The Writings of Revilo P Oliver 1908-1994


by Professor Revilo P. Oliver (Liberty Bell, July 1992)

A VERY POPULAR motion picture entitled "J.F.K." has recently redirected attention to the assassination of President Kennedy in Dallas on 22 November 1963. It also stirred up sleeping snakes in the Dismal Swamp on the banks of the Potomac.

Certain facts have been established beyond reasonable doubt:

1. Kennedy was assassinated by a conspiracy that included the C.I.A., Earl Warren, and doubtless many others. There are grounds for suspecting the complicity of (a) Kennedy's brother, Robert, then the Attorney General, who was enlisting "Bobby's Boys" to convert the F.B.I., not yet entirely corrupt, into the Federal Bureau of Intimidation, and (b) Lyndon Johnson, whose ambitions were fulfilled by the vacancy thus created, but there is no solid proof of the plausible inferences. The suggested complicity of various others is (thus far) merely conjectural or inferential.

2. The motive need have been no more than the need to quash the growing dissatisfaction of Americans with the use of their resources to bolster and enrich the overtly Communist allies of the government in Washington, largely aroused by the Indignation Meetings organized by patriotic businessmen in Dallas. It is certain that Dallas was selected as the site for the assassination because it was then the capital of American opposition to government by aliens and traitors. If there was a secondary motive, the most likely of the many suggested was Kennedy's order for the printing of currency that was a re-issue of Lincoln's "greenbacks" and created interest-free debt, thus infringing on the perquisites of the Federal Reserve swindle and depriving our greedy parasites of some usury. This would indicate yet unexplained in-fighting among the ruling gangsters, such as often occurs in the Mafia and other organizations similar to the American government.

3. The assassination was planned and scheduled by experts, but something went wrong and it proved impossible to accuse and convict patriotic Americans in Dallas, as had been originally planned and was stated in the prepared speech that the chief of the Warren Gang read immediately after the assassination and before he could be informed that there had been a hitch in the execution of the plot. Just what went wrong is still conjectural. (1)

(1. It could have been the arrest of Oswald.)


4. Immediately after the assassination of Kennedy, a Dallas policeman, J.D. Tippit, was murdered, for reasons that are still unknown.

5. Oswald did not kill anyone and probably did not even fire a rifle. He was employed for some function by the conspirators, and was a convenient patsy when the scenario had to be revised. He was, of course, murdered before he could talk to his attorney by another low-level agent of the conspirators, Rubenstein, who was in turn eliminated when it was convenient, possibly necessary, to do so.

6. Warren was charged with the task of covering up for his fellow conspirators and adopted the obviously spurious explanation that the murdered Oswald had acted alone and without accomplices. Warren may not have been responsible for that blunder; he was following the directions set forth four days after the assassination by Super-Sheeny Nicholas Katzenbach, who was Deputy Attorney General (i.e., officially Bobby Kennedy's second in command; probably his supervisor). The national lie-machine, commonly called the media, was given orders to follow Warren's lead, although that was so inherently implausible at the time that no objective observer of even the facts that were then known was deceived by it.

7. A large number of persons who had witnessed the assassination or preparations for it were murdered to prevent them from contradicting Warren's bundle of fiction. For most of the victims, it is now uncertain what was the damning fact they knew or why it was crucial to maintenance of Warren's hoax.

8. Innumerable books have been published to demonstrate precisely how Kennedy was murdered and the location from which the assassins operated. All the hypothetical reconstructions cannot be right, and it would be a thankless task of almost infinite labor to deduce what probably happened from the many inconsistent or conflicting stories and to segregate evidence that was imagined by persons seeking temporary notoriety or hired to confuse the issue.

For our purposes, it does not really matter how the conspiracy's agents carried out their assignments. The Warren Commission's report, inherently incredible, has been exposed as a fraud by many facts, but the consideration that is most cogent to the general public is the proof that at least one bullet came from some place ahead of Kennedy, perhaps the now famous "grassy knoll." That, however, is not a crucial fact; it is merely a detail and it does not really matter just where the chief assassin took his stand.

The Warren Report is, in itself, proof that a conspiracy ordered its agents to carry out the assassination. Another conclusive proof, of course, is the fact that it was found necessary to seal up the relevant evidence and keep it, like Nigger King's criminal record, secret until well into the next century.

The popularity of the cinema, "J.F.K.," which our enemies' many teams of professional liars have tried to discredit, largely in vain, has inspired a man fairly well-known in "conservative" circles, Nord Davis, to publish a new edition of the pamphlet, Dallas Conspiracy, (2) in which he had set forth in 1968 his theory of the method of assassination.

