The Writings of Revilo P Oliver 1908-1994


by Professor Revilo P. Oliver (Liberty Bell, August 1987)

IN JULY 1986, under the rubric "The End of the Trail," I reported the murder of Dr. Dian Fossey, author of a major contribution to anthropology which I had reviewed in an earlier issue, Gorillas in the Mist. My article was in print before I learned about one episode in the dedicated lady's life.

She had established her camp for research at Karisoke in Ruanda, a territory which had been taken from Germany in the First World War and annexed to the Belgian Congo. Belgian rule was not as efficient as German rule had been, but the territory, although the natives belonged to two antagonistic races, was a fairly well-governed and peaceful colonial possession until "do-gooders," "intellectuals," and other waste products of our society initiated a program of "anti-colonialism" to appease the malice in their little minds and to make savages into "emergent nations" at the expense of the taxpaying serfs in the United States.

When Ruanda(1) was made an "independent nation," the relicts of the Stone Age that were set up as chiefs had Miss Fossey arrested by a detachment of "soldiers," i.e., niggers who had been given uniforms and guns. She was taken to their headquarters where she was gang-raped by the sub-humans. That experience is said to have inflicted on her a real psychic trauma as well as providing a cogent proof that gorillas are a much higher form of life than niggers. She evidently had not profited from the research of a ranking professor of sociology in a major university who, some years ago, over the radio-television station of that university, advised White women that when they are raped by niggers, they should relax and enjoy the privilege that they secretly covet in their canine souls. Or could a big-brained "Liberal" have been wrong?

(1. The spelling was changed to 'Rwanda' when the territory was detached from the civilized world, but I use the geographical terms that you will find in your large atlas or on your globe. As soon as the savages were called an "emergent nation" and even before they sent a delegation to clown in the vaudeville show at Forty-second Street and East River, they celebrated the coming of "independence" in the way that could have been predicted with mathematical certainty by anyone not willfully ignorant of their nature: the Congoid majority almost completely exterminated the superior, largely Hamitic, minority. All of the pest holes created by White "Liberals" are ruled by boss niggers, who call themselves Presidents or Generals or Emperors as tickles their fancy. Persons who try to understand nigger "governments" by drawing analogies with the governments of civilized nations are deluding themselves by ignoring the innate and unalterable nature of Congoids. Cf. Liberty Bell, May 1986, pp. 12-16.)


The outrage, for which the real guilt falls on the Americans who liberated the savages from civilized rule and so encouraged them to behave naturally, forms an important part of the pathetic story of Miss Fossey's life and fate and should therefore be remembered.

The consequences of the murder are now becoming apparent.

The gorillas are doomed, for, as I predicted, the savages dressed in expensive European clothes are turning part of the reservation into a tourist trap to which they hope to entice itinerant idlers who are willing to pay extortionate rates to stare at the site of the murder and look at stuffed gorillas while swilling high-priced beer.(2)

(2. The rest of the reservation will be turned over for settlement by the natives, who normally multiply like guinea pigs. The boss nigger currently in power in Ruanda recently declared that the number of creatures infected with the African Plague (commonly miscalled "AIDS") was a state secret, but, if the projections now made by experts prove correct, the epidemic will do much to improve conditions in all of Central Africa, and, as the dangers of contagion become more widely known, it will also diminish the tourist business.)


It now appears that to appease their hatred of the race of White imbeciles who fawn on them and subsidize them, the savages decided to accuse Miss Fossey's assistant, an American research worker named Wayne McGuire, of having murdered her. When it became obvious that he was going to be arrested, Mr. McGuire found a way to leave the "emergent nation" in which 65% of the persons who are arrested on any charge leave jail as corpses. Savages naturally enjoy killing for the sheer fun of it, as any intelligent observer of their race well knows. (3) They are unlike tigers, which kill only when they are hungry and are therefore more humane by our standards, as Mark Twain remarked long ago.

(3. I do not mean that all of the deaths in prison are caused when the jailors are in a sportive mood. There is no provision for feeding the prisoners, so those who do not have relatives or friends to supply them with food probably starve until they succumb to one of the many diseases that flourish in the filthy dens.)

Mr. McGuire was "tried" in his absence, convicted as a matter of course, and sentenced to be executed by a firing squad. One White man familiar with the habits of the sub-humans suggested that the savages may have thought that executing him, if he had not escaped, would add to the tourist attractions by which they hope to reap millions of dollars from White idlers. He did not mention the pleasure of killing White men.

Mr. McGuire wrote an article, "I Didn't Kill Dian Fossey," published in the magazine section of the Sunday Times (London), in which he tacitly repudiates some odd statements attributed to him by the press at the time of the murder. He gives a circumstantial account of Miss Fossey's last days. Whether she was killed by "poachers" whom her employees had arrested for killing gorillas or by thugs sent by officials of the savages' "government" remains uncertain. Some suspicion naturally falls on a savage official who was "educated" by stupid Whites and poses as a great expert on gorillas, since he is known to have tried to force Miss Fossey to cease protecting the primates and to leave Ruanda, but the truth will never be known. Miss Fossey had said that she had found evidence which indicated that the marauders who killed gorillas did so with covert approval and support from certain Congoids in the "government." Since the boss nigger who ruled the savages had taken a sudden whim to favor Miss Fossey instead of harassing her, the patrons of the "poachers" may have felt an urgent need to efface the evidence by killing her.

Mr. McGuire's article will not satisfy an exigent critic. Although he is an anthropologist and we may be sure that he can discriminate not only between gorillas and chimpanzees, but also between the two quite similar varieties of gorillas, he does not even mention the quite obvious differences between the two species of savages that infest Ruanda, and he thinks himself obliged to feign that he is too stupid to perceive the great biological differences between savages and the several species of White men. He even pretends that he did not sense the racial hatred of which he was himself the object, and attributes the savages' behavior to calculations about what would be good for the tourist business. He does, however, give an account of the travesty of government by savages in Ruanda, even though some White men have remained in the territory and maintain some of the appurtenances of civilization.

It would be tedious to give the details of the travesty. Years ago, before Jewish censorship was so tightly clamped upon American publications, a literary Jew, Octavus Roy Cohen, contributed to the Saturday Evening Post a long series of short stories that illustrated the natural behavior of Congoids that have been forced into contact with civilization. He exploited its comic aspects, ignoring the ugly ones. In the "independent" nations of savages in Africa, the comedy becomes grim and disgusting, and can become horrible for members of our race who are at their mercy.

If we were to dilate on the behavior of what are called "police" and "judges" in Ruanda, we would distract attention from what is fundamentally wrong. One of the photographs reproduced with Mr. McGuire's article shows him seated in the living room of Miss Fossey's shack, drinking beer and fraternizing with seven niggers she employed.(4) Was his sense of self-respect so etiolated that he did not feel embarrassed and ashamed? The scene is symbolic of a pest hole in which White men can be arrested and tried by niggers, and the Vice Consul who represents the United States, once a respected nation, did not venture to protect an American citizen. Perhaps it is true that our race is driven by an insuperable death-wish, and that nothing can save it from itself.

(4. All are evidently Congoids; one wonders what happened to the Watusi she employed when she wrote her book. A small number of those more or less mongrelized Hamitics survived the joyous massacre that celebrated the end of White rule, but it is likely that the lower race still actively resents them.)

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