The Writings of Revilo P Oliver 1908-1994


by Professor Revilo P. Oliver (Liberty Bell, November 1992)


THE SCABROUS STOOGES who are destroying Canada for the Jews succeeded, on their second attempt, in having James Keegstra convicted of "hate," that is, of having mentioned certain historical facts to his students in a high school. When he made the blunder of telling the truth, he was a teacher in the high school of Eckville, Alberta, and the mayor of the little town. The Sheenies squawked, and the pusillanimous White inhabitants of Eckville obeyed their masters by removing Mr. Keegstra from both positions and forcing him to earn his living as a mechanic in a garage.

At his second trial, Mr. Keegstra, impoverished, had to act as his own attorney and was doubtless inept, lacking knowledge of legal technicalities, and, above all, of the techniques of persuasion and cross-examination. The jury that convicted him cannot have been entirely composed of invertebrates, for they argued among themselves for eighteen hours before returning a verdict of "guilty." His conviction naturally was followed by obscene rejoicing by his and our enemies. One of them had the effrontery to say that "all Canadians" rejoice that they have been muzzled and forbidden to displease the aliens who have captured and occupied their government.

One feels compassion for another martyr who sought to defend our fatuous and self-doomed race, but I am sure that Mr. Keegstra, who professes a belief in Christianity, will be astonished when he realizes, on reconsideration, that he was convicted of atheism.

Intelligent Jews, needless to say, do not believe the absurd myths told in the Jew-Book, but they nevertheless maintain their racial identity and solidarity by an unshakeable belief in their race's enormous superiority to goyim, whom they despise for the very qualities that we honor, and in their race's manifest destiny to preside over the whole earth and impose their godly whims on enslaved subjects. That confidence they summarize in the neat maxim, "God is the Jewish People."

The late Jack Bernstein, a Jew (1) who went starry-eyed to Israel and returned embittered, asserted in his first booklet (2) that the present ruling class in Israel is composed of atheists, meaning, no doubt, that they did not even pretend to believe their race's mythology. In his second and more valuable booklet, My Farewell to Israel, the Thorn in the Middle East, (3) he quotes significant passages from the Babylonian Talmud and from the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (of which he does not doubt the authenticity, having seen its program carried out in the normal operations of the Zionists), and he also sees that they are not inconsistent with atheism as he uses the term. Indeed, it is no exaggeration to say that the atheistic Jews are determined to become gods to the goyim.

(1. Assuming that his mother was a Jewess. If she was not, he was not a real Jew, according to the orthodox definition of their race.)

(2. See Liberty Bell, May 1985, pp. 5-6.)

(3. Detroit Lakes, Minnesota; Pro-American Press, 1985. I do not know where copies may be obtained. Letters to the Press are unanswered. Part or all of the stock of Bernstein's first booklet fell into the hands of a Christian dervish, who distributed copies to persons who contributed funds to his business. If the second booklet likewise came into his possession, he probably destroyed something so damaging to the Self-Chosen People, whose patronage he must retain. Part of the second booklet is a narrative of Bernstein's experiences in the "police state" of Israel, from which he succeeded in escaping in December 1976. He earned our gratitude by taking our side in the clandestine war against our race. He died, of a suddenly developed cancer, in the Veteran's Hospital, Martinsburg, West Virginia, on 4 May 1987. Shortly before his death, he asked Liberty Bell (the only periodical that would dare to print what he had to say) to send a reporter to whom he could recount his observations of Zionist subversion and sabotage of American interests in the Philippines, from which he had recently returned, but unfortunately it was impossible to fulfill his request before he died.)


"God is the Jewish People" appears at first sight to be a paradoxical statement. But is it not logically implied by the otherwise amazing statement in the Talmud (4) that when God has a problem, he consults the learned rabbis and follows their advice?

(4. I noticed this passage of impudent arrogance, astonishing even in the Jews, when glancing through that horrendous collection, but I seem to have failed to make a note of precisely where it occurred.)


That the Yids identify their race with God is apparent from the work of a singularly candid and honest Jew, Maurice Samuel, who tried to explain, as courteously as he could, the impassable, unbridgeable gulf between his race and our own in his You Gentiles, (5) a book that you simply must read, if you hope to understand the Jewish problem.

(5. New York, Harcourt-Brace, 1924; reprint available from Liberty Bell Publications, $6.50 + postage.)


Mr. Samuel tells us frankly (p. 74) "In the Jew, nation and people and faculties and culture and God are all one. ... The feeling in the Jew, even in the free-thinking Jew like myself, is that to be one with his people is to be thereby admitted to the power of enjoying the infinite." [My italics.] He later discusses the religious emotions of atheist Jews, which must come from the religion that identifies their race as a living god in this world, a divine reality, unlike fabulous supernatural beings of whose existence there is no proof.

"God is the Jewish People." And that god has ordained, for purposes of his own, that the livestock on his plantation are to venerate him and believe whatever he tells them, no matter how absurd. The animals must have a Faith that paralyses such powers of ratiocination as they may possess.

Keegstra, you see, was convicted of doubting God's Word.


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