's historical and ethnological views the Messenger of Allah invented is uncertain, but here is a concise summary of the official cosmogonic doctrine: (4)

When, in accordance with the will of Allah, the earth was separated from the moon by an explosion in year 65,999,999,998,062 B.C., there appeared on the planet the Black Race, as black and perfect as God Himself. For almost sixty-six trillion years those perfect beings dwelt in perfect happiness, speaking Arabic and evidently leading the joyous and unfettered life now to be found in the jungles of the Congo.

The universal bliss was troubled, however, in 4707 B.C., when a "Black scientist" named Yakub determined to create, artificially, a race of debased and inferior creatures. He worked steadily for six hundred years, and finally, by "grafting" and "rigid birth control," he produced the "blue-eyed devils," (5) i.e., White men, who are physically weak and totally evil.

Allah, for purposes of his own, and intending the ultimate exaltation of his Chosen People, who are the only true human beings, (6) permitted the white devils to interfere with nature and set up the nasty thing called civilization. He even permitted the vile "spooks" (7) to dominate and enslave the Chosen People by devising the "devil-doctrine" called Christianity. He decreed, however, that the white swine were to rule the world for exactly six thousand years. Their time was up in 1914. But there are now enjoying a few "years of grace" until the Black Man can rise and exterminate them from the face of the earth and come into his own again.

Of this there can be no doubt, no possible doubt whatever, because "all history" has been "written in advance by 24 Black Scientists."

(footnote 4. I chiefly rely on the work of two educated mulattos who penetrated the "Lost-Found Nation" and reported their observations: Professor C. Eric Lincoln, The Black Muslims in America (Boston, Beacon Press, 1961); and Professor E.U. Essien-Udom, Black Nationalism (University of Chicago Press, 1962). See also the article by E.D. Benyon, "The Voodoo Detroit," in the American Journal of Sociology for 1937-38. I do not know how much of the official doctrine was already contained in the Supreme Ruler of the Universe's enchiridion for niggers, which was entitled Teaching for the Lost-Found Nation of Islam in a Mathematical Way.)

(footnote 5. Note that Nordics are instinctively identified as the most hated race.)

(footnote 6. Note the adaptation of the Talmudic doctrine that only Yids are human.)

(footnote 7. 'Spook' is nigger slang for 'white man,' often used in the presence of members of our hated race to prevent them from guessing they are the subject of conversation or in writing when it is desired to be discreet. Thus in the printed catalogue of the University of Islam, in which the cosmology outlined above is taught to advanced students (i.e., those who have passed the courses in reading and writing), the course in world history is entitled "Spook Being Displayed for 6000 Years." I refer to the catalogue of this institution of higher learning for 1961. Whether the niggers' own Harvard is still operating, I do not know.)

Although this doctrine may seem implausible, even to well-trained American boobs, there can be no doubt about its inspirational message: exterminate the stupid white swine! Since the middle 1960s the Black Muslims have avoided publicity, although I seem to remember that one of them was chosen to open with prayer a fairly recent session of the Den of Thieves in the Capitol in Washington. For decades, the jewspapers have suppressed mention of the Muslims' ideals, aspirations, and preparations to ride the Wave of the Future. So far as I know, their version of cosmic ethnology is not taught by any of the "Professors" of "Black History" in once respected American universities and colleges, but that may be because they haven't heard of it.

We should turn, therefore, to the kinds of swill that are dispensed by those academic institutions and gleefully pumped into the minds of American children by the racketeers whose Jewish ju-ju, called "education," fascinates American taxpayers and evidently delights the American parents of their victims. A good summary may be found in an article by Bernard Ortiz de Montellano in the Skeptical Inquirer, Fall 1991, pp. 46-50; Winter 1992, pp. 162-166.

