The Writings of Revilo P Oliver 1908-1994


by Professor Revilo P. Oliver (Liberty Bell, September 1987)

WE ARE a peculiar race, unlike all others. We, for example, feel compassion for the exhausted and faltering caribou when the wolf-pack closes in for the kill. We feel compassion for the caribou although the wolf is an animal, both courageous and prudent, that our race instinctively admires, as is obvious from the very large number of men who bear personal names or surnames that are compounds of wulf. What is more, we feel that compassion although we know it to be irrational, since predators and their prey are the very basis of the cycle of organic life on earth, and innumerable caribou will be brought down by wolves endlessly, so long as there are caribou and wolves.

Our sympathies, needless to say, extend only to the higher mammals. No one ever felt compassion for a rat, and although Robert Burns waxed sentimental about his wee mousie, and Walt Whitman declaimed that a mouse was a "miracle" to confute atheists, we feel no compunction when we rid our houses and barns of mice. And if we could exterminate rattlesnakes and cockroaches, we would.

When we consider the species of mammals that have articulate languages, we have two quite different attitudes. When we think with the cold objectivity that may be a peculiar ability of our race, we can attain a limited understanding of other races, as of speechless mammals, by observing their conduct and inferring from it their instinctive morality and intellectual capacity, in terms of which we judge them dispassionately and without reference to our own standards. But when it is a question of emotional response and sympathy, we necessarily judge in terms of our own racial morality and, unless our minds have been perverted by poisonous superstitions, of the well-being of our own people and race, to which we have been indissolubly linked by birth and to which we owe a biological and imprescriptible loyalty. We may admire intellectually the achievements of other races, but our sympathies are engaged only to the extent that they conform, or we imagine they conform, to the morality of our race and they represent no menace to it.

Our deepest sympathies, naturally, go to persons of our own race, most of all well-bred women or children, who encounter misfortune through no fault of their own, while our most intense reprobation is focused on traitors to our race, whom we can no more pity than we can pity piranhas or termites. In our attitude toward individuals, however, we are affected by another racial characteristic, our instinctive sympathy for the underdog, which not infrequently perturbs or supersedes strictly moral judgements.

Thus we all, I think, felt twinges of sympathy for the broken-down actor when his advisers came running out of the White House as frantically as rats from the hold of a sinking ship and he faced prosecution by ambitious gangs in Congress, as had his predecessor, "Tricky Dicky" Nixon, who was forced to resign because he had engaged a team of amateurs who bungled an operation such as the C.I.A. carries out routinely and regards as its own province, which it shares only with its affiliates, the Jews' Mossad and the Soviets' K.G.B.

Ronnie seemed such a stupid old galoot! He was reliably reported to be so gullible that he actually believed wild tales in the Jew-Book about a decisive battle to be fought in an unknown place called Armageddon or Harmegedon or Hermigadon or something like that. He naively chose as agents such misfits as Colonel Oliver North, who is said to be a "Pentecostal" and subject to spasms in which he babbles out streams of nonsense syllables, and Robert McFarlane, who, with a team diguised in a manner worthy of boys playing "cops and robbers," went to an Islamic nation, bearing comical gifts, including a Bible autographed by Ronnie with an inscription that only a simple-minded old duffer could have written as other than a calculated insult to Moslems.(1)

(1. That the burlesque expedition was merely inept and stupid blundering is no longer certain, since Jim Taylor disclosed the fact one member of the comedy team was a Jew, who would probably have been in charge. (See Liberty Bell, May 1987, p. 36).)

The latest addition to the evidence that Ronnie's skull is crammed with silly superstitions is the report in the press that another of his coadjutors, fat-faced Meese, the Attorney General, opines that Satan himself must be at work in the District of Corruption, for only instigation or possession by the Devil could make men so wicked that they do not spontaneously revere Yahweh's Sacred Sheenies.

Ronnie, moreover, seemed so bewildered when, after six years, he was caught arming Iran to fight the Jews' war against Iraq, and his Jewish directors did not protect him. One could imagine how he would have felt in the old days, if, after he obeyed a film director's instructions to mount a horse and ride away, he had been arrested as a horsethief. He seemed so dazed and alone that we impulsively said, "Poor old Ronnie!"

