The Writings of Revilo P Oliver 1908-1994


by Professor Revilo P. Oliver (Liberty Bell, June 1990)


ALL SIMPLETONS KNOW there ain't no difference 'tween races, but nevertheless female Congoids commonly become puberate when they are nine. A few years ago in Chicago, one specimen, perhaps a little precocious, being barely nine and in an advanced stage of pregnancy, was mentioned in the local press because she had been raped by her uncle, and had been taken to a hospital where she would be aborted. Immediately, a passel of men and women, all of the species that is so stupid that it permits itself to be taxed for the comfort of Congoids and to accelerate their breeding, assembled outside the hospital to protest what they called a crime. They wailed that old Jesus had injected a soul into the precious fetus and destined it to grow up to afflict white boobs like themselves. Whether old Jesus had also incited the rape was not clear; perhaps that question did not occur to their clotted minds.

There is one instance in which a similar abortion would have been a crime against humanity. Whether it occurred or not, I unfortunately do not know.

The Weekly World News is given to sensationalism, but, unlike more respected newspapers, it never, so far as is known, invents the stories it publishes. In its issue for 20 December, it stated that a fifteen-year-old female Congoid in Kenya was pregnant and would give birth normally in January. She said she had been raped by a baboon.

There was obviously something wrong with that story, because, as everyone knows, male baboons, having many activities to occupy their time and hold their interest, become sexually aroused only when a female in oestrus presents herself to them and solicits fecundation.

According to the obstetrician's report, however, there was ample proof that the child in the womb had been engendered by a baboon. He had, a priori, believed such an event impossible, because, as you know, baboons are not apes; they are monkeys, and therefore farther removed from the human species, having diverged from the evolutionary line much earlier than gorillas, orangutans, and chimpanzees. (1)

(1. The reproductive systems and procedures of human females, of the higher races, at least, differ greatly from those of other primates, thus raising physiological questions that you may wish to consider.)


He was, however, convinced that the "young woman was impregnated by a baboon... We are certain the child [in the womb] is not entirely human. It has the facial features of a baboon and appears to be covered with a thick mat of hair."

"God only knows," he added, "how it will behave after it is born. The infant may be weak and helpless like a human--or it may swing from the chandeliers." (2) Obviously, the infant was one that should properly arouse the solicitude of all intelligent persons, and the pregnant mother and her child, when born, deserved the utmost care, since it was a phenomenon that would provide crucial data about the genetics of anthropoids.

(2. The physician was, of course, exaggerating to make his point. Infant baboons require considerable care from their mothers (often assisted by other females in the band) before they are ready to scamper about, but it is true that they develop more rapidly than do infant Congoids, who, in turn, develop much more rapidly than infant Caucasoids (and, no doubt, Mongolians). There are further differences between the White races and subraces, and some indications that Nordic infants develop the most slowly of all.)


There were suggestions of abortion, although an abortion in the eighth month of pregnancy would endanger the life of the mother. I do not know whether the nitwits who "demonstrated" in Chicago could have been certain that Jesus had been at work in Kenya, thus making the semi-baboon sacred as a future customer for holy men, but aborting it would have been a crime against mankind, preventing our race from obtaining scientific information of the utmost value on a crucial matter.

Unfortunately, I do not know what happened in Nairobi. Unless the reader who kindly sent me the article I have cited overlooked a subsequent item in the Weekly Work News, there was no report in the American press, for the New York Times and similar publications well know why American boobs should not be allowed to learn that female Congoids can conceive by baboons.

Baboons, as I have said, are monkeys (Cynocephali), and that is what made the pregnancy in Kenya so astonishing. It has long been believed that human females could conceive by gorillas (Anthropitheci). One apparent hybrid, named Julia Pastrana, became quite famous in the middle of the Nineteenth Century; see the article by Allan Callahan in Liberty Bell, March 1986, pp. 58 ff. The author justly observes that although she exhibited human intelligence, the fact that her child, sired by the man who virtually owned her, closely resembled her corroborates the opinion that she had been engendered by an ape. (3) In January 1976, a similar creature, evidently part gorilla or orangutan (as shown by the published photograph), was purchased for $8000 by an attorney in New York named Michael Miller, who thought it a capital investment from which he intended to profit. I do not know what happened.

(3. As Mr. Callahan saw, this is the crucial datum, to be weighed against the report that the creature was born in Mexico, where there are no gorillas or other apes suited to paternity. The truly horrible science of teratology has been largely limited to recording the appearance of anthropoid monsters without ascertaining the genetic causes. The best known examples of monstrous births are the so-called Siamese twins, and some of the most shocking deformity is found in what may be called uncompleted Siamese twins, i.e., the individual, who may live to become adult, is born with some organs that were evidently part of a twin that for some reason ceased to develop further. Some creatures that have been exhibited (like Julia) as partly simian have probably been deformed mulattas or mestizas.)


If any reader of these pages knows what was the result of the highly significant pregnancy in Kenya, I shall be very grateful for the information.


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