The Writings of Revilo P Oliver 1908-1994


by Professor Revilo P. Oliver (Liberty Bell, November 1988)

AS EVERYONE NOW KNOWS, a jury in Fort Smith, Arkansas, permitted thirteen White Americans to escape the horrors planned for them by the big machine of pseudo-legal terrorism officially directed by Reagan's henchman, Meese. The defendants escaped torture in prisons, but they were punished by financial penalties, fines, of which I do not know the aggregate total, which must have been at least one hundred thousand dollars and may have been half a million dollars, perhaps more. I do not know how much each defendant had to pay, but it is likely three or four of them paid almost all of that heavy penalty with the help of their friends.

The heavy penalty that was imposed on the victims whom the jury found to be innocent of all charges was, of course, imposed without the concurrence of the judge who presided over the courtroom and was therefore, so far as I know, unreported in any organ of the press. It was imposed in Washington by the great machine of oppression that the stupid Americans erected for their own destruction.

The severe amercement of the innocent victims of Soviet-style terrorism evidently did not satisfy Meese's masters, who wanted to see the accused suffer physically for their impiety in not worshipping Yahweh's Yids, for soon after the liberation of the defendants by jury and judge in Arkansas, Meese "resigned" and it may be conjectured that he was fired for his negligence in permitting the case to be tried before an honest judge and by a jury that had not been "fixed." The seemingly pointless quip current in the District of Corruption at the time of the "resignation," that 'meese' is the plural of 'mice,' may refer to that failure by Reagan's Commissar for Injustice.

It is a nice irony that Meese's departure from the cast of the great Variety Show evoked groans from some simple-minded "conservatives," who remembered that in some of his spiels he had said he didn't approve of pornography. One hot-headed lawyer, who is scheduled to appear for the Jews in a debate about their Holohoax, even talked to old Yahweh about it, and proudly reported that the celestial Jew "has plans" for his dear old Meese.

That is just typical of the befuddlement of the nice, thoughtless persons who still call old Ronnie a "conservative," although he, as the star of the show, has done more than any occupant of the White House since the great War Criminal to ready the United States for openly Bolshevik rule and terrorism. It is only appropriate that Ronnie's stooge, Meese, revived Roosevelt's infamous Sedition Law (enacted in June 1940), which had been left in desuetude since 1945. And it must be admitted that Meese, thanks to his blunder in not arranging for a trial before a "Liberal" judge, who would have known that his function was to put into legal language the edicts of Reagan's employers, accomplished less than did his predecessor in 1944.

I refer, of course, to the infamous "Sedition Trial" by which the American Kerensky, who hoped and longed to become the American Lenin and rule by open terror and massacre, introduced Soviet terrorism through the courts. At the orders of the diseased monster in the White House, twenty-nine (1) American men and women, guilty of having spoken irreverently about Yahweh's Vampires, were hauled from their homes, shackled and handcuffed, dragged from all parts of the country to the city that was currently called Rooseveltgrad-on-the-Potomac, and thrown into cold and dark cells, in which one of them died of exposure. They were indicted on the basis of a legal theory worthy of Alice in Wonderland, and on the supposition that irreverence toward Sheenies might impede the stampeding of American men into Europe to fight and die for the Jews in their war against our race and civilization.

(1. The number of victims varied a little, since there were three indictments. The first two were unceremoniously thrown out by honest judges, so the Judaeo-Communists' satrap arranged for the third to be heard by a totally depraved and vicious hireling, appointed for that purpose, named Edward Eicher. I do not know whether he was a Kike or a White man with the mentality of a Thug. Dennis and St. George call him "Teutonic," but they are referring to his lack of humor, not to ethnological evidence.)



The victims were led for a judicial lynching before the infamous Edward C. Eicher, who had been made Chief Justice of the District Court of the District of Columbia, and who acted in open collusion with an astounding Assistant Attorney General, Oetje J. Rogge, a protégé of the diabolical Felix Frankfurter and long notorious as a Communist agitator, who, during the trial, gloatingly reported its progress to the openly Communist liepaper, the Daily Worker.