On consideration, however, we had to check our impulse to sympathize with the aging dunderhead who appeared to be the underdog. A survey of his record dried up the founts of pity in a hurry. He was a national disaster. And although we may be certain that in the White House, as formerly on the cinema lots in Hollywood, he performs to please his Jewish directors, he cannot be so stupid as not to know that he is now acting in real life, not in some claptrap bit of make-believe. However dim his intellect, he must perceive that he is an accomplice in treason against his nation and race.

His early career in the dirty business called politics should have disqualified him for election to any office. It was outlined almost twenty years ago by Kent Steffgen in Here's the Rest of Him, published in April 1968 as a paperback by Forsight [sic] Books in Reno, Nevada.

Ronnie's career through his first year as Governor of California was ample proof that his director was not to be trusted. Remember, we are not talking about politics in the Aristotelian sense, the determination of what is to a nation's advantage and will ensure its future, which now interests no one except Neo-Nazis and other wicked people who think our race should not commit suicide. We are talking about politics in the American sense, i.e., the game that is played for profit by two opposing teams in a kind of grandiose football. Ronnie not only double-crossed the voters who had elected him because they were impressed by his recitation of spiels made up by his speech-writers: that is only normal and commonplace today. Posing as a "conservative Republican" and elected by the support of the "conservative Republican" politicians, he regularly double-crossed them for the benefit of the "Liberal (i.e., proto-Communist) Democrats."

That Ronnie, with a record that even a ward-heeler could understand, was given a political office after his term as Governor was simply proof that the old game of politics is now "fixed." The teams no longer play to win or lose, but to amuse the bovine public.

In the autumn of 1984 it was more than ever clear what made the old hoofer perform. Despite the efforts of the liepapers to give the impression that the election in November was to be a contest, it was obvious that Reagan's opponent, the despicable hero of the homosexuals, and the moll who had been chosen as his companion were stooges, employed to make the election entertaining and even exciting to individuals who thought the result would make some appreciable difference in what they would suffer at the hands of "their" government.

By the spring of 1984 it was indubitable that the Jews had decided to reëmploy Ronnie as their shabbat goy in the White House, and that, of course, meant that he would be reëlected in November. To reassure European Jews, who might misunderstand conditions in the United States, the Tribune juive, edited by Rabbi Gruenewald, published in its issue for the fortnight 20 April-3 May 1984 an article that was reprinted in the June issue of the Revue de la politique française from which I translate the following extracts:

Political circles in the United States, which are not easily surprised, were nevertheless amazed by the final struggle in the clash between the two principal candidates for nomination by the "Democratic Party." For a whole week, the war in San Salvador -- which millions of Americans regard as the beginning of a new Vietnam -- was forgotten. The unemployed in Detroit, the economic crisis, American support for Honduras, President Reagan's trip to China, and even the Soviet "peril" were topics that were temporarily shelved and relegated to an indefinite future. What Walter Mondale and Gary Hart, in their contest in the primaries in New York State, wanted above all to prove was that each was more faithfully devoted than the other in his "gut attachment" to the State of Israel....

The Jewish community enjoys an influence far in excess of its numbers, which it uses at the crucial points in deciding nominations, first of all in the committees, then throughout the campaigns to raise funds, and finally during the primaries....

In the electoral process, what really counts is the money that is available at the very beginning to start a snowball and so put a candidate in the running. And that is where the organizations of Jews have their power. Even in the states in which there are fewest Jews, the Americans' political organizations can raise support or combat a candidate. More than half the money that is spent to launch political campaigns comes from individual Jewish contributors or from Jewish organizations. Jews are a tiny minority, but the way in which they are organized, their sense of discipline, and their long-standing policy of subsidizing causes they have at heart, make them the financially preponderant pressure-group. Since the Six-Day War in 1967, their power has become even more formidable, and it is simply inconceivable that there should be a candidate, no matter who he is, who does not have his "treasurer," that is to say, an associate whose duty it is to take care of subventions from Jews....

As is only logical, Reagan's Jew is Max Fisher, one of the wealthiest individuals in the United States....

The principal [Jewish] organizations follow a candidate's career from the very beginning of his advancement in his own state, in which it is customary for him to seek a seat in the senate or house of representatives [of the state legislature]. Everyone knows the connection that linked President Harry Truman (2) to his former partner in their hat-store, Eddie Jacobson, who induced Truman to be the first to extend diplomatic recognition to the State of Israel. Most of the American Presidents, especially the ones whose background and education left them imperfectly acquainted with the manners and customs of the Jewish community, appointed an Administrative Assistant for Jewish Affairs in the White House. Franklin Roosevelt had David Niles, Eisenhower had Maxwell Robb, and Lyndon Johnson had Harry MacPherson.... John F. Kennedy, who had dozens of Jews among the intellectuals who surrounded him, appointed Meyer Feldman, while Nixon obtained the services of a great legal light in Jewish affairs, Leonard Garment, who had been one of the principal directors of the Jewish community....

