The Writings of Revilo P Oliver 1908-1994


by Professor Revilo P. Oliver

(Liberty Bell, May 1992)

Some Populist Parties--I know not how many--are now promoting the candidacy for the Presidency of Colonel James Gritz, who likes to be called 'Bo,' a mildly derisive epithet rather than a nickname. (1) If he published his Called to Serve (Sandy Valley, California; Lazarus Publishing Co., 1991) to promote his candidacy, it is certainly the longest (c. 700 pages), weightiest (3 1/4 lb.), and most interesting piece of 'campaign literature' ever published. I shall not, however, treat it as 'campaign literature.' I shall assume that the author is expressing his own beliefs and opinions, (2) not just scattering boob-bait compounded by a staff of professional liars.

(footnote 1. The 'bo' is an appellation or epithet of uncertain origin, not a personal sobriquet. It appears in the words 'hobo,' 'boy' (in the original sense of 'knave, varlet,' which persisted in English to the time of Shakespeare, and accounts for the British colonial use of 'boy' for a native servant), 'bohunk' (erroneously explained as a compound of Bohemian + Hungarian, the word is generally used to designate a white, loutish and hulking male of the lowest social class; in early Canadian usage it was applied to itinerants who were 'hobos' but claimed to be looking for work), 'bubo' (not, of course, the medical term; it seems to be German bube, a cognate of 'boy' in the original meaning), and possibly 'bogie,' the spectre being thought of as male. 'Bo' does not seem connected with beau, meaning either a dandy or a woman's admirer or in its basic meaning, 'handsome.' It is apparently less pejorative than the epithet 'guy,' which, of course, implies that the person to whom it is applied is a grotesque, perhaps tatterdemalion, and certainly ludicrous figure, comparable to the figures stuffed with straw that are burned in England on Guy Fawkes Night. Acquiescence in derisive epithets seems to be common in some masculine groups.)

(footnote 2. That the Colonel wrote the book that bears his name seems attested by the fairly numerous syntactical and lexical errors. A 'ghost writer' who could produce this appearance of authenticity by simulating errors at points where they seem uncontrived and natural would be so artful and cunning as to be at the very top of his profession--and correspondingly expensive.)

The Colonel is a soldier with great experience in the kind of desperate warfare of which the general public knows nothing; he is the most honored and decorated commander of the Special Forces, commonly known as the Green Berets; he has an intense loyalty to a patriot's conception of the United States; he has risked his life and fought with extraordinary courage for his country many times; and he has had the even greater courage to confront and denounce the alien government that now rules the United States and to identify some of its masters. He is entitled to our respect and gratitude. That makes it impossible to review this book in detail within the limited space of a periodical such as Liberty Bell, and extremely difficult to review it summarily without either favor or injustice to its earnest author.

After some information about the military family of which the author is a scion and his own family, the book deals with five distinct but often overlapping subjects, videlicet: 1) the author's adventures in Vietnam; 2) the Americans who are now held prisoner in Vietnam and adjacent territories; 3) the fake "war on drugs" promoted by the principal operators in the production and sale of narcotics; 4) a description of the Special Forces, commonly known as the Green Berets, of the U.S. Army, and the kind of warfare for which they are trained; and 5) an assessment of the parlous, if not desperate, position of the American people today.

The best and most succinct description of the "war" in Vietnam as experienced by the soldiers of our regular Army is The L.B.J. Brigade, by "William Wilson," (3) published by the Apocalypse Press in Los Angeles in 1966. I regret that I cannot tell you where copies may now be obtained. It is the book you should read, if, for example, you are to understand the outrage perpetrated on Lieutenant William L. Calley, Jr., who, to further the demoralization of the American Army, was sent to prison for having obeyed orders to minimize the loss of life in the detachment of which he was in command. He did not understand that the "war" in Vietnam was fought and managed for the purpose of killing and maiming as many young Americans as possible.

(footnote 3. The author, certainly an American officer of some intermediate rank, prudently concealed his identity under a pseudonym obviously taken from Edgar Allan Poe. As for the implications of this choice of a nom de guerre, your conjectures will be as good as mine.)

The present book will not help you understand that aspect of the war. Colonel Gritz, a distinguished officer in the Special Forces, fought a quite different kind of war, in which he believed, and may even now believe, that he was fighting for his country. (I use the term advisedly, for he seems not to know the difference between a country and a nation.)

