The Writings of Revilo P Oliver 1908-1994


by Professor Revilo P. Oliver

(Liberty Bell, March 1993)

The Romans considered a kind of boiled cabbage, crambe, the most insipid and tasteless of all dishes, and crambe repetita became a metaphor for the constant repetition of statements or arguments so often heard that they bore you to death. (1) The two-thousandth book about the assassination of Kennedy in Dallas has just been published. It is crambe repetita, but with a spice that constrains me to take notice of it in these pages.

(footnote 1. Cf. Juvenal, 7.154: occidit miseros crambe repetita magistros. There is some uncertainty about which of the four cultivated varieties of cabbage was meant here, and also about whether it was so objectionable merely because it had been boiled or because it had also been warmed over. The metaphor comes from a corresponding Greek proverb.)

Retired Colonel Fletcher Prouty, who now reveals the open secret that he was the designer of the widely shown cinema, "JFK," has written an exposition of his marshalling of facts and theories in that film, JFK: the CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy (New York, Carol Publishing Group, 1993; stated price, $22.00). There is an appreciative introduction by Oliver Stone, who produced the 'sensational' motion picture at which so much obloquy was spat from the foaming mouths of the media of public disinformation.

Colonel Prouty is, of course, well known as the officer who participated in many of the most secret operations of the C.I.A. (2) and then exposed its perfidious treason to the American people in his book, The Secret Team. (3) The present book is devoted to the subject of Stone's cinema.

(footnote 2. The initials are said to represent "Central Intelligence Agency," but 'Communists' International Agentur' might be a more accurate interpretation.)

(footnote 3. Moralists should perpend the fact that, so far as I know, Colonel Prouty's first opportunity to address a fairly large audience was given him by Gallery, a pornographic magazine published by a man named Steve Saunders. Gallery was one of the minor magazines that are generally called pornographic; its circulation was somewhat less than three-quarters of a million copies--a mere dwarf in comparison with the major periodicals, such as Penthouse, with circulations of between five and six million, but a giant in comparison with a "right-wing" periodical with a circulation of perhaps two thousand, read only by the tiny minority of "rightists." The pornographic journals, which had masses of assured and eager readers and so were not immediately subject to control, were the only means of disseminating to a wide audience articles that had not been passed by the stringent Jewish censorship. Colonel Prouty exposed Earl Warren's hoax in Gallery, May 1976.)

Naturally, Colonel Prouty demonstrates the absurdity of the ridiculous report concocted by Earl Warren's team of hoaxers, and reviews evidence that is tediously familiar to everyone who has read critically about the flagrant imposture on public gullibility. (4) Unfortunately, he does not discuss the one piece of the puzzle that has not yet fallen into place: what went wrong with the conspirators' carefully plotted plan and made necessary the improvisations that, in turn, made Warren's attempt to conceal the facts so fatally flawed? (5)

(footnote 4. New to me, who have long since ceased to interest myself in unessential details, were the techniques by which the Federal Bureau of Intimidation produced faked photographs to bolster up Warren's fraud.)

(footnote 5. My own conjecture, based on the speech that Warren had prepared in advance of the assassination, that the plan called for a demonstration that Kennedy had been assassinated by nasty "right-wingers" and "hate-mongers," is, of course, only a conjecture, plausible, but unconfirmed by ascertained facts. I believe, however, that it accounts for more of the known events than any other explanation of which I have heard.)

The very intensity of the efforts to conceal the basic facts about the assassination are, in themselves, conclusive proof that it was carried out by a conspiracy that included the very highest levels of "our" government, and in which more than one President was, at the very least, an accomplice after the fact. And the continuing power of that conspiracy was further attested last year, when professional liars, amateur liars, and credulous dupes were marshalled to discredit the book by Dr. Charles E. Crenshaw and Stone's motion picture.

