The Writings of Revilo P Oliver 1908-1994


by Professor Revilo P. Oliver (Liberty Bell, August 1989)

Quite a few Americans were pleased when a comparatively new political organization in Germany, commonly called the Green Party, obtained so many votes in the municipal elections in Berlin that it supplanted the older parties in the coalition government of that city.

It may be worthwhile to remark that the Green Party in Germany has no connection with the International Green Guard, which publishes a periodical called Green March and is Colonel Qaddafi's attempt to gain international support for his variety of socialism, which, like so many others, is to create "a new man," and "new society," and a "new age." The Libyan Colonel's movement has nothing to do with ecology; it is "green" because that is the sacred color of orthodox Islam. While it doubtless appeals to the Semitic mentality, it would have no chance of success internationally, even if it were not persecuted by the governments the Jews have installed in Western nations. His variety of socialism has no appeal to Mongolians and is alien to the temperament of Aryans, except, perhaps, a few twittering "intellectuals" in search of exotic novelties.

The Green Party in Germany is based on what is now called ecology. It demands abatement of the "acid rain" that is destroying German forests and gnawing the stones of the nation's most venerable monuments. It would prohibit the defilement of rivers and oceans with the waste of industries. It seeks preservation of the German countryside and would halt the sacrifice of land, whether cultivated or in a state of nature, to factories and the acres of jerry-built housing that accompany them. It is also apprehensive about the possible consequences of the present type of nuclear power-plants.

All these are laudable policies, but Americans were especially pleased by the electoral defeat of the party of the present shabbat-goy government of Germany, which is most conspicuously represented by its Chancellor, Helmut Kohl, who spews forth every week the verbiage about "progress" and "negotiations" and "World Peace" with which the thugs who rule a "democracy" entertain and confuse their victims. The one noteworthy item in Kohl's drivel is his insistence that "human rights" must take precedence over a nation's laws and the wishes of its people; in this he is doubtless sincere, since he must know that, as stated in the Holy Talmud, only Jews are human and have rights, whereas the members of all other races are merely animals, like sheep and hogs, and can have no rights.

Kohl brazenly jabbered in honor of "Simon Wiesenthal, Champion of Humanity [i.e., Sheenies]" in a disgraceful speech printed by the Embassy in Washington in its propaganda sheet, Statements and Speeches, 16 November 1988. He beats his hollow breast in simulated remorse for the imagined horrors of the "Kristallnacht," when some Germans, enthusiastically foreseeing liberation from their parasites and indignant because a Kike had openly assassinated a ranking German official in Paris, broke a few windows of shops owned by their domestic enemies. Kohl pretends he believes the Yids' crude Holohoax, although he must be sufficiently intelligent to know what a fraud it is, and he rolls on the ground in fits of simulated horror at the wickedness of Germans who killed millions or billions of Yahweh's masterpieces in ways that are chemically and physically impossible. For a specimen of his obscene grovelling, see the propaganda sheet, The Week in Germany, 18 November 1988. Although superlatives are dangerous when there is so wide a field of selection, I nominate Kohl for the distinction of being the most disgusting lickspittle in a position of political power in the world today.

The electoral achievement of the Green Party in Berlin must have encouraged many Germans, as it encouraged thoughtful Americans, to entertain a hope that the new party might flourish and soon be in a position to supersede the nauseous régime of Kohl and his accomplices in treason.

The new party, despite some ecological hyperbole in its pronouncements, could not well be suppressed by the alien government in Bonn, which, with the wonted tyranny of "democracy," used its police powers to prevent a newly founded party, the Nationale Sammlung, from competing in elections in Hesse, where it was likely to obtain a small but numerically significant number of votes. The pretext was that the leader of the new party had been guilty of "ideological crimes," i.e., had had thoughts that were not kosher. The Green Party was already too large to be eliminated in that way, and persons concerned for the future of Germany and of our race could hope that it, whatever its defects, would at least clear the way for a German government of Germany.

Alas, for the human propensity to invent delusive hopes! According to The Week in Germany, 16 May 1989, the Green Party, at its national convention, yelled for "a policy of open borders," which would permit and encourage enemies and human refuse from the whole world to enter Germany and reside in it as "refugees" whenever they wished and without restrictions of any kind. And when a mass of anthropoid garbage had been parasitic on the Germans for five years, it was to be given the right to vote in all German elections! The party that objects to the chemical pollution of the atmosphere and waters of Germany is the most rabid advocate of biological pollution of the captive nation.

Not content with this exhibition of hatred of civilized Germans, the Green rabble made their convention a comic sotie by accusing Kohl's Christian Democratic coalition of "turning racism into government policy" by a shocking failure ruthlessly to suppress the horrid "extreme right-wing," who hold the damnable belief that Germany should belong to the Germans and should not become a stinking compost heap of human offal.

So now we know why Kohl so ostentatiously tolerated "opposition" from the Green Party.

The ideological spokesman for the Green Party is an individual named Ralf Fücks. The personal name is Nordic; the family name suggests conjecture about the man's race, which might explain a great deal. He opines that his Green Party, in coalition with the Social Democrats, may win the elections to the Bundestag next year and so replace Kohl and his accomplices in Bonn. Perhaps we were wrong in assuming that there could be nothing worse that Kohl.

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