The techniques of this kind of warfare I shall consider later, but it involves operations by very small detachments of Green Berets within enemy territory or in the no man's land between that territory and positions held by American forces. Some of these detachments consisted of only Gritz and one or two White subordinates in command of a small body of irregular native mercenaries, commonly Cambodians, chosen for their abiding hatred of the Vietnamese.

Colonel Gritz reports many perilous and desperate missions, which, though told without the literary art of narration, will hold your attention as tales of adventure, but I shall not attempt to decide which are the most thrilling, and none seems noteworthy as having had an appreciable effect on the progress and outcome of the "war" in Vietnam.

After the well-planned debacle in Vietnam, Colonel Gritz, convinced that many American soldiers were still being held captive in Vietnam and adjacent territory, returned to the scene of his earlier adventures. He did so covertly, having obtained a kind of ambiguous official documentation that later served as a pretext for persecuting him when the rulers in Washington wanted to stifle reports about the American soldiers who were (and still are) suffering a prolonged, painful, and degrading captivity. War Lord Bushy himself is said to have issued orders to "get" Colonel Gritz and silence him. Fortunately, the Colonel was tried by a jury that Federal authorities had neglected to "fix" in advance, and was acquitted.

The long narrative of the way in which Gritz was secretly enlisted by dissident (i.e., patriotic) factions in the Army to undertake that search for the American prisoners, officially resigning from the Army and undertaking, supposedly on private initiative (so that responsible officers could plausibly deny all connection with, or knowledge of, the scheme), a covert operation, and the almost endless vicissitudes of the project, with clandestine attempts to abort it by other military factions and governmental agencies, is a lesson on the present intricately tangled state of American military services, which now resembles the Gordian Knot.

Gritz finally reached Vietnam, accompanied by three former comrades, one of whom broke under stress and became a liability, since his past comradeship and record deterred Gritz from killing him, as, strictly speaking, it was his duty to do in order to eliminate a serious handicap. (4) Gritz and his two useful subordinates, having with them the most advanced equipment for guerrilla combat the Army could supply, enlisted native mercenaries (5) to conduct the search.

(footnote 4. I speak of his duty in the field as a commander of the Green Berets; see below. It is interesting to note that when the man whose courage broke returned to the United States, he proved to be a moral weakling as well, becoming a venal traitor to his commander, seriously endangering the mission, and causing the death of a very useful native informant.)

(footnote 5. Gritz avoids the word and even seems to ignore the real motivation of the natives who helped him, member of a hated race and even more hated as an American. An examination of the record will convince you that his native imperatives betrayed him more often than he admits. Of course, the perpetual civil war in progress among the natives gave some of the natives an additional interest in serving the Americans when that was detrimental to an opposing faction.)

After many adventures and close escapes from death, principally in Laos, Colonel Gritz and his White subordinates obtained a great deal of information about Americans held captive in and about Vietnam, but did not succeed in rescuing a single one, partly because they were continually harassed from Washington.

It was in the course of this search that Gritz came into contact with the very extensive and lucrative production of heroin and similar narcotics in Southeast Asia, and he eventually reached an Oriental counterpart of our Bushy, Khun Sa, the Burmese War Lord who controls the region called the Golden Triangle, which produces the larger part of all the heroin now used by addicts in the United States and Europe. (Cocaine is imported from South America.)

Khun Sa pretended to disapprove of his land's most profitable industry, which has made Burma (6) the richest nation in Southeast Asia, and gave Colonel Gritz a wealth of information on the segments of the American government that import and sell heroin in this country. The extremely lucrative business is controlled by the C.I.A., of which our War Lord was once the official director and who must, of course, have been involved in the business to that extent at least.

(footnote 6. The rulers of Burma recently changed its name to Myanmar; I do now know whom they are trying to fool. Burma is a nation because the native population has run out of the country the many Hindus and Chinese who once controlled its economy, and almost all of the "refugees" who have entered it from time to time. The Burmans are a Mongoloid race of Tibetan origin who invaded and occupied the country in the Ninth Century. The racially diverse enclaves of peoples of Siamese origin (Shin, Karen) are usually kept under effective control. As everyone knows, Burma was once an orderly and well-governed British colony, but was turned loose when our race finally succumbed to the Judaeo-Christian virus.)

"Democratic" Warfare

The Special Forces fight the "democratic" modern type of warfare by methods that may shock you if you retain in your mind any belief in the standards and ethics of civilized warfare that are instinctive to our race and prevailed during the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries. That now obsolete code was repudiated as nations came under Jewish control, and the last nation that tried to observe it was Germany under the National Socialist regime. Some vestiges of it lingered among the older officers of Britain--especially the British Navy, (7)--and of the United States, the two Aryan nations which had taken the lead in repudiating the concept of civilized warfare, replacing it with the more pragmatic standards of sophisticated savages and Jews.