In Liberty Bell, July 1992, pp. 8-12, and October, pp. 1-31, I discussed the disgraceful attempt by the American Medical Association to support Warren's hoax with the testimony of performing physicians. Of this Colonel Prouty sees the essential point: "This powerful, wealthy association, one of the most influential in the country" was "forced by a higher power, under some form of duress, to play a distasteful role before the American public by repeating a story that is untenable." (6)

(footnote 6. Op. cit., p. 336. He exposes from personal knowledge one lie in the report, the statement that "there were no generals" in the room at Bethesda where the perfunctory autopsy was performed. General Godfrey McHugh, a military aide of the President and an intimate personal friend of Jacqueline Kennedy, was there.)

The power that could so easily make the American Medical Association jig to its tune must be, indeed, a mighty and pervasive power, one that is comparable to the power that is now maintaining the absurd Holohoax in spite of all the accumulating evidence that has conclusively exposed, for what it is, the Jews' greatest swindle.

I am willing to believe that Colonel Prouty is a brave man, although I have no information about his behavior under fire or in similarly perilous situations, but he dares not use the most horrendous of all four-letter words, 'Jews.' He invites his reader to believe that Israel is just another small nation, like Chile and Jordan, with which he classes it!

So far as you will learn from Colonel Prouty, Arthur Goldberg, the sinister Zionist who was always at Kennedy's side, was only "a wise old World War II OSS (7) veteran," while the real ruler of the United States at that time, Avraham ben Elazar, alias Dr. Henry Kissinger, was a man of "high caliber" and tainted only by his association with Richard Nixon, who was so wicked as to oppose pure-hearted Kennedy.

(footnote 7. I need not remind you that the O.S.S. was correctly known to our old-line Military Intelligence as the Office of Soviet Stooges. Of course, there were members who were not Jews or Communists, but they were dupes. You may remember the unfortunate major who was dispatched with two sergeants to deliver supplies to Italians who were revolting against the Italian government. The three men and the supplies were dropped from the air, whereupon the two sergeants murdered the evidently unsuspecting major and delivered the supplies to a gang of their fellow Communists. The two admitted murderers were never punished. The Supreme Court properly ruled that no one could be prosecuted in the civil courts for a crime committed outside the United States (that rule of law was, of course, later abrogated on orders from the Sheenies), while the Army, oddly enough, never thought of court-marshalling a discharged soldier for crimes committed while he was in the Army.)

Colonel Prouty has obviously been cowed into concealing the domination of Yahweh's Yids over the United States, and I need not tell you that any attempt to appraise political realities today is so incomplete and flawed as to be necessarily misleading, if it does not take into account the obviously vast and obviously exerted power of Yahweh's ubiquitous race. It is like talking about military strategy without mentioning air power.

It is with distress that I am constrained to report to you that Colonel Prouty's book is itself a 'cover-up' of a different kind, comparable in its way to the infamous Warren Report.

That is not to say that it does not contain very valuable information. I shall list summarily for you the disclosures that makes this book a work of reference that you will want to keep at hand.

1. From personal knowledge, the Colonel tells how a few agents of the C.I.A. created a "democratic" revolution in Bolivia by denying the forces of the government access to supplies of ammunition, while supplying the opposition with weapons and fire-power. He incidentally notes what should be obvious to everyone, that talk about "democracy" and the like in Bolivia, Iraq, or any one of the hundred similar nations that are now called independent, is just some of the ideological hogwash that is the relished pabulum of "Liberal intellectuals" and other nitwits.

2. Plans for the "war" in Vietnam were formulated in 1945, long before that artificial "nation" was created. About the time that the infamous traitor and accomplice of Franklin Roosevelt, General George Catlett Marshall, was preparing to betray our erstwhile ally, Chiang Kai-shek, to the Communists, and immediately after the surrender of Japan, half of the vast store of weapons and munitions that had been accumulated on Okinawa was rushed by cargo planes to the Communist agitator, Ho Chi Minh, in Tongking to enable him to raise and arm a horde of bandits (especially from the hybrid Muongs), eager to have fun with a gun, and to kill and loot, completely indifferent, of course, to the ideological drivel ("All men are created equal," etc.) with which their chief tried to confuse observers. At the same time, with our usual duplicity, we encouraged and aided the French to recover their colony of Indo-China. In the end, of course, when the French were besieged at Dienbenphu in 1954, we betrayed them with the treachery that the world now regards as an American characteristic.

