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Stolen Revilo Oliver Materials Being Flagrantly Sold on Ebay

by E.V. Sutherland THOUSANDS OF BOOKS and papers belonging to the estate of Professor Revilo P. Oliver were stolen from Kevin Alfred Strom by his ex-wife with the collusion and assistance of the FBI and the “Joint Terrorism Task Force” and are now being flagrantly sold on Ebay by a vendor identifying himself as “Rick […]

I’m Looking for Work

by Kevin Alfred Strom LIKE THIS SITE? Let me build one that’s just as nice for you or your organization. I’m Kevin Alfred Strom, the Webmaster and editor of this Revilo Oliver site since its inception. Since the government made me a fourth class citizen, it has become very difficult for me to support myself […]

Oliver’s Works on Yockey Republished

by Kevin Alfred Strom TWO IMPORTANT essays by Dr. Oliver have just been added to this site, but they don’t show up at the top of the main page because I have been tagging all articles with their original publication dates, so the archives show the correct year. Thus these pieces are filed under 1966 […]

Charles Scott Hamel, Distinguished Student of Revilo P. Oliver, Dies at 72

by Kevin Alfred Strom A NOTED STUDENT and biographer of Revilo P. Oliver, Charles Scott Hamel, has died in South Carolina at the age of 72. From the Southern Partisan Web site, we read: The esteemed publisher and benefactor of Southern Partisan magazine, Charles Scott Hamel, died Monday, 1 March 2010, after an extended illness […]

New Revilo Oliver Pages

by Kevin Alfred Strom I AM gradually converting all of the existing Revilo P. Oliver documents on this site to a database-driven format so that new features, functionality, and content can easily be added in the future. So far, I have added all of the existing articles and recordings through 1968 and will be adding […]

List of Oliver Correspondents, pre-1976

by Kevin Alfred Strom N.B.: I’ve added this post so that all the names in the Oliver correspondence files will be indexed properly, but this is not the main means by which you should access the archive. Browse the archive by visiting . The Revilo P. Oliver Papers The Alphabetical Files Due to a […]