The Writings of Revilo P Oliver 1908-1994


by Professor Revilo P. Oliver (Liberty Bell, October 1990)

It is not remarkable that Iraq's invasion and occupation of Kuwait took me by surprise, but we are assured that the Jews' government in Washington was equally surprised. That is hard to believe. For one thing, the territory of Iraq is under continual observation by satellites equipped with electronic instruments of surveillance said to be so sensitive that they can read the title of a paperback book on the ground. The electronic spies cannot have failed to observe and watch all the movements of military forces and equipment in Iraq. For another thing, Iraq is doubtless infested with faceless agents of the Criminal Intelligence Agency (1), whom American taxpayers send throughout the world to suborn unrest, turmoil, and upheaval in the interest of God's Chosen Predators. (Iraq is also full of agents of the Jews' espionage and terrorist agency, Mossad, which the American taxpayers finance indirectly, but the primary agency does not necessarily tell its subsidiary all that it knows.) It is inconceivable that the nominally American spies were not aware of the plans of the Dictator (2) of Iraq even before his armed forces began to move.

(1. The initials C.I.A. could also be read as Communist-Israeli Agency, but since it is the most expensive espionage agency in the world, and given its activity in all forms of crime, from supplying cocaine to American boobs to assassination and murder, the interpretation I have chosen seems preferable. It is now generally conceded that the C.I.A. engineered the murder of Ngo Dinh Diem and his brother to create chaos in Vietnam and open the way for the squandering of American resources and killing of young Americans in the bloody "peace-keeping" operation that followed. The press has been significantly silent about a man named Roscoe White, whose diary, reportedly discovered by his son (and probably confiscated by the Federal Bureau of Intimidation), stated that he was the "man on the grassy knoll" who fired the bullets that killed Kennedy in Dallas, and that he was employed by the C.I.A. for that job. I have no means of knowing whether or not the son's report is veracious, or whether the diary, if discovered by him, was authentic, but it is now virtually certain that Jackanapes was murdered by the C.I.A. in Dallas for the purpose of neutralizing the growing dissatisfaction with the American financing of the Soviet, which was being evoked by the Indignation Meetings, organized by Americans in Dallas. The assassination was not a perfect job. Earl Warren, head of the Revolutionary Tribunal that replaced the Supreme Court, went on the air as soon as he got the good news from Dallas, but he hastily recited a spiel written for a scenario that did not correspond to the actual performance. Just what went wrong is still uncertain; it must have been something more than the failure to kill Oswald at the right time.)

(2. Like our Bushy he is officially called "President," an euphemism currently in fashion.)

What is astonishing is that Saddam Hussein al-Takriti chose to destroy the precarious entente between the Islamic nations, whose only hope of surviving the Jews' aggression lies in unity against the Jews' stooges, and to provide War Lord Bushy with the long coveted opportunity to invade and destroy Saudi Arabia.

There are three possible explanations, to wit: 1. Saddam Hussein became afflicted with the megalomania that so commonly occurs in persons who have attained dictatorial power over others, especially if they have risen from humble origins and have attained power over an entire nation. This is possible, and will be the explanation adopted when jewspapers and boob-tubes spew out their slime, but it will be safest to ignore it.

2. Saddam acted by agreement with Bushy and Gorby. This means that Saddam, who was at one time on the best of terms with the White House, was bribed and is a traitor to his nation--unless he was promised special benefits for Iraq. If he trusted Americans, he is only a fool.

3. He acted in desperation to forestall an attack on Iraq that the Jews had directed their American colony to make in 1991 or 1992.

At the time at which I write, the first week in September, there is not enough evidence to indicate which explanation is correct. What has been thus far accomplished would fit any one of them.

The Arabic-speaking countries, some of them nations (3), have diverse interests and are divided by latent antagonism and inherited animosities that would probably transcend both their tenuous racial affinity as Semites and the religious bond provided by Islam (4), if they lived in a world of their own, but they were more or less united by sympathy for their Semitic kinsmen in Palestine, whom the Jews are destroying, and by their hatred of the predominantly Aryan nations and countries of Europe and North America--a hatred that goes back to the Saracen invasions of Europe, but was in this century revived and exacerbated by the disgusting subservience of those Aryan peoples to the Jews, the common enemies of all nations.

(3. A country is a geographical area under one government; a nation is a country dominated by a racially homogeneous people. (The United States was once a nation; it is now only a country.) The Arabic-speaking lands are largely Semitic in population, but their part of the world is an ethnic pot pourri of the residue of the many races that have occupied or traversed it, and much of the Semitic blood has been diluted by blood from other races, so that there are ethnological differences between the Semitic majorities in the various countries as well as in the races of the more or less numerous non-Semitic peoples within each country. Cf. Note 10 infra. )

(4. The major sects in all of those countries are Sunni, although in some there are noteworthy contingents of the Shi'a, but Sunnite sects are as severed by doctrine as are the various Protestant sects and as potentially hostile to one another.)