The principal objective of the nine years of terrorism in Tongking and adjacent regions was to flood Annam (Cochin China) with a horde of more that one million refugees from Tongking, ethnically incompatible with the Annamese, whom they outnumbered in many places, destitute, and a certain source of perpetual disorder and violence; the result was the total destruction of the traditional culture of the Annamese and kindred peoples and the effacement of the civilization that the French had introduced in their colony. (8)

(footnote 8. Colonel Prouty seems oddly hostile to the French, as though he took seriously jabber about "democracy" and "self-rule," and did not know that occupation and rule by an Aryan nation is the only way our civilization--or even toleration of it--can be imposed on the peoples of the various little countries that were lumped together as Vietnam, or on the peoples of innumerable other "emergent nations" throughout the world. Either we occupy and rule those territories or, if it is not in our interest to do that, we leave them to their own devices, without meddling in their affairs. The unending rain of verbal slop about spreading the plague of "democracy" and "doing good" to natives stimulates canting moralists and muddle-headed women, but could serve as a perfect illustration of Robert Burn's famous apostrophe:

Morality, thou deadly bane!

Thy tens of thousands thou has slain.

He should have written 'millions.')

Thus was created the bottomless sink-hole into which were poured billions extorted from American taxpayers to help impoverish them, and to provide a pretext for killing thousands of young Americans and infecting many more with incurable tropical diseases, and for demoralizing the Army by forcing it to fight to sacrifice the lives of its own soldiers and to suffer an humiliating and shameful defeat by barbarians.

3. The C.I.A. trains terrorists from all over the world, regardless of their supposed political animus; the primary purpose is not to overthrown any given régime, but to excite terror, massacre, and chaos throughout the world, obviously--though the Colonel is afraid to say so--in preparation for the Jews' One World, which, as Ben-Gurion proclaimed a quarter of a century ago, is to be stringently ruled from its capital, Jerusalem.

4. Colonel Prouty does see that "the essence of covert operations directed and carried out by the government of the United States, from the top down, is a denial of the international concept of nation-state sovereignty, the principle upon which the family of nations exists." And, furthermore, "the destruction of sovereignty and [the concomitant] disregard for the rule of law" will necessarily result in the abolition of "property rights--as we have witnessed in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union--and the rights of man [i.e., the rights that are taken for granted by Aryans]." (9) That's "One World" again! I have sufficiently commented before on the repudiation of all the conventions of international law and all the ethics of civilized warfare by the hate-crazed British and Americans ever since they became vassals of the World Destroyers. An incidental purpose, of course, is gradually to degrade Americans to the status of abject poverty to which they are destined. In just one year, 1985, $137,600,000,000 was extorted from the American serfs for military operations in the "Third World," i.e., to impose terror and chaos on the luckless natives who were being helped to death.

(footnote 9. Op. cit., pp. 230 f.)

5. He quotes a significant prediction, made in 1972, that "East and West will meet some place [Jerusalem?] toward the middle of about 1990 [i.e., c. 1995, the projected date of the total collapse of the United States]."

6. He believes in the substantial accuracy of Leonard Lewin's Report from Iron Mountain (New York, Dial, 1967), i.e., that it conveys, under a "John Doe" disguise, the substance of a study actually made and its conclusions. This is important because Colonel Prouty, given the positions he has held, should know the provenance and value of a report that he cites with confidence.

The book has some minor imperfections on which we need not expatiate, (10) and we must charitably allow for the fact that Colonel Prouty (like Dr. Crenshaw) seems to have been mesmerized by the rather boyish charm that Kennedy could exert, when he wished. And we may overlook such spurts of hysteria as a claim that "a war waged with hydrogen bombs would most certainly [!]...end life on Earth." (11) The crucial point is that the book is dangerously misleading in its identification of the prime movers of the conspiracy and analysis of their motivation.

