The Writings of Revilo P Oliver 1908-1994


by Professor Revilo P. Oliver (Liberty Bell, June 1990)

MANY AMERICANS, with their talent for ignoring the obvious, still imagine that their courts are concerned with the administration of justice in litigation that comes before them. When a wolf seizes a sheep in a pasture, the rest of the flock stops grazing and runs in a general sauve qui peut. Sheep are stupid mammals, but they at least become aware of their danger and have not lost their instinct of self-preservation. A flock of Aryans, however, just goes on grazing, too busy feeding to notice what is happening to one of them.

I have mentioned several times in these pages the way in which the alien dictatorship in Washington acted to suppress Lyndon LaRouche, and noted that he and his immediate associates were convicted of not repaying certain loans after all their assets had been seized by the Federal government. In the April issue, p. 59, I quoted an observer who reported that "it was actually forbidden to mention in court that the reason the loan payments had stopped was that the government had seized the funds." In other words, the person who presided over the court and pretended to be a judge was actually a commissar who understood that his function was to do his masters' bidding and imprison the victims they had selected. He differed from other hireling terrorists in that he used a simulation of legality instead of a gun.

Even if one has no more esteem for LaRouche (1) than I have, the travesty of legality in that trial should alarm every American, if he retains even ovine intelligence.

(1. As I remarked when trying to guess why the masters in Washington want to destroy LaRouche, about the only items of his propaganda to which they could reasonably object are (a) an opposition to the depredations of international finance, which, however, is made ineffectual by misleading identification of the predators, and (b) opposition to the administration's efforts to spread and popularize the African Plague (commonly called "AIDS"). In addition to the periodical I mentioned in April, his followers continue to publish a weekly newspaper, now called The New Federalist. The issue for 1 January contains a generally excellent article on the Plague, which, however, is vitiated not only by the usual concealment of racial factors, but by the claim that a principal cause of the disease is "malnutrition." That canard could be used to justify continued looting of Americans by what is called "foreign aid," one of the many means of hastening the reduction of the boobs to acute penury. The falsity of the New Federalist's propaganda is shown by the item of good news from the South African press, reproduced elsewhere in the present issue of this magazine, which shows that the Plague is especially prevalent among the well-fed and pampered boss-niggers in the jungles to which the American nitwits enthusiastically converted the African colonies that were ruled by civilized peoples. The observer whom I quoted in April noted that the Jews were extending their control of LaRouche's organization, now that the Federal terrorists have him in prison.)


That was not the only known instance of the use of mock courts to punish Americans for insubordination to their alien masters. Everyone who looks at newspapers was aware of the commissar, disguised as a judge, who ordered the inhabitants of Yonkers, New York, to import niggers to spread democracy by raping White women and mugging White men. And in Georgia another pseudo-legal thug, engaged in criminal oppression of our race, was sensationally removed from office by the only means by which that can now be done.

It is true that there are still some honest judges, even in Federal courts, and I noted one remarkable instance in my article on LaRouche, but they are probably all old men who are tolerated until death or retirement makes it easy to replace them with more progressive individuals. It is just possible that there are a few younger judges of integrity who were appointed by oversight. (2)

(2. About forty years ago, as I recall, there was a rather sensational scandal in a Federal Circuit Court of Appeals and one of the judges, guilty of numerous crimes, was convicted of some of them and imprisoned. The dominant political party felt it necessary to mitigate the scandal by appointing a man of known probity, esteemed as such by the lawyers of the region. The choice fell on a friend of mine, whose legal brilliance had enabled him to specialize almost entirely in appeals to state and Federal courts, and who, I was told, had the distinction of having carried appeals to the Supreme Court in Washington more often than any other individual lawyer (i.e, excluding large firms of attorneys). He was accordingly offered the appointment at the bargain price of $50,000. He was tempted, because his overriding ambition from boyhood had been to become a judge like his two grandfathers, both of whom had been justices of state supreme courts. He could well afford the indulgence, but had scruples about compromising with the corruption that is a function of 'democracy.' He hesitated for some time, and, if I remember correctly, the price was reduced to $35,000 (in real money, which was still in use at that time), before he accepted the offer, telling his friends, "If those sons-of-bitches think they will have the slightest influence over me after I have been appointed [for life], they are greatly mistaken." It was he, however, who was mistaken. He discovered that he could not simply hand a paper bag with $35,000 in currency to someone on a street corner: he would have either to pay by cheque or deliver the cash in a room of a hotel in which many rooms were notoriously "bugged" to permit recording on both tapes and films. He would thus be subjected to perpetual blackmail, and he, of course, told the political gang to go to their natural home, Hell.)


The corruption of the Federal judiciary (with, of course, a concomitant corruption of state courts) was carried out gradually and unobtrusively by the slightly disguised Communist apparatus that acquired control of the United States in 1933. When the corruption became obvious, a little of the blarney that intoxicates "do-gooders" sufficed to make it acceptable to the boobs.

That was true even in 1954, when the building erected for the Supreme Court was occupied by Earl Warren and his gang of aliens and traitors, who issued an unmistakably Judaeo-Communist edict that the children of White Americans must be subjected to demoralizing, debasing, and often brutal association with niggers in the public schools. There was some futile protest by the comparatively few Americans who retained some sense of self-respect and some recollection of the liberty to which Americans had aspired in 1776, but the great majority of righteous boobs responded with idiotic grins of satisfaction in their degradation and servitude.