This precarious unity has now been irreparably broken, since most of those countries have officially condemned Iraq and thus apologized for American aggression. Egypt was bribed by having debts to the amount of seven billion dollars assumed by those notoriously spiritless and stupid beasts of burden, American taxpayers. The other countries were either bribed or yielded to threats from our War Lord. They were thus made, in violence to their real sentiments, to traduce each other and abandon the hapless Palestinians to the enemies of mankind.

It has long been obvious to attentive observers that Saudi Arabia was the focus of the Jews' hatred of Semites. For one thing, it contains most of the pure Arabian stock left in the world today. For another, it has one of the very few legally legitimate and stable governments in the world. (5) And--oh, horrible!--when I last heard, it was the only nation of any size that had no national debt. Isn't it outrageous that those Arabs don't pay tribute to the usurers, the Sheenies and their accomplices, who have a Yahweh-given right to suck the blood of every nation of earth? That is enough to condemn Saudi Arabia in the eyes of Americans, although the holy shysters will soon be howling about such awful things as a monarchy, which leaves no room for aspiring thieves and seditious agitators, and polygyny, which is just awful when compared to American promiscuity. (6)

(5. Civilized and rational peoples know that whether or not a given country has a government under which they would choose to live is utterly irrelevant in international relations, and that only meddlesome fools would arrogate to themselves a right to decide whether a given government is suitable to the nation that has chosen it. The American boobs, however, have for more than a century been so puffed up with a nasty righteousness and a prurient itch to impose their shabby and spurious morality on the whole world that they will doubtless have the presumption to tell the Arabs what they, the Arabs, should want.)

(6. The late Soledad de Montalvo, whose Women, Food, and Sex in History is the most entertaining book I have read for forty years, spent about a week in an Arabian harem during the absence of its lord. Her account of her observations is instructive. I shall report on her delightful book in a future issue.)

Saudi Arabia, having accepted "American" aid, is doomed. Its ruler should have taken warning from many precedents, but especially from the neat example of another country of the Near East. Lebanon is one of the countries that can flourish only as colonies of some Western nation, but it was made "independent" by the enemies of civilization in 1945. The population is largely Semitic, but with deep tribal divisions, and the artificial country was from the first made unstable by the reciprocal hatred of its fifteen principal religions. (7)

(7. The largest of these sects and perhaps the only ones an American reader can be expected to recognize without extensive explanation are Maronite Catholics, Sunnite Moslems, Shi'ite Moslems, Greek Orthodox, Druses, and Greek Catholics.)

A complicated constitution preserved a precarious balance until 1958, when the legally elected President, Camille Chamoun, was confronted by an insurrection instigated by Rashid Karami, a Communist agent from Egypt, who had suborned General Chehab of the Lebanese Army. The United States offered President Chamoun, who was really trying to maintain a semblance of civilization, assistance in maintaining order, and he was so gullible that he accepted. So the American Marines marched in under the command of Robert Murphey, the State Department's foremost expert in creating havoc, and President Chamoun, the poor sucker, was summarily deposed and driven from the country, which was turned over to Karami and his stooge, Chehab. The Marines, their mission accomplished with ignominy, marched out and left the country to a festering and ever growing anarchy that softened it up for the projected invasion by God's Darlings from their Holy Land. Ex-President Chamoun could, until his miserable death, have offered expert advice on the consequences of trusting Americans.

The rulers of Saudi Arabia may have learned the lesson, if they needed one after 1959, when the Jews used their courts in the United States to force the Arabian-American Oil Company to employ Sheenies and send them to Saudi Arabia to spy on the Arabs, swindle the natives, and foment trouble. But, denied armaments by the Jews' Congress, they seem to have been trying to placate their Judaeo-American enemies and gain time in the hope of some unpredictable change of world politics in their favor.

The action of Iraq laid Saudi Arabia open to American aggression (disguised as "aid," of course). For many years the Americans have been building military installations on Saudi territory and in adjacent Oman (8), hypocritically pretending that they were interested in protecting the nation from its foreign enemies, especially Soviet Russia. The country was thus undermined, but even so, as was officially admitted in Washington, "considerable arm-twisting" (i.e., bullying with threats of war) was required to obtain the helpless Saudis' consent to the American invasion.

(8. See the article "The Next Vietnam," in Liberty Bell, September 1986, pp. 47-60. Note that it was already apparent, four years ago, that Iraq was the principal target in the sights of the Americans' Jewish masters.)

