The Writings of Revilo P Oliver 1908-1994


by Professor Revilo P. Oliver (Liberty Bell, April 1988)

ACRONYMS, though common in the jargon of journalists and bureaucrats, who naturally imitate a usage introduced by the Communists, are always objectionable and are avoided by persons who want to write literate English. "AIDS" is also to be eschewed because it is an error: the destruction of the body's immune system is not a syndrome, it is the disease itself. I have suggested 'aphylactosis' as an accurate medical term, like 'tuberculosis' and a score of others now in current use, but I later pointed out that it is not strictly accurate, since the virus sometimes rots the brain, as does kuru, without first attacking the immune system.

I owe to a valued correspondent a better designation, and one that has a meaning obvious to those who know no Greek, 'the African Plague,' which is probably to be preferred over 'the Black Plague,' which might suggest some confusion with the bubonic epidemic that so drastically reduced the population of Europe near the end of the Middle Ages. It is now certain, despite the obfuscation practiced by the Occupation Government, that the deadly disease originated in Africa and became epidemic among the Congoids before it was brought into this country by perverts so degenerate that they copulated with male niggers.

Despite frantic efforts to conceal the truth from Americans, it is now established, and has been indirectly admitted, that a racial peculiarity of Congoids makes the disease as prevalent among heterosexual as among homosexual Blacks. There are now accepted estimates that some 75,000,000 Congoids will die in Central Africa within the next three to five years. If the figure of 75,000,000 is not too optimistic -- and there have been estimates of an even greater mortality -- there is some basis for hoping that the virus may save the Aryans of South Africa, who are too stupid to save themselves.

Although the Jews, intent on the eventual extermination of our race, have forbidden mention of racial differences, even in strictly scientific publications, some immunologists have evaded the stringent decree by studying genes and then noting the geographic distribution of certain genes. Thus a study summarized in The Economist (London), 23 May 1987, shows that 'Africans,' of whom the vast majority are Congoids, are far more susceptible to infection by the virus than 'Europeans,' of whom the majority is still composed of Caucasians and perhaps even of Aryans. There were instances of men who had frequently exposed themselves to infection but had developed no symptoms of it; they had the genetic combination (designated as "2-2") that presumably corresponds to the purest 'European' (i.e., Aryan) blood.

Although the three physicians who conducted the research point out that the number of persons examined (375) as likely to have contracted the disease is too small to authorize categorical conclusions, their research certainly suggests that the great problem of the government in Washington, that of spreading the disease among White Americans so rapidly that the stupid creatures will not perceive that it is principally carried by the colored races and thus conceive a prejudice against their darling niggers, is insoluble. (1) It further suggests a cautious hope that Nature may yet defeat the intensive efforts of the Jews and their "Liberal" lackeys to exterminate Aryans by mongrelization and the importation of hordes of biological enemies into White nations. If this is true, historians of the future will recognize the African Plague as the salvation of civilized mankind. (And, by a nice irony, the Christian dervishes, who are now doing their best to spread the epidemic, will suddenly reverse their propaganda and claim for their Jew-god credit for our survival.)

(1. It is unlikely that organized lying in the press will have much effect. The Chicago Tribune, which, as my older readers will remember, was once a respectable newspaper, carried on its first page on 30 November 1987 a big gob of journalistic slime which claimed, with breath-taking effrontery, that "AIDS" had orginated among the nasty White people, who transmitted it to the innocent and noble niggers.)


What the researches of the scientists at St. Mary's Hospital in London have conclusively proved is that all statistics about the incidence of the lethal epidemic in our nations are meaningless, so long as the they are reported by persons who obey the Jews' ukase that racial differences be concealed. Thus the fearsome prediction by Dr. William Campbell Douglass (2) that the African Plague may extirpate human life on earth is based on obviously misleading statistics, and his failure to notice the unreliability of his data must be attributed to the fact that his mind, from prudence or conviction, seems filled with the Christian-Communist hokum about "all mankind." Furthermore, his belief that he has found a way to stimulate the immune system and provide a prophylaxis against infection may be an illusion generated by his experience with patients who have the "2-2" genes.

(2. See Dr. Douglass's "All Fall Down" (AIDS and the End of Civilization), a booklet of 32 pages published by Copple House Books, P.O. Box 285, Road's End, Lakemont, Georgia; $5.00. Dr. Douglass's article, "WHO Murdered Africa," appeared in the September issue of Health Freedom News (P.O. Box 688, Monrovia, California), and was reprinted in the Spotlight and several other "conservative" periodicals. Dr. Douglass also publishes a four-page monthly newsletter, The Cutting Edge, $48.00 per annum (2470 Windy Hill Road, Suite 440, Marietta, Georgia). He deserves great credit for exposing the utter dishonesty of the propaganda that is spread by Washington (obviously in the hope of making the African Plague epidemic among Caucasians). His conclusion that the virus was manufactured and disseminated by the World Health Organization is extremely doubtful, not because one imagines that outfit would have moral scruples, but because it is most unlikely that it would choose to afflict its darling savages.)


