The Writings of Revilo P Oliver 1908-1994


by Professor Revilo P. Oliver (Liberty Bell, December 1988)

The press has been trying to make a sensation out of a report by three scientists (race unstated), who jiggled their computer and make it discover that all human beings have a mitochondrial heredity derived from just one sub-human female who existed in Africa about 200,000 years ago. Needless to say, if the trio had jiggled their computer a little longer, they would have discovered that all life on this planet is descended from just one molecule that was floating in the primaeval sea some billions of years ago.

The supposedly crucial discovery will not excite anyone who considers it rationally. It is based on the supposition that one kind of mutation can occur only once--a notion that will not deceive anyone who is familiar with the results of the innumerable experiments that have been performed by inducing mutations in fruit flies. And anyone familiar with the operation of computers well knows that what a computer say is not a vox Dei, but merely a mechanical product of what was fed into the mindless machine.(1)

(1. Some twenty years ago, as I remember, an enterprising Christian fed his computer with data that proved that the Jew-Book was the authentic Word of God because the computer, in its infallible wisdom, discovered that old Yahweh must have stopped the sun it its tracks one day to permit his bandits, under the command of Jesus, to slaughter more Palestinians. (By a verbal trick that was easy in a language in which only consonants were written, the name of Jesus was changed to Joshua in the Fourth or Fifth Century by merely supplying other unwritten vowels between the consonants. The spelling 'Jesus' is, of course, derived from the Greek, and would have been 'Jeshus," if the Greek alphabet had not lost the letter that would have approximated the sound of Hebrew S.)

The only noteworthy result of the computer's travail is that the Christian shamans, ever eager for a new sales pitch to befuddle their credulous customers, are trying to pretend that we now have proof that the savage Jew-god actually performed his famous trick with a recycled rib and thus invented females to propagate and afflict his human victims. And, of course, "Liberal" hokum-peddlers are using the same argument to prove the equality of all anthropoids and the divine necessity of the Jews' plan for "One World" and the extirpation of our hated race.

To counteract this hallucinogenic propaganda, the American Atheist published in its issue for February 1988 an article by one of its regular contributors, Frank R. Zindler. He points out, of course, the crucial fact that whatever happened in 200,000 B.C. can have no conceivable relation to what dunderheaded old Yahweh may have been doing in 4004 B.C. The gabbling dervishes who are using the new sales-pitch are intellectually dishonest, just as we naturally expect them to be.

Mr. Zindler, however, does not question the result obtained by the jiggled computer, and he even is at some pains to defend it, partly by an amazing analogy with the coalescence of gentile names on Pitcairn Island, which makes one wonder whether he can have been ignorant of what I supposed everyone must know after the publication in 1932-1934 of the extraordinarily popular trilogy by Charles Nordhoff and James Norman Hall and the deluge of books about the Bounty and the mutineers that followed.(2)

(2. Pitcairn Island was settled in 1789 by eight White men, the more intelligent of the mutineers, who were accompanied by twelve Polynesian women and six Polynesian men who, by a religious rite, had made themselves the 'brothers' of their English friends. The leader, although a natively intelligent and resolute man, had derived from Christianity some foolish notion about the possibility of a bi-racial society in those specially favorable conditions. Inevitably, of course, a miniature civil war promptly followed, in which all the Polynesian males and all but one of the Englishmen were killed. The happy survivor, Alexander Smith, made all the surviving Polynesian women his concubines and populated the island with mongrels, ruling his miniature kingdom until some years after the island was rediscovered by a British ship in 1808. Incidentally, Smith's felicity was anticipated more than a century earlier in a book of fictitious travel, The Isle of Pines, by Henry Neville, published in 1668. Neville is the well-known English Puritan who was one of the leaders of the almost successful attempt to have the Puritan Parliament decree in 1658 that polygyny was to be thenceforth the normal form of marriage in England. Persons who enjoy deciding what would have happened if, for example, Napoleon had won at Waterloo, may exercise themselves by outlining the history of Britain as it would have been, had just a few more votes been available for legal establishment of the new form of matrimony in 1658. (A second attempt to enact the law a few years later did not come so close to success.)