Now that the Americans have occupied Saudi Arabia, you may be sure that agents of the Criminal Intelligence Agency and Mossad, including many disguised Jews and Arab traitors, will propagate the Americans' wonderful "democracy" with rioting, massacres, civil war, and wholesale destruction. Then the ravaged land will be given Judaeo-Communist rule until it can be declared simply a province, like the United States, in the One World of God's Children. If the Arabian King and his family are well advised, they will have prepared for an escape to--well, where on earth could they go, to be beyond the reach of the slimy tentacles of Yahweh's brood?

*   *   *

The interests of the American people were in no way affected by Iraq's occupation of Kuwait, and they have no rational reason for being concerned about it.

The events which gave Bushy a pretext for intervention are of little importance, but a brief notice of them may not be out of place. Kuwait, like Qatar, Bahrain, and seven other small sheikdoms along the eastern coast of Saudi Arabia, was a semi-independent principality under British control until the dissolution of the British Empire. As soon as British authority was relinquished in 1961, Iraq promptly claimed the small territory as its own (9), so that the newly independent town and hinterland had to call for British troops to protect it from Iraq.

(9. It would be nugatory to discuss the territorial claim. One could urge the much stronger claims of Saudi Arabia (whose King is, by Islamic tradition and law, the overlord of all Emirs in the Arabian peninsula, and presumably inherited suzerainty over Kuwait when it was relinquished by the British), of Britain (who held the territory after it had been taken from Turkey), of Turkey (whose sultan was sovereign over the territory ever since the Saljuq capture of the caliphate and the 'Abbasid Empire), and of Saudi Arabia again (as proprietor of the holy places of Islam and heir presumptive of the Arabian Empire won by the immediate successors of Mahomet).)

Iraq is only an unpleasant modern name for Mesopotamia, and the only interest a civilized American will take in what happens to and in Iraq will be an anxious hope that the vestiges of the great civilizations of Sumeria and Babylon will escape serious damage.

Although the press refers to the inhabitants of Iraq as 'Arabs' because the dominant language is a dialect of Arabic and the religions are Moslem sects, there is little Arabic blood in the country. Three-fourths of the population are Semites or predominantly Semitic, but most of them are not true Arabs. About 15% of the population is composed of Kurds (10), who are a kind of running sore on the Semitic nation, and perhaps 8% are Turks.

In the early part of this century, Mesopotamia belonged to Turkey, which maintained a rather loose authority over it. After T.E. Lawrence (11) aroused and united the Arabs, and took the peninsula from the Turks, and after the defeat of Germany and her allies, the British took over, made it a kingdom under Faisal I in 1921 and called it Iraq, reviving an Arabic name. If the British had not become decadent and sick from lapping up Wilsonian hogwash about the "self-determination of peoples," there would be no problem today. The land would be ruled for a still great Britain by client kings, as it was for a time ruled for the Roman Empire.

(10. The Kurds are an old Turanian people, racially akin to the Turks and Mongols. They were known to the ancient Assyrians as Kurdu, and were the Carduchi whom you remember from the Anabasis. First conquered (temporarily) by Cyrus the Great, they form a nation given to chronic and irregular warfare. They claim that Nebuchadnezzar, whom they revere for having tried to solve the Jewish problem, was by race a Kurd, and that the famous Saladin of the Crusades was also of Kurdish descent. They speak an Ural-Altaic (agglutinative) language, akin to Finnish and Hungarian. There has been, of course, a considerable admixture of other stocks, and one hears of Turkish Kurds and Persian Kurds. They are characteristically in habitual revolt against the government of Iraq, which has to devote a considerable part of its resources to keeping them in check. They took seriously the Wilsonian drivel about "self-determination" and think they were promised an independent state, "Kurdistan," formed of portions of Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq, and Iran.)

(11. A new biography of this extraordinary and heroic man, by Jeremy Wilson, has just been published in this country by Atheneum. This work, authorized by Lawrence's brother, contains in its almost 1200 pages many hitherto unpublished details about Lawrence's career, and makes fact of the scabrous gossip about one (perhaps minor) reason for his attempt to escape the fame that was justly his, but it does not sufficiently allow for the shock that an honorable man received when he discovered that he had fought for a dishonorable and Judaized government, too dishonest to respect the pledges it had authorized him to make to Arabs who trusted him personally. The book is especially interesting for quotations from letters that show Lawrence's judicious and candid opinion of the Semitic race, which fundamentally differs in mentality and instincts from our own.)

After the British renounced their Empire to become Little Britain, ambitious thugs created intermittent disorder in Iraq, until the King and the royal family were murdered in 1958 by insurgents incited by Communist agitators, and "democracy" was declared, of which Saddam Hussein is the latest and brightest flower. Whether his claim to distinguished Arabian ancestry is valid cannot be determined offhand and is of no importance anyway.

