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The Mad Marxmen

The vicious press campaign against Dr. Oliver after the publication of his articles on the Kennedy assassination, and other such smear campaigns in the 20th century. Speech given to the Congress of Freedom; April 1964, Birmingham, Alabama: 63 minutes.

The Aftermath of the Assassination

by Professor Revilo P. Oliver a transcript of his speech of the same title, originally published in the Community Lecture Series Bulletin (Mount Zion, Illinois, March, 1964) I HAVE BEEN asked, ladies and gentlemen, to comment briefly on my statement that the current attack on me did not in the least astonish me and was […]

Marxmanship in Dallas

by Professor Revilo P. Oliver (An censored version of this article was published in American Opinion, February 1964. Except for the correction of minor typographical errors, this is an exact transcription from Dr. Oliver’s original typescript, which was written around Christmas, 1963. — Kevin Alfred Strom) WE ALL KNOW what happened in Dallas on the […]

History and Biology

History and Biology [part IV (last part) of History and the Historians] by Revilo P. Oliver (American Opinion, December 1963) HISTORY IS the record of what men do. Scientific discoveries and technological applications of them are often events of historical importance, but do not affect our understanding of the historical process since they shed no […]

The Ends of Socialism

Socialism as distinct from — and as an aspect of — Communism; the idea of self-government as recent and unique to Western Man; historic socialism from ancient Egypt and Peru to modern Europe. Speech given at Freedom Forum; 23d April, 1963, Searcy, Arkansas: 62 minutes.

Introduction to Imperium

by Revilo P. Oliver (published over the signature of W.A. Carto [see end note] as the Introduction to Francis Parker Yockey’s Imperium by Charles L. Smith’s The Truth Seeker Company, 1962) DIMLY, I could make out the form of this man — this strange and lonely man — through the thick wire netting. Inwardly, I […]

On Communism

The fantastic misconceptions about Communism which allowed it, and the forces behind it, to take power in both the East and West; Marcus Isaac Goldman; the Alfred K. Stern Case; the incredible gullibility of Americans. Speech given at Kenneth Goff’s school;  June 1961, Englewood, Colorado: 62 minutes

Informal talk about Communism

An unscripted talk on the history and nature of Communism at the patriotic school operated by Kenneth Goff (whose Soldiers of the Cross later published The Anti-Humans by D. Bacu.). Discusses intelligence work, propaganda, front groups, psychology of Communists and fellow travellers. Kenneth Goff himself (defector from American Communism) also contributes to the discussion. Extemporaneous […]

They Shall Not Go Unpunished

Dr. Oliver’s favorite of his own speeches, given before a very enthusiastic audience of over 5,000. A powerful call to evict the traitors from Washington. Includes detailed discussion of the betrayal of the anti-Communist Cubans during the Bay of Pigs invasion and the mysterious CIA radio station Radio Swan on Swan Island. Speech before the […]

The Meaning of Americanism

by Revilo P. Oliver A radio address on the history and threat of international Communism, made on behalf of the “Christian Crusade Talkathon.” Radio broadcast; 18th March, 1960, 15 minutes