It follows, furthermore, that all our information about the transmission of the Plague is fatally defective. Despite the frantic coverup by the government in Washington, it now seems certain that the deadly disease may be transmitted by saliva and tears, as well as other bodily secretions, but we have no answer to the obviously cardinal question, To whom by whose saliva and tears? There is some reason to believe, in the absence of proof to the contrary, that the immunity evidently provided by the "2-2" genetic factor does not provide immunity against a virus introduced directly into the blood stream by transfusions of infected blood, such as are now commonly administered in hospitals, since there is no infallible test of the blood in "blood-banks," and often no testing of persons who sell their blood to such "banks" -- not even when they are known to be homosexual perverts. Presumably the same may be true of virus introduced into the blood stream through wounds and, conceivably, even by haematophagous insects. But here again we need research that will take account of racial differences.

It is now established that the deadly virus is transmitted by even normal sexual intercourse among niggers, mestizos (whom the liepapers like to call 'Hispanic'), and other mongrels, and we may take comfort from the presumption that it is not transmitted by sexual intercourse between men and women who are pure-blooded Aryans. Thus it seems likely that, at the worst, a nucleus of our race will survive the oecumenical Plague that represents the Blacks' principal gift to civilized mankind.

The survivors will have received one great benefit from the Plague. It demonstrates the crucial physiological function of the immune system, which was for centuries regarded as an unexplained and mysterious vis medicatri naturae, and there will be a revolution in therapy and medical practice that the physicians' union will be unable to prevent. There will be intensive research to determine what poisons, especially forms of medication now practiced, such as vaccines, antibiotics, and "miracle drugs," impair the immune system and thus, while possibly averting a malady or facilitating the cure of one disease or set of symptoms, increase the victim's susceptibility to other diseases. (3) Furthermore, since the immune system is as certainly determined by racial and individual heredity as the color of skin and eyes, relative intelligence, susceptibility to certain diseases (e.g., the Tay-Sachs, which is peculiar to Jews), and almost all other physical and mental characteristics of individuals, it is quite possible and even likely that what impairs the immune system of one race or ethnic division of a race may be innocuous to persons of different heredity, and vice versa.

(3. A good example is "Atromid-S," a great "miracle drug" that was enthusiastically touted by "medical science" as a wonderful way of preventing heart attacks by reducing cholesterol in the arteries. Dr. Douglass remarks, "It caused gallbladder disease, thrombophlebitis, and cancer. No wonder it prevented heart attacks. You can't die but once." What should be determined is whether the "miracle drug" killed by (a) impairing the immune system as a whole, (b) directly and chemically damaging the organs that became diseased, or (c) contained a virus which attacked those organs. A comparable uncertainty vitiates many of the conclusions in Dr. Douglass's article. He tells us that all of the persons who received the vaccine against Hepatitis-B are now "AIDS-infected," but it does not necessarily follow that the vaccine contained the virus that causes the African Plague; the vaccine (a) may in itself have greatly damaged or destroyed the immune system, or (b) may have been given chiefly to persons who had already contracted the Plague, or (c) to the kind of persons, male perverts, who naturally became infected later. Since the data, according to Dr. Douglass, have been buried by the Federal government's Department of "Justice," there is no way of guessing which conjecture is more nearly correct, but a calculated effort to spread the African Plague would be likely only if the vaccine was given principally to persons unlikely to contract that disease through their own activities, i.e., to normal persons of our race.)


The need for honest and competent research is obvious, and one may predict that the survivors of the African Plague will not only have a prejudice against individuals who try to prevent or abort that research, but will not hesitate to express that prejudice in ways that would send "do-gooders" into conniption fits, if any of them had survived.

I began, some time ago, an article that would examine the evidence about the African Plague now available in greater detail, and I intended particularly to recommend, as the best book for general distribution that I had read, The AIDS Cover-up? by Gene Antonio (San Francisco, Ignatius Press, 1986). It is written with judicious moderation that will impress readers who approach the subject for the first time, and only a very few pages, which do not in any way affect the argument, reflect the religious preoccupations of the publishers. I have, however, accumulated so large a bulk of materials, including, thanks to one reader, coverage of domestic press despatches for several months, and a variety of European publications, that I must defer completion of the article to some future date, noting that, as time passes, some of the material becomes obsolete every month.

I shall here record only one trivial fact that seems to me amusing. I am informed that a group of big-brained intellectuals, ensconsed in the middle ranks of the bureaucratic horde in the District of Corruption, are now afraid to go out to eat in restaurants. They remember the boast of their dear Jesse Jackson that when he worked in the kitchen of a restaurant, he always defiled food that was to be served to White customers, and they reflect how much more zealous would be niggers and degenerates infected by the African Plague to spread their disease among White customers in the same way. Since fully five percent of all known perverts of all races now work in the kitchens of restaurants and hotels and are protected in their jobs by the Federal and local governments, the risk of eating out is more than the wary intellectuals are willing to take.

There is some little satisfaction in the proof that the "Liberals"' chickens sometimes come home to roost.

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