The Writings of Revilo P Oliver 1908-1994


by Professor Revilo P. Oliver (Liberty Bell, April 1988)

THE AMBASSADOR of South Africa, Piet Koornhof, is distributing from the Embassy in Washington a well-printed monthly leaflet entitled A Letter from South Africa.

If the Ambassador's name is not deceptive, he is an Afrikaner, that is, a Germanic Aryan, descendant of the Dutchmen who settled and colonized the southernmost part of Africa, which they had found a wilderness infested by one of the lowest forms of human life, called Hottentots and Bushmen. He is certainly the man chosen by the present government of South Africa to represent it in the United States.

According to the pun that has preserved the fame of Sir Henry Wotton, an ambassador is "an honest man sent to lie abroad for the good of his country." (1) It is possible, therefore, that Koornhof's newsletter is just bait for American Communists and their "Liberal" henchmen, but, on the other hand, he says nothing that is not confirmed by the actions of the government he represents.

(1. The pun, by the way, was invented by Wotton when he tried to explain away in English what he had actually written: "Legatus est vir bonus peregre missus ad mentiendum Reipublicae causa." The idea has been traced to Plato.)


In his October missive, Koornhof boasts or admits that his government is "establishing a fully democratic society" in South Africa, and he lists the "major milestones" already passed on the road to Hell. White sluts may now legally marry niggers and breed diseased mongrels who will normally combine the innate savagery of one race with some of the intelligence of the other. Niggers are swarming into the trade unions, which they will soon dominate with the help of the thugs who normally control and batten on such organizations. Now you can expect to hold your nose and temper as you enter what was once a first-class hotel and encounter savages. And the "all-white parliament" has been eliminated. And now the government is going to impose "universal suffrage for all blacks over 18 years of age." Half of the seats in the governing body will be reserved for Bantu savages while the other half will be divided between three groups: mongrel Hottentots, biological refuse imported from India, and the degenerate descendants of the White men who civilized South Africa. Nothing, of course, is said about Yahweh's Master Race, who now own the country and will gloat as they preside over the débâcle.

The White population of South Africa is almost entirely Aryan and even Germanic, of Dutch and English ancestry. Right across their northern border they see what was Rhodesia, now a Hell-hole run by a black beast that looks like an orangoutang with mange and is far more ferocious -- a once civilized land that has been converted into a teeming and fetid jungle in which the Rhodesians who were too stupid to escape when there was time are now trapped and being held penned until they can be butchered conveniently. And the Germanic population of South Africa, which still has the power to remove traitors from office and punish them condignly, complacently awaits the fate openly and explicitly planned for it, showing that its functioning intelligence has become ovine and equal to that of sheep that shamble into the slaughter house, led by a Judas goat.

The clear-sighted writer whom I quoted in Liberty Bell, December 1987, p. 2, pointed out the obvious fact that the Aryans of South Africa now "willingly condemn their own children to destruction. For this monstrous crime they fully deserve the racial extinction which will inevitably come with Black rule. Yet one pities the innocent children."

Any compassion one may be tempted to feel for our racial kin in South Africa vanishes when we notice that they are so cruel or imbecile that they are bringing children into the world. They do not have enough elementary decency and human pity to prevent the birth alive of the last and lost generation of White men in South Africa. A people that condemn their own children to suffering no decent Aryan would inflict on a fox or a bear or a tiger are obviously so degenerate that the world will be well rid of them.

As I remarked in December 1983, apropos of the new Constitution that a majority of the Nordic population of South Africa had just adopted, the conduct of that population suggested that "a contagious disease similar to kuru has become epidemic." Everything that has happened in the now doomed country since that time proves that the disease, like kuru, had rotted the brains of the wights who tolerate their present government.

If you are interested in the aetiology of the disease, here is a good specimen for examination. I quote from an article published in 1943 by a celebrated Lutheran theologian, Dr. Walter Maier:

"Instead of hating the Negro, the Christian, in the spirit of Jesus, should love him. If Christ died for them, how can we despise the Negro? If we recall the sorrows the colored race has experienced at the hands of Europeans and Americans, we ought to do everything possible to make amends and help the black race....

"We must realize that in God's sight all men, in themselves, are on the same level. He created them all. Saint Paul testifies to this when he says that God 'made of one blood all nations of men.'"

That is enough of the gabble to show its composition. Of course, the canting dervish knew full well that his Paul explicitly sanctioned and authorized slavery, but he doesn't mention that. He also knew that his word 'blood' is a late interpolation, absent from the older manuscripts, which have the reading translated in the Vulgate (2) and merely say that the Christian god made every race of human beings and allotted to each the territory in which they should dwell. And he also knew very well that the greater part of his Jew-Book is devoted to a purportedly truthful account of the activities of his god, who, according to that account, spent four thousand years in fostering a tribe of swindlers and bandits, his "Chosen People," whom he shamelessly helped rob and massacre Semites and Aryans, races whom he regarded as mere animals without human rights.

(2. "Deus qui fecit mundum et omnia quae in eo sunt....fecitque ex uno omne genus hominum inhabitare super universam faciem terrae, definiens statuta tempora, et terminos habitationis eorum.")


But, needless to say, when holy men are pitching the woo to market their impalpable, invisible, and inexistent merchandise, they will say anything they think the suckers can be talked into believing. And we must suppose that some gnawing resentment of normal human beings makes them spread a righteousness that is as deadly as the kuru and African Plague it so closely resembles in its effects.

The famous Lord Chesterfield was a man of keen discernment and author of many acute perceptions that are now generally quoted. I have never seen an allusion, however, to one of his shrewdest observations, that the interests of all organized holy men, whatever the cult they profess, are diametrically opposed to the interests of the nation as a whole. (3)

(3. Lord Chesterfield to Mme. du Boccage, 26 November O.S., 1750: "Je considère le clergé de toutes les religions comme un corps, qui a des intérêts et des vues distinctes de ceux du reste du genre humain.... Tout clergé...prétend au despotisme sur les esprits; despotisme d'autant plus dangereux qu'étant une fois établi, il entraine tout le reste. Le corps et les biens ne sont plus que des guenilles.")


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