I must not take space here even to summarize the brazen attempt to introduce the Soviet court-system in the United States. The most concise and trenchant summary is The Sedition Case, compiled and published by the Lutheran Research Society in Lowell, Arizona, 1953 (reprint available from Jane's Book Service, P.O. Box 3622, Reno, Nevada; $6.00). A longer, more discursive, and cautious account, published before the case was officially ended, was written by one of the defendants, Lawrence Dennis, and his attorney, Maximilian St. George, A Trial on Trial (Chicago, National Civil Rights Committee, 1945; reprinted, Torrance, California, Institute for Historical Review, 1984). The last living survivor of the attempt to set up an American Gulag is David Baxter, whose recollections of the horror, "The Sedition Trial of 1944," appeared in the Journal of Historical Review, Spring 1985. Relevant in this connection is the little pamphlet, now entitled "A Jew Exposes the Jewish World Conspiracy," by Maurice Klein (available from Liberty Bell Publications, $2.00 + postage). The author was an honorable Jewish attorney, who refused to betray his client, Colonel Sanctuary, one of the defendants, and was accordingly hounded to death by his race.

I was in the District of Corruption during the "Sedition Trial" and had some contacts within the bureaucracy and "Liberal" circles. The consensus of opinion was that although the infamous Eicher had been appointed as a judge expressly to ensure conviction of the victims, the Roosevelt gang, although anxious to make their victims suffer in every possible way, did not really expect to secure their continued imprisonment. There were still Justices of the Supreme Court who felt respect for the Constitution, and they formed a majority that had slapped down five previous attempts at Soviet-style terrorism by what was called the Justice Department. It was therefore taken for granted that the defendants would be convicted and would appeal to the Supreme Court, which would recognize that the Sedition Act was flagrantly Unconstitional and was itself an act of subversion of American government. Furthermore, Americans still had some representatives in the Congress, who could not be entirely intimidated and whom it would have been awkward to murder at that time, and they had already begun the impeachment of Eicher for his crimes; the result would have been a trial in which the whole Judaeo-Communist plot would have been exposed.

As everyone knows, what happened is that Eicher died suddenly and mysteriously before the trial was concluded, thus causing a mistrial and making necessary a new trial, which the foul Roosevelt's foul government, by every legal device, refused to begin, thus continuing to harass the victims for two years, until they finally succeeded in appealing to the Supreme Court, which, in November 1947, dismissed the outrageous act of Soviet tyranny in a decision in which the Chief Justice, Bolitha J. Laws, described the trial as "a travesty of justice."

The authors of The Sedition Case were Christians and so thought the sudden and unexplained death of Eicher an instance of "supernatural intervention." Observers in Washington were less credulous and remarked that the trial had largely accomplished its chief feasible purpose, and that the Administration was evidently content therewith. By arranging a mistrial, the government avoided having the Sedition Act held Unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, thus retaining its usefulness for continued intimidation of intelligent Americans and future acts of pseudo-legal terrorism. It was logical, therefore, to infer that the mistrial had been arranged by murdering Eicher. As everyone knows, Communists never hesitate to sacrifice their tools whenever it is advantageous to do so. When a dupe or hireling has served his purpose and become redundant, they dispose of him with no more compunction than you feel when you discard a broken wrench.

The recent trial in Ft. Smith, Arkanasas, shows what powers were retained by our enemies by preventing the constutionality of the Soviet law from coming before the Supreme Court in 1945, when that judicial body had not yet been converted into a Revolutionary Tribunal.

Informed opinion in Washington in 1945 felt confident that the Roosevelt government had attained virtually all of its primary objective before the mistrial was arranged. That the promoters of the trial were content with the result attained was demonstrated a few years later when the Chief Prosecutor, Oetje J. Rogge, became the personal guest of Stalin in the Kremlin and was awarded Soviet decorations.

