The Writings of Revilo P Oliver 1908-1994


by Professor Revilo P. Oliver (Liberty Bell, April 1985)

A brief item in the Courrier du Continent for December reports that in Romania very stringent legislation to prevent abortions took effect in June 1984. Persons who procure abortions will be condemned to twenty-five years in prison. Furthermore, the drugs that are used in the United States to avert conception must not be sold, and a special burden of taxation is levied upon childless couples. It remains to be seen, of course, whether this proletarian legislation will be more effective than the laws by which Augustus vainly tried to halt race-suicide among the upper classes of Rome.

This certainly suggests that it is time for the con men who are working the "Moral Majority" racket in this country to recognize the Communists in Romania as their soul-mates. There is no real ideological obstacle to the formation of such an alliance. Most of the holy men now working the suckers in the United States follow the Reformations of Marx, which has superseded the old Reformation of Luther, Calvin, John of Leyden, and others whom the Holy Ghost inspired in past centuries, and, of course, the Marxist cult is the established religion of Romania, established with a thoroughness that must excite the envy of our mystery-mongers. There is only one slight disagreement, which could certainly be ironed out by the promoters.

Marx's more Judaized cult has dispensed with Jesus and even with Yahweh as supernumeraries, whereas the vendors of the "Social Gospel" in this country believe that both names are useful in advertising their wares. In fact, the hokum of the "Moral Majority" is based on the notion that the famous firm of Yahweh & Son, Inc. fashions a custom-made soul for every featherless biped born on the planet, thus causing the famous "Sacredness of Human Life," and making wicked any attempt to defeat the divine purpose of peopling the earth with a preponderance of misfits, degenerates, mongrels, and sub-humans. It is assumed, of course, although never explicitly stated, that the Creator is now as eager to afflict civilized society as he was to torture Job, according to the famous tale in the Jew-book, which incidentally establishes the nice theological point that Yahweh and Satan cooperate in having fun with mortals, although one gathers that their victims are supposed to think them antagonists, just like "democracy" and Communism.

Since Christianity was first propagated to assure the collapase of civilization in Antiquity, theologians, who always like to fret over illusory questions, have argued vigorously and sometimes violently over the problem whether the Creator inserts the brand-new soul into the embryo in the womb or waits until it is born and starts breathing. Since soul (Anglo-Saxon "sawol") = spirit = breath, the latter view would be reasonable, but the theologians were carrying on the old dispute in astrology, whether the stars determine an individual's character at the moment of conception or at the moment of birth. The theological question was further complicated by furious squabbles over other figments of the imagination, for example, whether souls are brand-new, specially created by Yahweh at the moment he injects one into an embryo or infant, or are taken from a warehouse in which he has accumulated a supply of his artistic creations to meet future demands, or are good used ones, salvaged from bodies they previously animated, or are produced by a kind of fission from the soul or souls of one or both parents and therefore already charged with an inheritance of sin from old Adam himself. Such theological questions do not perplex the hucksters of the "Moral Majority" twaddle: their piety unerringly leads them to the dogma that is best for their business.

An acquaintance informs me of events at a dinner party in Washington two or three years ago. The host and hostess invited ten guests, including a well-known "conservative" Senator and his vivacious female companion--my informant was uncertain whether she was the Senator's newest wife or just his playmate, as though that mattered in the District of Corruption. After cocktails, the party sat down to an excellent dinner and enjoyed it until a piercing scream from the Senator's companion informed them that they were thirteen at the table, a fatal situation from which dire consequences would inevitably follow. Her shrewd female eye had discovered that one of the other women was pregnant and thus had a thirteenth person inside her, for, as the young woman demonstrated with irrefragable logic, according to legislation sponsored by her Sugar Daddy, a foetus is a person and even a citizen whom it would be murder to destroy. So 12 + 1 = 13. Q.E.D.

The report adds that the announcement precipitated a debate that soon became acrimonious, since not all present accepted the theology of the "Moral Majority" and accordingly doubted that the party was hoodooed.

What makes the "Moral Majority" so obnoxious to rational men and women is that its buncombe obfuscates a really crucial problem.

Assuming that our race intends to survive, it is obviously imperative to increase the number of children engendered and raised by couples of sound Aryan heredity. Now whatever may be possible in Romania, it is equally obvious that in a country of which the inhabitants have not yet been reduced to totally mindless and slavish submission by Jewish terrorism, that result cannot be obtained by legislation and penalties, the favorite devices of Christians, who naturally want to beat and kick individuals into righteousness. The desired increase in births of Aryan children can be obtained only by a drastic change in our society, such as will make the better members of our race willing to reproduce and to bear the great burden of raising offspring. Above all, it will be necessary to convince them, by social facts, not words, that the future will not be the Hell on earth that our race, in its suicidal mania, is now preparing for itself; a Hell to which conscientious men and women will not condemn offspring whom they would naturally cherish, if they engendered and bore them. And until Aryan parents desire children, as they did when our race was still flourishing, legislated prohibitions and rant (whether patriotic or superstitious) will be equally vain.

It is also obvious that a rational society will act to check, by every means within its power, the fearsome and potentially catastrophic pullulation of its parasites. It is folly to encourage the preservation of malformed or degenerate offspring of our own race, and it is criminal idiocy to permit, let alone foster, the multiplication of beings who, whatever value they may have for their own race in its proper habitat, are simply cancers on our commonwealth. Aryans must decide, and decide promptly, whether their race is worth perpetuating to sustain the great civilization that it created. If they decide that Aryans should be exterminated, as the Jews intend, they should, in the name of human decency as understood by our race, totally refrain from bringing children into the world to suffer what they must in the coming catastrophe. If, on the other hand, they want their race to survive on an already overcrowded planet, they must, first of all, check the terrible geometrical multiplication of their enemies, the races that are healthy enough to intend to supplant them. The provision of abundant facilities for abortion is likely to have little effect on niggers, the Orientals that we are importing so assiduously, and the mongrel Indians we are importing from Mexico. Races which owe their survival to their prodigious fecundity, which has always far surpassed that of higher races, are unlikely to consider limiting their offspring, even if they do not have a perhaps subconscious determination to take the lands of North America from the Aryan weaklings, whom they despise for their stupidity in admitting aliens. The very least we can do, if we are still sane, is to refrain from subsidizing them in any way, to show belatedly a little humane compassion for our own children by refusing to give a dime of our own money to any of the alien hordes now on our soil, although, if we must be humanitarians, we could provide them with passage on outward bound ships.

All this, to be sure, is "racism," which, as we all have been told, is the damnable wickedness that doubts the self-evident fact that Aryans are a species of dumb brute, created by Yahweh to nourish all of the world's anthropoid vermin.

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