Defaming Egyptians and Aryans

The author barely mentions the more seemingly respectable attacks on our race and civilization, which are written by Jews with the effrontery characteristic of their race. These bundles of hokum, disguised by the methodology of scholarship, assure ignorant readers that the ancient Egyptians were niggers, and the Egyptian civilization was the source of all that was good in Graeco-Roman culture, so that Athena was really a female Black. (8) Such noisome garbage could not impose, even for a moment, on anyone who has an acquaintance with history, however superficial, but since American parents have for decades callously sent their children into the tax-supported boob-hatcheries to have their little minds clotted with grotesque superstitions and made permanently ignorant (i.e., incapable of learning thereafter), there is evidently a considerable number of Aryans who can read such books without throwing them into the dust-bin after scanning the first few pages.

(footnote 8. One is reminded of the Sheeny professor whose name escapes my recollection at the moment, who wrote a bundle of drivel, published by the Oxford University Press (!), "proving" that there never was anthropophagy among primitive (i.e., nice) people, and that all accounts of cannibals have been invented by vile Aryans to traduce noble niggers or other sublime savages.)

The facts are indubitable. As every literate person should know, the native Egyptians belonged to the Hamitic race, a Caucasian (white) race which is akin to, but clearly distinct from, the Semitic. There have been plausible arguments that Egypt was first occupied and colonized by an Aryan people, but the evidence is fragmentary and inconclusive. The rulers of Egypt (often called pharaohs as a result of an ignorant error made by the authors of the Jew-Book) certainly received from time to time infusions of both Semitic and Aryan blood through marriages they contracted for political reasons, although normal marriage was with one's sisters. (9) The Egyptians developed, long before the Classical, a remarkable civilization, which, given the time and circumstances, is worthy of admiration, although they retained some savage customs, such as circumcision, (10) which the Yids sometimes claim to have taken from the Egyptians, presumably on orders from their own savage God, Yahweh.

(footnote 9. The usual Egyptian term of sexual endearment, comparable to our 'beloved' and 'darling,' was simply the word for 'sister.' As everyone known, marriages between brother and sister enhance both the desirable and the deleterious elements in a family's lineage. It occurs to me that some marriages may have been sterile. That would account for the really remarkable proportion of Egyptian kings, princes, and princesses whose mothers were foreign, often Aryan, women--and account, incidentally, for the lovely features of the famous Nefertiti, while other miscegenation or inbreeding would be responsible for the physical deformity and perhaps the psychic instability of the famous Ikhnaton (Akh-en-Aton - Amen-hotep IV), often regarded as the inventor of monotheism (on the basis of inconclusive evidence).)

(footnote 10. Although the Hamitic Egyptians seem to have been a cleanly people, at least among the upper classes, the intensely hot and arid climate may have provided some valid reason for the disgusting custom; cf. Liberty Bell, October 1989, pp. 1-5. It seems unlikely, however, that the climate would justify circumcision of females.)

South of Egypt lay Nubia, a region in which the natives seem to have been Congoids, although the upper classes, at least, were mongrelized by infusions of both Semitic and Hamitic blood, doubtless from invaders come to exploit the deposits of gold. The Egyptians always regarded the Nubians (Nehsiu) with contempt, but were attracted by the territory's mineral wealth. Over the centuries they alternately conquered Nubia and imposed Egyptian viceroys with Egyptian garrisons or ruled it through client kings, who, dependent on Egyptian favor, tried to imitate Egyptian culture. In periods of Egyptian weakness, the central government lost control of Nubia and the savages made forays into Egypt, some with temporary success. In periods of Egyptian strength, Nubians, like the Bantu from all over Africa who try to get into South Africa to profit from Aryan prosperity and folly, tried to infiltrate into Egypt, and it was necessary to establish military posts to prevent Nubians from ascending above the Second Cataract of the Nile, together with squads of Sudanese trackers to apprehend Nubians who tried to sneak by, making long detours into the surrounding desert.

One of the lesser but well-known Egyptian monuments is an inscription on a large stele erected by Sesostris (set-Usert) III (Khahaure), c. 1870 B.C., on which he forbids Nubians to ascend the Nile and states the Egyptian opinion of them: "Nubians cower before mere words, and one has only to challenge them to make them retreat; if one attacks them, they run. But if one draws back, they become aggressive. They are not a race worth consideration. They are degraded creatures and cowardly." (11)

(footnote 11. It is nice irony that Sesostris, who boasts of having taught the Nubians a lesson, destroying their crops and killing many of them, also boasts that he has carried off their women (to be slaves in Egypt). He evidently did not foresee the inevitable miscegenation.)