(footnote 10. E.g., there is a glib reference to "histories that go back fifteen thousand years and more." I should dearly love to see an historical document, even the crudest, that antedates the invention of writing by seven thousand years.)

(footnote 11. Op. cit., p. 43. Whether a war waged with hydrogen bombs would be more destructive of life and civilization than the Jews' War Against Europe in 1939-1945 is a moot question. 'One Worlders' like to yammer about an end of the world that is imminent unless we obey our alien masters. As a matter of fact, the damage to our nation, race, and civilization wrought by the National Education Association is, if properly appraised, greater than would probably have resulted from a war with the Soviet Union after we had provided it with hydrogen bombs. (The Russians have recently admitted that they made their first atomic weapons by following instructions from the United States, but oddly equivocated when they spoke of hydrogen bombs, perhaps to protect the source of the crucial information. They failed to mention that most of the materials were also supplied by the United States.))

Colonel Prouty would have us believe that the assassination was devised by the government of the United States for the comfort of a "military-industrial complex" that was greedy for the profits to be made from the manufacture and consumption of weapons of war. That is a diversionary sophistry.

All business is conducted for profit, and corporations are organized for the simple purpose of making maximum profits with a minimum of risk. Since all large corporations are now run by professional managers, they are, almost without exception, normally unscrupulous about the ways in which profits are made. That is commonplace. Furthermore, ever since the subversion of our Constitution in 1861 and the vast corruption brought into government by the Abolitionists, corporations are often compelled to resort to bribery, as is normal in a "democracy." (12)

(footnote 12. In the latter half of the Nineteenth Century it became normal that when a state legislature met, the legislators vied with one another in rushing to put their boodle bills into the hopper, since the first man or consortium to spot a given opening for boodle was regarded as having preëmpted it for that session, and it was thought unethical for others to try to "horn in" on the bribes. One of the earliest and most popular kind of such bills was directed at the railroads. The introduction of a bill harassing railroads in some way (e.g., specifying speed limits, requiring flagmen at all road crossings, requiring cabooses on switching operations, etc., etc.) was, of course, a signal for the railroads to pay off the sponsors--as they always did, since that was less expensive than submitting to the harassment or trying to induce the public to discipline its legislators. A favorite boodle bill until recently was one that placed on cigarettes a special tax to be used to subsidize instructions about the evils of cigarettes in the public schools. The tobacco companies regularly paid off until this source of legislative revenue was grabbed by the Federal government and the manufacturers of cigarettes wisely decided to defy it. I am encouraged by the fact that the obligatory printing of the Surgeon General's vaporings on packages of cigarettes has not reduced sales. -- The kind of boodle obtained by what amounts to blackmail must be distinguished from the boodle obtained by sponsoring and passing legislation that enhances the profits of some industry or other group.)

Granting all the profits made from the manufacture and sale of military equipment and granting all the corruption that obligatorily goes with it in a "democracy," Prouty's explanation is grossly inadequate and sometimes inconsistent. (13)

(footnote 13. E.g., Prouty's explanation of the diversion of a contract for a radically new type of airplane from Boeing, which could have produced it, to the hastily improvised General Dynamics, which produced one of the most expensive fiascoes in our history, is that it was favored by Kennedy and his mentor, Arthur Goldberg (a self-proclaimed Zionist, as Prouty refrains from saying), as a means of using $6,500,000,000 to replace Republicans with Democrats in many Congressional districts. Yes, but who got the loot?)