(2. Published by Northpoint Teams, P.O. Box 129, Topton, North Carolina (28781); $1.00, presumably postpaid. Master copies for reproduction by photo-offset, $20.00.)


An unprejudiced and dispassionate reader will take up Davis's pamphlet with two a priori reservations, videlicet:

1) He professes to be the chief of a secret organization, the Northpoint Teams, which twice frustrated policies of the government in Washington and once, during the presidency of Nixon, issued an ultimatum that government was forced to obey, but which nevertheless survives to the present day and even carried out a "Project Sheba" that affected the outcome of Bushy's attack on Iraq. Despite all this, it was not liquidated by the C.I.A.! A claim so insulting to "our" great espionage and murder agency necessarily arouses scepticism.

2) Davis claims that he is protected by a celestial spook whom he calls "King of Kings," i.e., the old and famous firm of Yahweh & Son, Inc. He is also an expert on "Bible prophecy" and can tell you just what passages in that collection of tales show that the Jews who composed or compiled them in the period 500 B.C. to A.D. 300, anticipated what is now happening in the United States and elsewhere.

Davis has no trouble, of course, in demonstrating how spurious was the Warren Commission's hoax. He also makes the valid objection to the film, "J.F.K.," that it disingenuously identifies the conspirators as a "military-industrial complex," thus detracting attention from the real conspirators, the masters of the United States.

Davis has his own reconstruction of the mechanism of the assassination, and chooses as the actual assassin a man whom he identifies as Georges von Mohrenskold, alias George Sergi de Morenschildt, who was obviously an agent, probably of the C.I.A., and involved in the conspiracy is some way, and who was murdered in 1977 when he was under subpoena to testify in a reopened investigation of the assassination.

According to Davis, Mohrenskold was the man who, enveloped in a black cloak, was standing on the curb opposite to Kennedy's automobile at the moment of the assassination. That this man had some function in the conspiracy, perhaps to signal to the assassin that he need not fire again, is made probable by the fact that the magazine Life was compelled to falsify the picture that showed him as a by-stander with extended arm when it republished that picture after Warren's dirty work got under way. This we may grant, but Davis would have you believe that the man in a black coat was blazing away at Kennedy with a silenced machine-pistol in each hand but was observed by no one--not even by the numerous spectators across the street, who also failed to notice that he had just killed a woman who blundered into the path of his many bullets. That is hard--very, very hard--to believe.

I notice this pamphlet for its one significant contribution to theories about the details of the assassination. The currently popular cinema stirred up the rulers in Washington, who don't want their subjects to think about conspiracies. Such thoughts could make the boobs restless. When the liepapers failed successfully to discredit the motion picture, other channels had to be employed.

The American Medical Association, founded in 1847, in the early part of this century fell into the hands of a Sheeny named Fishbein, who converted it into a bureaucracy with a virtually dictatorial power that terrorizes physicians and prevents open dissent from the official propaganda line. It also operates to suppress competition (3) by taking advantage of our enemies' subversion of the law contemplated in the American Constitution, which has, for the most part, been replaced by Communist-style "administrative law." The Association would have you believe that its voice is as authoritative as the famous Voice from Sinai. It may be as spurious.

(3. For example, it or one of its subsidiaries ordered the corrupt government of the State of Alabama to send goons to close the clinic of Cottonwood, Alabama, that was directed by Dr. H.R. Evers, confiscate the magnificent estate that was given him by grateful patients, and turn it over to a pack of niggers, who, so far as I know, are putting progress into the small town of Cottonwood. Whether the progress has as yet included the virus of the African Plague ("AIDS") I do not know.)


The Journal of the American Medical Association rushed to defend the mendacious Warren Report with three articles in its issue for 27 May 1992, pp. 2791, 2794-2803, 2804-2807. The two major articles are not listed in the table of contents on p. 2709 and so seem to have been an addition made at the last moment before the issue went to press. We are assured (p. 2794) that the articles provide complete proof of "the 1964 Warren Commission['s] conclusion that Kennedy was killed by a lone assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald." One senses regret that the autopsy in the hospital at Bethesda did not find in the body a bullet signed by Oswald. That would have tied everything up nicely, wouldn't it?