So much for the blatant nonsense that the Egyptians were niggers. Now for the equally impudent pretense that Egypt was the source of Western civilization.

The Egyptian civilization was one of the two oldest in the world, and may, in its early stages, have owed much to the other, the Sumerian. Egyptian civilization was about three thousand years old when Herodotus visited it and described it for the Greeks. The Greeks thought Egypt immemorially old, but one has only to read Homer to see that Egypt contributed virtually nothing to Greek culture. Herodotus makes it clear that Egyptian civilization was totally alien and almost unintelligible to Greeks' Aryan minds. Typically, the theriomorphic gods of Egypt (e.g., Thoth, who had the head and neck of an ibis above his shoulders, or the goddess Ta-urt, who was simply a biped hippopotamus) were repugnant to Greek taste and aesthetic sense, which required gods to be human and handsome (e.g., Apollo) or august (e.g., Zeus). Egypt was as alien and strange to the Greeks as was China to Americans of the Nineteenth Century. It was a remote land, respected for its immemorial antiquity but not for its people, and it contributed to Greek culture only a few stories and myths which were changed by reinterpretation. (12)

(footnote 12. The great antiquity of Egypt was, of course, impressive and fascinating. Plato attributed his story of Atlantis to an Egyptian source, but it was probably derived from some Phoenician account, imaginatively amplified both before and after it reached Plato. When Greek dramatists and novelists portrayed Egyptians, they, perhaps unaware of the psychological peculiarities of Hamitic peoples, often made them behave and speak as Greeks would have done, much as European writers of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries often portrayed Orientals, from Arabs to Chinese, as picturesquely different Europeans.)

Greek (Mycenaean) culture, especially art, did have a slight and transient, but perceptible, influence on Egypt during the Tell-el-Amarna period, but Egypt exercised no considerable influence on Classical culture before the beginning of the Roman decadence, when a mongrelized population was fascinated by the incoherent (13) Egyptian religion, especially a late version of the cult of Isis, a goddess whom the Christians later dressed up as the Virgin Mary, changing the name of the babe in her arms from Horus to Jesus.

(footnote 13. I have often remarked on the mentality of votaries who could believe that a goddess was the mother of her father. Christian faith is content with a god who was the father of himself.)

The Rape of American Children

In his article, Ortiz de Montellano, who is Professor of Anthropology in Wayne State University, barely mentions the historical fabrication I have described above, which is usually so presented that it could impose on very ignorant readers. His concern is with something far more fantastic and vicious, the sewage in which American children are immersed and mentally drowned by "educators" who must be not only venal and dishonest but also born sadists.

He takes his departure from the African-American Baseline Studies, published by the school districts of Portland, Oregon, in 1987, and rapturously adopted as a new gospel by school districts throughout the country, including Fort Lauderdale (Florida), Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, and Washington (District of Corruption). The book consists of "a set of six essays to be read by all teachers and whose contents are to be infused into the teaching of various subjects in all grades." They are "resource materials [note the gangsters' jargon] and references for teachers so that they can use the their classes."

The Science Baseline Essay, entitled "African and African-American Contributions to Science and Technology," was written by a certain Hunter Howland Adams, who is identified as "research scientist" at the Argonne National Laboratory. Professor Ortiz looked into the matter and found that "actually, Adams is an 'industrial-hygiene technician' [jargon which is probably, like 'building engineer,' a grotesquely inflated title for a janitor who sweeps the floors, empties waste-baskets, and cleans latrines] who 'does no research on any topic at Argonne' and whose highest degree is a high-school diploma [which means nothing today, when it is not even proof of literacy]." That does not matter, of course, because niggers instinctively know how to rape White children, physically and mentally.