The article is of some value, however, in that it explains that mitochondrial heredity is entirely distinct from, and independent of, the chromosomes that are the agents in normal operations of heredity as it is explained in every textbook, and which determine such things as the color of eyes and hair. The very existence of mitochondria, which are transmitted only through females but affect their male offspring in ways yet undetermined, was generally unknown only a few years ago. When I first began to discuss mitochondria and cytoplastic heredity twenty or twenty-five years ago, many of my readers, with the concurrence of some biologists, thought the problem I stated illusory, and I note that it is not even mentioned in the 1975 edition of the New Columbia Encyclopedia. (I do not have a later edition at hand.)

Mr. Zindler missed the most interesting and important aspect of his subject. For decades, I have almost harped on three highly significant facts, videlicet:

1. The Jews, who have existed as a distinct race for at least 2500 years, have had abundant opportunity to observe what characterizes their species and how it is transmitted.

2. They are the most patriarchal of all peoples, regarding males as vastly superior to females, who are really a lower form of life, manufactured from a man's spare rib to provide him with sexual exercise. In orthodox synagogues, for example, the females are herded into a balcony with a "mother of the synagogue" appointed to keep them in order and mute, while their masters sport and jabber and make deals downstairs. A few females are mentioned with approval in the Jew-book, notably in the myth of Esther, a Jewess who, disguised as a White woman, was put into the harem of a feeble-minded King of Persia and exerted her sexual wiles on behalf of her race so successfully that the Jews had the fun of slaughtering the hated and defenceless Aryans on the street. (3) But no mythology that I can call to mind so generally disparages and denigrates females as do the Jews' myths after they were devised or revised in or after the fifth century B.C., when the race began to concentrate their worship on one male god. And in their authoritative holy book, the Talmud Babli (and probably in the Yerushalmi also), their morbid contempt for women is as flagrantly displayed as their hatred of our race.

(3. The version of the myth of Esther in the Jew-Book used by Christians has been much abbreviated and bowdlerized from the original tale to avoid too great a shock to the hated aryans. An earlier and fuller form of the story appears in the Septuagint, and further important details may be found in Josephus and in the Talmudic paraphrase and explanation of the Esther story in the Jewish dialect of Aramaic, produced for the benefit of the majority of Jews, who could not read Hebrew. Needless to say, no such events ever occurred in Persia, but the fantastic tale is an inspiration to the Jews and is still celebrated annually in their "Hate Aryans" festival, called Purim.)

3. The Jewish law that recognizes as genuine Jews only the offspring of Jewesses, regardless of the race of the father, is so at variance with the race's contempt for women that we are entitled to infer that the law must represent an observed biological fact, i.e., that Jewishness is transmitted only through females. And this, as I have so often remarked, means that it must be transmitted by mitochondria and a cytoplastic heredity that is entirely distinct from, and independent of, normal heredity by chromosomes. This further accounts for the fact that many Jews show the physical characteristics of other races, and that many Jews in Israel today were probably fathered by the male German children who were kidnapped in 1945, presumably to engender physically vigorous Jews for the coming war against the Semites of the Near East. (4)

(4. The late Jack Bernstein, a dissident Jew whose first booklet on his experiences and observations in Israel I reviewed in Liberty Bell, May 1985, noticed the Germanic physique of many young Jews, and particularly remarked that the blond officer who caught him degrading himself by associating with nigger Jews looked like a German Storm Trooper.)

There is, of course, the corollary that if Jewish venom is transmitted by this genetic mechanism, the same mechanism may determine instincts and mental processes in other races.

I hope that the American Atheist will inform its readers of the real importance of mitochondrial heredity in a future issue.

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