The Writings of Revilo P Oliver 1908-1994


by Professor Revilo P. Oliver

(Liberty Bell, May 1986)

We shall soon see whether Americans are as concerned about the impending epidemic of Immunity Deficiency as they are about which set of niggers will win a ball game. Items in the press before me neatly straddle the continent.

In New York, a group of parents having children in two adjacent school districts asked the courts to exclude from the public schools children who have contracted the lethal disease. The Board of Education, inspired by the "Liberal" syndrome, insisted that such children should attend school and be given every opportunity to infect others. They produced an expert witness, the Commissioner of Health in the state of New Jersey, one Dr. J. R. Goldstein, who testified that the identity of infected children in a school must be kept secret, for otherwise "they would be ostracized" and healthy children might not get the benefits of associating with them.

In the state of Illinois, the Director of the Department of Public Health wanted legislation to permit physicians to disclose to him the names of persons found to be suffering from Immunity Deficiency so that he could get more money from the taxpayers to hire a passel of bureaucrats to carry on "surveillance, testing, education, information, and counseling," but as for doing anything effective to protect the healthy, perish the thought! "Every effort must be made to ensure that the identities of AIDS victims and carriers [of the virus] must be protected from disclosure."

Out in a state celebrated for its large crop of nuts that do not grow on trees, the City Council of Los Angeles "unanimously" passed an ordinance that, according to the press, absolutely forbids discrimination against persons who are known to be infected and slowly dying of the disease: they are entitled to the jobs they want (e.g., in restaurants, hospitals, medical clinics, dentist's offices, etc.), the housing they prefer, enrollment in the schools they want to attend, and services of all kinds. They are entitled, in short, to every opportunity to pass their deadly infection to the healthy and thus ensure their deaths. It remains to be seen whether anyone so unfortunate as to reside in that squalid and crazed city will ask the courts to protect him from an unmistakable menace to his life--and whether there are many sane Americans, who will impose a private quarantine of their own, refusing to go to Los Angeles and to purchase anything that could carry infection from the pesthole. Incidentally, the United Press reported on 12 December that research at the Massachusetts General Hospital has proved that the virus of Immunity Deficiency passes through the blood-brain barrier and lodges itself in the tissue of the brain. That, of course, confirms the determination by A. D. J. Robertson (see Liberty Bell, December 1985, pp. 7f.) that the progress of the disease to its inevitable end can be arrested only by destroying the brain, i.e., by killing the victim.

Do you suppose that Americans will ever become so hard-hearted as to estimate how much they owe to the "intellectuals" and "educators" who not only made male homosexuality so fashionable, but encouraged the perverts to become so degenerate as to copulate with Haitian niggers and thus bring us one of the blessings of a "multiracial" society?

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