The contents of this bucket of excrement may be sufficiently indicated by a few condensed excerpts from Professor Ortiz's description of it. It begins with the assumption that the ancient Egyptians were niggers and then teaches that:

Astrology is based on science [because] "at birth every living thing has a serial number or frequency power spectrum." ....The ancient Egyptians were "famous as masters of psi, precognition, psychokinesis, remote viewing and other undeveloped human capabilities" [including] "psychoenergetics," [which is] the "multidisciplinary study of the interface and interaction of human consciousness with energy and matter." ....Egyptian professional psi engineers, hekau, (14) were able to use these forces efficaciously, [as] has been researched and demonstrated in controlled laboratory and field experiments today.

[After a long fiction that attributes to the Egyptians as a great religious superiority the essentials of the "New Age" hokum now peddled to American suckers] the Baseline Essay claim that Egyptians had a theory of species evolution "at least 2,000 years before Charles Darwin developed his theory."

On the basis of a 6" x 9" tailless, bird-shaped object found in the Cairo Museum...Adams says that Egyptians had full-size gliders 4,000 years ago and "used their early planes for travel, expeditions, and recreation." ....Certain dimensions of the Great Pyramid reveal and encode knowledge about the 26,000-year cycles of the equinoxes and the acceleration of gravity....Egyptians electroplated gold and silver 4,000 years ago and had developed copper/iron batteries 2,000 years ago.

(footnote 14. An hekai is a sorcerer, enchanter, distinguished by his ability to use heka, i.e., to bewitch by uttering spells and incantations. An hekau is a system of magic and hence the human or divine author of a book of potent spells, including some that are to be inscribed on phylacteries, amulets, and talismans to ward off demons or attract favorable notice from gods. I use the transliteration that is in general use in historical works and was adopted by E.A. Wallis Budge in his Hieroglyphic Dictionary, which will be found in all good libraries, whereas later works, with a more precise transliteration that omits vowels (which were usually supplied by guesswork from some Coptic derivatives), are apt to be found only in special Egyptological collections.)

You will, of course, have observed in the quotations from Adams the use of a technique probably invented by John Dewey, that of collocating words that have specific meanings in technology and science to produce utterly meaningless drivel, which, however, may impose on minds so palsied or indolent that they do not try to understand what they read.

Although the nigger writer does not frankly say so (if Professor Ortiz did not overlook some passage), he obviously implies that niggers are intellectually, as well as physically, far superior to the lowly Whites, who must work for them. Come to think of it, when I reflect that Aryan tax-payers are dumbly paying to have their children's minds stuffed with such manure, I must concede that he may be right, after all.

Science Brought Up-to-Date

Ortiz de Montellano next turns to the operations of an outfit that calls itself the "KMWR (15) Scientific Consortium." He names five "better-known" members of the group that has revised and improved old Elijah Muhammed's cosmology and ethnology. One is the Hunter Adams of the Baseline Essay; two are practicing as psychiatrists, one in Los Angeles and the other in the District of Corruption; and two are "professors" of "African-American" hogwash, one in the City University of New York City and the other in the San Francisco State University. Both of the "universities" thus patently engaged in fraud are financed by Aryan tax-paying boobs. I assume that all five are niggers, but there may be a Sheeny in the woodpile.

(footnote 15. It is possible that the inventors of this comic opera science, if very clever and erudite (for niggers), are perpetrating a sly pun. (On transliteration from hieroglyphic and heiratic, see the preceding footnote.) One of the several common words for Egypt, and probably the most common, is Kam-t (Kam, Kami), whence Kammau, 'Egyptian.' Now Kam-t is simply the word for 'black,' i.e., the Black Land, the Valley of the Nile, with the black and richly fertile alluvial land deposited by the great river at each annual inundation, which presents a vivid contrast to the yellow, ochre, or tan of the sterile sands of the surrounding desert. (Another name for Egypt is Ta-mara, 'the land of inundations.') Thus the 'Consortium,' while seeming to refer to Egypt, may be calling itself something like Black Power!, with tacit amusement at the stupid White boobs who do not understand the objective thus slyly announced.)

Melanin is an organic pigment, a polymer that forms melanosomes which determine the color of hair, eyes, and skin in the higher anthropoids. (16)

(footnote 16. For the complex chemistry by which color is determined, see any good textbook on the organic chemistry of enzymes.)