Most of what Prouty thinks sensational is merely normal business. No one thinks it remarkable that General Motors, for example, seeks to increase its sales and profits by every device that does not entail penalties in excess of profits. (14) Almost all businesses spend freely to promote their wares and hire both unscrupulous experts in advertising and unscrupulous salesmen. Even the normal party for good customers, lavishly supplied with choice alcohol and selected young whores, is a kind of bribe, and "kick backs" are, as everyone knows, equally common. (15)

(footnote 14. Some decades ago General Motors and its subsidiaries created a market by boycotting railroads that did not scrap their steam locomotives and buy diesels. Persons who have investigated the fate of electric interurban railways and street car lines believe that General Motors exerted, where necessary, surreptitious pressure, perhaps including covert bribes, to sell diesel busses by instigating or forcing abandonment of the electric cars, which were more efficient and did not pollute the atmosphere. That was good business, to which no believer in "democracy" should take exception.)

(footnote 15. About three decades ago, when I needed to purchase some office equipment, chiefly steel filing cabinets, I was amused by a firm whose computer, having been informed that R.P. Oliver was the purchasing agent for R.P. Oliver, offered the former a secret "kick back" of 20% if he would buy their products at the expense of the latter. Another firm offered the purchasing agent a "complimentary" woman's mink jacket, which would be sent with his compliments to "any address," thus tactfully permitting him to choose between his wife and his doxy. That would have been good business, had the computers been operated by someone with intelligence enough to notice the odd coincidence between the name of the purchasing agent and the name of the owner to be exploited.)

Munitions of war are very expensive and business is reckoned in the billions, not mere thousands or millions. Naturally, the promotion of sales is proportionally expensive. There is nothing remarkable about bribery of generals as part of promotional expense. Our Army was thoroughly demoralized when a notoriously incompetent major named Eisenhower was promoted to supreme command because he was a corrupt tool of the Roosevelt-Baruch government and eager to help betray the United States. And, anyway, business with government must now be done in terms of Roosevelt's famous "Four Freedoms," as they were realistically defined at the time by cynical bureaucrats in Washington: The Rake Off [now called 'rip off,' i.e., of the public], the Pay Off, the Shakedown, and the Fix.

We are told that the primary purpose of the assassination was to prevent the reëlection of Kennedy. No one need have bothered. What Colonel Prouty regards as "almost certain" was, at the time of the assassination, most unlikely. (16)

(footnote 16. Cf. Liberty Bell, October 1992, pp. 25-30. And consult magazines of the period, not "right-wing" publications, but journals that profess soberly to assess political prospects. I may exaggerate the effect of the Indignation Meetings that were being held in forty-two states, because I found in the audiences I addressed a response of anger and determination that I found in no other audiences, not even those that seemed most appreciative of what I told them. But it is certain that Kennedy had, for many reasons, become a liability to the Democratic Party, which doubtless had come to regret the massive electoral fraud by the Daley machine in Chicago which procured his election.)

And why should anyone have wanted to prevent that reëlection? Prepare for a shock. It was because "the Kennedys...were going to prepare America for peace"! (17) If such a purpose was entertained, it could be compared only to the zealots' almost annual efforts to prepare America for the imminent "second coming" of a mythical god called Jesus.

(footnote 17. Op. cit. p.151. This reminds one of the drivel about a "warless world" that is often used to stimulate the glands of thoughtless women and craven males. A world without wars would necessarily be a world without the species of mammals that are called human.)

The Colonel does not explain how Kennedy was going to promote "peace" by giving Communist nations our latest military aircraft, the act that touched off the Indignation Meetings, but he assures us that Kennedy did intend to end American involvement in Vietnam. It is quite possible that Kennedy thought that a promise to recall American troops from Indo-China would help him win reëlection, much as Roosevelt's promise that American soldiers would never be sent abroad helped him dupe the credulous electorate. The meddling in South-East Asia was generally unpopular, although it seemed relatively unimportant before Johnson made it a second and more disastrous Korea. Since the pretext that we had a "duty" to "liberate" the various peoples in Vietnam from "Communism" (which we had cleverly forced on them) convinced no judicious observer, our enemies contrived the brilliant strategy of having "Liberal" (i.e., crypto-Communist) professors of "Social Science" etc. send hordes of their trained punks out to demonstrate violently against the "war" as supporters of the Communist régime--a masterly device that prevented intelligent Americans from expressing publicly a rational opposition to what was really a Communist operation carried on by the alien government in Washington. (18)

(footnote 18. Only vast subsidies to the revolutionists in Cambodia were mentioned in the advertisement published on the morning of the day Kennedy was assassinated (see Liberty Bell, October 1992, pp. 5 f.). For what we eventually did to the Cambodians, see Liberty Bell, October 1988, pp. 1-10.)