(2. It is noteworthy that Rabbi Gruenewald ignores the fact that Truman's father was a Sheeny. The pious rabbi may have been applying the orthodox criterion that the sons of Jews by White women are not really Jews, or he may have thought it tactless to mention that Americans, with their simplistic notions of heredity, thought Truman half-Jewish but were evidently not alarmed. A little later, he likewise makes no mention of the Jews' share of Franklin Roosevelt.)

Immediately after the election of Ronald Reagan, dozens of Jews, most of them millionaires coming, like him, from California, invaded the White House. Max Fisher was the man in the background, the secret counsellor. But Jacob Stein, the rich real estate promoter, was appointed to the post of Adviser in the White House. He was succeeded by Albert Spiegel, a leading director of B'nai B'rith and an old friend of Reagan....

Rabbi Gruenewald was as explicit as he could be without reaching the indiscreet candor of the famous "Protocols of the Elders of Zion." It was not necessary to add that his international nation had achieved virtually total dominion over all the means of communication, the public schools, the colleges and universities, and even the public libraries (as had been at that very time demonstrated in California, where the librarians had been affrighted by a suggestion that they be seen in possession of books disapproved by God's Master Race). In addition, the Jews' government in Washington had all the tax-paying animals by the neck and could punish insubordination in whatever way its Jewish owners might ordain. That is what the dumb brutes who are descendants of Americans call "democracy," as they pride themselves on their abjection.

Rabbi Gruenewald wrote to reassure European Jews that their herds of goyim in the United States could never get out of control, and he clearly meant that Reagan would be continued in his job. (3) That indicated what would be the result of the "election" in November, which, of course, had already been decided when he wrote in April. It did not necessarily mean that Reagan's employment would be continued for four years. Needless to say, the Jews have only contempt for the venal creatures whom they hire to gabble at the stupid Aryans, and when one of them ceases to be useful, they have no more compunction about junking him than you would have about discarding a broken monkey-wrench.

(3. Just to avoid possible misunderstanding by stupid Jews, the Jewish Chronicle (London) published, with a chuckle, a photograph that showed young Mondale when he was haranguing an assembly of Jews about the urgency of a "fight against Fascism and Anti-Semitism" in London in 1949. The witless face of a mentally underdeveloped youngster, attired in the slovenly garments that punks affected in 1949, and waving his clenched fist in the Communist salute, made the old photograph a satire in itself, but the editor, with a sneer, added that while the photograph was proof of Mondale's effort to win Jewish favor thirty-five years before, he had been so piddling a personality that no one remembered him or could recall having seen or heard him.)


The only noteworthy result of the election was the size of the majority given Reagan, which corresponded almost exactly to the majority given Nixon at the very time that our masters were preparing to eliminate him with the factitious scandal called "Watergate." That showed how tirelessly American "conservatives" take sucker-bait, but it also suggested that Ronnie might be fired before his four-year contract expired. He might be forced to resign, as Nixon had been, or assassinated, as Jackanapes Kennedy had been, to incite hysteria among the boobs, or, given his age, nature might be helped to take its course.

Now that McFarlane has testified before the Congressional committee under the accipitrine eye of the Garment whom Rabbi Gruenewald identified as the mentor of the ill-fated Nixon, it does not at present seem likely that the Jews' Iranian ploy was exposed for the specific purpose of providing a pretext for firing Ronnie. There is, however, a distinct possibility that the scandal was precipitated to distract the attention of the Aryan boobs in this country while the system of open terrorism under which they are to exist henceforth is being perfected. Thus Ronnie will have climaxed his career of service to Yahweh's Master Race, who may or may not reward him with an "Academy Award."

That Ronnie acted under direction does not alter the fact that he, as President, is morally responsible for all actions that he authorized or could have prevented -- is responsible for the present and probable future plight of White Americans. That calls for a new chapter.

This article originally appeared in Liberty Bell magazine, published monthly by George P. Dietz from September 1973 to February 1999. For reprint information please write to Liberty Bell Publications, Post Office Box 21, Reedy WV 25270 USA.

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