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"If a thousand old beliefs were ruined in our march to truth we must still march on." Stopford Brooke


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3950 and the Liberty Net

There are a few facets of amateur radio that have attracted me enough to induce me to participate in them. One of those is the Liberty Net and the related discussions that take place on or around 3950 kHz lower sideband.

So many amateur contacts are empty and meaningless, an exchange of signal reports or technical descriptions of the most rudimentary sort. Such is seldom the case for the discussions that take place on 3950.

Every Saturday night at 9:00 PM Central Time, the Liberty Net begins and usually runs until the wee hours of the morning. W1WCR, Victor Misek, is the net control operator, and his commanding signal spans the continent and beyond with perfect intelligibility. In addition, Vic's array of Beverage antennas (he is the author of the Beverage Antenna Handbook) allows him to receive signals through noise and interference that would stymie most operators, and relay important information to the rest of the net participants.

The Liberty Net is a formal current events discussion net, taking on political and social issues usually distorted or covered up by the controlled mass media, and has been in operation for three decades. Any amateur willing to follow net protocol is welcome to join. You need not agree with other participants. The only stations not welcome on the net are a few inveterate jammers who have made themselves obnoxious by purposely interfering with the frequency on numerous occasions.

The Liberty Net operates formally only on Saturday evenings, but almost every evening you will hear some of the Net participants engaging in informal, free-spirited, and free-thinking discussions of important issues on the frequency. When intentional interference is present, sometimes the participants shift to 3953, 3947, 3947.5, 3950 USB, or other nearby frequencies.

Sadly, there are some sick individuals who spend a great deal of their time trying to prevent the legitimate operators from having these conversations. In some cases, they claim to be "outraged" by the legitimate participants' non-PC opinions. But regardless of their justifications, there is no legal sanction for the intentional interference created by these radio outlaws. This they have engaged in by transmitting music, noise tapes, tape loops or recordings of previous conversations or comments, monologues, obscenities, and other illegal interference. While there are a few unidentified jammers, the major sources of illegal interference are well known: WA9KJI, K5BLB, W9ART, K5ZU (now dead), K5MVK and KK7HO have engaged in malicious interference which is documented in a series of .wav file sound recordings linked here. There are many more recordings than the ones I have digitized and made available here. Some of these are archived at the FRG9600 web site.

Until 1992, when WA9KJI began jamming in earnest, 3950 was a relatively peaceful 75-meter frequency where iconoclasts and traditionalists of many non-establishment worldviews could have intellectual, religious, political and philosophical discussions. It was unique. It was the highest-IQ frequency on amateur radio. It still is, when the moronic jammers with their filthy language and noise-maker tapes are absent.

I have come to the conclusion that for many (though not all) of the jammers, their objection to the regular 3950 participants is not mainly political or philosophical, but merely that the conversation is so far above their heads that they feel inferior -- and they have a yen to destroy whatever is superior to themselves, if they think they can get away with it.

They are similar to the animated garbage who throw rocks through the windows of cathedrals or museums or great mansions because even the street curs' dim consciousness can comprehend that these grand buildings are cultural manifestations of a world that they can never be a part of -- and they hate that, passionately.

Kevin, WB4AIO.

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