We are further told that the C.I.A. had to liquidate Kennedy, who intended to "break it into a thousand pieces." Kennedy doubtless made that threat in a moment of real or feigned anger when he was acutely embarrassed by having to assume responsibility for the betrayal of the Cuban exiles whom we landed at the Bay of Pigs and then abandoned (and also, as Prouty forgot to mention, the betrayal to Castro of the anti-Communist underground in Cuba, which had been instructed to rise when the landing at the Bay of Pigs occurred). Kennedy had to admit the responsibility, because the final order to betray the Cubans came from his staff. (19) It is uncertain that Kennedy, if he persisted in a purpose that occurred to him in a moment of anger, would have been permitted by Goldberg and Kissinger to carry out that threat, or, if they consented, that he could have done so.

(footnote 19. This is admitted by Colonel Prouty, op. cit., p. 157 f. Can we believe that Kennedy's assistant, McGeorge Bundy, acted without his knowledge and approval?)

Kennedy's threat to liquidate the C.I.A. is only a red herring dragged across our path at this point to distract us from Colonel Prouty's major thesis, the ultimate responsibility of the "military-industrial establishment." Granted that that establishment happily made profits out of the squandering of American lives and resources in Vietnam, and was glad, for example, to replace the five thousand helicopters that, according to Colonel Prouty, were shot down (because the American government was fighting for defeat, not victory), can we believe that the "military-industrial establishment" planned that war to create a market? And if so, why should it have devised an operation so disastrous to the United States, in which most of that establishment was based?

Colonel Prouty has put himself in the position of a man who would argue that the atrocious war of race-suicide called the Civil War was devised and promoted by the "military-industrial establishment" that profited so lavishly from manufacturing and supplying "Union" (i.e., Northern) troops with warships, cannons, ammunition, shoddy clothing, fragile shoes, decaying rations, and the like. Did that establishment hire the hate-crazed Abolitionists who really caused the insane attack on the South?

Can anyone believe that it was the "military-industrial establishment" that ordered Bushy to serve the Jews by entrapping Saddam and attacking Iraq? And, for that matter, was it the "military-industrial establishment" that arranged the attack on Germany in 1939 and Roosevelt's projected attack on Japan in 1941 as a means of serving the Judaeo-Communists?

Is the business establishment also the author of all the subversion of the United States from which it can expect no significant profit? Is it that establishment that is carrying on the campaign to exterminate our race by flooding the still civilized countries of Europe and North America with hordes of racial enemies, and by inciting mongrelization as a preliminary to the final massacre of the remaining Aryans?

There is only one power on earth that could or would carry out such a scheme of world conquest, and that, of course, is the power that is now ramming its Holohoax into the minds of Aryan children to destroy their self-respect and racial will to live. And that is also the power that Colonel Prouty is afraid to mention--the power that he, whether willingly or under duress, is diligently serving by concealing its very existence from his readers.

In his book Colonel Prouty has torpedoed the incredible Warren Report. That was like torpedoing a sinking ship, but perhaps he gave the doomed hulk a coup de grace and hastened its end. That is commendable. I am indeed saddened that his book is also a monstrous cover-up, a vast and systematic deception comparable to that carried out by writers who ostentatiously blame the British, our fellow victims, or mysterious "insiders" for the deadly depredations of the race that has, for more than two thousand years, worked with infinite patience, subtle intelligence, and implacable hatred to annihilate our race, our civilization, and all that we created.

This article originally appeared in Liberty Bell magazine, published monthly by George P. Dietz from September 1973 to February 1999. For reprint information please write to Liberty Bell Publications, Post Office Box 21, Reedy WV 25270 USA.

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