Three physicians conducted the autopsy in Bethesda. Two of them, Drs. James Joseph Humes and "J" [sic} Thornton Boswell were interviewed in Florida by George D. Lundberg, the editor of the Journal. The third man, Col. Dr. Pierre Finch, the "expert consultant" at the autopsy, evidently refused to talk. He was in Switzerland, refused to fly to Florida for the interview, and Lundberg made no effort to fly to Switzerland. Significantly also, the article contains innuendoes that Col. Dr. Finch is a timid man and was probably too awed by the persons present at the autopsy to have noticed much accurately.

The two physicians asseverate over and over again that there is no doubt,--no manner of doubt, no probable, possible shadow of doubt, no possible doubt whatever,--but that Kennedy was killed by a bullet fired "from above and behind." Two of their explanations seem to limp badly:

1. Humes burned his notes immediately after the autopsy because "they were stained with Kennedy's blood (either his hands were bloody from dabbling in the corpse or the pages were somehow put on a yet bloody part of the cadaver), and I did not want them to become a collector's item [as they would have, had he auctioned them off]."

2. When Kennedy was shot in the head, he, as is shown in a motion picture film taken at the time, fell backward. That was because "an object struck in the rear by a high-velocity missile similar to the one that hit Kennedy always falls backward [their italics] as a result of the jet-propulsion effect created by tissues exploding out the front." If you doubt that, experiment for yourself. If you own a high-powered rifle, it is certainly much better than the second-hand second-rate rifle Oswald supposedly obtained by mail from a bargain basement, and that will make the test the more conclusive. Take a small cylindrical box, such as is used in vending "Quaker Oats," fill it with hot mush, and place it on a convenient fence. (The box, unlike the head, won't be attached to a heavy body, so the test will be stacked in favor of the physician's theory.) Then drill the box with your rifle and note on which side of the fence it falls. If it falls back toward you, you will deserve a Congressional Medal of Honor.

It is odd, also, that despite earlier reports that Kennedy's brain was sealed in a metal box that subsequently evaporated or otherwise disappeared, the two physicians don't know what happened to it. They think they gave it to Admiral Burkley and suppose that it was buried with the corpse.

There is also one curious item in the physicians' story. They say they detected no symptom ("cushingoid appearance") of the disease from which Kennedy was suffering, which made it necessary for him to wear a strong spinal brace (removed in Dallas), and which was kept in check only by continuous medication, and which, according to some pathologists, gave him a life-expectancy of about five years. This could be significant; see below.

If you are aware of the composition and operations of the vast machine of corruption centered on the banks of the Potomac, you must approve the aphorism that a fish out of water feels like an honest man in Washington. And knowing that official statements on all subjects always falsify the truth on matters of real importance, and that hundreds, perhaps thousands, of well-trained and well-paid "scientists" are available to vouch for any lie that the masters deem expedient, you will dismiss the statement from Bethesda out of hand. In the terminology of "democracy," the fix was on.

It is true that the now voluble physicians offer no explanation why, after saying their piece for the Warren Report, they kept obstinately silent for twenty-eight years, refusing to be interviewed by the countless reporters and others who wanted to question them, and ignoring a flood of books about the assassination, most of which accused them of misconduct of one kind or another--kept obstinately silent until the heat was on in Washington. And everyone will immediately speculate about the various kinds of pressure that can be applied to individuals by the vast machine of oppression to which the American boobs gave their country and themselves.

There is, however, a possible explanation, creditable to the physicians, that may be worth mention. The raison d'état may have been invoked. In 1915, when the British auxiliary cruiser and munitions ship, Lusitania, was disguised as a passenger liner so that it could be loaded with American passengers and used by Winston Churchill as "45,000 tons of livebait," which he successfully dangled before German submarines, the ship was sunk, not by a German torpedo, but by the explosion of the munitions, including a thousand tons of guncotton, in her hold. An official inquiry was held, over which Britain's most eminent and distinguished judge, Lord Mersey, presided. He was informed that the British Empire needed a decision which would state that the Lusitania was only a passenger liner and carried no munitions of war (i.e., one which would help Woodrow Wilson talk the excitable Americans into meddling in the European War). Lord Mersey yielded to the raison d'état, which binds the aristocracy of a monarchy, since the King, by virtue of his position as the soul of a nation, may act legibus solutis for its welfare, of which he is the sole arbiter, and whatever he commands, he may be obeyed without dishonor. Lord Mersey provided the required decision, but evidently entertained doubts about the matter of honor, for, having done his duty, he wrote to the Prime Minister, "I must request that henceforth I be excused from administering His Majesty's Justice." As he told his family, it had been "a damned dirty business" and he never again appeared in public as a jurist.