Iraq under Saddam, with covert support from the Soviet, early tried to equip itself with atomic power and, probably, atomic weapons, since it was menaced by the Holy People in their Holy Land, who were secretly making themselves one of the major nuclear powers of the world--and, naturally, trying to persuade Aryan nations to destroy their nuclear armaments to promote "world peace." So far as the American public was concerned, the sly Yid's secret was kept until it was disclosed by a defector in 1986 and the press in this country, after some tergiversation, decided that it could not suppress sensational news that had been published in England. (12)

Iraq could not keep its own preparations for self-defense secret from the Kikes, who treacherously attacked Iraq and, by saturation bombing, destroyed the nuclear plant, which was almost complete. (13)

(12. See Liberty Bell, December 1986, pp. 16-23, where much of the present situation in the Persian Gulf was anticipated.)

(13. It is an interesting illustration of the godly race's character that the well-known terrorist and murderer, Begin, who was then Prime Minister of Israel, was officially censured by his government for his negligence in having the treacherous raid made by Israeli planes bearing their own insignia, instead of having the planes repainted with Iranian insignia to make the Iraqis believe that Iran was the aggressor.)

Encouraged by both the Soviet and its American partner, Iraq under Saddam acquired conventional armaments and used them effectively when a war between Iraq and Iran was arranged by methods that are still largely undisclosed. The partners prolonged the war by supplying weapons and munitions to both sides, obviously in the hope that both nations would fight to exhaustion and thereafter be unable to resist the Jews. The result, however, was that Saddam now has at his disposal an experienced and efficient army, encouraged by an apparent victory over Iran, while Iran seems to have learned its lesson and is said to be ignoring American invitations and inducements to renew the war by suddenly attacking Iraq while Iraq's army is concentrated on the border of Saudi Arabia.

As I have remarked above, a plausible--perhaps the most plausible--explanation of Saddam's occupation of Kuwait is that he determined to force the issue before he was attacked by the Jews' janissaries. It is quite possible, also, that he learned that when Gorby and Bushy, at the behest of their masters, conspired at a "summit" conference, one decision was that the Soviet, which had hitherto maintained profitable relations with Iraq, would abandon that country to its fate by cutting off all supplies of military equipment at extortionate prices. It is quite possible than an occupation of Kuwait by the Jews' Americans in preparation for a direct attack on Iraq had been scheduled. (14)

(14. You may remember how the British waxed indignant over the outrageous violation of international law by the Germans, who forestalled by a few days a British invasion of Norway, which was to be used as a base for attacks on Germany. There is something sickening about the shabby mendacity and sneaking duplicity of the British, but, of course, there would have been nothing wrong about a treacherous British invasion of a neutral country, because the British were acting for God's Holy Race.)

Americans are told that wicked Saddam occupied Kuwait to increase the price of oil and hence of gasoline. That story is designed to make unthinking Americans hate Saddam every time they have to pay exorbitant prices at a filling station. While it may be that Saddam wanted higher prices for his oil, that motive cannot have been more than quite secondary, particularly since the Emir of Kuwait, according to the same story, had lavishly contributed to financing Iraq's war against Iran, and, so far as we know, was likely to continue diverting some of his revenue to Saddam, unless the Americans, by their usual bullying and secret threats, forced him to desist.

Americans are now told that Bushy's aggression in the Persian Gulf was needed to ensure a supply of oil to the United States. That is utter nonsense. If we had a particular yen for petroleum from the territory of Kuwait, we could purchase it from Saddam just as we purchased it from the Emir, and if the price was a little higher, that would only give our rulers a pretext to chivvy the boobs with another fake "energy crisis." But Kuwaitian petroleum has no peculiar charm and was only a very small fraction of our total imports.

We could continue to purchase all the petroleum we want, presumably at the old prices, from Saudi Arabia and the five other Islamic petroleum-producing countries. And, for that matter, we have no need at all for petroleum from the Persian Gulf, which was less than a fifth of our total imports. We could but all the petroleum we want from Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, and Ecuador, which are comparatively near to us, to say nothing of Britain (15), Indonesia, and Libya (16). And it is quite possible that, if we would stop foolishly exporting our own petroleum, and would reserve all of it for our own use, our own territory, including Alaska, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico, could supply the greater part of our present requirements, and the difference could be made up by Canada (17). And that would save the great expense of transporting petroleum half-way around the world in enormous tankers. Furthermore, we could attain complete autarky, so far as petroleum is concerned, by permitting development of our own known reserves.

(15. The petroleum obtained from territorial waters in the North Sea have given Britain a great superfluity of petroleum, which is exported.)