That edict was followed by a whole series of patently Communist edicts, which the imbeciles did not understand--not even after Warren appeared as an accomplice, either before or after the fact, in the assassination of Jackanapes Kennedy, who was sacrificed by his masters in an operation to suppress the growing discontent of a minority of Americans who, through their "Indignation Meetings," had succeeded in arousing some glimmerings of thought in the narcotized majority.

If Americans were still a viable species of mammal, they would be alarmed en masse by the repeated demonstrations that the Germanic legal system, which was once the pride of the Anglo-Saxons in England and in the colonies that revolted from England at the end of the Eighteenth Century, has been replaced by the Judaic legal system that was in evidence in Russia under the Soviets. But almost every individual of the doomed race, if sufficiently conscious to notice what is happening, must say to himself, "I will crawl on my belly and my owners will not notice me, or, if they do, I will passionately lick their boots to placate them, so why should I care about what happens to less abject members of my species?"

The newsletter of the Railway Claims Services, 31 March, reports another example of the pseudo-juristic commissars' work. An employee of the Illinois Midland Railroad, while "visiting" a rerailing operation (i.e., looking on at work in progress, as idlers often do), was injured and suffered the loss of an arm. On 26 February in Springfield, Illinois, a jury returned a verdict that awarded the injured man $9,042,615 in compensation!

The Illinois Midland is a small railroad that extends from Pekin to Taylorville, a distance of 118 miles. (3) The verdict amounts to more than the net worth of the railroad, which is thereby simply confiscated.

(3. It is what is left of the Chicago, Peoria & St. Louis, which may have been the first railroad in Illinois that was forced into bankruptcy and dismemberment by governmental policy, sixty years ago.)


The report does not show the composition of the jury, which may have been partly or entirely composed of anthropoid garbage swept up from the streets. That it was mentally and morally incompetent is obvious. But its incompetence was excited by a commissar on the bench.

What is significant is that the commissar who presided at the trial prevented the jury from learning that (a) although the man had not been injured in the performance of his job, the railroad had paid all of his medical bills, and (b) the railroad entered into a contract to employ him at a good salary for the rest of his life, and was doing so.

The commissar was clearly serving the Federal government's long-standing policy of tightening the noose about the boob's necks by liquidating the railroads. (4) In Illinois, between one-third and one-half of all the railroad tracks have already been torn up and sold for junk, thus effectively eliminating the many comparatively small businesses, still owned by Americans, that depended on the destroyed railway lines for existence.

(4. This is not the place to undertake an analysis of the indispensable function of railroads in a national economy that is not self-destructive. Economic sanity is beyond the intellectual capacity of a nation that sees nothing amiss when automobiles can be made in Japan from imported materials, shipped across four thousand miles of ocean, and sold for less than the inferior products of our domestic industry.)


The same issue of the newsletter reports a new racket. A jury awarded $527,000 to a man who claimed that his hearing had been damaged by the noise made by diesel engines in the locomotives he operated on the hard-pressed and precariously solvent Iowa Interstate Railroad, which runs from Bureau, Illinois to Council Bluffs, Iowa. (5) No one seems to have paid any attention to the fact that the man voluntarily continued to earn very high wages by operating the noisy locomotives, thus voluntarily damaging his auditory faculties, if indeed they were damaged by anything except the normal process of aging, which usually does reduce acuity of hearing, especially in males.

(5. It is a fragment of the famous transcontinental Rock Island System, not to be confused with what is now the Chicago, Central & Pacific, a surviving piece of the once great Illinois Central, which is being dismantled by the Jews who now control it. Some pieces of it are sold to companies hurriedly organized in an effort to save railroad service for the communities affected, more than one of which has already ended in bankruptcy and liquidation. Other pieces are torn up by the company and sold as junk, probably to Yiddish junk-dealers.)


The newsletter remarks that thirty thousand similar claims are now pending against railroads, and, furthermore, a labor union has filed a suit to permit pseudo-legal extortion of manufacturers of locomotives as well as of the railroads that operate them.

An American businessman, president of several comparatively small businesses that have not yet been taken over by the aliens' huge corporations, writes me, apropos of the recent verdicts against railroads, "It appears that the jewdicial system is intent on destroying every bit of our industry.... I think that all of my businesses are on borrowed time."

He is right, of course. When Americans gave their country to their enemies in 1932, American industry was spared until it had served its purpose by making possible the Jews' victory in their war against our race and civilization. After 1945, the wrecking crews started to work in earnest, with the immediate objective of ensuring the Jews' One World by making the nation militarily helpless, (6) and then to destroy what was left of the private property that prevented Americans from becoming totally enslaved and mere chattels existing at the pleasure of their owners. The boobs, their little skulls filled with "Liberal" muck, were delighted.

(6. Some little attention was momentarily excited recently when a Japanese indiscreetly disclosed the fact that our ballistic milliles, which are all that remain of armaments that can be used in a real war, depend on parts imported from Japan.)


The standards of life that were once taken for granted by the middle class in this country have been drastically reduced, year after year, but the victims can remain drugged with verbiage for a few more years, since only actual physical suffering will teach the stupid Aryans that they are now slaves, livestock owned by the enemies to whom they idiotically gave their country and themselves.

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