A very large amount of this polymer produces the brown hide that distinguishes niggers, and the "professors" and their accomplices, having heard of it, thought it a better explanation of racial differences than the creative work of the "Black scientist," Yakub. I shall again give you condensed excerpts from Professor Ortiz's account of this verbalization of nigger hatred:

They claim that melanin is a superconductor, that it absorbs all frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum, that it can convert sound energy to light energy reversibly, and that it can function as a minicomputer to process information.... People with high melanin levels have better muscular coordination (which makes them better athletes), are mentally superior, have unusual faculties such as ESP (17) and are influenced by the magnetic fields of other humans and of the earth.... Lectures about melanin are replete with scientific-sounding terminology: substantia nigra, solitons, phonons, electromagnetic radiation, melanocyte, extrapyramidal tract, pineal gland, hypothalmus, and so on. (18) ... Humans evolved as blacks in Africa and whites are mutants (albinos, or melanin recessives.)

Walsing [a female "psychiatrist," who publishes such drivel in a periodical called Urban Health, doubtless at the expense of White dolts] uses the notion of whites as melanin recessives to explain white racism on a "scientific" basis. She professes that white men have to destroy black men in self-defense because black men have the potential to destroy white men genetically. [White degeneracy can be perpetuated only by sexual intercourse between whites, and therefore] black men are considered dangerous because they could force white women to have sex [i.e., rape the bitches and thus produce superior children and breed out racial degeneracy]. (19)

Wade Nobles [a "professor" in a cesspool called San Francisco State University] states that whites stopped evolving with the development of the central nervous system (CNS), but that blacks continued to evolve an essential melanin system (EMS). From this he develops an "equation": CNS + EMS = HB (human being--that is, whites are not fully human.) Others express the same idea by their repeated use of the term hueman instead of 'human,' with the connotation that only people with color are truly human. (20)

[Melanin produces extrasensory perception and a high degree of sensitivity, thus] George Washington Carver [a nigger] was so successful in discovering useful products from plants...because the plants "talked to him and told him what they were good for."

Adams [in his Baseline Essay] states that the Dogon of Mali (21) discovered a dwarf companion of Sirius, Sirius B, which is invisible to the naked eye [and] knew that it is extraordinarily dense and has an orbital period of 50 years.... According to Walsing, the Dogon's melanin functions in a manner similar to an infrared telescope, and they were able to detect Sirius B through the melanin in their pineal glands. Walsing claims further that everything that happens on Earth is converted to energy and beamed up to Sirius B.... The high melanin content of black people enables them to tap into that [store of] information. She alleges that the Greek oracles were black and that their melanin enabled them, as it does present-day blacks, to foresee the future.' (22)

(footnote 17. "Extrasensory Perception," a sham devised by Joseph Rhine, a Christian who had received training in biology and tried to use it to put his god back in business. Apparently believing his own delusions, he managed to obtain a professorship at Duke University and his pseudo-scientific quibbling was financed by many men who should have known better. See Is There Intelligent Life on Earth?, pp. 29-34.)

(footnote 18. One is reminded of humorous stories published in the Saturday Evening Post decades ago, when the Americans still had a country of their own. Laughter was excited by "darkies," who having heard impressive words of which they did not know the meaning, used them in magniloquent discourse that was, of course, ludicrous. Such simian imitativeness seems to be characteristic of the race most nearly allied to the larger apes.)

(footnote 19. As the "psychiatrist" thought it unnecessary to state in print, it follows, of course, that when male niggers cohabit with White whores or rape White females who do not have the instincts of prostitutes, they are dutifully performing a noble task, inspired by their soulful yearning for a better world.)

(footnote 20. Cf. Note 6 supra.)

(footnote 21. A swarm of filthy Congoids who, for millennia and until quite recently, lived in isolation from the rest of the world, infesting caves in the almost inaccessible mountains of the French Sudan, a territory that was called 'Mali' after Aryan idiots, their little minds infected with "anti-colonialism," restored it to savagery, which is now slightly restrained by the Jews who exploit its mineral resources.)