(16. The Sheenies are peeved at the present ruler of Libya and had old Ronnie, on the pretext of a rumor (later proved false) about the nationality of persons who placed a bomb in a night club, make a treacherous attack on Libya. But Americans, if rational and still independent, would pay no attention to the wishes of their domestic enemies, and would buy in whatever market was most advantageous.)

(17. The relevant statistics are generally available, e.g., in recent editions of the World Almanac.)

We simply do not depend on any of the countries around the Persian Gulf and there is no slightest need or even excuse for our meddlesome intervention in that part of the world.

Bushy is prating about "principles" and trying to send the majority of Americans, their minds stultified by Christian superstitions, into fits of murderous righteousness, but such talk from a country that has brazenly flouted and annulled the international law on which civilized nations once agreed is simply ludicrous. And indignation about Saddam's occupation of Kuwait on the part of the United States, which, for example, recently make an unprovoked and treacherous attack on Libya against its own best interests, is nauseating.

Rational men know that what should concern Americans is not the putative virtue or vice of any country in Western Asia, but their own welfare and putative future.

*   *   *

The only problem that Americans need now urgently to consider is what their War Lord intends to do to to them.

Bushy has started a war without even politely asking permission from the Five Hundred Thieves in the Capitol whom the Jews describe as the best Congress their money can buy. Such courtesy was really unnecessary, since Bushy and the Congress serve the same masters, but it would have pleased his subjects. Of course, no one even thought of suggesting that the taxpaying animals should be consulted as to whether they were eager to be killed and taxed for the glory of their War Lord.

As I write, preparations are being made for a massive attack on Iraq around the middle of October. The Iraqis can be provoked into firing the first shot, or, if they do not oblige, an American rocket of two or a missile from Israel could destroy some American ships, or chemicals could be released to asphyxiate or poison a few thousand American soldiers. Iraq would, of course, be blamed. This technique has worked well in the past, from the sinking of the Maine in the harbor of Havana to the destruction of the American fleet that was anchored in Pearl Harbor for the convenience of the Japanese, who had been induced to make the attack in self-defense. (18)

(18. Cf. Liberty Bell, July 1989, pp. 1-8.)

That grand technique is used to launch Americans on a mindless Crusade against their own interests. For a less spectacular squandering of American lives and resources, it sufficed to report that a Vietnamese boat had fired at an American destroyer that had intruded into Vietnamese waters. No one bothered to ask whether the shots had actually been fired, or, if they had, whether they had been provoked, or to ask what an American destroyer was doing there anyway, after the Americans had created Vietnam by betraying the French.

Americans are beginning to perceive the importance of the change in the cast of the show in Washington. Ronnie was a stupid old galoot, who probably did believe in astrology, Armageddon, and similar nonsense, and who could perform in simple roles under a competent director, but he was indolent and lazy, doing only what he was told to do. Bushy, who looks and sounds like a Puritan (19), is highly intelligent, madly ambitious, and hyperactive. Subject to permission from the Jewish satraps, he wants great exploits of his own to feed his ego.

Bushy, remember, was Director of the Criminal Intelligence Agency, not a post for a man who has scruples or likes Americans. You cannot suppose that he would have the slightest compunction about afflicting his American subjects to the utmost.

Since the inauguration of perpetual peace by the United Notions, only two Presidents, Sheeny Truman (20) and a crook from Texas (21), have had the fun of shipping large numbers of American men to be slaughtered on the other side of the globe, and creating an excuse for massively increased taxation to bleed the boobs some more.

(19. I am told that some blabbermouth on the radio affirmed (plausibly enough) that Bush is descended (surely a long way!) from ancestors who arrived on the Mayflower. That reminded me of an historical datum we liked to cite when I was in college: "The Mayflower set sail from Portsmouth on 16 September 1620. It was battered by violent storms on the Atlantic, but did not sink. That was one of the great tragedies of the sea.")

(20. His father was a Sheeny, his mother, a White woman, so he was not a Jew by orthodox standards.)

(21. Johnson, a small-time politician, on whom see J. Evetts Haley, A Texan Looks at Lyndon, was married to and supervised by a Kikess, who probably guided him to power. His character is adequately shown by the fact that he had or simulated a tantrum when some Vietnamese boats supposedly fired at an American destroyer, but when the Kikes bombed and torpedoed the U.S.S. Liberty, killed many American sailors, and tried to sink the little ship without survivors so that they could blame the Egyptians, Lyndon personally forbade the ships of the U.S. Navy near the scene to go to the assistance of the ship that had been detached from their squadron and personally expressed the hope that the Sheenies would succeed in killing all those stupid American swine on the American naval vessel. He was not impeached, convicted of high treason, and shot.)