Now it is uncertain whether the raison d'état would be valid in an ochlocracy, since there is no authority to determine what the welfare of a nation, much less a mere country, requires. And it is equally uncertain whether, if invoked, it would or should be obeyed, but the point is worth considering.

The second article deals with the physicians who received Kennedy's body in the Lakeland Hospital in Dallas. Four of them excuse themselves from answering the crucial question by saying they were too busy to notice whether the bullet that destroyed the brain had entered the head at the back or at the front. (4) They speak somewhat disparagingly of their junior colleague, Dr. Charles Crenshaw, who, in his recently published JFK, the Conspiracy of Silence, states categorically that the bullet which blew out the back of the President's head entered his skull from the front. Crenshaw, you see, is profiting from a book they did not think of writing, and they naturally resent being accused of having been silent when they should have spoken. Whether they were intimidated or put under other pressure from Washington is not known, but it is odd that they spoke up only when the heat was on.

(4. They could have added that they were distracted by the presence of Mrs. Kennedy in the room. She appeared almost hysterical and was clutching in one hand a piece of her husband's brain.)


A fifth physician who participated in examining the body at Lakeland, Dr. Robert McCelland, reaffirmed his belief, on the basis of his own observations and the motion picture that shows Kennedy at the moment he was shot, that the bullet entered the skull from the front.

It is obvious that there was hanky-panky in Dallas. It was for some reason deemed necessary to prevent Dr. Earl Ross from performing the autopsy, which it was his duty to perform. The Secret Service, headed by a man named Kellerman, was impatiently waiting and, as soon as the corpse was disconnected from the instruments that had been attached to it, grabbed the wheeled table and ran with it. "all but running over Dr. Earl Ross, the Dallas Medical Examiner." Then, in open violation of the laws of Texas, Kellerman and his crew, who doubtless would have drawn their guns, had that been necessary, rushed away with the corpse, presumably packed it in a coffin for shipment, and had it on Lyndon Johnson's plane, bound for Washington, only ninety minutes after Kennedy was shot. The Secret Service may also have planted the bullet from Oswald's rifle that was found in the Lakeland Hospital as though it had dropped from Kennedy's clothing.

The conflict in the evidence could be reconciled by the bold hypothesis advanced by Davis in the second edition of his pamphlet, published, of course, before the Medical Association's Journal appeared. He believes that the body examined at Bethesda was not Kennedy's. He is almost certain that it was the corpse of the murdered policeman, J.D. Tippit, and points out that Tippit's body was first taken to the same hospital as Kennedy's and was then rushed to another hospital at which Tippit was redundantly pronounced "dead on arrival" to conceal the fact that his corpse had first accompanied Kennedy's to the Lakeland Hospital. This raises the interesting possibility that Jack Kennedy lies buried somewhere in Texas. That would be bizarre.

The important point is the possible substitution of bodies. It does not matter whose was the second body. No one seems to know whether Kennedy had a "double" to stand in for him at times, such as Eisenhower is said to have had, on the basis of press photographs that identified as Eisenhower two men whose features were not entirely alike.

Davis has therefore made a very important addition to the chaos of theories regarding the details of the assassination. His deduction may startle you and is not by any means cogent, but it is not in any way impossible. You must never imagine that there is any villainy or crime that your masters are not ready to commit at any moment--and, if necessary, commit with Yiddish effrontery.

The details, about which there is so much heated contention, are, as I have said, relatively unimportant. The crucial fact, now established beyond reasonable doubt, is that Kennedy was assassinated by part of the alien government in Washington, doubtless with the concurrence of most or all of the rest.

Remember that the direction from which one or more bullets came is not of decisive importance. It does not really matter if, perchance, Kennedy was shot from the rear and the bullet that shattered his skull did have a wonderful "jet-propulsion effect," becoming as marvelous as the Warren Report's famous bumble-bee bullet, which went through Kennedy and then turned around to wound Governor Connally. If the shot did come from behind, that merely confirms the statement of retired Major Hugh J. McDonald of Military Intelligence and former Chief of Detectives in Los Angeles County, in his Appointment in Dallas (New York, McDonald Publishing [= Zebra Books], 1975). McDonald claims that he, acting on an intimation from his friend in the C.I.A., Herman Kimsey, traced and interviewed the assassin, a professional killer whom he calls "Saul," (5) who admitted that he had shot Kennedy from a vantage point in the County Records Building (diagonally across the intersection from the building in which Oswald was employed) and would have killed Oswald, had the Secret Service men who were "protecting" the President not failed to carry out their rôle in the assassination. (6)

(5. Oddly enough, according to Davis, "Saul" was the cover-name of Mohrenskold/Morenschildt in the C.I.A., but the two men could not possibly be identical. Major McDonald's "Saul" claimed to have been instructed by a cut-out named "Troit," and Davis says that was also a code-name used by Morenschildt. That identification, so far as I know, could be correct.)

