Oliver’s Works on Yockey Republished

by Kevin Alfred Strom

TWO IMPORTANT essays by Dr. Oliver have just been added to this site, but they don’t show up at the top of the main page because I have been tagging all articles with their original publication dates, so the archives show the correct year. Thus these pieces are filed under 1966 and 1969 respectively.

They are The Shadow of Empire: Francis Parker Yockey After Twenty Years, from the June 1966 number of The American Mercury; and, also from the Mercury, the Fall 1969 issue, After Fifty Years.

These essays, up until today, had only been available in libraries or online in poor transcripts of error-filled scans.

The Shadow of Empire, in addition to being a valuable analysis and critique of Yockey’s Imperium, is a call to sanity and realism among those who were then fighting to preserve America and the West via conservatism.

After Fifty Years, which was also made into a short film, is Revilo P. Oliver’s inspiring call to young Americans to follow the revolutionary path foreshadowed in Imperium, issued at the formation of the National Youth Alliance, led by Louis T. Byers. The NYA would eventually be the vehicle for the philosophy, writing, and social activism of William L. Pierce.