It is possible that Bushy will be content with only a bloody "peace-keeping" operation, like the ones in Korea and Vietnam, which so delightfully killed or maimed many thousands of young men and squandered the resources of the hated Americans, but he is ambitious and may well envy the glory of the diseased monster who started the Jews' War Against the West and thus contrived the slaughter of millions of the race that is slated for extinction.

A "peace-keeping" operation in the Persian Gulf would suffice for one purpose. When Ronnie and his Republican gang made all the puppy-dog conservatives wag their little tails by reducing the income tax at the top and increasing it near the bottom, especially for the elderly, the only question was how soon the vampires could find a pretext for sucking more blood. The "reduction," except possibly the upper limit, was obviously intended to be ephemeral. For years the Jews' Congress has been spending the United States into a bankruptcy and clearly intends its work to end in a glorious crash and total economic prostration, with impoverishment of the American people and confiscation of what property they have thus far been permitted to retain, thus reducing them to the unmitigated slavery to which old Yahweh destined them.

The "peace-keeping operation" has already produced a sudden cessation of even such fragmentary reports as had come about the Chosens' treatment of the Palestinians, who, we are told by a Kike editor, are so wicked that they put themselves into concentration camps and have themselves beaten, tortured, mutilated, and killed to create prejudice against God's poor persecuted People and make the stingy Americans provide only five thousand dollars for each house-hold in the old Promised Land. The Palestinians are Semites, like the Iraqis, so they are now "our" enemies, and the press is too patriotic to report anything that might diminish "our" righteous anger against wicked Saddam.

While the armed forces of the United States are in the Persian Gulf to overawe any Semites who might belatedly perceive their race's plight, Yahweh's Own will, no doubt, go into action as our "ally." For years, English-speaking newspapers in Jerusalem have been publishing pronouncements that Greater Israel rightfully includes Lebanon, a hapless country the Jews have been maintaining in a state of chaos and terror, partly by their own military incursions and air raids, and partly by means of hired Christian (chiefly Maronite) terrorists. The occupation and annexation of Lebanon is probably imminent. (22)

(22. I think I should note the possibility that there may be something significant in a recent incident. Six members (five male, one female) of an Army Intelligence Brigade stationed at Augsburg recently deserted and, after giving away most of their personal property, came clandestinely to the United States. They had clearance for "top secret" work and were entrusted with "intercepting and exploiting" (i.e., decoding) secret communications of unidentified "foreign nations." They came to this country because they had learned that the Third World War was about to start in Lebanon, and, according to one member of the group, they came to find and prepare underground shelters in which they could survive a devastating war that would last for three years.

Don't let your imaginations run away with you. The six young persons were certainly not cryptanalysts or experts in military intelligence. They were essentially code-clerks, charged with decoding (and, no doubt, translating) messages in codes or cyphers that had already been broken by cryptanalysts or compromised by secret agents. Furthermore, during the Second World War, cryptanalysts were painfully aware that they were operating on the frontiers of the human mind, and it is my ponderated opinion that really high-level and ultra-secret messages are now, thanks to advanced electronic equipment, transmitted in codes and cyphers that are invulnerable to analysis. It is true, however, that important information may sometimes be derived from low-level messages that are sent in some system (e.g., the Haglin machine or its several successors) that can be broken by competent analysts with relative ease.

The story told above could be worthy of consideration, but the rest of it in the press is hopelessly muddled. According to one story, the group came to this country and went to Gulf Breeze, Florida, (where one of them was arrested for a traffic violation) to be a welcoming committee for a defunct but famous christ named Jesus, who was scheduled to arrive on a "flying saucer." According to another story, they were going to assassinate the Anti-Christ, who was due to arrive by the same means of transportation. Unless these stories were planted to discredit the deserters, they are half-wits, and the story is significant only as showing the intellectual nullity of persons now in "intelligence work" and probably typical of the products of the public boob-hatcheries.)

When Lebanon has been taken, the name of the sacred river will prove that Jordan is also part of greater Israel, and then it will be time to validate the Jewish maps that show Greater Israel as including the rich oil fields in Iraq. The eastern frontier of the Holy Land will be moved from the Jordan to the Euphrates, and that should content God's Race for four or even five years, provided their serfs in the United States work ever harder for their comfort.

A "peace-keeping operation" would also suffice for another divertissement for our fun-loving masters. Bushy is mobilizing for shipment to the Persian Gulf the National Guard of the several states, which will thus be left without the power to suppress riots that are beyond control by our demoralized and often "sensitivity-trained" police forces.