(footnote 22. E.g., the coming extermination of the degenerate White race--but it doesn't take melanin to foresee that. You have only to read demographic statistics and listen to the gabble of average Americans.)

Ortiz de Montellano concludes by pointing out that while the wonders of melanin are not specifically stated in Adam's Baseline Essay, they are implied in that bucket of sewage, in which the heads of White children throughout this country are forcible immersed by the "educators" who are hired and paid by the White children's feckless parents.

The learned niggers whose discoveries are summarized above have now so improved scientific methods that they are ready to claim for their race another great discovery, that frogs develop from tadpoles, and that tadpoles develop from horses' hair that has fallen into water. It is true that horses have been largely supplanted by the automobile, but that merely confirms the scientific finding, since, as you well know, all automobiles have horsepower and exhaust some of it, which drifts to ponds.


Do you, dear reader, imagine that by deriding the doctrine of Nigger Superiority we have refuted it? If so, perpend a few out of a hundred relevant facts:

A Majority of the "educators" who take a sadistic delight in grabbing White children by the neck and rubbing their races in Black excrement are members of our race.

The Mayor of Dubuque was not lynched. He was not even run out of town. On the contrary, a considerable number of the Germanic inhabitants were so mush-brained or afraid of being called "racist" by the jewspapers that they agreed with him.

Iowa is said to grow tall corn; it also grows turnip-heads. At the University of Iowa, a female professor of a pseudo-science had a pet pupil, a Chink named Gang Lu. He thought her responsible when he did not receive a thousand-dollar prize for something or the other, and so he shot and killed her, shot and killed the student who won the award, shot and killed three members of the faculty, shot and permanently paralyzed the departmental secretary, and then shot himself. Now, believe it or not, the family of the female professor had minds so rotted with Christian muck that they proudly announced their sympathy for the Chink's family, whose sorrow must be greater [sic!] than their own, and even had translated into Chinese a letter assuring Gang's family of their sympathy and heartfelt condolences. Spearhead has, over the years, reported many similar instances of Christian folie circulaire among English parents of sons and daughters who had been raped and/or killed (in one case, eaten) by niggers, for whom the idiots promptly professed sympathy and understanding.

Who is the most celebrated figure in the history of the United States? A plebeian backwoodsman who, although not without talent and some decent instincts, (23) served a gang of thieves and maniacs to slaughter a large fraction of the best part of the White population, permanently impoverishing the nation's genetic heritage. He did this because millions of Aryan nitwits envied the partly fictitious comforts of the Southern planters, and sniveled over the partly fictitious discomforts of their biped livestock.

(footnote 23. He intended to ship all niggers out of the United States, and he had made a beginning by shipping one lot of 5000 to Haiti. (An entrepreneur who took the contract for exporting them was the father of the Jennie Jerome, who became the mother of Winston Churchill.) Lincoln's plan was, of course, one of the primary reasons why the politicians who put him in the White House had him assassinated when he ceased to be useful to them.)

A White woman was raped and killed by a nigger. Her husband, instead of being pleased that she had had the privilege of contributing to the multi-racial culture for which Americans yearn, hired detectives and identified the murderer, a rich nigger who could afford an escort of bodyguards. When he found that the police would not offend their superiors (politicians elected by White fools), the White man equipped himself with suitable weapons and killed the bodyguards and the boss nigger. Arrested, he was tried by a White jury, who, instead of applauding his heroism, sentenced him to an imprisonment that is really for life. -- In the region about Chicago, young niggers have found a new sport. In their automobiles (paid for, directly or indirectly by White tax-paying animals) they draw up alongside a car containing one or two Whites, shoot and kill them, and drive away, laughing over their prank. One such sportsman was arrested, confessed to quite a few murders, and was tried several times (i.e., for different murders) before nigger juries, who unanimously found him "Not Guilty." Indeed, he was guilty of nothing wrong by nigger standards: he had merely eliminated a few "honkies," members of an alien and despised race. -- Which of the two races, do you think, has the biological sense of racial solidarity that will permit the species to survive?