(footnote 7. Cf. Liberty Bell, April-May 1991, p. 96.)

The old standards of warfare depended on the Aryan and, indeed, essentially Nordic conception of honor, which Jews and their Judaized subjects think ridiculous. The honor of commanders made them not only themselves refrain from certain "dishonorable" acts, but also prevent the commission of such acts by the men under their command. Some things were "not done." War was waged by armies against armies, not against civilians, who were to be spared even financial loss and hardships as much as possible; one did not kill women and children; there were legitimate ruses de guerre that everyone recognized, but one did not wage war treacherously; enemy soldiers who were captured or surrendered were prisoners of war, to be treated with decent consideration according to their rank; and one respected and admired the valor of brave adversaries.

White Aryan nations retained their natural instincts, they fought bravely in their national wars, (8) sometimes even chivalrously, but never unscrupulously. The only partial exception was in intelligence services, which were subject to the rule that agents sent "into the field" (i.e., into other countries) must never be commissioned officers, because commissioned officers were gentlemen, and the kinds of deception and corruption practiced by spies could not be practiced by honorable men. Of course, all that has changed, now that the rage for "equality" has made gentlemen like dinosaurs, a picturesque but extinct species.

(footnote 8. That is, wars in the interest of the nation or its ruling dynasty. I thus exclude wars of religion, which were noted for their hideous atrocities, committed largely by enraged civilians or armies that got out of the control of their commanders. (Few military men could equal the Duke of Wellington's strictly disciplined control of his army, which invaded France without despoiling or terrorizing the French population.) When Aryans become crazed with Judaic superstitions and engage in a war with Satan, they naturally seek to exterminate persons who hold incorrect opinions about the composition of their 3-in-1 god and must obviously be Satan's agents. When this baneful effect of Christianity waned, largely as a result of empirical demonstration that Jesus & Co., Inc., were either unable or unwilling to champion the party of the True Faith (whatever that was), the addiction to the mental drug called righteousness sought an outlet in disastrous social agitation of one kind or another, such as caused the French Revolution and the dissolution of the American Republic in 1861.)

To the modernized mind, civilized warfare seems quaint and silly. Your army should avoid battle with enemy armies as much as possible, and instead attack and destroy the unarmed and helpless civilian population, because that is safer and they can be slain in much greater numbers and with much more fun. That policy is obviously correct, because the unarmed civilians are the real enemies since they finance and supply the opposing army, so use your most advanced weapons to kill as many of them as possible and proudly display your talent for savagery and sheer frightfulness, as the British and Americans did when serving their Jewish masters against Germany in 1939-1945. Rape women to degrade them, but, preferably, kill them when they are no longer amusing. Women bear children and children grow up to become adult enemies, so kill them, and, if you are in a playful mood, torture them first. Enemy soldiers who think they are dealing with civilized enemies are fools: accept their trusting surrender, disarm them, and then treacherously massacre them or betray them to their enemies or imitate the foul mongrel, Eisenhower, and his Soviet colleagues: murder them slowly and with maximum suffering in prison camps. When you capture the noblest of the enemy, murder them after torturing them and degrading them in an obscene parody of a trial for "war crimes." There is nothing so vile that you should not do it whenever it is expedient or entertaining--do it without hesitation and with inner amusement at the old fuddy-duddies who have a silly weakness called scruples. As for the tax-paying herds in your own country, you can keep them befuddled with gabble about "human rights," "world peace," and your own lofty moral principles. All this is simply a practical application of what Americans call "democracy." They love it.

It was only natural that the Americans were the first Aryan nation to repudiate military ethics in the orgy of blood-thirsty righteousness they called a Civil War, lying to themselves, almost as though they had a subliminal conscience that had to be soothed. Sherman's March to the Sea especially shocked the British, who were certain no civilized nation could be capable of such atrocities--and who imitated it when the Jews nudged them into action in South Africa in 1899.

You must keep this hurried sketch of up-to-date warfare in mind when you consider the Green Berets.

The elite troops selected for detachment to the Special Forces early adopted as their insigne a green beret adorned with a death's head in imitation of famous German regiments; this was finally recognized as official by President Kennedy, who thereby earned the gratitude of these extraordinary soldiers, including Colonel Gritz.