(6. See Appendix, infra.)


The Journal's editorial on p. 2791 tries to impress the reader by comparing the assassination of Kennedy to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. That is an association that the writer should have avoided.

The planners in the C.I.A. may have hoped to duplicate the assassination that was a real masterpiece, that of Abraham Lincoln, who was murdered by the very people who had put him in the White House--murdered when he had accomplished the task for which he had been chosen and before he could become an obstacle by trying to carry out the one plan he seems to have had at heart, that of shipping the niggers out of the United States. (7) That assassination, as I have said, was a masterpiece. There were several serious mishaps and it was necessary to murder by mock-trial and execution several persons, including a woman, who had information (we are not sure what) that would have aroused doubts. But for all that, the assassination was triumphantly put over on the gullible American public and brilliantly used further to afflict the victims of the barbarians' invasion of the South, thus both adding to the enormous profits and deliciously slaking again the sadistic lusts of the contrivers of the foul aggression they made the boobs call a Civil War.

(7. He had made a beginning by exporting at least 5000 to Haiti.)


If it is any consolation to you, the relatively botched assassination of Kennedy seems to indicate that there has been a marked decline in the ingenuity and verve of our enemies.

*   *   *


According to "Saul," as reported in McDonald's book, the plan was that Oswald would appear at the window of the Texas Book Depository and fire several aimless shots to attract attention. Saul, who would already have Kennedy's head in position in his telescopic sight, would kill Kennedy, the report of his high-powered rifle being covered by Oswald's shots. The Secret Service men around the President would then draw their guns and start shooting at Oswald, a target high above them and at a distance that made it virtually impossible for them to hit the mark with their automatic pistols. Under the cover of their fusillade, Saul, who already had Oswald in his telescopic sight, would kill Oswald, and then take his departure. The dead Oswald would be assumed to have been the assassin, and everybody would be happy.

Now, assuming that McDonald wrote in good faith, I am astonished that he did not see what was wrong with that story. Although Oswald would thus have been neatly disposed of, there would necessarily be an autopsy, the bullet that killed him would be found in his corpse, and although Saul was using fragmentation bullets, the fragments of that bullet could not possibly have been mistaken for a bullet fired from an automatic pistol.

We can see the further objection that the intended explanation would not have been the one forecast in the speech that Warren read immediately after the assassination, which implied that patriotic Americans, probably General Walker or one of the business men who organized the Indignation Meetings, were guilty of the murder, doubtless by hiring a professional killer, since there would have been little chance of luring one of those men into a position in which he could be plausibly accused of having fired the shot himself.

Assuming McDonald's bona fides, it is likely that "Saul" had some part in the assassination, although not the one he describes. He may, for example, have been a "back up," positioned to kill if the first murderer somehow failed. This would mean that Kimsey of the C.I.A. deceived his friend, McDonald, but that is no objection. I have described "the business of deception" in Liberty Bell, January 1988, giving a simple but clear example that should show you why intelligence agencies habitually and sometimes necessarily deceive everyone not privy to a given operation--even their superiors. On the other hand, it is quite possible that McDonald, who had close ties with the C.I.A., was its agent in the kind of deception called "damage control." His book appeared when it had become apparent to everyone that Oswald could not have killed Kennedy, and provided an alternative explanation, which would misdirect attention toward a mysteriously unidentified principal in the assassination (perhaps a "military-industrial complex"), since Kimsey is said to have assured McDonald that the C.I.A. was not the prime mover, and, of course, there is no mention of Mossad. According to "Saul's" story as reported by McDonald (and accordingly to all probability aside from that story) the Secret Service was part of the assassination team, but doubtless as hirelings, as was "Saul," but while McDonald's "revelation" would provide an explanation that would satisfy many who had rejected the official tale and would help confuse the issue for others, it was not sufficient to force on the Congress an investigation of the Secret Service. Only the man or men in charge of the Secret Service agents around Kennedy need have been, or are likely to have been, conscious participants in the conspiracy, and it would be interesting to know whether he or they were subsequently made permanently silent.

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