The Writings of Revilo P Oliver 1908-1994


by Professor Revilo P. Oliver (Liberty Bell, July 1987)

I OCCASIONALLY RECEIVE inquiries from persons who have come across some writing of mine and ask why I invariably refer to the Jews as constituting a race, although Americans have always been taught that the Chosen People are only a religion, venerable because they discovered monotheism, which is a superior form of religion because they discovered it.

I try to answer such questions concisely, listing what seem to me to be the most important points as simple statements, which I elaborate a little in inset paragraphs to provide a minimum documentation. You may find this elementary outline useful. I accordingly reproduce it here.

1. By the orthodox Jewish definition, only the children of Jewesses are genuine Jews; the race of the father is irrelevant. This is the official and legal definition of Jews in Israel today.
This use of matrilinear descent to determine race is extremely significant in a people so patriarchal as the Jews, and even more telling is the indifference to the race of the father, so that we have "Italian" Jews, "German" Jews, "Chinese" Jews, etc. -- even nigger Jews! I have repeatedly urged that the Jews must know something about genetics that we do not know, and that the problem most urgently calls for the scientific research that the Jews forbid the lower races to undertake. In the Jews' recently acquired "homeland" and their many colonies, the children of male Jews by women of another race are accepted as useful and treated as Jews by courtesy, but, according to such information as we can obtain, are never permitted to attain positions of real authority within Jewry.


2. The haematological research of Professor A. E. Mourant shows that all Jews throughout the world, with the exception of some small, semi-barbarous, and insignificant tribes of "converts" here and there, belong to the same race, having an admixture of at least 5% to 10% of Congoid blood. If there is a Khazar element in some Jews, it is too small to be detected by the analytic techniques now available.

See his The Genetics of Jews (Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1978). -- This disposes of the story about "converted" Khazars, which, we must remember, depends on only a few Jewish sources of late date, and it must be an axiom in historical research that nothing in Jewish sources may safely be believed if it is not attested by trustworthy historical evidence or has a very high degree of intrinsic probability (i.e., conforms to what we know to be likely in the given circumstances). The Jews are a race that instinctively uses deceit as a weapon, as witness their innumerable hoaxes, from the tales about a military conquest of Canaan in the Jew-Book to the Holohoax they are now trying to force their prey to believe. What is probable is that when the kingdom of the Khazars was very prosperous, there was a huge influx of Jews (as in the United States today), and that when the kingdom lost its commercial advantages and declined, the Jews in it naturally headed northwest in search of richer prey. They were "Khazars" just as Jews migrating from Germany used to call themselves "Germans."


3. Dr. Alfred Nossig was a very learned Jew and a biologist of note, and while our geneticists reject his conclusions, we should give the most earnest consideration to what he (writing for his fellow Jews) reports, not as an hypothesis, but as an ascertained fact: that even "a few drops" of Jewish blood suffice to alter permanently the mental processes of persons of other races.

See his Integrales Judentum (Vienna, Berlin, New York, 1922). -- It is noteworthy that if we may draw inferences from silence, Nossig seems to regard descent from male Jews as being as poisonous as descent from Jewesses to the racial mentality of other races; he asserts that Aryans whose heredity was contaminated by a Jewish ancestor, even centuries ago, are mentally preconditioned to serve Jewish purposes by accepting Jewish fictions (e.g., the "One World" hokum) as self-evident "ideals." In the present state of our biological knowledge what Nossig reports seems improbable, but it would explain the otherwise strange tropism that makes many of our race so susceptible to the Marxist religion and hallucinogenic talk about "all mankind."


4. Professor W. L. Horowitz was an anthropologist; although he seems to have been discredited by his messianic agitation and had to publish his own writings, and even though his anthropological doctrine is suspect as an attempt to include some famous Semites (e.g., Hammurabi) in his own race, it should be noted that he regards race as determining all psychological characteristics.

See especially his little booklet, now quite rare, La race heberite et ses peuples (Paris, s.a. [1922?]).


5. Although the Jews pose as a religion to conceal their racial identity, especially when they first invade a country, the claim is clearly false because seemingly irreconcilable differences in religion do not impair their racial unity.