The Green Berets are a corps of especially "tough" men, selected for their physical prowess and stamina and their mental acuity and agility. They undergo a rigorous training in all the methods of clandestine killing, from karate, in which Gritz holds a very advanced degree (as does his present wife!) to the use of highly elaborate and sophisticated weapons, from ingenious bombs to concealed poisons, from silenced machine guns to rifles for marksmen who hit their targets in total darkness, using, of course, invisible infra-red radiation. They are experts at setting and detecting booby traps. They are masters of all the techniques of successful infiltration and assassination. They must, of course, be totally unscrupulous and utterly ruthless in carrying out whatever mission is delegated to them by their military superiors. "Theirs not to reason why."

Colonel Gritz, who estimates that he has himself killed about four hundred men individually, also had his men murder prisoners when it was clearly expedient to do so, and did not hesitate to use torture to extract information, although he did censure wanton indulgence in sadistic urges. (9) He confesses to having felt pity several times when his indulgence in it could have endangered an operation, although in the event it did not prevent success. This marks him as a less than perfect member of Special Forces.

(footnote 9. He mentions a certain Captain D'Jan (what racial muddle is indicated by that name?) who, to obtain information a couple may not have had, resorted to such means as burning off the woman's nipples while her tortured but still conscious husband watched. D'Jan expected to be commended for his ingenuity, and was surprised when Gritz, disapproving of such gratuitous cruelty, relieved him from duty and, knowing that D'Jan was also generally incompetent, sent him back to the U.S., where he successfully advertised himself as a great hero of the "war.")

The Green Berets, who are under Army command, are obviously much more efficient than the operatives of the C.I.A., who undertake similarly unconventional errands. You must honor them as heroes, even if you deplore the necessities of "democratic" warfare.

How Treason Prospers

I suspect that Colonel Gritz had his first misgivings when he saw that the "war" in Vietnam was managed to ensure a disgraceful American defeat after the greatest feasible loss of American lives and the greatest feasible burden on American tax-payers to stimulate their gradual reduction to open slavery. And it was probably his experiences in seeking the American captives in Vietnam that finally proved to him that the United States is governed by enemies of the American people.

He is shrewd. He rightly sees that the boobs first put the noose about their necks when they subjected themselves to the Federal Reserve and the Income Tax. He realizes that the uncomprehending Americans are the subjects and victims of a vast international conspiracy, of which he identifies some segments.

As an expert in such operations, he analyses the C.I.A.'s assassinations of President Kennedy, his brother, "Bobby Sox" Kennedy, and the obnoxious nigger named King, (10) and comments on the attempted assassinations of George Wallace, President Ford, and Reagan, (11) who were either accidentally or designedly wounded but not killed. He also remarks on the ways these operations were covered up, most commonly by identifying and "framing" as the assassin a person who could not be guilty, or, as in the case of the assassination of Jackanapes Kennedy, by murdering the man falsely accused and then killing off persons whose testimony could have exposed the hoax contrived by Earl Warren to conceal the facts. (12)

(footnote 10. The C.I.A. has a man named Ray convicted of the "crime." I have intended for several years to review James Earl Ray's Tennessee Waltz, the Making of a Political Prisoner (Saint Andrews Press, Saint Andrews, Tennessee; 1987). I have not yet seen his more recent and, I am told, more explicit book. -- King was both an habitual criminal (with a record so foul that it has been sealed up until far into the next century) and a loud-mouthed but thoughtless agitator. It is reported that the New York office of the Jews' National Association for the Advancement of the Colored People, sent a communication to the branch office in New Orleans commenting on recent statements by the vicious nigger, who "could not open his mouth without putting his foot into it," and pointedly remarking that a dead martyr would be more useful than a living embarrassment. But the C.I.A. would have needed no reason for the killing other than a wish to stir up the niggers in the United States to more action against the White boobs who tax themselves to subsidize their natural enemies. The racial war, which is to bring home to Americans all the joys that they bestowed on the Cambodians, Laotians, and Vietnamese, must, of course, be approached by easy stages.)

(footnote 11. As was doubtless planned, Reagan, whether or not he knew of the arrangement, sustained only a very slight wound that was not even painful and could not conceivably have been inflicted by the heavy pistol used by the man (named Hinkley) who did shoot some people. It is uncertain whether Hinkley was a patsy, stimulated by C.I.A. agents to attempt an assassination and covertly supervised to limit his fire to expendable victims, or simply hired for a public performance. He is imprisoned in a "mental hospital" to prevent him from explaining his conduct.)