As you all know, a vicious, talented, and bloodthirsty mulatto was recently in the United States, where "Liberal" punks and White shamans (23) fawned on him, happy because, although the thousands that have been atrociously murdered in South Africa at his behest have been chiefly Black, they were anticipating delightful mass murder and excruciating torture of the Aryans in South Africa, who are so stupid and spineless that they permit a Bible-toting traitor to be their Prime Minister and prepare for their liquidation.

(23. One passel of holy men, headed by a Catholic Archbishop, not only applauded Mandela but presented him with $200,000 as pin money. A rumor, which obviously cannot be verified, has it that he was given $10,000,000 by an American source, transmitted through Switzerland.)

Mandela, with the approval of such White trash, orated cleverly to urge the niggers in this country to start putting the American swine in their places. The time to give effect to Mandela's good advice will obviously come when Bushy has stripped the states of the armed forces which were their only means of maintaining order in emergencies. Americans whose minds are not narcotized will remember the outbreaks of savagery at Watts and many other places a few years ago, and they can foresee what would happen in similar outbreaks on a much greater scale in all large cities, many small ones, and many towns.

It is likely that our domestic enemies, who, remember, are not resident aliens but degenerate members of our own race, their minds alienated by Christian hokum and humanitarian slop, would reconsider their "ideals" shortly before their skulls were caved in with an axe or they were doused with gasoline and made luminous, but that would do the rest of us no good. And when most of the essentials of civilized life have been destroyed and enough white boobies have been killed or maimed, while our own armed forces are bogged down on the Persian Gulf, Washington could belatedly meet the emergency by bringing in a "peace-keeping force" from Soviet Mongolia to teach the Americans what terror is really like. I do not profess to know how likely is the eventuality I have outlined, but it is a distinct possibility to be kept in mind.

I have said enough to show that a "peace-keeping operation" would satisfy many of our masters' ambitions, but would it sate their desires?

*   *   *

A real war at last would be a perfect means of putting the American boobs in their ecological niche.

The American populace has twice given proof that it is either feeble-minded or driven by a subconscious death-wish.

In 1917, when a crackpot whom the Jews had trained and made President, decreed a "war to end wars," Americans, instead of putting him in a strait-jacket, went insane with righteousness. I need not outline that shameful episode in our history, when crazed masses embarked on a holy war to rescue Jack from the ogre at the top of the beanstalk. Everyone interested in the United States and the probable future of its inhabitants will have acquainted himself with what happened. What we need remember here is that, while holy men and do-gooders howled for blood, the Americans not only tolerated but applauded suspension of their federal and state constitutions to persecute all Americans suspected of intelligence and a rational understanding of what was happening. Venal local officials and terrorists from the Attorney General's office (led by J. Edgar Hoover, who later organized the F.B.I., now the Federal Bureau of Intimidation) were lauded as they illegally and viciously dealt with persons suspected of not being enthusiastic supporters of the "war effort" in a Crusade more insane than any imagined by Don Quixote. The outrageous persecution of Congressman Charles Lindbergh (father of the famous aviator) in Minnesota will serve as an example of what happened throughout the United States, which, remember, was then a nation.

In 1939, when our loathsome War Criminal, with the assistance of his foul helpmates, Stalin and Churchill, succeeded in starting the catastrophic World War to make the world safe for Jewish predators, he began to prate about "quarantining aggressors," and while it is true that he was limited to waging a secret naval war until he arranged the attack on Pearl Harbor, you should note that millions of simpletons were infected with humanitarian blood-lust and clamored for an insane war before December 1941. The point here is that as soon as the diseased monster got his war under way in this country, he began to realize his dream of ruling by sheer terror, as had his models, Lenin and Trotsky. Agents of the F.B.I. (many of them, in that far-off day, reluctantly obeying orders they knew to be illegal and tyrannical), were sent to arrest some thirty-six Americans and drag them in chains to Washington to be judicially destroyed by a corrupt judge who had been appointed for that purpose. (24) That was the infamous Sedition Case, which I have often mentioned in these pages, and you know that the victims were guilty only of the awful crime of not worshipping Yahweh's Yids.

(24. The preposterous pseudo-legal theory that is the basis of such terrorism was invented by Theodore Roosevelt...)

Even under bumbling old Ronnie there was a noteworthy attempt to institute rule by terror. The new Sedition Trial in Fort Smith, Arkansas, failed because Aryan jurymen refused to be tools of tyranny, but the Sheenies have actually urged that it should be possible to punish juries that do not vote as directed. I could list numerous other instances of pseudo-legal terrorism, and, most significantly, even professional legal periodicals have now contained at least one article that argued that the First Amendment must not be used to shelter American swine who grunt without permission of the Master Race.