(a) The basic cosmological and theological conceptions of the Talmuds and of the Kabbala are at many points antithetical, but do not split Jewry into hostile camps, as Protestantism split Christianity. The differences between the two Jewish cults are much greater theologically than the difference between Catholics and Protestants, who disagreed about interpretation of the holy book they had in common. But the Zohar, for example, differs from the Talmuds as much as Christianity differs from Buddhism, i.e., if one is true, the other must be false. Violent dissension among Jews is not over theological questions, but over who shall rule their world-wide but clandestine empire.

(b) Atheists remain Jews. Maurice Samuel, a Jew for whom I have the highest respect, specifically reports that the atheism of a Jew is utterly unlike the atheism of our race, and that for the Jewish atheist "to be one with his people is to be thereby admitted to the power of enjoying the infinite." To the mentality of our race, that statement is paradoxical or simply unintelligible, but it certainly is a proof of a vast and innate racial difference. He also specifically affirms that religion is racial and cannot be changed by "conversion": "You do not make a gentile out of a Jew by baptizing him any more than you would make an Aryan of a negro by painting him with ochre." Samuel's book [You Gentiles Ed.] should be studied closely by everyone interested in understanding Jews (so far as our race can understand an alien mentality).


6. In their holy books, they regard themselves as Jews by heredity, i.e., as a race.

For example, in the "Old Testament" Yahweh specifically declares (Exod. 4.22) "Israel [=the Jews collectively] is my son, my firstborn," and one of the writers of Psalms (22.23) defines Jews as the descendants of Jacob, the descendants of Israel (=the eponymous ancestor of the race). When Yahweh calls his tribe of predators "my people," the word translated 'people' is the Hebrew 'M, 'kindred, ation,' i.e., people of a common descent, of the same racial stock. Even in the "New Testament," the Jews are to ethnos, 'the nation,' i.e., the [great] people descended from a common ancestor, while non-Jews (including converts to the Jews' Christian cult) are ta ethne, 'the [other] nations,' a pejorative term usually translated 'gentiles,' i.e., civilized peoples who have families and family names. Theologians naturally twist these words to fit whatever pitch they are making to the yokels.


7. Until recently the pretence they were a religion not only served as cover for the Jews but was strategically necessary to permit their Marranos to penetrate, paralyse, and capture the natives' institutions and culture. At the same time, the Jews' contempt for and hatred of our race could ostensibly be directed at Christianity (which they had invented!). Today, when the Christian evangelists have become some of the Jews' most effective agents of subversion, it would be awkward to channel hatred against the religion, and now that Yahweh's Master Race, by brandishing its crude Holohoax as a bogle, has established or is establishing its supremacy over our race everywhere and looks forward to ruling it by open terrorism, the racial antagonism is being more and more overtly avowed.

I have reported instances of this more open contempt and hatred from time to time in various notes and articles. In Germany, where the Aryan curs now cower before their Yiddish masters, the Jews exhibit their contempt for us implicitly or explicitly in all their writings that are not merely soporific propaganda for the stupid goyim.  As a neat example, one may cite Dr. Nahum Goldman, founder of the World Jewish Congress, who, in Das jüdische Paradox (Cologne, 1978), p.25, roundly proclaims that the Jewish mind, sublimely confident of its vast and innate superiority, has always regarded Aryans "als eine minderwertige Rasse." [Meaning "as an inferior race." Ed.]

The foregoing, I am sure, is ample to prove that the Jews are and have always believed themselves to be a physically, genetically, and psychically unique race, different from, and genetically superior to, all others. They regard Semites and Aryans as vastly inferior beings, who, like dogs, are by their own nature destined to serve their divinely or biologically ordained masters; therefore dogs who defy their masters are mad and should be killed.

If the Aryans had developed the same confidence in their own worth, or even a tenth as much racial sense as the Jews have, they would now own the planet. They, however, preferred to induce pleasant hallucinations with Christian opium and to slobber with imbecilic love, hoping thus to get a pat on the head from the ferocious old Jew-God's son when their spooks floated up to the clouds. That is why they will vanish from the earth.

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