The Writings of Revilo P Oliver 1908-1994


by Professor Revilo P. Oliver

(Liberty Bell, September 1991)

In Christian News, 8 July 1991, Dr. R. Clarence Lang reviewed a new book which discloses at last what may be the best-kept secret of the Suicide of the West in 1939-1945: Die zweite Babylonische Gefangenschaft, by Steffen Werner.

Everyone who has thought about the Jews' impudent Holohoax with a mind that has not been paralysed by fear of the Yiddish terrorists knows that the "final solution" of the Jewish problem contemplated by Hitler and his entourage was deportation of the parasites from Germany to territory redeemed from Judaeo-Communist tyranny. What this book discloses is that that too human policy was actually carried out on a large scale in 1941-1943, and that very large numbers of Jews from Germany and allied countries were resettled in lands that had been taken from the Soviet, especially, it seems, around Minsk (Minsea), the capital of White Russia (Belorussia), about half-way (300+/-miles) between Warsaw and Moscow.

Minsk, by the way, was a kind of Jewish homeland, since between one-third and one-half of the population of the city had for centuries been composed of God's darlings. Furthermore, it appears that large areas about the city were uninhabited and vacant in 1941, for about two million of the inhabitants had been deported by Stalin in preparation for his projected attack on Germany. (1) The two million persons hauled from their homes by Stalin were doubtless White Russians, who had been conquered only with great difficulty by the Bolsheviks in 1919-1921, and who retained a lively antipathy to Judaeo-Communist rule.

(footnote 1. Hitler barely succeeded in anticipating the Soviet "surprise" attack; see the article by Victor Suvarov, formerly a member of the Soviet General Staff, in Liberty Bell, January 1986, pp. 27-39.)

Millions of Jews were transported from Germany, allied countries, and Poland to their new homes through the major railroad centers, Auschwitz, Treblinka, Sobidor, and Maidanek, all now famous in stories told to support the Jews' great swindle of Europe and America. It cannot be denied that, in those transfer camps, the Germans cruelly deloused and bathed the sacred Sheenies, thus exterminating millions or billions of body lice, who had grown up on Jews and doubtless absorbed some of their holiness together with the grease. Some of the holy people were also sent to labor camps in the hope of easing the Germans' desperate need for workmen in industries connected with the war.

The Jews who had been resettled in White Russia naturally stirred up the Polish, Russian, and Tartar populations to sabotage and guerrilla operations against the Germans, especially after the Soviet armies were able to make a stand against the Germans and begin a reconquest of the territories they had lost. This kind of covert revolt presents the most difficult of all military problems, and can be countered only by stern reprisals, as is the custom of all nations and is specifically sanctioned by the rules of warfare that were once recognized throughout the civilized world. The Einsatz-gruppen of the SS (2) operated with traditional German efficiency in a desperate effort to protect and maintain the army's lines of communication. We may be sure they were so impious that they did not spare members of the holy race who were caught while engaged in sabotage or terrorism.

(footnote 2. Hans Schmidt, in the July-August issue of his organization's Brief, has pointed out that Schutztaffel became an improper name when the Fuhrer's Praetorian guard was expanded into an elite army that included thousands of valiant volunteers from almost all the Aryan nations of Europe, and that it is more properly designated by its symbol, the runic characters of SS, which, unfortunately, are not in the fonts of most printers.)

After the catastrophe of 1945, the Germans' resettlement of Jews in White Russia, which must account for a considerable part of the four million godly folk now in Soviet territory, was kept a secret by collaboration between the Judaeo-Communist regime in Russia, concerned to blame the Germans for its own ferocious crimes, such as the murder of Polish officers in the Katyn forest, (3) and the International Race, engaged in promoting its obscene Holohoax to make stupid Aryans feel guilty and make them easily herded to their eventual doom. The book reviewed by Dr. Lang is, so far as I know, the first exposure of this secondary hoax.

Dr. Lang points out that it is well known that this policy of resettlement of Yids was carried out in Transnistra, a territory east of Romania. One of the thousands of Jews thus resettled without noteworthy hardship was an honest Jew, the late J.G. Burg (Joseph Ginsburg), who was a witness for Ernst Zundel in 1988. He is entitled to our sincere gratitude. His first book, Schuld und Schicksal (Munich, 1962), was our first solid and well documented proof of the frantic endeavors of the Zionists to incite a real "Holocaust" of Jews in Germany as a means of inciting imbecile Aryans to attack the one nation that was a champion of our race. (4)

(footnote 3. An article in the Post Eagle, reprinted in the same issue of Christian News, points out that the murders at Katyn and comparable crimes were all the work of the Jews, who have always dominated and largely staffed the Soviet secret police, and were especially authorized by Stalin to liquidate Polish opposition to Soviet savagery.)

(footnote 4. Cf. my Enemies of our Enemies, Note 62.)

I hope that Steffen Werner's extremely important book will be given a thorough review in Liberty Bell and eventually translated into English.

It should be particularly noted that the German resettlement of Jews in White Russia was carried out as humanely as possible. They were sent to a region that was dominated by their fellow tribesmen, who had long monopolized its industry and commerce and with usury battened on the native population, and, as is evident from the wild stories told by promoters of the Holohoax who claim to be "survivors," a real effort was made to keep families together. This is in sharp contrast to what God's Race would have done in similar circumstances.

