The Writings of Revilo P Oliver 1908-1994


by Professor Revilo P. Oliver

(Liberty Bell, February 1989)

Everyone who has read George Orwell's brilliant 1984 during the past lustrum has reflected that 1984 has come and gone and, although our probable future is no less dark, we have not yet reached the status that Orwell so vividly described. Moreover, it is unlikely that what he projected will be reproduced in detail. For one thing, although a "Memory Hole" will be requisite, if belief in the Jews' absurd Holohoax is to be made universal, it is now likely that books will be made obsolete and all information about the past will be stored in "data banks" accessible only by computers and, of course, they will have been carefully censored before being recorded. Orwell's predictions suffered from a drastic foreshortening in a perspective for which he did not allow.

In America's Decline I mentioned the belief of a close friend of mine who had been a ranking officer of both Military Intelligence and the Central Intelligence Agency and maintained close contacts with the small pro-American group within the latter. In 1960 he, and presumably his well-informed friends still on active duty, reasoned that since the United States had been made both militarily and spiritually unable to resist the Soviet Union, which it had virtually created, had always subsidized lavishly, and had fought a catastrophic war to make supreme in the world, it would be logical for Washington to call in Soviet troops and begin a mass liquidation of civilized and intelligent Americans, such as had been carried out with such success in Russia. He reasoned that therefore he and I and men like us would be thrown into lime pits by 1970.

I made a comparable blunder in 1959, when I reasoned that since Aryans are mammals and presumably were not inferior to wolves, bears, and other animals that by innate instinct defend their offspring until they are grown and able to fend for themselves, Americans would not tolerate the systematic debasement and demoralization of their children by forced association with niggers, mongrels, and degenerates. It followed, therefore, that the occupying power would have to resort to open terrorism to beat down the Aryan resistance, with or without the importation of Soviet troops, by wholesale massacres and imprisonment in American Gulags. I estimated accordingly that unless Americans took very prompt action in 1959-1961, the Reign of Terror would probably start by 1965. Obviously, I drastically overestimated the viability of the boobus Americanus as a mammalian species. Today, almost a quarter of a century later, the creatures are still permitted to make feeble protests in speaking and writing, provided there is no concerted effort at action inimical to our Masters.

We all need to learn to avoid loss of perspective and consequent foreshortening of the projections we make by extrapolation from the present to the imminent future. The condensation of events in histories that cover centuries, such as even the better textbooks, instill in us a false conception of the speed of historical changes. The French Revolution and the Judaeo-Bolshevik capture of the Russian Empire were catastrophes, but they did not take place overnight nor even in a single year. It is a most instructive lesson is such matters that I particularly recommend here a book recently published by the Princeton University Press. (1) It is unique as an unretouched diary kept day by day during the first phase of the Russian catastrophe by an intelligent, perceptive, and well-educated man who was not an active participant on either side of the take-over, of which he described the quotidian events with an objectivity limited only by the information available to him.

(footnote 1. Time of Troubles, the Diary of Iurii Vladimirovich Got'e, translated, edited, and introduced by Terence Emmons. Princeton, New Jersey, 1988. In very succinct but admirably thorough annotation, which must have required prolonged and arduous research, the editor has identified every proper name in the diary, including many names of quite obscure individuals written incompletely or abbreviated.)

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