The Writings of Revilo P Oliver 1908-1994


by Professor Revilo P. Oliver (Liberty Bell, November 1985)


AMERICANS DIFFER about the propriety and expediency of taking a large part of Palestine from the Arabs and giving it to the Jews to have as their own country, the state now called Israel. They often deplore the action by which the British government betrayed the Arabs, whom they had promised that region as one of the inducements to persuade them to revolt against Turkey, and promised it to the Jews in return for American troops and munitions, which the Jews' puppet in the White House would supply to save Britain from a crushing defeat in her war against Germany. The Balfour Declaration, so called because it was signed by the Foreign Minister in Lloyd George's government, was really the work of Lord Milner (on whom, see part II of my 'Populism' and 'Elitism'). We cannot tell what was in his mind. It is not inconceivable that, in addition to the urgent need to buy large amounts of American cannonfodder, he had in mind the promise implied by early Zionist propaganda, that if the Jews were given the "homeland" they wanted, all the Jews of Europe would flock to it, and Great Britain would at last be judenfrei.

All these considerations, however, are water that has long since gone over the Niagara of history. Whether or not it should have been done, it was done. The Jews now have a country that is theirs, Israel, which they are expanding as rapidly as American resources permit.

Now I learn from a despatch from the United Press, which appeared in "Detroit News" on 19 July, that the Mormons want to establish an "academic center" (whatever that is) in Israel. I cannot imagine what possessed the Mormons to want to do anything so foolish, (1) but that is irrelevant here. What is significant is that the project aroused immediate and justified resentment in Israel. Rabbis thundered in alarm; thousands of Jews ran to their Wailing Wall to wail; and Rabbi Meir Kahane, a member of the Israeli government who often says aloud what his more discreet colleagues only think in silence, issued an ultimatum. He has vowed to drive all the Semites (often called "Arabs" because they speak dialects of Arabic) from the territory the Jews now hold or will occupy in the future, as, indeed, his religion requires Jews to do under penalty of severe chastisement from Yahweh, if they disobey his commands. Kahane, naturally, could not tolerate an invasion of his country by aliens, American goyim. He bluntly told the Mormons: "Get out or we will throw you out."

(1. Although there are many signs of incipient decay and eventual collapse, the principal Mormon sect, with headquarters in Salt Lake City, is still the most cohesive and flourishing Christian church in the United States. As everyone knows, it supplements the Christian Bible with much improved gospels, composed by Joseph Smith. It has kept a great deal of Christian terminology, with some interpretation of its own, and I remember that years ago, when I was lecturing in Salt Lake City, one of my hosts, an eminent Mormon pointed out to me the curious fact that Utah is the only place in the world where Jews are Gentiles.)


No American in his senses can blame Kahane for loyalty to his race or for an intelligent understanding of what constitutes a nation. On the contrary, we must recognize in him a clear-sighted and sagacious patriot in his own country, a man who has set us an example that we should take to heart and emulate, in our country--ours in the sense that we could recover possession of it, if we had the courage and intelligence, i.e., if we are still a viable people.

If we Aryans are not hopelessly degenerate, we will claim the United States as our own country, and we will tell all the pestiferous and pullulant swarms of aliens now squatting on our soil, "Get out or we will throw you out."


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