The Writings of Revilo P Oliver 1908-1994


by Professor Revilo P. Oliver

(Liberty Bell, March 1991)

I have not yet succeeded in procuring a copy of a book by Lenni Brenner, The Iron Wall: Zionist Revisionism from Jabotinski to Shamir, which was published in London by Zed Books in 1984. (1) According to the German periodical, Recht und Wahrheit (Bad Kissingen), the book contains the text of a proposal made to Adolf Hitler by the present Prime Minister of Israel, Yitzhak Shamir, in January 1941. The periodical published a German translation of the English text, and the German translation was translated into French by G.A. Amaudruz, who is publishing it serially in his invaluable Courrier du Continent (Case Ville 2428, Lausanne).

(footnote 1. The title refers to Vladimir Jabotinski, a Jew from Odessa, who went to England to help promote the infamous Balfour Declaration and organize a Jewish army for eventual seizure of Palestine. His terrorism in Palestine, where the British were half-heartedly trying to protect the Palestinians, resulted in his conviction by a British tribunal, which sentenced him to fifteen years in prison--but, of course, world Jewry began to wail and the faint-hearted British released him. In 1923 he founded the more openly violent branch of the Zionists, the World Union of Zionists-Revisionists, and soon formed the famous secret army of terrorists and murderers called Irgun Zvai Leumi ("Nationalist Military Organization"), now generally known as 'Irgun.' He died in the United States in 1940, and his corpse was later entombed on Mt. Herzl (!) in Jerusalem. It is typical of the Jews' continual dissimulation that Webster's Biographical Dictionary describes Jabotinski as "British.")

From the installment published in the December 1990 issue of the Courrier, which has just come to hand, it is clear that Shamir proposed to Hitler an offensive and defensive alliance between Germany and Jewry against Great Britain.

Shamir begins by pointing out that the objectives of German National Socialism and Zionism are complementary and virtually identical. The Germans want Germany, and eventually Europe, to be Judenfrei. The Zionists want Europe cleared of Jews by transferring all the Jews to Palestine, and Irgun is working actively to that end. Therefore, Hitler's Germany and the Zionists are striving to achieve the same result, and an alliance between them is logically indicated.

An alliance between Germany and the new Hebrew Empire, founded on the same racial, nationalistic, and totalitarian basis as National Socialism, would guarantee German interests in the Near East. The new Jewish state, once formally recognized by Germany, would ally itself militarily with Germany and enter the World War as her ally.

The new allies would consider the opening of a Second Front in Palestine, where the Jewish armed forces, directed by Irgun and, no doubt, supplied with weapons by Germany, would purge Palestine of the Palestinians and British.

The alliance, furthermore, would make obvious to the whole world the high and undeniable moral basis of the New Order in Germany and the rest of Europe.

The excerpt closes with praise of a recent address in which Hitler announced his determination to defeat Britain. (By 1941, of course, Hitler had learned with chagrin that the English, whom he had always admired and with whom he had hoped to form a close alliance based on the two nations' common racial interest in preserving the British Empire, were too crazed to perceive their own best interests, and too morally obtuse to appreciate his chivalrous act in permitting the British Army to escape from Dunkirk, instead of annihilating it and thus effectively ending the War against Germany.)

Hitler obviously refused the proffered alliance. What if he had accepted Shamir's proposal?

We need not ask whether Shamir was sincere in proposing that alliance. We may by sure that he was as sincere as his race ever is in dealings with the despised and stupid goyim. That, however, does not mean that it is inconceivable that Shamir would have thought it expedient to form the alliance and act upon it. Germany could thus have been used to destroy the British, whom the Jews equally hated, and there would have been a reasonable basis for the alliance between Soviet Russia and Germany into which Hitler did enter, though reluctantly. It is even conceivable that the foul monster in the White House would have organized a "lend-lease" program to assist Germany, since he is known to have hated the British (including, of course, his half-English stooge, Winston Churchill) as much as he hated the Germans.

As soon as I have located a copy of Lenni Brenner's book and obtained photocopies of the relevant pages, I shall suggest to the editor of Liberty Bell that he publish the full text of one of the most remarkable diplomatic documents of modern times. It is a proof of what I have always stressed, the common interest, in present circumstances, between the American people and the Zionists, provided that the Zionists really intend to carry out their proclaimed purpose to free the Aryan peoples of the Jews now parasitic upon them.

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