In the myth about the conquest of Palestine by the first Jesus (disguised as 'Joshua' in most translations of the Bible), the natives (together with their domestic animals) were joyously exterminated, with the sole exception of some impuberate girls, who were sold to foreign brothels for the amusement of Phoenician sailors. In the myth about the super-Sheeney Joseph, he (with the aid of his tribal god, of course) got control of a feeble-minded Egyptian monarch and used his authority first to pauperize all the Egyptians, then to enslave them, and finally to haul them from one end of Egypt to the other so that individuals would find themselves among ethnically different strangers with whom they could concert no desperate plan for recovering their freedom.

There is extant an obvious forgery which purports to be a letter from Aristotle to Alexander the Great in which the philosopher advises the conqueror to ship the inhabitants of his empire from their homelands to distant regions, thus promoting "peace" in a mongrelized "One World" in which the wretched inhabitants would be totally at the mercy of their masters. There is no means of identifying the forger, but the whole screed stinks of Jewish mentality.

Transfer of populations, or, usually, the ruling class of a territory was practised by the Semitic monarchies of Asia. As we now know from his inscriptions, Sargon of Assyria (5) in 721 B.C., endeavoring to keep peace in the land called Israel, transported several thousand members of the leading Samaritan (Israelite) families to Medea and other parts of his dominions, instead of massacring them, as would have been more in keeping with Assyrian policy.

In 597-586 Nebuchadnezzer, trying to quiet the seething trouble-spot in his dominions, Judaea, where the Yids were constantly intriguing with both the Babylonians and the Egyptians and treacherously betraying each in turn, deported to Babylon and other regions a fairly large number of Jews. He would have done better to import devils into his domains. The Jews in Babylon settled down to wail about their cruel exile "by the waters of Babylon," and to prey upon the natives with usury and every other kind of financial diddling, making Babylon for centuries the largest Jewish city in the world, as it remained long after they betrayed it to Cyrus the Great in 538 B.C., and were rewarded with an ancient Balfour Declaration, entitling them to dominate Palestine. In the time of the Roman Empire, Babylon was the seat of the rulers of the international race in its colonies throughout the civilized world. This is called the "Babylonian Captivity" and deplored by sentimental Aryans who do not perceive what a great (God-sent?) opportunity it gave the godly folk to infiltrate and exploit the civilized world by operating from what was long one of its major commercial centers, comparable to New York city today. (6)

(footnote 5. He must not be confused with the great Sargon of Agade (Akkad), who, c. 2340 B.C., began the conquests that established a great empire; although ruled by Akkadians, its culture was Sumerian. Sargon, by the way, disguised his obscure origins by inventing the story that was much later used in the Jewish myth about Moses and the bulrushes. The story probably was the source of many other myths, notably the one about Romulus and Remus.)

(footnote 6. The term "Babylonian Captivity" was used metaphorically by Petrarch to describe the removal of the Papal See from Rome to Avignon, which he especially deplored, because while it removed a focus of festering corruption, it also impoverished the inhabitants of the "Eternal City," for which Petrarch felt a cultural and scholarly patriotism. The term was also applied by Martin Luther to the Roman Catholic Church, which, in his estimation, had captured echt Christianity.)

The technique of destroying nations has been much improved since ancient times. Today, our Jewish rulers, instead of deporting Aryans to Asia and Africa, are filling the Aryan nations of Europe and North America with racial enemies and vast masses of anthropoid garbage, which the Aryan nitwits admit as "refugees." Ivor Benson, in an article published in Liberty Bell some time ago, pointed out the significant fact that the niggers from territories in the British "commonwealth" who, sent to England to begin the subjugation and destruction of the stupid Anglo-Saxons and Celts, were recruited and supplied with free transportation on airliners by some unidentified financiers, whose race you can readily determine for yourself.

The consequences of the new method of enslavement and extermination by immigration are well depicted in Jean Raspail's brilliant Camp of the Saints. The Aryans in the United States, who are, of course, much less numerous than the population statistically counted as White, will probably become an actual minority in twenty or twenty-five years, and in some regions (e.g., the Southwest and major cities) massacres of the dumb brutes will probably begin before that time. Well, a nation of imbeciles is unfit to survive anyway, and the boobs will doubtless enjoy swilling beer and squatting in hypnotic trances in front of television screens until their doom overtakes them.

After the conclusive study by Fred Leuchter, whom the Jews are now arrogantly, illegally, and vilely persecuting for his scientific integrity, Werner's new book may finally demolish the foul Holohoax. So far as I can tell from the review, it proves its point, and further documentation should become available from the Russian sources that released the records that show that only 74,000 persons of all races died from all causes at Auschwitz. Perhaps we shall soon be afflicted with a new kind of yowling "survivors"; they will tell horrible stories about how they suffered when the Germans forced them to live in the midst of a huge concentration of their own people, who naturally did not offer the opportunities for exploitation and extortion they had enjoyed in Aryan lands. They would have preferred to have been among the millions of God's Pets who were exterminated at Auschwitz before they resurrected and slithered into the United States to consolidate their divine race's occupation of it.

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