(footnote 12. Gritz missed the point that Warren must have been a member of the conspiracy, as shown by his publicly reading, immediately after he got the good news from Dallas but before he could be advised of what had gone wrong in the scheduled performance, a script that had been prepared in advance and did not take into account what had actually happened.)

The last part of the book is an earnest, almost passionate, and largely accurate (as far as it goes) description of the desperate situation of the American people today. Readers of this periodical already know most of the pertinent facts. It would be otiose to repeat them here. One detail calls for comment that I must reserve for a later discussion.

The Astounding Paradox

My duty to you, dear reader, now constrains me to the disagreeable and almost painful task of giving you a significant bit of information you will be unwilling to believe.

Colonel Gritz is a fearless soldier with an heroic record. He has the keen and alert intelligence needed to survive when one is on his own and surrounded by ruthless enemies. He is a master of all the techniques of covert warfare, including psychological aggression by hypnosis and mind-blighting drugs. He is a shrewdly logical observer of some contemporary events. But, in a large area of his mind, he has the mentality of an overgrown child. He is as much a sucker for crude propaganda as the average ignorant and feckless American.

The primary source of his astonishing credulity is patent: he is a Christian, indeed, a very simple-minded Christian. He probably believes all the tales in the Jew-Book, beginning with the silly story about Adam, Eve, and the loquacious snake. He knows that his god personally intervened to save George Washington at the time of Braddock's defeat, and that furthermore "following the Revolutionary War God intervened and allowed us to establish this nation as a beacon to all who would be free." What is more, "the foundation of America is the Holy Bible," and so "We must return America to God!"

But don't you worry, little boy. "The Identity Christian movement (Those who believe America is the new Zion and we are the gathering tribes of Israel) continues to build until its membership becomes self-sustaining." That will enable "those who choose to say no to the new world order to survive...until they are called [up yonder!] or the Christ (13) --the true sovereign comes. God's loyal children are ultimately exalted over the destroyer and the guilty are punished."

(footnote 13. It is to the Colonel's credit that, unlike so may ignorant Christians, he knows that 'Christ' is a title, not a family name.)

As for our immediate future, "Israel will be free to exploit the world's economy for some time. The anti-Christ will appear as will the tribulation (14) and the eventual wrath of God. The good news is that those who keep the faith are promised to be caught up with Christ who will seal the world against evil for a thousand years." (15)

(footnote 14. Christians can simply take your breath away. Some years ago an aged but distinguished civil engineer traveled two thousand miles to ask me--me, of all people!--whether the Tribulation would precede or follow the Rapture!)

(footnote 15. I am sure Gritz, as a veteran of Special Forces, will take the precaution of putting on the best insulated underwear and outer clothing the Army provides for service within the Arctic Circle before he is caught up to go rapturing and whirl around the Earth like an artificial satellite in orbit. The other True Believers are certain to be frozen stiff in the cold of the upper atmosphere, and that should chill their Rapture. Or will Yahweh, instead of stopping the sun over a village in Asia Minor, order it to turn up the heat until the stratosphere is a balmy as an isle in the South Sea?)

Christianity, like spiritual "AIDS," has destroyed the Colonel's racial immune system and leached from his mind awareness of his own race. It has even made him deny his own experience.

Although alert members of other races soon learn to simulate opinions and behavior that will profitably conciliate the favor of the stupid White Devils, the Colonel must have studied the mentality of the mongrel Mongoloids he used so effectively in Vietnam and perceived how greatly it differed from that of White men. But, as Christians do, he probably told himself that the differences were not innate, but caused by a kind of mental constipation that could be cured with a stiff dose of the spiritual emetic called Jesus.

In his youth Gritz (who is now 53) evidently swallowed and relished the hogwash administered in the schools about the glories of our great ochlocracy ("majority rule"), deceptively called "democracy," with its stinking Melting Pot of races made equal in degradation. That has made him so obstinately unaware of racial realities that, believe it or not, he inveighs against the nasty "Fascists" who enforce apartheid in South Africa and thus avert the blessings of majority rule by the noble niggers! (16)

(footnote 16. He wrote, of course, before the recent consummation of treason in South Africa and the suicide of its infatuated and degenerate Aryan population.)

He evidently believes in human freedom, but he commends Jackanapes Kennedy, whom he admires and idealizes, for having sent hordes of goons, dressed as Federal marshals, to teach the White population of Mississippi that they have no rights of which niggers disapprove.