The Jews, who fondly believe, perhaps correctly, that they have their scaly claws fixed about the necks of Aryans and have only to squeeze, are now procuring from the venal legislatures of state after state obviously illegal "laws" against "hate" to punish Americans who do not kowtow to niggers or, what is even more horrible, dare to be impious toward Yahweh's masterpieces. The "laws" are flagrantly unconstitutional, but that will not prevent them from being enforced by our rulers' courts.

Now imagine what can be done when the dim-witted American public, after having been deluged with journalists' excretions about the wicked Semites in Western Asia--of course, one cannot call them Semitic because the Jews, by one of their audacious hoaxes, have stolen that name for their own hybrid race, so it will be necessary to call them Moslems--imagine, I say, how the brainwashed boobs will react, when preferably after a long stalemate in the Persian Gulf and they are weary of the economic privations imposed on them, they are startled by the contrived destruction of part of the American armed forces, and told that they are engaged in a war for survival.

Enthusiasm for the "war effort" will surpass anything known in 1917 or 1942, and the boobs will be delighted to live under naked tyranny and terror. When they see their Aryan neighbor, suspected of having a copy of Liberty Bell in his house, dragged from his home to be beaten to death in the street or hauled to a prolonged and agonizing death in a concentration camp, such as the foul mongrel called Eisenhower set up for the vanquished Germans, the boobs will smile contentedly and thank their god that their "precious liberties" are being so well protected.

Almost all the holy men will be especially delighted because the "war effort" will have required appeasement of old Yahweh by Draconian legislation to enforce Bushy's proclamation that his American subjects must become aware of "God's love" and "learn His Commandments and the importance of obeying them." (25)

(25. I quote from a sermon Bushy included in his proclamation of 18 July, which designated 22 July as a day to be observed in honor of the mother of three malefactors named Kennedy.)

One can foresee a constantly accelerated campaign against bigotry and hate until all surviving Americans have been so well educated that whenever they see or smell a Sheeny, they will automatically drop to their knees and knock their foreheads on the pavement three times in veneration of their god's regents on earth.

*   *   *

Remember that you are now living under a dictatorship and tyranny as absolute as any known on earth.

If you haven't noticed that fact, it is only because the tyrants have not yet used their power over you.

Bushy has more power than Stalin ever had--more, because Stalin did not have the means of electronic surveillance and record-keeping that "our" Federal government is now employing, and Stalin, furthermore, could not change the long notorious inefficiency and ineptitude of all Russian governments.

Bushy's tyrannical powers, moreover, are entirely legal, as legality now goes in the country our parents and grandparents discarded in fits of righteousness.

By one of those progressive innovations in democratic governments that make you laugh cynically when you hear simple-minded Americans talking as though they had a Constitution or a fairy godmother, "Tricky Dicky" Nixon was empowered to issue in 1969 Executive Order 11,490, which became the Law of the Land sixty days later, when the Congress failed to use its theoretical power to annul it within that space of time. Get a copy of that order, read it, and shudder.

Bushy has only to utter four syllables, "Emergency," to exercise an ostensibly legal power to take over all the means of communication in the United States, including Liberty Bell. He will have the power to seize all supplies of food and allocate the use of them, denying nourishment to you, if he has a whim to do so. He will be authorized to seize all of your property, including bank accounts, and determine what part, if any, of what was once your own you will be permitted to use at his pleasure. He will be able to haul you and your family from your home and turn it over to noble niggers or magnanimous mestizos. He will have power to ship you to any part of the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii, to become slave-labor and given any task that he sets for you. He will have, of course, a multitudinous bureaucracy, divided into twenty-seven departments, to carry out his tyranny, and they, needless to say, will obey his every nod.

What is more, the Jews' Congress is now enacting what is called, for the benefit of boobs, the "National Drug and Crime Emergency Act," which specifically affirms and elaborates the provisions of Nixon's Executive Order. Your newspaper may have told you whether it has been enacted by the time this note appears in print.

Under this act of usurpation, called a law, Bushy will have specifically the power to impose martial law for five years whenever he wants to. You will thus be subject to "legal" arrest, imprisonment, and torture without even a formal accusation or a mock trial. The act also provides for the refurbishing as concentration camps the camps in which Japanese were interned during Roosevelt's war, and you may be quite certain that the relatively mild regime imposed on the Japanese will not be given Aryans who have displeased their War Lord or any of his thousands of satellites or millions of masters. Furthermore, all military bases are to be used as prisons to "re-educate" Americans who have not learned that they have made themselves abject and despised slaves.

Bushy has only to say "Emergency!" So this, dear Americans, is what your Christian righteousness and humanitarian sentimentality have now brought you.

Laugh, clown, laugh.

This article originally appeared in Liberty Bell magazine, published monthly by George P. Dietz from September 1973 to February 1999. For reprint information please write to Liberty Bell Publications, Post Office Box 21, Reedy WV 25270 USA.

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