The primary objective of the Administration, according to opinion in 1945, was dual:

I. To ruin the defendants financially. The Communists had been careful to select victims who lacked the resources needed to defend themselves from pseudo-legal persecution. Most of them were poor patriots of the middle or lower middle class; only two or three were college graduates; all were unknown to the general public; some were almost penniless; almost all of them were unable to compensate the attorneys who represented them, but even without attorney's fees, the other expenses of their imprisonment and trial were crushing and ruinous to most of them. Only one of the defendants, so far as I know, the dauntless Elizabeth Dilling, had sufficient resources to survive the ordeal financially. Lawrence Dennis told me some years later that he was hopelessly in debt as a result of the persecution and doubted that he would live long enough to pay all that he owed. Another defendant, the aged Charles B. Hudson, told me that the persecution had not only taken all that he had, but had, he firmly believed, caused his devoted wife to become a totally helpless invalid. Similar statements by other defendants came to me at second-hand, and I shall not quote them.

II. To terrorize and intimidate Americans who might express thoughts that were not kosher. They would be told, by intimation, "Of course you are not legally guilty of anything, but we will crush you, you American swine, if you annoy us, just as we would step on a cockroach. We'll take everything you have and ruin your family, you stupid boob, who gave us power over you. Consider how much you have in your savings account, you little pig, and compare it with the billions we take from taxpaying animals like you." And prudent Americans would acquiesce in their slavery to their alien masters.

You must be wealthy indeed to resist even the first blows of a tyranny that can extract from its serfs unlimited funds to maintain its staff of well-trained agents provocateurs, perjurers, and thugs. (2) And even the wealthiest American cannot resist the tenacious terrorists for more than a relatively short time before he is ruined. But that, of course, is as it should be in Soviet America, the Jews' New Canaan.

(2. In addition to the thirteen White Americans persecuted at Fort Smith, there were several defendants who were brought from prisons in which they were serving sentences for crimes of which they had been convicted. They had been made co-defendants by Meese's criminal lawyers to prejudice the jury against the intended victims. One should remember that, given the operations of the Federal government at the present time, and the efficiency of its perjurers and other agents, we have no means of knowing or even guessing whether or not the imprisoned men had in fact been guilty of the crimes for which they were convicted, perhaps because they lacked the funds needed to have themselves properly defended in court or because the attorneys they did employ found it more profitable to betray them.)



The results obtained in 1944 were repeated in 1988 at Fort Smith. As I have said, an honest and learned judge and an uncorrupted jury acquitted the defendants, but nevertheless they were, in effect, fined several hundred thousand dollars. I imagine they are all deeply in debt, although some have organizations that will try to rescue them.

Please note that the only way you can avoid guilt under the Sedition Act, as it was interpreted in 1944 and doubtless will be interpreted again, is to join the majority of Americans and stop thinking about your place in the world today. If you persist in thinking about reality, you will inevitably betray your thoughts in something you write or say on a recording. Now if you write a letter to some address in a given city, whether Washington, D.C. or Podunk, Kentucky, and if a person of whom you have never heard writes to another address in that city and expresses substantially the same opinions, the two of you are guilty of conspiracy, because, you see, although the two of you have never heard of each other and may be separated by two or three thousand miles, your thoughts met in that one area and conspired together. And if the opinions on which you and the unknown man or woman agree are not approved by your Jewish masters, your migratory thoughts have conspired to overthrow the present government of what is still called the United States.

The important thing to remember is that the Jewish government in Washington has the power to impose on you a ruinous penalty, regardless of what the courts may decide about you.

Old Meese accomplished almost as much as Rogge did in 1944, but he blundered. You may be sure that his successor after January 1988 will be more efficient, and the first stage of the Jewish Terror in the country your parents gave away will begin anew and with greater intensity.