He is simply a sucker for "leftists" everywhere because he imagines that they want "majority rule" and he so loves "freedom" that he will approve every act of illegal and dictatorial oppression (e.g., in Greensboro, North Carolina) to overawe or suppress "Fascists," who don't love his dear "leftists."

Although he is, I suspect, of German descent, he hates Germans, having gulped down all the Jewish hokum about "Nazi dreams of world conquest" and the awful "Holocaust" of the six million Sheenies who were gassed and incinerated before they swarmed into the United States. He is worried because there are "10,000 Nazi war criminals" in the United States, who, he actually believes (!), are protected by an international conspiracy. It seems never to occur to him that, assuming that the German soldiers did everything with which the Kikes credit them, he, Colonel Gritz, is, by his own admission, as much of a "war criminal" and could be humiliated, tortured, convicted in a mock trial, and obscenely murdered by the Vietnamese or their sympathizers, including, of course, American pacifists.

He is so naif that he believes all the propaganda about "democratic" and "Fascist" factions in the countries in Central and South America in which the C.I.A. creates trouble and civil war. (In Nicaragua, for example, noble, freedom-loving "Sandanistas," versus wicked, oppressive, Fascistic "Contras," etc.) He does not realize that the imposition of One World requires a long period of constant turmoil in all countries--turmoil and civil wars excited by use of whatever antagonisms can be best exploited, e.g., between land owners and peasants in San Salvador, between Serbs, Croatians, and Slovenes, in Yugoslavia, between Sunni and Shi'ite Moslems in Iraq, between Hindus and Sikhs in India, between Cambodians and Vietnamese in Southeast Asia, and so on, around the globe. The busy boys of the C.I.A. know what they are doing.

The credulity with which he accepts blatant propaganda renders suspect Colonel Gritz's information and conclusions about some matters of importance, such as the African Plague. (17)

(footnote 17. He believes that the virus of "AIDS" was artificially created by the biological warfare division of the U.S. Army in collusion with the C.I.A., and wickedly tested by infecting noble niggers in Africa and nice perverts in the U.S., This is the contention of two writers whose books I intend to examine, together with several others, in a fairly long article on the lethal disease.)

I have reluctantly pointed out the misconceptions and illusions that deface Colonel Gritz's book and detract from the cogency of his earnest effort to frustrate the death-wish that has been so deeply implanted in the hearts of American boobs. You may, however, profit from this illustration of the way in which incompatible and even antithetical principles and beliefs can somehow co-exist in a good and eminently practical mind.

The Candidate

I do not wish to discourage those who find amateur politics more entertaining than playing golf, tennis, or pinochle. It is a harmless game and may even do some good by making a few Americans perceive what the immediate future will probably bring upon them.

If you are tempted to play the game with any hope of winning, remember that:

1. Gritz, by the amazing naivete and credulity I have partly sketched above, has shown that he is incompetent for any position of political power.

2. His incompetence really does not matter, for no man who is friendly to Americans will ever be permitted to attain any significant measure of political authority.

3. For a few more years, at least, the boobs will trot to polling places to cast meaningless ballots for either Tweedledum or Tweedledee, but you may be quite sure that no free election will ever again be held in the United States. I do not exclude the remote possibility that such elections may be held in North America at some time in a far distant future, although that seems extremely improbable. The concept of political power based on election, preferably by a sensibly restricted electorate, is indigenous to our race and so alien to all other races that their awkward simulations of our procedures will be abandoned the moment they cease to be useful for extracting concessions and subsidies from us. There are, furthermore, persuasive, though not quite conclusive, indications that the concept of elections is most firmly held by, if not restricted to, the Nordic segment of our race. At present, however, it seems that not only Americans but Aryans generally throughout the world (e.g., in South Africa) have lost the will to live and will become extinct, like all species of animals that have become biologically unfit to survive. It follows, therefore, that unless our race, and especially the Nordic part of it, by some now unforeseeable and miraculous change, recovers from the epidemic dementia that is destroying it and regains its pristine vigor in sufficient numbers to enable it to fight successfully its overwhelmingly numerous enemies, the territory that is now the United States will be occupied by a race to which the electoral concept in unintelligible and absurd.

If, knowing all this, you will enjoy promoting a candidate and will feel triumphant if he is allowed to receive 0.2% of the votes cast, you may as well work for Colonel Gritz. You could do much worse.

This article originally appeared in Liberty Bell magazine, published monthly by George P. Dietz from September 1973 to February 1999. For reprint information please write to Liberty Bell Publications, Post Office Box 21, Reedy WV 25270 USA.

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