In Kansas City a nigger, much admired by White boobies, told a cheering audience of his own race to disregard laws made by the nasty Whites, to avoid wasting their homicidal talents on members of their own race, and, instead, to treat the Whites as they deserve; they are now sniping at automobiles from overpasses but will doubtless become more self-confident. In Milwaukee, a nigger alderman, probably elected by feeble-minded Whites, announced that if he is not reëlected, his Black Panther Militia will start shooting Whites on the streets, and, furthermore, he announced over a very popular television program that if the White swine do not provide $3,000,000,000,000 (three trillion dollars) worth of luxuries for his race by 1995, the niggers will declare open war on the pale-faced boobs. Knowing this, the witch-doctors in American churches continue to babble about "love" and "understanding." Remember, most of the Christian witch-doctors are Aryans. So are the congregations that not only listen to them but even pay them for their racial treason. Are those Aryans fit to live?

In South Africa, a majority of the Aryans voted to go the way of Rhodesia, now a stinking jungle in which the boss apeman has just decreed confiscation of all the property of the Whites who remained in what had been their country, largely because they had been virtually imprisoned in it by a "law" forbidding them to take with them any money or other property if they left the jungle. (The decree applies to White men and women; remember that the Sheenies have repeatedly boasted that they are not a White race.) The vicious animals, put in power by American "anti-colonialism," are now massacring the elephants so that Sheenies can profit by smuggling ivory into Europe and selling it at very high prices.

The suicide of the Aryans in South Africa was only what was to be expected for more than a decade (see Liberty Bell, December, 1983). The English-speaking population was so degenerate that they made an Anglican Archbishop out of a pint-sized creature called Tutu, who resembles an orang-utan with mange and jabbers with hatred of White men. The Africaans-speaking population was so degenerate they were willing to sacrifice their children for a bit of profit expected from relaxation of the "sanctions" imposed by degenerate Aryans in the United States and Europe. For the majority that voted racial suicide, one neither can nor should feel the slightest compassion, and most Americans are so stupid and venal they will not feel pity for the intelligent minority of South Africans and the innocent children who will be the victims of the majority's depravity.

In North America, Europe, and Australia, Aryans are not producing a sufficient number of offspring to maintain their race. Niggers breed like guinea pigs everywhere, and, now that the White nations work for them, they, despite the mitigating effects of the African Plague (commonly called "AIDS") and the highest rate of infant mortality, will double their numbers every twenty to twenty-five years.

Throughout the world, Aryans are showing unmistakable symptoms of either imbecility or a latent death-wish. The cause in not certain. One can speculate about the consequences of more than two centuries of dysgenic breeding and legislation. If the Jewish biologist, Dr. Alfred Nossig, is right, much may be attributed to Yiddish poisoning of Aryan blood-lines. One could adapt Robert Ardrey's hypothesis about the mountain gorillas, that species have a collective subconscious that governs their conduct and becomes aware when a species has become biologically obsolete. The most likely primary cause, in my opinion, is Christianity, a religion that is the negation of life, and is a kind of racial "AIDS," which, over two millennia, progressively sapped and finally destroyed our race's immune system, i.e., its consciousness of its racial identity.

Please do not talk about the beauty and nobility of our culture. If you do, you are merely Narcissus, admiring yourself in a mirror. The real world takes no account of such artificial and fragile things. In the real world all that counts is power, such as you once had and threw away while you were sniveling over your Christian virtues.

The only test of biological superiority is the ability to survive, and by that test there can be no doubt about Nigger Superiority. So far as we can now foresee, and subject only to what the Jews may decide to do with the savages they are now using as a lethal weapon against us, this planet will swarm with niggers long after our race has vanished and been forgotten, for History will vanish with it--unless, perchance, the Mongolians, under Japanese rule, successfully defend themselves against he Sheenies and retain an interest in their own past, mentioning, in some footnote, a race from which they learned much but which was too stupid and craven to defend itself.

This article originally appeared in Liberty Bell magazine, published monthly by George P. Dietz from September 1973 to February 1999. For reprint information please write to Liberty Bell Publications, Post Office Box 21, Reedy WV 25270 USA.

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