I need not dilate here on the folly and infamy of the American people, who permitted the first imposition of Soviet law by Roosevelt. Twenty years ago, in American Opinion, September 1964, I wrote:

"The 'Sedition Trial' deserves the attention of every American; it is a grim warning of what judicial corruption can do. It is also a matter that must weigh heavily on our consciences until the Congress of the United States has, by formal apology and indemnities to the victims or their heirs, made such atonement as is yet possible for the loss and suffering that was wantonly inflicted on innocent men and women by the repulsive creature to whom had been entrusted the powers of a federal judge." I expected the reader to remember that the repulsive creature had been appointed for that purpose by the even more loathsome and venomous hydra in the White House.

Twenty years ago, before the Jews had bought all of the Congress in Washington, it might still have been possible to make some gesture to expiate our nation's collective guilt, but, of course, American consciences are never troubled by outrages inflicted on their own people; they love only their enemies. And, needless to say, the Americans paid no attention to the warning forty-four years ago and they steadfastly disregarded it ever since.

The Sedition Trial in 1944 made it obvious, and indubitable to anyone willing to think critically about it, that the United States had been surreptitiously captured by the Jews and their Communist barbarians. At that time, the Americans, or a tiny but determined minority of them, amounting perhaps to one-tenth of one percent of the population, could have retaken their country. Instead, for forty-four years, the Americans watched in idiotic apathy the dismantling of their industry, the confiscation of money and its replacement by trading stamps of no intrinsic value, the sabotage and defilement of their culture, the use of their schools to abort children's minds and destroy innate character, their ever increasing subjugation to a ruthless bureaucracy, the gradual elimination of every right their ancestors had enjoyed as freemen, and the wholesale importation into their country of both anthropoid garbage and shrewd racial enemies by the Judaeo-Communist conspiracy. (3)

(3. One of the most important articles ever published in Liberty Bell is Ivor Benson's "The Immigration Riddle Unwrapped" in the issue for April 1988, which makes it clear that the importation of niggers and wogs into Britain was organized and financed by a conspiracy. It is clear that the Jews, having found it impractical to carry out the plan to exterminate all Germans, which was prematurely announced by Kaufmann in Germany Must Perish! (reprint available from Liberty Bell Publications, $4.00 + postage), have resorted to the more gradual method of exterminating the Aryans in all of their countries by running in hordes of sub-humans and eventually dissolving Aryan blood in a fetid mass of mindless mongrels. Aryans, their minds rotted by Christianity, grin idiotically as they see prepared the biological graves to which their children are destined.  The present influx of Chinese and Japanese, who are buying up large parts of the United States and Canada, is, of course, an entirely different phenomenon. They belong to a highly intelligent and civilized race, and they, of course, feel only contempt for the Aryan idiots who have, in effect, given away their property by sabotaging their own industrial capacity; they will not debase their own blood by marrying Aryan fools. The influx of Mongolians is encouraged by the Jews, since it hastens the liquidation of the Aryan nation; what will happen when the interests of the two intelligent races no longer coincide is anyone's guess.)



For forty-four years Americans watched in imbecilic incomprehension. Now they are helpless, and almost all of them are still unable to perceive, let alone comprehend, what has happened to them.

The decline and fall of America would be less distressing if there were any indication that Aryans in other countries had retained a willingness to defend themselves and their progeny, but from Sweden to Australia the Aryan peoples are blithely rushing with us to the precipice over which nations disappear from history. To us, who are naturally prejudiced in favor of our race, that is tragic. To an impartial observer, it would be only another proof that Aryans are no longer a viable species of animal life.

It is the unalterable law of biology that species too stupid or degenerate to survive in the unremitting struggle for life on this planet become extinct.

This article originally appeared in Liberty Bell magazine, published monthly by George P. Dietz from September 1973 to February 1999. For reprint information please write to Liberty Bell Publications, Post Office Box 21, Reedy WV 25270 USA.

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