The Writings of Revilo P Oliver 1908-1994


by Professor Revilo P. Oliver

(Liberty Bell, February 1992)

Americans with very retentive memories can still recall the obscene farce staged by veteran comedians in the Senate when they pretended to be in doubt about the appointment of a nigger to the Revolutionary Tribunal in Washington, which is still called the Supreme Court. Some who watched the show were so interested that they wondered which nigger lied the most -- which was like wondering which actor in the once popular burlesque shows was the more repulsive. And when the show reached its prearranged conclusion, some realized that it had been like the once popular 'strip tease' acts, which held the attention of some spectators from the time the actress opened the bodice of her dress to the inevitable conclusion when she removed her remaining 'G-string,' thus disappointing men who had hoped to see something novel.

The show was staged, of course, to distract public attention from the War Lord's order that the United States be made defenceless against the major nuclear powers, Russia and Israel, and from the White Inferiority Act (called 'Civil Rights') that Bushy signed on 21 November, as soon as David Duke and his nasty White supporters had been safely defeated in Louisiana.(1)

(footnote 1. Some think that Lord Bushy was impressed by the 55% of the White vote that Duke received and therefore, after endorsing the infamous law, uttered some words which the horrified "Liberals" interpreted as meaning that White tax-paying animals should have some rights too.)

We should note in passing that having a nigger on the Revolutionary Tribunal is not necessarily a bad thing. Remember that the vacancy for Trusty Thomas was created by the retirement of the mulatto who first publicly proclaimed a fact which, although obvious to judicious observers, had been hypocritically dissembled by generations of White justices of the Supreme Court--the fact that the American Constitution had been legally rescinded and scrapped in 1865 (after it was nullified by the invasion of the South in 1861).

People who watched the farce could not but observe that the nigger had procured a white woman, the real status symbol in his race as well as a demonstration of the race's triumph over the stupid White boobs, who fecklessly gave them citizenship and permitted them to vote. Some may have wondered about the arrangement, particularly when they learned that the White woman was a high-salaried lawyer in the Labor Department, so that both husband and wife will have their mouths fastened on the public teats.

There is a weekly publication called USA Weekend that is sold to the smaller daily papers, which print their own name at the top of the first page and distribute it as the "magazine section" of their Sunday (or Saturday) papers. In the issue for November 23-24, the Weekend disclosed some interesting facts.

The white woman, whose maiden name appears to have been Virginia Lamp and who hails from Omaha, met Trusty Thomas "in April 1986 at a meeting of the Anti-Defamation League in New York." That gives one to think. What was the pair doing at a meeting of the Jewish cowboys who ride herd on their American cattle? Did they belong in the Defamation League (the 'Anti' is just typical Yiddish antiphrasis) or were they mere goyim, serving as lackeys in attendance on God's Race?

Thomas looks like a fairly pure-blooded Congoid, but he seems to have the intelligence of a mulatto. The wife looks like a fairly attractive White woman. But who knows?

The genetic combinations that occur in miscegenation do not produce uniform results. The complexion of true mulattoes (i.e., 50% of each component) may be lighter or darker than one would expect from an equal mixture. There is therefore no proof that Thomas may not have in his veins the divine ichor of God's Race, which has a Congoid component of at least 5% to 10% to begin with. (2)

(footnote 2. See Professor A.E. Mourant, The Genetics of the Jews, Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1978.)

And everyone has seen females who appear to be Aryan and even Nordic, with blonde hair and even blue eyes, but who are really Jewesses, having inherited their distinctive physical characteristics from their Aryan fathers or even grandfathers, while their mothers contributed to the mixture the invisible mind and soul. (3)

(footnote 3. As everyone knows, the Jews, who must have learned practical genetics in twenty-five or more centuries of experience as a hybrid race, believe that Jewishness is, like haemophilia, transmitted only by females, so that the race of the fathers is irrelevant, except insofar as it may produce advantageous physical characteristics. That is why German male children were kidnapped at the end of the Suicide of the West and taken to Israel to be raised as Kikes and to contribute physical stamina and courage to their Jewish progeny. (When Jack Bernstein was in Israel and was found eating with a nigger Jew, he was bullied by a Jewish policeman who looked exactly like a German Storm Trooper. See Liberty Bell, May 1985, pp. 5-7. Bernstein thought of himself as a Jew, but it would be interesting to know whether his mother was a Jewess.))

It doesn't really matter, of course, but it would be interesting to learn the respective heredities of this exemplary pair, darlings of the "Liberals" and heralds of Things to Come.

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